"FUCK!" Andi screamed, his champagne glass shattering in his hand. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Where are they?"

Justin stammered as Andi stalked towards him, all the fury of hell burning in his ice blue eyes. "The new captain of the guard, Jared, he's trying his best organize the search but with the shortages of blood we've had to divert soldiers to the raiding parties and with the state that they were in when they left some of us believe that they would not have survived for very long."

A cruel smile split across Andi's cold features as he pressed Justin against the wall. "Oh, wouldn't that just be convenient but this is not just some group of filthy fledglings we are talking about. This is William and his disgusting friends. Do you have any idea what William could do to me?"

"Take back his throne?" Justin stammered.

Andi laughed, low and dark, barely a whisper against Justin's pale cheek, his hand making it's way into Justin's caramel colored hair. "My throne?" Andi sneered. "When he comes looking for me, and I mean when, my throne will be the last thing I need to worry about because my head is what he's gonna be after."

Justin shuddered beneath him and Andi's lips brushed his throat. "So I would suggest you tell this Jared that I don't care how many fiends have to die for it to happen, but I want William's head on a platter and his fuck toy Tom's balls as a side dish. Understand?"

Justin nodded as Andi let the boy go and left the grand hall, his heels creaking like thunder against the granite tiles. "And plan a little get together with the nobles. I need something to distract me!"

"Tomi, we can't!" Bill squealed happily as Tom pushed him onto the bed before quickly crawling onto of the man.

"I don't know who you think you're talking to because I'm pretty sure I can do whatever I want." Tom pointed out nonchalantly as he proceeded to lick and suckle his way across Bill's throat; paying extra attention to Bill's Adam's apple along the way.

"But the G's said we have to be quiet this close to the city. Gustav said they could be doing audio sweeps in that fancy helicopter." Bill whined between decadent moans, his back arching into Tom's talent mouth.

Tom chuckled and kissed his lover playfully, whispering against his lips, "Well then, I guess we really can't. Sad day, I mean I was gonna fuck you so good, but since you're a screamer…"

Tom slowly begins to pull away from his lover's form before Bill pulls him back, closer then before, "No," Bill whines against Tom's neck winding his long fingering into Tom's re-braided hair. "I can be quiet."

"You sure about that?" Tom chuckles, his already half hard erection half way to being extremely interested.

"Really?" Georg sighed when Tom and Bill made their way back to kitchen of the abandoned house they were holed up in. Bill was trying in vein to get his rumpled clothing and hair under control while Tom had simply decided wearing a shirt was too much of a hassle.

"What?" Tom asked, grabbing an apple from the bowl on the counter and hopping up onto the counter.

Georg rolled his eyes and folded up the old newspaper he was reading, "You guys call that quiet? And after all the thought Gustav went through to come up with that helicopter bullshit so we could have an hour of peace."

"That was a lie?" Bill exclaimed.

"Well duh," Georg said half way in disbelief Bill actually believed them, "Audio sweeps? Really?"

Bill pouted and rested his head against Tom's shoulder, "But I tried so hard to be quiet. Look at my lip, it's all swollen and bruised from me biting it."

Georg groaned in disgust as Tom took Bill's head in his hands and gently kissed Bill's injured lower lip, "There, I kissed it better."

"I think it's gonna take a few more kisses to make it feel all the way better." Bill smirked.

"I can manage that." Tom smiled and leaned in for another mind blowing lip lock.

Meanwhile, Gustav was making his way into the brightly lit kitchen just in time to see the lovers start making out like high schoolers after prom. "I'm guessing the helicopter thing went bust." Gustav stated calmly as he side stepped the couple and poured himself a cup of coffee from the chipped coffee pot.

"Yep, at least you were in our room, I've had the pleasure of listening to Bill try and be quiet." Georg replied.

"Lucky you." Gustav smirked as he sat down at the table across from his own lover. "How did that work out for ya?"

Georg groaned, "A lot less screaming and a lot more mumbled 'oh Tomi right there'."

Gustav chuckled and took a moment to look over his shoulder at the pair who were still playing tonsil hockey near the sink, "Sounds thrilling. You know, you could have come back and we could have made our own noise."

"Yeah, but then I feel obligated to try and compete with them and as amazing as you are, they're like animals in heat." Georg grimaced and took a sip of coffee from his own cup.

Gustav shrugged in response and thought it better not to argue with that logic.

The foursome sat around the kitchen table eating canned peaches and beef jerky, with water bottles of Snythe to wash it down, by candle light since the makeshift generator had decided to die the week before.

"Ya know, this is kinda romantic with the candles and everything." Tom slurped as he stuffed a peach slice into his mouth. "It's like a double date."

"I guess so, although I don't know if I like to think about the G's as a couple sometimes because it scares me that they actually have sex. And don't talk with your mouth full Tomi." Bill reprimanded teasingly. Tom's response was to stuff another peach into his mouth and to chew vigorously, opening his mouth as wide as possible. "Eww," Bill giggled and try to lean as far away from Tom as possible. "That disgusting."

"You know what I think is disgusting?" Georg offered, "You two. It's like watching a high school musical with fangs."

Gustav piped in between bites of jerky, "Like Twilight really."

"Exactly like Twilight Gus!" Georg chimed, clearly being ignored by Tom and Bill who were feeding each other peach slices mouth to mouth. "I think we better distract them before they start humping each other on the table."

"Good idea." Gustav agreed and began snapping his fingers in front of the lover bird, "Sorry to interrupt the love fest but I think we should talk about what we're gonna do about Andi."

Tom and Bill sighed and slowly pulled away from each other and tried to pay attention.

"Ok, now I've been listening to radio transmissions via the radio I got off one of the guards at the mansion and apparently Andi is having a small… get together tomorrow night with some of the nobles who have been especially generous." Gustav explained.

Bill eyed Gustav suspiciously, "What kind of get together?"

"Ummm." Gustav, "I mean, it's not confirmed but there was a large shipment of young humans coming in tomorrow morning."

" So what you mean is that they're going to be having a blood bath right?" Bill sneered, "Leave it to Andi to bring back something like that."

Tom looked around the group confused, "What's a blood bath?"

"Basically," Georg answered, "it's where the nobles get together and bring in about ten to fifteen humans and they slit their throats and watch them bleed out or the nobles can drink from or whatever they want really. One of Bill's last acts as King was to abolish the practice."

"Exactly!" Bill spat, "I mean, it's pretty much the antitheses of the wastefulness of the court. I mean, do you have any clue how many fiends he could feed with that many humans and he could keep them alive as donors. Furthermore…"

Luckily, Gustav decided this was the time to cut Bill off from his rant, "As I was saying, this meeting is highly illegal in the fiend community still but I guess you can break your own laws when you're king. Anyways, because of the nature of the blood bath, the meeting is highly secretive and security is minimal at best. Andi can't just got around wasting blood in front of a small army of fiends after all."

"Which means Andi might only have two or three men guarding the event." Georg pointed out.

"Right, namely his new head of security, Jared something or other. No one ever says his last name." Gustav explained.

"What happened to Bushido?" Bill asked, sounding a little too interested for Tom's liking.

Gustav sighed, taking off the glasses he wore more from habit then actual need and rubbing his eyes, "From what I can tell, Andi accused him of treason and had him publicly executed in front of the nobles. Apparently it was pretty gruesome and they ripped his heart out so Andi could eat it."

"That's all kinds of nasty." Tom griped, "But I mean he still kind of deserved it."

"Did someone get jealous in the catacombs?" Bill baby talked to Tom.

Tom shrugged, "Maybe a little, but mostly he was just a jerk who wanted in your pants and I didn't like that."

"You're so hot when you're protective." Bill cooed, going in for a kiss that Gustav promptly stopped.

"Again, I hate to interrupt but I think we should finish talking about this before you two start molesting each other again." Gustav interceded, "Because of the low security I think it would be the best time to attack Andi and hopefully give Bill the chance to retake the throne."

"But, doesn't Bill have to actually kill Andi to reclaim the throne?" Tom asked

"According to fiend law yes." Georg replied.

Tom's eyes wandered to Bill who was being uncharacteristically quiet. "What's wrong Bill?"

Bill smiled falsely, "Umm nothing, I just, I don't know if I can do that."

"Why not?" Tom asked, "He's an evil dick head Bill. He's tried to kill each and every one of us here. He deserves to die."

"It's not that," Bill cut in. "I know that Andi deserves to be killed and taken off the throne. Believe me, other then protecting you guys there's nothing I want more. I just don't know if I'm strong enough to do it."

The group was silent for a few moments before Georg spoke up, "It doesn't matter if you think you are or not. The fact of the matter is you have to be."

They laid face to face in bed, fingers interlaced as the stared at each other.

"This could be our last night together." Bill whispered in the dark.

"What are you talking about?" Tom asked, unconsciously moving in closer.

Bill took a deep breath, "I'm not strong enough to kill him. Andi has been drinking the blood of fiends. He'll have their strength too. I may be strong compared to most, but fighting Andi will be like fighting Superman. It's hopeless."

Tom sighed and brushed a stray hair from Bill's cheek. "No, it's not. Superman has weaknesses too. We just have to find his kryptonite."

"Any ideas?" Bill asked.

"Not yet," Tom replied, his lips a moment from Bill's, "But I will."

Their lips clashed and thoughts of their fears started to slip away and be replaced by lust and need. Tom quickly pinning Bill down and ravishing his mouth, drinking in the flavor of Bill. "I love the way you taste." Tom moaned.

Bill leaned up and whispered in Tom's ear, "I know…" before biting now on the soft white lobe. Tom let out a moan of pleasure. "It's a good thing those audio sweeps were a lie." Bill laughed.

"Hell yeah it's a good thing." Tom agreed with enthusiasm, "Because I love it when you scream my name."

Tom's lips crashed down on Bill's once again in a mind shattering kiss. Bill wrapping his long limbs around his lover's waist in pleasure as Tom's mouth wandered down to Bill's hardening nipples.

Tom reached for the tube still stashed under his pillow as he continued to lavish Bill's chest with his tongue and lips. Bill let out a soft whimper as Tom pushed two lube covered fingers into his tight entrance. Slowly, Tom began scissoring his digits apart. His fingers journeyed deep into Bill's warmth in search of that glorious bunch of nerves that would send his lover to heaven. Tom bit his bottom lip to stifle his moans of satisfaction as Bill writhed in ecstasy under his skilled hand.

Tom kissed his way down Bill's abs, paying extra attention to each little muscle, to end at the base of Bill's erection. Bill bucked his hips in need, his cock leaking little beads of pre-cum. Seeing the succulent moisture, Tom licked his way up the shaft with the flat of his tongue to slowly lick away the musky droplets. As the tip of Tom's tongue forged along the slit of Bill's cock, Tom shoved two more fingers into Bill. The four digits pumping in and out of Bill with such force that Bill screamed Tom's name in a gasping howl. Tom drank in the sounds; moaning around Bill's cock as he took the head in between his lips, to suck at the delicate skin.

Bill was panting and whimpering, "Please Tomi… god I love you. I want you so bad."

Tom had no objections and with trained accuracy, repositioned his body in a flash before slamming into Bill's warmth. Tom and Bill cried out in glory as tiny specks of light formed behind their eyes. Bill's body pulsed around Tom's erection to the beat of Bill's frantic heart. The heat was building all around Tom and it drove him into a frenzy. Tom's thrusts were powerful and quick. His cock expertly crashing into Bill's prostate with fiery passion. Bill grabbed at the sheets in desperation as his logical mind started to melt away.

Tom was going crazy. Fucking Bill was one of his greatest joys and new favorite hobbies. Plus it was way more fun then plotting Bill's death ever was. Tom's thrusting into Bill started to become wild and uneven as a wave of pleasure crashed down upon him. Beneath his form, Bill writhed in bliss. As he grew closer and closer to completion Bill's back arched in a beautiful arch The sensation of Tom filling him was steadily becoming too much to handle. Taking in deep breathes though clenched teeth, Bill reached down to his leaking member and began pumping the forgotten organ with a furious intensity. However, Bill's pale fingers were soon joined by Tom's.

"Let me help you.." Tom groaned as he moved Bill's hand to the breakneck speed of his thrusts. They were steadily approaching release and their moans filled the room like a chorus of angels.

With a few more violent thrust from his lover, Bill howled out his release, Tom's name on his lips. Bill's milky white spunk spurted out onto his chest and dribbled down Tom's hands. Tom's groan of completion soon come as well as he shot off inside of Bill; coating the insides of his perfect lover. Tom slowly pulled out of the exhausted Bill and collapsed next to him on the queen size bed.

They laid there, catching their breath and smiling. "I almost wish there were audio sweeps so that someone other the G's could complain about us fucking all the time." Tom joked.

"Yeah, but I guess you're lucky Bushido got axed then because he'd probably hear me moaning and come crashing through the roof in black ops gear." Bill teased back.

"Eh," Tom said, getting up in search of a wet rag to clean up with, "I could take him."

Bill chuckled to himself as he watched Tom's naked ass sway into the bathroom. Tom sure returned with a warm washcloth and proceeded to crawl onto the bed and flip Bill over onto his front.

"Tomi what are you doing?" Bill asked as he was repositioned by his lover. Tom didn't answer but continued to move Bill's body so his ass was in the air. Tom took a moment to appreciate the sight before licking at Bill's hole.

"Look at you, all open and fucked out still from my cock." Tom smirked as one of his fingers circled the abused hole, dipping in slowly and stroking the velvety walls. "So wet from me fucking you," He pulled the figure out to find it glazed with cum. "filled with my spunk. And you love it. Don't you?"

Bill was a quivering mess; his breath shaky, his cheeks flushed, and even though he had just came he was already wanting more. "Please, Tomi….more." Bill begged.

Tom dutifully obliged.

The morning mist was cool against the back of Tom's neck and he wished he could remove the gas mask that was strapped to the lower half of his face. However the toxic fumes coming off the Hudson were enough to kill even a fiend and Tom didn't want to think about what kind of parasites and germs were growing in the water. It was like the sewers all over again, only worse.

"How come every time we come to the City, I have to walk through areas that would give me super gonorrhea-syphil-aids?" Tom whined as they trudged through the grime along the bank.

"How many times do we have to remind you that you're a fiend and can't get super gonorrhea-syphil-aids?" Georg pointed out as they came to a tunnel.

"A tunnel?" Tom exclaimed. "You guys never said anything about a tunnel."

Gustav looked at Tom in mild surprise but mostly disbelief, "You know what Tom, I think you need to talk to someone about these irrational fears you're experiencing. It's just a tunnel."

"Don't patronize me Gus, and it's not just a tunnel. Tunnels are full of germs, and sharp objects that could give your tetanus, and things that could attack you but you can't see them because it's a fucking tunnel and it's dark!" Tom retaliated. The three other members of their fellowship paused for a moment before laughing. "It's not funny!" Tom whined.

"Look," Bill smiled, cupping Tom's face in his hands, "It's just a tunnel and it goes straight to the service entrance in the basement of the mansion. And you are a fiend now and you are not gonna get an STD or hepatitis from a tunnel."

"Unless you have sex with the tunnel that is." Georg pointed out in the verge of laughter again.

Tom glared at Georg but decided not to say anything and just follow the group as they made their way into the dark.

Fiend eye sight allows for more light to enter the iris and the tunnel wasn't as dark as Tom had expected. However his comrades insisted on teasing him as much as possible.

"Watch out Tom, I think there's a rat over there that's giving you the eye." Georg snickered.

Tom groaned and tried not to punch something, "I hate you guys."

The mansion was surprisingly silent as they entered through the servants quarters. "Georg and I are gonna handle security. You two are gonna handle Andi." Gustav instructed unclipping his mask, "I would suggest storming the grand hall, the element of surprise should keep the other nobles from being able to react quick enough to do anything, if they even decide to do anything.

"They do seem to be pretty loyal to Bill." Georg pointed out. "Maybe they'll even help kill Andi."

"We could only be so lucky." Tom chuckled. Bill was silent, staring off into space. "Hey," Tom bumped shoulders with Bill, "What's up?"

Bill shook his head and forced a smile, "Nothing. Tom, you know I love you right?"

Tom laughed, "Of course."

"You know that no matter what happens, I will always love you?" Bill reiterated.

Tom nodded, "Always. Bill what's wrong?"

"Nothing?" Bill sighed, "I just have a really bad feeling about this."

The group split, leaving Gustav and Georg to take out any security personal near the throne room. "You know Gus, I think Andi might have just killed all his security with Bushido because we haven't seen a single person in over fifteen minutes let alone a guard." Georg gripped, so bored that he had started stopping here at there to look at the art on the walls. "You know, I bet we could sell one of these paintings for a fortune."

"Probably with the collection Bill had back in the day, I don't really know what Andi's taste for paintings are." Gustav admitted before the fact that they were talking about art and not about trying to take out security, "Wait, Geo stop touching things. We're on a mission."

"A mission? Oh come on." Georg whined, "Want me to prove it? Watch." Casually Georg went over to a decorative table against the wall and grabbed the vase atop it. Quite casually and with a grunt Georg threw the vase down the hallway, causing to shatter into a thousand tiny crystal pieces. "There see? No one's come running to see what happened. There is absolutely no one here."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." An unknown voice came from down the hallway.

Georg turned to look at Gustav, "Did you say something?"

"Nope," Gustav chuckled as he pulled his gun, "I think it was him."

"Who?" Georg asked, confused.

An extremely tall, handsome man walked out of the shadows wearing combat gear and a giant smile, "I think he was talking about me. Hey Gusti long time no see."

"Gusti?" Georg asked now extremely perturbed.

"Fuck you Padalecki!" Gustav said with a grin.

Jared pulled out a gun similar to Gustav's, "Wanna shot at each other for old time sake?"

Gustav grinned, "Wouldn't have it any other way."

Tom and Bill stormed into the throne room to come upon a gruesome site. The once magnificent grand hall, the place where lavish balls had taken place and where the great twisted throne of the king sate, was now a macabre mess. The sparkling granite floor was splattered with blood, a great lake of the crimson liquid pooling near the steps of the dais of the throne. Andi sat upon it, the limp and shaking body of his assistant Justin on his lap with Andi's lips attached to his throat. Bill and Tom watched as the life left the boys eyes. "I just wanted somebody to love." he whimpered with his last breath.

The bodies of human girls and young men piled near Andi's feet. Among their naked forms lay the corpses of the finely dressed nobles who had been invited to the grizzly social event. Andi had drained them dry as well.

"William, Tom, so good to see you again. Excuse me for the rudeness but I'm afraid we've just ran out food." Andi chuckled madly as he tossed Justin's body aside. The power of the blood crackled around him like static electricity; making the air heavy and thick. His blood stains lips split his face into a twisted smile as he walked over the bodies that surrounded him, snapping necks and limbs under foot without a thought. "That is of course unless you want to be added to the menu."

"This is sickening Andi!" Bill spat. "You used to be my friend, a good kid. Look at what you've become. What happened to you that made you this way?"

The laughter that Bill got in response was like nails on a chalkboard, "What I've become? Oh, you should know what I am, I'm you. Or perhaps I'm the you that you would have been."

"I am nothing like you." Bill growled in defense.

Andi smiled, "No, I suppose you're right… I'm stronger."

Before Bill or Tom could react, Andi came at them; faster then a blink of an eye; and slammed his fist into Tom's chest, sending him crashing into one of the giant mirrors that lined the room. A large shard of mirror falling down from the shattered mirror and slicing into his shoulder. The pain letting rip a horrific scream from Tom.

"Tom!" Bill screamed only moments before receiving a kick to the back and forcing him to go sprawling across the floor.

Again the laughter came, echoing off the gilded walls and arched ceiling. Bill had just enough time to get to his feet before another lighting fast hit brought him to the floor again. Andi stood above him for a moment before kicking Bill swiftly in the ribs. "You see Bill, this is what I've become. And you were right I used be your friend, or really I was more of your bitch." The profanity was accented with another kick. "I mean, when you were King I was never anything more then the king's friend, the simpering pretty boy who was just as rich as you, was better looking then you, and would have been a better leader then you. But no, even after you left me on the throne I was never good enough, I was never you." Andi's abuse of Bill continued mercilessly, Bill protecting himself as best as he could.

Mean while Tom lay on the marble floor shaking as he grabbed the shard of mirror in his shoulder. The sharp edges cut into his palms and burned as rivulets of blood travel down his arm. Grunting in pain, Tom pulled the mirror from his arm. His vision was growing fuzzy from the blood loss and his thoughts were scattered. Leaning against the wall, Tom managed to make it to his feet.

"Andi!" Tom roared, the sound stopping another of Andi's from landing mid-kick.

Andi turned and looked at Tom with a surprised smile, "Look at you, I wasn't expecting you to standing so quickly. Perhaps we should remedy that."

He shot toward Tom at a frightening speed but this time Tom was prepared, the shard of mirror still clasps tightly in is bloody hands and as Andi pulled back for a punch Tom shot forward, slamming into Andi and slicing open Andi's side. It wasn't a lethal wound but Tom had no doubt that it hurt like a bitch.

"Mother Fucker!" Andi screamed, grabbing Tom by the shirt and tossing him across the room to where Bill lay in a crumpled mess.

"Tom?" Bill wheezed, reaching for his lover.

Tom crawled the short distance to Bill, his breathing hard and short as his shoulder continued to bleed. "I'm right here, Bill."

"Tom, I don't think we can win this fight." Bill whispered, his hand reaching up to touch Tom's wound. "I'm so sorry."

"It's alright." Tom coughed with a forced smile before leaning in to kiss Bill. "You know that I love you, right; that no matter what, I'll always love you?"

"Of course." Bill nodded.

Tom licked his lips and kissed Bill one more time, "Don't forget that okay?"

Bill didn't have enough time to reply before Tom was back on his feet and rushing toward Andi, who had managed to recover from the gash to his side and was stalking towards them. Bill watched in horror as Andi simply blocked Tom's attack and kicked Tom squarely in the chest, sending his flying into the far corner. Bill got to his feet, ready to rush to Tom's side but Andi was already by his own, one of his hands wrapped around Bill neck.

"Can you hear it?" Andi whispered into Bill's ear. "Can you hear his heart beat? Listen to it slowing down. Listen to him die." Bill had always been able to hear Tom's heart beat. It had always been a thrumming in the back of his mind like ambient noise and while Tom had been a human it had driven him half way crazy at times. But now, as it slowed and then stopped, Bill couldn't stand how quiet it was. There was gun fire upstairs, but after a few seconds, that went silent too.

"And that would be my security killing the other two of your pathetic friends. You know," Andi sneered, his claws around Bill's throat, "I always thought that this would be difficult for me. But look at you, behold, the lost prince of the night, William my once dear friend, my maker; struggling for breath at my hands."

A horrific moment passed, time almost standing still as Bill gasped for breath. The whole room pulsed with the awfulness of what was about to take place. Bill's eyes flickered over to the corner where Tom's body had been thrown. He had lost Tom once, or thought he had, but this time was so much worse. Perhaps it was the fact that this time, he could see Tom's body; sprawled across the black marble floor, pale cheeks streaked with blood.

A coldness began to seep into Bill, hate and despair bubbling up in his heart, and the will to keep living was beginning to fade. A life without Tom, without love, wasn't really a life at all. Black dots were starting to form in his vision and tears clouded them further.

Andi was talking again and Bill toiled to make out the words, "You know what surprises me the most about this? I always thought that I would be conflicted about killing you when it finally happened. But you know what? I don't feel anything at all. You're just another weakling that I'll crush beneath my heel and there's no one to stop me."

"That's where you're wrong Andi!" Tom whispered in the villain's ear, "I can stop you." Before Andi could so much as recognize his attacker, Tom's fangs extended and sank into Andi's throat.

A great and terrible roar thundered from Andi's mouth, echoing in the massive hall as he thrashed trying to pry Tom off him. But Tom held strong, drinking in every drop that slipped past his lips. It took only moment before Andi's struggling grew weaker and his body grew cold like a corpse.

Bill watched in grotesques fascination as Andi's flesh turned gray and shriveled. He watched as the light left the piercing blue eyes and darkened to black glassy orbs. It was almost frightening as Andi's last drop left his body and it fell to the floor.

Tom stood above it, his skin vibrant and flushed with the powerful blood he had taken from the King. Electricity ran through Tom's veins, the power of Andi's blood rushing through his system, making him stronger, faster, and more deadly then before.

Bill stood slowly, his legs barely able to support him, and walked over to his lover. Tom took in a shaky breath as Bill slid into his arms, fitting perfectly against him. Their foreheads rested against one another and even as tears trickled from their eyes, a sense of relief was already washing over them.

A smile spread across Bill's lips and whispered, his mouth brushing Tom's as he spoke, "Long live the King." Tom quickly closed the distance, capturing Bill's lips in a breathtaking kiss.

A few weeks later:

"I wish you would just try the Armani dress pants on. I mean, they're tailored for you, they'll fit like a glove." Bill offered in persuasion.

Tom just chuckled softly, "Which is exactly why I'm not wearing them. The only person getting a good look at my ass is you."

"But Tomi…" Bill whined as he helped Tom into his jacket.

"No means no Bill, just like sex. Don't make me go all by order of the king on you." Tom stated giving Bill a slow sweet kiss in hope Bill will forget about not getting what he wanted.

They part and smile at one another, stealing a few more quick pecks before Bill gets back to work primping his lover. The silence last for about thirty seconds before Bill can't stand it and has to talk.

"So how did you survive in the throne room?" Bill asked as he smoothed out the bumps in Tom's suit jacket. "I mean, I couldn't hear your heart beat. You weren't breathing."

It was a somber question and Tom fiddled with his lip ring for a few moments before replying, "Have you ever seen Queen of the Damned?"

"Yeah, a long time ago. Why?" Bill answered, thoroughly confused.

"Remember that scene near the end where Lastat pretends to be Akasha's prince until he can make his move and drain her, well it was basically the same principal. After I was hit I lowered my heart rate using breathing techniques until it was too low to hear and waited for Andi to start his monologue." Tom explained. "Also slowly my heart rate slowed the blood loss."

Bill blinked, "His monologue?"

"Yeah," Tom answered, "every evil villain always has a monologue before they kill their arch nemesis, they're totally predictable and Andi was no different."

"Why am I not surprised that you based your entire attack strategy off B movies?" Bill pondered as he lint rolled Tom once more.

Tom shrugged, "Because I'm awesome."

"You sure are." Bill replied with a tiny bit of sarcasm, "Now get out there, It's kind of your big day and everyone's very excited to usher in the new era of fiend kind."

"Wait, wait, wait, you guys went to high school together before Gustav got his scholarship to ours?" Georg stammered, sloshing his drink on his shoes.

Jared smiled and slapped Gustav on the back, "Yep, we did more that together too, Gus popped my cherry." Georg and Gustav sputtered, their beers spraying everywhere. "But don't worry Geo, I got my own man now. I wonder where he went off to."

"Looking for me?" Another devastatingly gorgeous man walked up next to the tall man, wrapping an arm around Jared's waist. "The name's Jensen, Jensen Ackles. I'm the Ring Master."

"The ring master of what?" Georg asked but was shushed by the sound of trumpets. The throne room had been restored to its' former glory along with the rest of the mansion. On the dais, Bill stood with Tom kneeling before him.

"Thomas Trumper, do you solemnly swear to lead our people as fair and just ruler, who will bring peace and prosperity to our kind?" Bill asked after the crowd has hushed.

"I swear."

"And do you swear that you will not abuse this office as some have done before you?"

"I swear."

Bill smiled and helped Tom to his feet, "Then by the power invested in me as once King William Kaulitz, I name you King of the Fiends." The crowd erupted in cheers, a new era had dawned, and as the noise grew around them, Tom had Bill heard only their own beating hearts as they shared a great and powerful kiss.

Tom looked out from the Brooklyn bridge as he watched the sun set. He had finally managed to rid himself of his fear of bridges after Bill reminded him he was a fiend now and wouldn't need to worry about getting attacked. The sour wind snaked across the back of his neck, cooling the sweat there.

"So how does it feel to be King of the Fiends?" Bill smirked up at him from between his arms.

Tom shook his head and buried his nose into Bill's neck before setting his chin on Bill's shoulder, "I don't really know. It's a lot of logistics and negotiating right now. I want to change things, make drinking Snythe the new craze I guess."

"Good luck." Bill offered with a kiss.

Tom smiled happily into the kiss before pulling away and moving a stray piece of hair from Bill's cheek, "What was it like when you were King?"

Bill thought for a long moment, but sighed, "When I was King I was a lot like Andi. I was cruel and selfish. The only reason I was elected was because I knew how to throw one hell of a party and I was rich. Looking back I don't think I really made any decisions for our people. Everything was about me and having fun."

"Do you miss it?" Tom pondered

"Hell no. I'm a selfish person. Even now, when I'm trying to be a better person, I'm still very selfish and I still would be a selfish King. You on the other hand are much more qualified for the job." Bill admitted.

Tom raised an eyebrow, "Why do you say that?"

"Hmm, let's see." Bill pretended to think, "You spent most of your life training to avenge your dead friend. You gave up school for it. That's dedication."

Tom shrugged "I guess but it still didn't prepare me for this."

"What do you mean?" Bill asked.

Tom looked out at the sunset. "It's different. I think it's grasping the mental idea of it all that I'm struggling with the most. I mean, I killed fiends for so long and to do it I had to convince myself that they were evil and deserved to die. And now I'm one of them." Bill sighed and nodded in a way Tom knew was caused by regret. Chuckling softly, Tom kissed Bill's temple and whispered in his ear, "But I'm glad you did it. Because other wise, I wouldn't get to spend the rest of a very long time being loved by you."

The comment made Bill smile brightly and he pulled Tom's arms tighter around him. "Yeah, right, you mean being saved by me."

"Are you kidding me? You saved my ass that one time, like six months ago." Tom pointed out defensively.

"Has it really only been that long? God it feels like it's been a lifetime since then. It doesn't matter though, I still saved your butt which means you owe me." Bill stated.

Tom played with his lip ring, "Well how about I make it up to you by letting you tie me up and gag me again like that day in the catacombs. You weren't in the mood to play pretend last time. As long as it's somewhere clean. I don't think I can deal with another tour through the sewers."

Bill chuckled softly and whispered in Tom's ear, "Well I guess we'll just have to break in the brand new tent I got you as a coronation gift. It's hermetically sealed, just like I promised."

Tom grinned from ear to ear and wrapped Bill up in a tight embrace. "You're amazing you know that?"

"I know." Bill replied, already walking back toward his motorcycle. "Now come on your highness, I want to have you at least twice before dinner."

Tom smirk, snapping his gas mask into place and running to catch up with his lover. "Your wish is my command." It was a dangerous world out there, filled with monsters. But with Bill by his side, Tom was pretty sure he could survive.