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I sighed, sitting in the back seat of my Dad's bright red Ford Expedition. My dad drove, mom got shot gun, as my two brothers: Germaine and Judas got the seats behind them. While I got stuck in the back with the luggage. I sighed again, blowing my bangs out of my eyes. It was ridiculous.

We, were from Florida. Our cousins, whom lived in California, were getting married.

And because of the DAMN recession, Daddy dearest had the great idea to DRIVE the whole way. We'd been driving through the states for a few days, and we were supposed to be at the church later on today. With that said, I don't think our clothing chooses for the middle of the desert are questionable anymore. I stretched, my arms rising above my head, as my mother turned around. She rolled her eyes.

"Ophelia Myst Stattle Gorman! Please don't stretch like that at the wedding! You can see the top of your tattoo!" She moan, annoyed, wiping her forehead while glaring at my father. Yup, my daddy was a sucker for the puppy eyes, explaining my thunderbolt tattoo that started at the top of my rib cage, and traveled down my side where it ended at my waist.

My mother, Desmond Irene Gorman. Was for once being silent, sitting at shotgun in her light purple dress suit and purple sunhat placed on her lap. Her dark grey eyes watched the sandy area around them, and he chin length chestnut brown hair blew around due to the air conditioner blasting in the vehicle. My father, who was humming along to whatever Beatles song was playing over the sketchy radio. His dusty, choppy blond hair and green eyes seemed stoic as he drove and carefully watched the road. His name is Mark Eros Gorman.

"Yeah Elia! Don't streach like a man!" Germaine shouted, his finger pointed in my face, and his shout resounded in the car as I bit his finger. Judas' uncontrollable laughter at our brothers girlish scream.

Judas, usually called Jude, was our eldest brother. He was 22, and was a doctor at the local hospital: St. Mary's Safety Hospital. He looked exactly like my father, green eyes, blond hair and stature. He was the most mature/intelligent of us, while Germaine was the most childish/prankster, and I was the creative/violent one.

Germaine, who was 20 years old, was a firefighter at the new station in the town we live in, Sarasota, Florida. A quiet little town inhabited by the young, the old, and the Amish of course. Germain, who was either called Germ or Maine, had dark brown hair and teal eyes. I was the quirk of the family genes. I have shoulder length, curly blond hair with side swept firetruck red bangs that I dyed myself. (thank you, thank you. I'm amazing) My right eye, was an explosion of greens, while my left was like a grey void. The end result was rather stunning if I do say so myself.

Like my brother, I went into the medical feild, even though only being 17, I had already taken college course nursing classes, and was ready for medical school next year. I fiddled with the one shoulder strap on my red dress and sighed again, feeling rather constricted. My dress was an off the shoulder red mermaid dress, but it ended at my knees, and I wore plain, red wedges.

"Mark! Please stop at this gas station! We've gotta long drive, and I want to get some ginger ale!" Mom said, pointing to a hillbilly looking gas station and a pretty good sized mini mart. My dad honked as he pulled up to the tank, getting out and talking to the old, southern man who started pumping gas, while smoking a cigar. Maine and Jude rushed inside with Mom to get some junk food, while I got out just to stretch my legs.

"Hey yo! Gramps!" I called, strutting up to the old hillbilly.

"Yeah Lil' lady?" He asked, staring at me with pity in his eyes. family is kinda crazy.

"How many people actually come out this far? You can't get much business!" I asked, leaning against the car door. He shrugged, his old, murky brown eyes not meeting mine.

"You'd be surprised.." He said, finished filling up the gas, and putting the pumper away. I nodded a thanks, getting back into my car. Everyone piled back in, Maine eating pop tarts and Jude shoveling down a package of chips ahoy. I heard the old man telling Dad about a short cut, but he sounded he didn't want to tell us. I shrugged my shoulders, not really caring if we took the shortcut or not.

After a good nagging from mom, dad submitted to going towards the shortcut. I closed my eyes, my thoughts becoming fuzzy, until a few loud pops and hisses sounded, and our large car swerved out of control, nicking against a few boulders. My mom screamed like a witch, clinging to the seat. My dad said nothing, his knuckles on the wheel tight as he smashed his foot against the brake. Maine and Jude screamed, both reaching back to make sure I was still living. I know I screamed like a murder victim.

We all scrambled out of the car, realising that all the tires except the back right was popped. There was no sharp rocks in the road, which made me double check the road we drove in on..I shrugged, finding nothing. Maybe the sun just..melted the tires? I went and layed in the car.