Annabeth's POV

"Percy, where are you taking me?" I asked. When we got into the car he blindfolded me, and we've been driving for two hours. I dozed off a couple of times, I mean, what are you supposed to do when your boyfriend has you sitting blindfolded in the car? I mean, I couldn't read with a blindfold on, and I couldn't make out with him if he was driving.

"Guess what, Wise Girl. We're here!" he shouted, and he tore off my blindfold. I gasped in awe as I looked out at a beautiful beach. The water was deep blue, contrasting perfectly to the light blue the sky took on at midday. The beach was desolate, except for a little cabin that stood a few yards away from the water. I looked over at Percy and saw him smiling from ear to ear, although I didn't know if it was because of the ocean or me. "Welcome to Montauk."

"Oh my Gods! This is where you're taking me for our one year anniversary?" I thought he was just taking me to dinner then we'd go straight back to Camp Half blood. "Are we going to get in trouble for being here?" I asked, worry clouding my excitement.

"Nah, Chiron's known about us leaving camp early for weeks. My parents are the ones who gave me the key." He said. I was immediately relieved, and I felt myself break into a smile.

Percy's POV

Gods, she looks so beautiful when she smiles. I'd been overjoyed when I saw the excitement on her face when we pulled up at the beach.

"Okay, so I thought the first thing you'd want to do is get your stuff unpacked. I could carry it in for y..." I was cut off as I felt Annabeth start to kiss me. I kissed her back, intertwining my fingers through her blonde curls.

Annabeth's POV

Kissing Percy is one of my favorite things to do. I'd put it right up there on my list, only behind fighting monsters and designing buildings. He started to kiss me harder, and his fingers moved from my hair and started trailing down my back, stopping at my waist where they locked together so tightly I knew that it would be a mistake to try to break it. Not that I would though. I locked my hands around his neck, ragged breathing escaping my mouth. Okay, so I admit it. Kissing Percy is my favorite thing to do. I pulled back from his mouth for a moment.

"Now Seaweed Brain, would you rather carry my stuff into the cabin, or carry me onto the beach so we can keep kissing?" I asked in a slightly teasing voice, as I already knew which option he was going to pick. He pulled open his door and tried to jump out so fast, he forgot to unfasten his seat belt. I giggled as he undid the seat belt, glad I'd taken mine off before we started kissing. He walked over to my door.

"Can I have the pleasure of carrying you into the house, Miss Chase?" He asked, trying to sound formal even though his face was the farthest thing from professional at the moment.

"Of course, Mr. Jackson," I said. The second I stepped out of the car, I was scooped up into his arms as he carried me inside. Once he had me inside, we collapsed onto the couch, and he started to kiss me again. Gods, help me. This boy is absolutely incredible. Then I had an idea. As we kissed, I slowly started moving my hands down his back. He was so caught up in the kiss he didn't notice me. At the bottom of his shirt I stuck my hands up, and found the small of his back. Very carefully, I put one of my hands (which were freezing by the way) on his one mortal spot.

"Oh My Gods, Annabeth! Percy exclaimed. "Your hands are freezing."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist." I said between giggles. He smiled and I could almost hear the little gears in his brain start to mesh together. Seeing that mischievous gleam in his eyes, I knew something must be up. "Percy? What are you thinking about?" I asked in my most angelic voice, batting my eyelashes and making him laugh.

"Oh Annabeth, I promise, you'll find out later." He said, and then he bent down and kissed me again.

Percy's POV

Oh trust me. Annabeth is so dead. I mean, I still love her, it's just that was so cold. You see, because that is my one mortal spot, all feeling is intensified. If her hands had been warm, it would've felt amazing, like, incredibly amazing.

"Annabeth, are you hungry? I think my mom packed us some stuff for sandwiches and lemonade." I smiled, knowing I'd be able to put my diabolical plan into action.

"Okay Percy, I'm just glad you're not angry with me. I'm starved." she said. I showed her the way into the kitchen, and then I jogged out the car. I grabbed the bag of sandwich stuff and the canteen full of lemonade. Little did Annabeth know that my mom ALWAYS put ice into the canteen if something was cold. Oh, sweet revenge! I ran back into the house and plopped the sandwich stuff down in front of Annabeth.

"Here you go. You can make the sandwiches and I'll pour the lemonade." I said. Quickly, she had two sandwiches made and I had two cups of lemonade. I walked over to her, put the glasses on the table, and pulled her into the kiss. She seemed shocked, (we usually don't kiss this much) but she didn't pull away. We'd been kissing for a minute when I whispered in her ear, "Payback," and dropped an ice cube down her shirt.

Annabeth's POV

"Percy? Did you just put an ice cube down my shirt?" I squealed. I can't believe I didn't see that one coming. This boy turns me into such a...a...Seaweed brain sometimes. Especially after we just had a major make out session. "Okay, Percy. I'm sorry, I guess I deserved that." I said. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Of course I forgive you," he said.

"Good. Would you forgive me if I dumped a half-full pitcher of lemonade down your pants?" I asked.

"Sure, but why would..." he began. Percy never finished that sentence as I dumped the lemonade down his pants. Then I kissed him on the cheek and ran out the door, sprinting as fast as I could into the ocean.