I know the story name is mucho lamo, but it's definitely related to the story.

The story is set 2 years after the whole Scarlet Hand crisis. So I guess Sabrina and Puck would be at the age of 15 and Daphne, 11. After all, this is my first fanfic and the characters might be a bit OOC, but please bear up with me and don't forget to read & review. Hope you like it.

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"I bet today's gonna be a good day!" Sabrina yawned, stretching her hands when she suddenly felt something slimy crawling on her bed.

"Eek!" Sabrina screamed, jumping out of her bed, spotting a big snail which hiding into its shell as the girl shrieked.


"Hey there, ugly." A voice answered. It was not from outside of the room, but behind where Sabrina stood. The blonde girl turned round, finding that the spot where the snail had been squirming was now replaced by Puck.

"You dork! What are you doing in my bedroom?" cried Sabrina, "Have you been there all night? Please, tell you weren't."

"Of course not, as if a Royalty like me deserves such treatment to sleep with an ugly creature on such a small bed!" Puck replied.

"Ugh. Just get out would you? And please, close the door, I need to get changed." Hearing this, Puck suddenly felt his face burning, realizing that Sabrina have been wearing her nightgown all the time. Catching Puck staring at her body, Sabrina screamed at the top of her lungs, "OUT!"

Puck scrambled off and closed the door behind him. Why had he blushed? It's not like that he has a crush on Sabrina, but she definitely has good curves. At that thought, Puck slapped his mind and immediately rushed downstairs to get his breakfast.

Meanwhile, Sabrina was standing in front of a big mirror, holding an outfit on each hand, wondering which one would look better on her: A romper with stripes or a cute tank paired with shorts. Though Sabrina was sort of a tomboy, she has been more self-conscious of how she should dress to look cuter. At last, she chose the romper which made her look a bit slimmer and taller with those stripes. After all, she was a petite girl compared to all the teenagers in the neighborhood.

When she got downstairs, Granny and Uncle Jake were nowhere to be seen but only the filthy Puck already stuffing Granny Relda's blue sausages into his mouth with the pink sauce dripping all over his regular dirty green hoodie. Sabrina felt nauseous seeing this scene. How could anyone bear that inhumane food and that gross fairyboy? She quickly pushed her plate aside, allowing Puck to have it all. Lying on the floor, Elvis' mouth was already watery at the sight of the sausages.

"Don't even think about it, Elvis." Daphne said, walking to the table and giving the Great Dane a piece of toast instead. No one would ever want to feed the dog sausages with the fact that he could leave the house smelly for 3 whole days. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. As both Puck and Daphne were still busy fighting for the only sausage left on the table, Sabrina went to open the door. "What the …." Sabrina shrieked as she fell backwards as the tall figure walked in.

"So this is THE Grimm House. COOL!"

"Rodney? How did you know where I live?" Sabrina said eyeing the tall handsome brown-haired guy who she had definitely taken no interest in. As far as she was concerned, Rodney was only a plain guy who was chasing after her. "Your sister told me that." At his word, Sabrina glared at Daphne knowing that what her sister was up to, i.e. making Puck jealous. The trick has definitely taken effect as the Trickster King came to the door to see what was going on. "Who are you?" Puck bellowed, demanding for an answer as if he were a king (Although he really is). "Hello, have you been paying attention to our conversation, Idiot?" Sabrina grumbled. "FINE but nope, I haven't. Then why are you here?" The two blondes turned to face Rodney and stared at him, looking for an answer.

"Alright, I'll tell you but just stop glaring at me; I can't stand it when people give me all the attention." "Well, Rodney is surely one of the few who could compete with Freakbaby's strong ego which might blow up anytime." Sabrina thought, still wondering why the boy came. "This is a secret to most people but I'm actually the son of the infamous Little Mermaid." The boy answered. The whole family gasped except for Daphne who bit her own palm. They had seen the Little Mermaid before on their mission in seeking the missing pieces of the Vorpal blade. The one beautiful mermaid had actually turned to food after being dumped and was now quite fat.

"But how did you get to walk with legs?" Sabrina asked suspiciously. "Oh, I can take human form during the day but only on condition that I do not get wet. I turn back into a merman after the sun sets (Idea taken from the film Aquamarine, I so love the film and Emma Roberts). " "Don't you need to give up something precious to be granted a pair of legs by the Sea Witch." Asked the younger girl who still had her hands in her mouth. Apparently, the excitement of meeting a new everafter had not worn out yet. "But I am an exception, after all, I am a descendent of a mermaid and a human, so I am privileged and can have legs without any magic." Rodney answered in a- matter- of- factly tone "So what does you being a half man and merman have anything to do with me and the Grimms?" questioned Puck, still not getting why he came.

Rodney took a deep breath and said something which amazed the trio.

"Actually, I'm hoping that you could find me my father."

This is the end of Chapter 1, Hope the plot wasn't that lame; I will post up a new chapter a week if anyone even reads it. Sorry if there were any typing or grammatical mistakes and feel free to give me any constructive ideas on how the story should go on.