Hello dear readers!

How I wish this was an update, oh how I do. There is, however, an update in the works right now, due to post within a few days.

Unfortunately, this is an Authors Note posted to inform you of something absolutely disgusting.


That's right. Hit and Run has fallen victim to this unholy little crime. I have only ever had this happen once before, and it was caught so quickly, I never had a chance to realize the torment of it. This new occurrence however, has lingered out there for several months and it literally feels like my ideas were kidnapped and tortured.

There is a lot of 'gray' area when it comes to plagiarism in the Fandom. However, ripping out entire paragraphs of a story, changing the names, and playing it off as your own-that's not gray area. That's plagiarism.

Her name is LaylaxAlistair and she's taken what isn't hers.

I ask that you don't harass her, because I do not condone hazing or bullying. However, if you should read chapter seven of her fanfic entitled All's Fair In Love And War, and wish to inform her that her words are painfully familiar to you in a polite fashion, this I would be fine with. She used not only Alistair's entire history, but some of Bella's as well, pertaining to the burning of the Cullen's Forks home.

I will admit that due to a tip off from a reader, chapter seven is all that I read of her story, so I don't know the full limit of her plagiarism, or if she's taken from other stories as well.

I encourage all readers to report these acts as I've reported Layla. We are the only guard against such behavior. We as a fandom, as writers and readers, should stick together against plagiarism.

I would hope that this is a mistake made in ignorance, and that this dear girl can learn from it. Plagiarism is NEVER okay. Alistair might not be my character, he will forever belong to . But...the Alistair of Hit and Run, his words, his ideas, his mind - that belongs to me.

I won't be discouraged by thieves. In fact, if nothing else, it makes me want to write a little more Alistair. And so I shall. For your time, I promise you a bit of Epilogue, to post soon.

All my thanks,