Perceptive by asesina

disclaimer: I don't own Fringe!

summary: quick P/O drabble. Olivia is perceptive.

It was over in an instant, but Olivia Dunham was far too perceptive to miss it.

She saw Peter's eyes dart cautiously at the suspect as he sneered menacingly back at them. As she felt for her Glock, she noticed that Peter had edged towards the suspect, but he had also angled himself in her direction.

Peter Bishop had effectively sandwiched himself between Olivia and the suspect.

If Olivia wasn't actually in a life or death situation, she would have smirked at the irony.

She was a trained FBI agent and he was a civilian, and he was still shielding her.

Was he even armed? Olivia wondered.

"Hey, jackass, back off. We just want to ask you a few questions," Peter growled.

Olivia snapped out of her reverie and tried to restore some iciness to her glare.

"I'm sure he'll talk if he wants to, Peter. He doesn't seem to be that cooperative, though," Olivia reasoned aloud as she regarded the suspect with disdain.

She inched her way to the right and stood shoulder to shoulder with Peter as she straightened her posture.

"I'm fine, Peter," she said under her breath.

"Just let me help you out, Dunham," he whispered in reply, giving her a knowing wink as they simultaneously stepped towards the suspect and began their interrogation.

"What, are you two an item or something? I'm not here to answer questions for Mr. and Mrs. Smith," the suspect crowed as he folded his arms across his chest.

"No, no, we, uh-," Olivia began, caught off guard by his accusation.

"We're going to make it easy for you, buddy," Peter suddenly cut in.

"You can either answer our questions and help us find those missing children, or you can deal with us. I'm no slouch, but believe me, you do not want to piss her off," he added with a grin.

Olivia's eyes widened but she quickly nodded in agreement and shoved a picture of one of the children in the man's face.

"She disappeared two nights ago, and we found a business card with your name on it in her room. Do you care to explain how that got there?" she asked angrily.

The man shook his head in denial and began ranting about the unfairness of the interrogation, but Peter had drowned him out a long time ago.

He studied Olivia in amazement and couldn't help but feel a smile tug at the corners of his lips.

Yeah, she's a tough one, all right. She can do just fine without me, but I'd still rather walk in front of her just in case, he thought to himself.