Author's Note: Spoilers for "Journey." Set during/after the scene in the hallway.

Even after all this time, even after - especially after trying to move on, he always found a way to render her speechless and incapable of forming complete, coherent thoughts.

With Carl, it was uncomplicated. There was no ex-wife, no seeing each other from 8:30 to 3:30 every school day from September to June, no sort of history excepting a checkup every six months for the five years or so she had lived in Lima. She could talk to him about her day, without him necessarily knowing every one of them, other than "Finn Hudson needs to pay more attention to his flossing."

And then there was Will, Will, the man she had admired from a not-so-far distance for as long as they had worked together. Look, but don't touch, since there was always Terri in the way. Now she wasn't in the way, though, and by all means, the road to them being together should be as clear as it could ever be, her obsession with cleanliness not withstanding.

Yet, it wasn't clear. They had their shot earlier that semester, it hadn't worked out between them, and all of the history between them, chalk on noses and dancing in wedding dresses was cast aside, fond memories of a different time in her life.

She had a choice to make - Carl was stable, and he was kind, and he approved of her dental hygiene habits. Maybe it was too soon to decide if he was "the one," as some of the students talked about; she had to give him a chance, see if it could work.

But, as she stared after Will walking down the hallway, talking to Rachel about something or another, her lips still burning from the kiss that had taken place only a minute or so before, only Will had the power to make her speechless and weak in the knees.

A man that was stable and loved her smile, or a man that was willing to fight for her and said that he loved her?

She walked back to her office, the newest question weighing heavily on her mind, her step a little lighter.