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It's my wedding day and I wake up to Harper screaming in my ear.

Quickly rolling onto my back, I sat up, giving myself a bit of a head rush. Harper and Ruby were screaming, running around the room and waving their arms. We'd spent the night in Lizard's and my house, but we kicked him out to sleep over at Mama and Papa's for traditional wedding and "bitchy girl" reasons.

" god." Harper said, catching her breath while breathing heavily.

"Harp..I don't think you were this hyped up at your own wedding." I joked sarcastically, raising a brow at her as Ruby burst out laughing. The morning of her wedding, Harper was an absolute wreck. Not only was she having cold feet, I'm pretty sure her feet were frost bitten. Don't get me wrong, she loves her husband, but Harper's never been a fan of standing up in front of large crowds with her blue skin showing.

The thing that confuses me is she did the same with Ruby's wedding, and didn't have a problem with people staring.

Eh, must have been a bride thing.

"Okay..okay...breath deep, in and out." Harper calmed herself, pressing a palm to her forehead. I could hear Nirvana crying from across the street, cranky about having to wake up without her Mama. At five months old, Nirvana was a devil after everyone's hearts.

"First, we need to get showered, then make up first, or hair first?" Ruby worried, her English had been perfected over the last few months. Ruby had also grown a little bit. She was no longer the tiny little girl with wide eyes. The dark haired angel had sprouted four inches seemingly overnight like a weed. Her dark, unruly hair had flattened out, and her hips flared out.

Motherhood looked bangin' on Ruby.

"First let's get to Neptunes, huh?" I laughed, picking up my dress bag and my makeup bag. Mama rushed into the house, grabbing the dress bags holding the bridesmaids dresses and helped us start packing everything into the van.

Harper, Ruby, Mama, the kids, and I would be taking the van to Neptune's, while Lizard, Greg, Goggle, Pluto, Cyst, and Papa would cram into the new red truck that they had "acquired" from a recent "hunt". As Mama and Ruby were packing the dresses into the van, Harpie and I were double checking everything we had packed.

You can never be to careful, especially if you have luck like ours.

The two of us had talked about what to do regarding the whole.. cannibalism thing. We had ignored the elephant in the room for the sake of our husband and husband to be, but we had to lay down the law sometime.

"No0o0o! You're not supposed to see 'Elia until the wedding!" Ruby's cry broke me from my thoughts. Harper and I turned our attention to the front door just in time to see Lizard and Goggle break it down.

"BREAKIN' TRADITION!" Lizard cried, a huge smile on his face as he stormed the house, picking me up and swinging me around in a hug. I screamed happily, wrapping my arms around his neck and clinging onto him.

"Lizard!" I laughed, pressing a long, languid kiss to his twisted lips. He stopped swinging me around so he could kiss me properly, my feet coming back onto the ground. I smiled, opening my eyes and looking up at my dashing, soon-to-be-husband.

"I didn't get'ta sleep wit'chu last night." Lizard complained, arms wrapped tight around my waist.

"I know, I know." I cooed, batting my eyelashes. I heard Harper and Goggle playfully gagging behind us, giggling with each other after.

"LEEZAAAAAAR!" Mama screamed, kicking open the already battered front door. Grabbing her son from my arms, she dragged him out of the house by the back of his hair.

"Mama.." I whined, waving goodbye to Lizard. Lizard was cursing, flailing in Mama's steel tight clamp she had on his silvery blonde hair.

"You'll see 'Eliah when she's walkin' down tha' isle-you little stink'er." Mama chastised him, shaking his head a little bit for good measure. Mama shot Goggle a death glare, making the look out wither under his mother's disappointed gaze.

"An' you, lettin' 'im come in 'ere. 'E already tried 'ta sneak a peak when I was makin' H'arper's dress. 'E's a damn criminal!" Mama scolded, slapping Goggle upside the head so hard that his bowler hat went flying off his head. Goggle yelped, cupping the side of his throbbing head.

"Sorry Ma." Goggle frowned, picking his hat up off the floor.

"Double check them bags quick, girlies. We're leavin'." Mama said, grabbing Goggle's elbow and began dragging both her sons out the door.

"Of course Ma." Harper and I chimed, looking as innocent as ever. As our men were dragged out of the house by Mama. As the front door slammed shut, Harper and I broke out into peals of laughter.

"Oh's gonna be crazy." I laughed, wiping happy tears away from my eyes.

Us girls had left the Test Village hours before the men had, just to make sure we had ample time to prepare. As we all piled out of the van, June came sprinting out of the cathedral like castle, her arms wide open.

"Ophelia! We've been waiting for today for so long." June cried happily, wearing her white belly-dancer outfit, the sequins glimmering in the bright sun. Her toffee colored hair had grown longer since Harper's wedding, now reaching about two inches below her shoulders.

"You're telling me." I laughed, hugging June back. Greetings were swapped before we were rushed inside, into the arms of my soon to be aunts, uncles, and cousins-in-law. The multicolored doors of the home all burst open, the men in their colored tank tops rushing after their squealing wives, each wearing their Neptunian garb.

"Well come, come. Into the bath room." June said, prying the bridal party away from the mass of family members. Mama stuck back with the rest of the family, watching over Merc, Mars, and Nirvana as they played with all the other children.

"Don't forget the soap bag!" Ruby chimed, and Harper picked up a small, rose colored bag. Giggling and sprinting down the hall, Ruby, Harper and I went into the bath room. It was a huge bath house, like the ones you'd see carvings of from ancient Rome.

A large swimming pool bath tub sat in the middle of the room, ivory or marble statues of naked babies and mermaids around the edges of the tub held vases which poured out steaming water. Sometimes I wished we lived in Neptune's castle, just for the bath house.

We'd packed our own bubble bath, shampoo, bath salts, scrubs, body wash, spa-essentials, and conditioners, just for sanity's sake. We each had our own robes, so we wouldn't have to put on our dresses right after our baths, but we wouldn't be stark naked.

Okay, so we're a little too detailed.

Atleast we're not under-detailed.

Resting in the hot tub, I pressed my back against the slick marble seats and felt the tension leaving my body. Sighing, I let the back of my head rest against the pebbled ground.

"This is heaven." Ruby sighed, knotting her long, dark hair atop her head. Harper hummed in agreement, slathering a oatmeal clay mask onto her face. Harper tossed me the bottle of facial mask, letting me rub some of the chilled mask on my skin.

"Preachin' to the choir babe, preaching to the choir." I moaned, tossing Ruby the bottle.

"As much as I love Nirva, it's just nice to get away and have some relax time." Ruby laughed, standing up and wading over to one of the water fountains. Untying her hair, she began to shampoo her locks.

"I can't even begin to imagine..ugh.." Harper said, looking down at her stomach.

"You'll never regret it though." Ruby sighed, washing all the suds from her hair before wading back over to sit with us.

"I won't be regretting it." Harper smiled, her two toned brown orbs softening.

"No way.." I murmured, my own eyes snapping opening as I examined Harper.

Her usual sun kissed tan and blue skin were positively glowing. She looked a little tired, she had a hard time getting up this morning and spent alot of time in the bathroom before she felt well enough to start screaming about the date.

"'re.." I stammered, laughing breathlessly. Harper blushed, shrugging her blue shoulders and slyly pulling out some body wash from our bath bag.

"This is great!" I squealed, wading over to my sister and wrapping my arms around her in a hug. Ruby quickly joined in the naked hug fest, which wasn't strange at all.

Please note the sarcasm.

"Does Goggle know yet?" I asked, looking down at her completely flat stomach. Ruby snorted, crossing her arms over her chest.

"You kiddin' me?" She twanged, laughing. "If Goggle knew, she wouldn't be out of his sight."

"That's true." I laughed, pulling some sugar scrub out of the bath bag and began to exfoliate my elbows.

Who doesn't want scaly desert elbows at this wedding? This girl right here.

"When did you find out?" I asked, leaning further into the water.

"Last week when I drove into town for oats for the horses. I...It's just a miracle." Harper laughed, her eyes misting over. "I never thought I'd be able to have babies. spine was always jank, all the operations fucked up my body. I-I always thought that I'd never be able to have babies of my own."

"That's a thought of the past." Ruby smiled, leaning back into the tub.

I thought that this day couldn't get any better.






Classy as a gangster.


Eh..working on it.

With my hair curled, peppered with enough hair spray to destroy a quarter of the whole ozone layer, and styled into a braided half updo. My face had been expertly painted by Harpie and Ruby. My lips were stained a light shade of red, my cheeks patted with a hint of rouge. My eyes were painted with grey shadow with black liner and lights, a smoky eye effect made by Harpie.

"Here, step in carefully." Mama said nervously, holding open the gorgeous dress that she had made for me. The beautiful dress was a pearlescent white, corset-mermaid styled gown. It was tight enough to show off my figure, but not enough to squeeze me.

Mama zipped me up, sniffling all the way. Ruby and Harp were in their bridesmaid dresses. Mama had really outdone herself with these dresses. While Ruby's wedding dress was her masterpiece, my bridesmaid dresses were works of art. The dresses were halter tops, made of two toned bright blue and green silky fabric.

"You're gorgeous.." Mama sniffled, dabbing at her eyes with a sopping wet tissue. I chuckled, slowly making my way towards the large mirror. When I stood in front of the mirror, I didn't even recognize myself.

I looked like a princess. Tattoos, scars, and all.

I heard a knock at the door of the back room of the chapel. Ruby and Harp answered the door while Mama covered me with her body, just in case it was Lizard trying to sneak another peak. With a sigh, the three women let my brother into the room.

"Jude.." I smiled, dashing over to my older brother as fast as I could. I decided to forego any shoes, since Ruby and Harper had both gone barefoot at their weddings.

It was our little tradition, I suppose.

"Ready? Are you sure you want both Jupe and I to walk you down the aisle?" Jude asked nervously, holding something behind his back.

"Positive. Whatcha got?" I asked, wringing my hands nervously. "I hope it's some good booze."

"Nope." Jude laughed, bringing his hands up from behind him. I took a quick intake of air, bringing my hands up to cup my mouth.

"Is that..Mom's?" I asked, tilting my head down so Jude could attach the beautiful, flowing veil onto my head. The ring was made of white and gold, the white cloth woven around golden trinity knots gave way to waist length see-through fabric.

"Yeah..they would have loved to be here." Jude murmured, tapping the veil a few times to make sure it was securely attached.

"It's kind of ironic." I whispered, hearing the music begin to play in the chapel. Mama gave me a good luck hug and kiss, so did the girls, then they dashed out of the room to give Jude and I a final moment alone.

"We came out here to go to a wedding, and it ends up being my own." I laughed, hugging my arms tight around my brother. Jude agreed, laughing loudly. We hugged for a few more minutes before we pulled away and linked arms. We stepped out of the back room, catching up with Papa, who linked my other arm.

"Ready for this?" Papa asked, standing tall as we slowly made our way to the opening of the chapel.

"Damn straight." I whispered, smiling as we stepped into the chapel. I saw absolutely everyone that I needed to be there. All the aunts, uncles, and cousins were jammed pack into the pews. Olympus, Mars, and Mercury marched in front of me. Olympus holding the rings, while the twins tossed flower petals mixed with glitter around the ground.

I spied Hansel in one of the pews, giving me a thumbs up and a huge smile. I felt my self esteem rise as I gained the courage to look into my soon-to-be-husband's eyes.


Lizard's gorgeous eyes were positively glowing. The ocean blue orbs were beaming with pride, watching only me. Lizards usually wily silver-blonde hair had been slicked usual attire was swapped for a timeless looking black suit, but no tie. Even though he looked sensuously handsome, I couldn't wait to muss up his slick hair and rip off that suit.

I felt my cheeks burn, and I couldn't help but bite my bottom lip.

This was it, what girls dream about their whole lives about.

Walking down the aisle, being given away by two of the most important men in my life.

Two of the best friends a girl could have, who were about to become my sisters.

Lookin' banging hot in a wedding dress.

And a gorgeous man, who's attention was fully on me.

I kissed Jude and Papa's cheeks, giving each of them a hug as we stood at the end of our trek. Neptune smiled, puffing his chest up in pride of his family.

"Who gives away this bride?" Neptune asked, smiling.

"We do." Papa and Jude said in unison, bowing their heads. Neptune nodded his head, taking my hand and placing it in Lizard's. Lizard smiled, shifting nervously. I smiled nervously back at him, giggling quietly.

"We come together, to witness the joining of these two lovers." Neptune began, standing tall over Lizard and I. We stared into each other's eyes while Neptune spoke to the crowd, completely oblivious to everyone around us.


"Huh?" Lizard asked, shaking his head and staring up at Neptune.

"Your vows?" Neptune asked with a laugh, the crowd bursting into laughter. Lizard growled, flushing as he took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, seemingly centering himself before he started to speak.

"'Elia. I met yew, bein' nothin' more than a heartless man. Yew've changed alot a' me. When 'ah once came home...angry..unlovin'' yew changed all that. Yew made me inta somethin' 'ah promised 'ah'd neva' become-a human. I know 'ah neva say it much, 'er seem like 'ah mean it, but 'ah know yew're tha' only one fer me." Lizard said, holding my hands tightly and gazing into my eyes.

"Ophelia, your vows?" Neptune said, his red-rimmed eyes a little misty. I coughed nervously, shifting on my feet before taking a deep, cleansing breath, just like Lizard had.

"Lizard..Geeze, I've been practicing this same speech for the past two weeks and as soon as I look into your eyes I just seem to forget everything I've ever known. You've become my whole world in a fraction of my life, unlike anyone has ever been able to. We've been through so much together. Fear, anger, hate, pain, sadness, and loss. But the good always out ways the bad. We've also been through happiness, joy, laughter, excitement, hope, luck, and love. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life going through everything with you." I said, nervously biting my bottom lip.

"Does anybody have a reason why these two should not be wed?" Neptune asked, beaming over us. The crowd was silent, awaiting for the words from Neptune.

"Under the power invested in me, I now pronounce these two married!" Neptune smiled, clapping his hands over us. Lizard smiled, gingerly taking the edge of the veil and pulled it back slowly.

"HURRY UP AN' KISS'ER!" Pluto shouted, and was quickly joined by similar shouts.

What can I say? Ruby isn't the only one who's been working on their linguistics.

Smiling, Lizard grabbed me and gripped me tightly to his chest. We pressed our lips together in a long, slow kiss. The whole family screamed and cheered, some laughing, some crying. As Lizard and I broke the kiss, grabbed each other's hands and ran down the aisle, I had to hold back my tears of joy.

I never knew this would happen to me.