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In the mean time, a snippet!

We made our way to the main chamber, where the chaos had shifted. Aro's wife stood at the head, towering more with her presence than her height, over the rest. "I want this mess cleared! Let those who wish to run do so. Those who wish to stay, will be welcomed."

It rankled me, that she would be so quick to build a broken throne. "You're kingdom has fallen!" I called out to her, from the other side of the great round room. "You build with broken pieces."

"You," she hissed, stalking forward. Vampires scuttled out of her way. Those who were fallen, or dead, were kicked aside.

I met her in the middle, trailing my own odd guard behind me. "You."

"Pirate," Sulpicia hissed. "My husband spoke of you for man years. You were a thorn in his side, the bane of his very existence, I should think."

Flashing her wicked smirk, I denied nothing. "You flatter me."

"You killed my son." Her tone was even, almost dangerously flat.

And so I had. "He killed me first."

She raised one sculpted brow, looking regal even for all the blood and guts smeared across her luminescent skin. "This," she said, waving her hand across the room. "You did this."

"Aye! I did!" I raised my hands at my side, and grinned. What vampires who were left standing turned to me, their eyes still glassy but perhaps slightly more focused now. "I, Captain Alistair Xavier Webb, did this. Let no man leave without knowing what has been done here! Slaughter! Mayhem! Mutiny! I broke through your walls, and brought down your dynasty! I killed your husband, your king and I'll-" The girl elbowed me sharply in the side, and gave me a pointed look. "And I had help."

Sulpicia gave me a long look, before nodding softly. "I am not my husband, nor am I inclined to make his mistakes. I stand here today as the new Ruler by right of way. Let it be known though, that following the treason of my husband, new law is in order. I will not rule as he had; I will be strict, and I will be swift, but I will be fair."

"Sulpicia ," Jasper interjected. "If I might make a suggestion. The world has long since changed. While I have always accepted that our kind does require some ruling and prosecution, perhaps it is time to embrace these new times. I have long since believed the American wars could have been avoided if only there were a more local authority figure. Territory will always be a cause for animosity between covens, but I hardly think it's uncontrollable. What I worry about is over-hunting and newborn abandonment. These our are most critical concerns. Consider, if you will, electing ambassadors? You could even give local covens a chance at electing their own officials-"

I left the Empath to discuss his politics; I had no desire to have any hands in it. I would do as I always did, and avoid the law entirely. Esme had made her way to our party, with the rest of her children in tow.

Carlisle lead the littlest vampire to her by the hand. "Esme, I'd like you to meet-"

"Fae," the girl interjected, flashing me a little grin. "Are you the Cullen Clan matriarch?"

Esme gave her a soft smile, dropping down to a crouch so that she was even lower then the Fae. It was a sign of respect, or comfort, I thought. "Well, we prefer to call it a family, dear. Will you be joining us?"

Fae looked surprised by the gesture. Unfortunately, a surprised vampire was often them most dangerous. "I'm...I'm not a child, Lady Cullen. I'm much older than you. Than even your husband, I think. While I am greatful of your offer, I'm not entierly-"

Rolling my eyes, I stalked forward, grabbing the little fae up by the arm. She fought me slightly, and Esme had her own words, but I didn't care. I pulled the girl from our group, and dropped low like Esme had. "Go with the Cullens, you horrible little child. What are you even thinking? Is it the diet? It's terrible, I will admit, but this is your best chance-"

"They think I'm eleven!" She snarled, scowling.

"You are eleven." I growled at her when she made to cut me off. I was simply surrounded by impertinent woman. "No, you are. Even for all your years, and the horrors you have seen, little Fae, you are immortally eleven. I will admit that you have done and seen things that many beyond your years will never experience. That does not make you any less eleven years old. Your mind...your mind is eleven, beneath the grief and struggle to survive. You simply have not been granted the chance to be as you are. This is your chance, Fae. You go with them, and you can be eleven. You can be a little girl."

She stared at me for a long moment, before turning sharply and flying through the room. The force of which she hit Esme with was hard enough to knock her on her feet, but no one mistook it for an attack. She wrapped herself around the Mother Cullen like the child she was, and Esme lifted her up into her arms with out a single moments hesitation.

"We'll be taking this one home," she called out to Sulpicia , who's mouth pulled into a tight line, but did not deny Esme's demand.

"There are others," I offered casually, looking to Jane and Alec as they stood awkwardly by the doors near the sewers. "I was thinking Zafrina. She's known to take in strays."

Carlisle nodded. "I'll get in contact with her at once. Actually, if Sulpicia accepts Jasper's idea, I'll be nominating her for the South American ambassador. Her coven is certainly impressive enough."

"You'll be accepting the position for the North American ambassador, of course."

"No," Carlisle replied, surprising me. But then, perhaps it shouldn't. Carlisle was a family man, through and through. "I am but a doctor. I've no particularly threatening talents, nor do I wish I did. No, I don't want the power. Eleazar, perhaps. People respect him. Should he find himself needing aid, I would be there of course."

"Of course." I turned to where the girl was spinning Aro's head by the hair, looking both bored and enraptured at once. "What am I to do with that?"

Carlisle laughed, and shook his head at me. "Don't ask me. I'd fear for my head were I even to suggest she go anywhere but with you."

"I suppose we'll head for the sea." Conveniently enough, we could take the sewers almost directly there. I suspected the Volturi used them to cattle their feed back to the temple. "Oh look, the rest of your son has arrived."

It would seem that the Seer had saw fit to collect the Cullen boy, as well as the mouthless trollop. "Fae!" I called out, and laughed when Esme carried the girl to me. "I'll be needing those parts, girl." She handed over both the head and the jaw wordlessly, content to be...well, cuddled, for lack of a better word.

"Might we have that back now," one of the first-floor vampires asked tightly, holding out his hand for his sisters jaw. "We did as you asked."

"So you did." I tossed the jaw to him, and waved him off. My business with him was done now. The Cullen boy's head, I spun in my hands once or twice, thinking -in filthy English just for his benefit- of all the deliciously horrid things I'd do to the girl just as soon as I had her to myself. Newborns fucked so much like they fought, all mouth and hands and endless fury. I'd every intention of rocking our boat, so to speak. When Cullen snapped at my hand, I let his head fall to the floor, kicking it wide across the open room.

Carlisle sighed at my side. "Must you manhandle my children? Really?"

"Not all of them." Not Jasper at least, he seemed like a decent enough bloke. "I'm just not particularly fond of that one. Bit of a brat, he."

To that, Carlisle could only laugh. "Immortal teenagers; what was I thinking? But they do make life a little less lonely. I suppose you'll come to learn that soon enough."

"Speak for yourself, mine's not a teenager, she's a woman."

"Wow, did I just hear you call me a woman?" As if beckoned by name alone, the girl appeared at our side from thin air. "I think I'm going to miss you calling me a sandwich."

"There are new ways for me to eat you," I replied, and there was no missing the suggestion in my voice. Carlisle made a face. Ah yes, he regarded the girl as a daughter. Hmm.

She laughed, and wormed her way up under my arm. "I like the way you think, but maybe a shower first? I probably taste like this guy here." She held up Aro's head, giving it a little shake. "When are we going to toast this guy?"

"Should I be concerned about your penchant for burning things?"

"Probably." She turned to Carlisle with a blank face. "I burned your house to the ground." Looking back to me, she flashed me a smile I knew would cause me nothing but trouble. "Can we go now? I'm hungry and I want to smash things."

Watching her manhandle Aro's head, her red eyes glowing bright and violent, I realized that perhaps a reprieve from my solitary years was due. The girl wasn't the worst companion, and she'd taken a liking to me so perhaps her faculties could be trusted. "Well," I said, clapping Carlisle firmly on the shoulder. "You heard the girl. We'll be taking our leave."

Carlisle blinked, mouth pulling into a frown. "Do keep in touch."

"Don't I always?"

Carlisle's frown only deepened, as the girl and I pushed passed him toward the sewer exit. We could follow it straight to the ocean. "No, no not really. Alistair, if you could-"

The girl began to whistle a familiar tune. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me. I laughed, a dark and wretched cackle. "Yes yes, old friend. I'm sure we'll be seeing you again. You and your darling family."

(the end, for now.)

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