Hello, this is nonowriting, and I have adopted this wonderful story from hentai18ancilla. I'm putting down chapters 1-8 that hentai18ancilla wrote, and I'll tell you up here if I changed anything. This chapter is unchanged.


A/n: This will have non-consenual shota and is yaoi. If you don't like don't read, no one's making you. As for me I never trusted Iruka. This is how the story really goes according to me.


It was the insinuation of desire, the furtive looks, the heated glances, that all lead Naruto to conclude that he was in way over his head. He could feel the latent expectation of Iruka as he stalked predatorily over to him, as his hand glazed over his shoulder 'accidentally' and pulled him closer to his muscular body that was scarred and aged.

He could feel the hardness that poked his bottom every time he twitched in Iruka's lap, the strong hands that held him shackled in place, and the desire coursing through the normally placid brown eyes now shining with strange intensity, the wicked of gleam of malcontent that sent shudders racking down his spine.

He was scared; the kind of fear that left you immobilized in the certainty that there was no escape, and yet you still wanted to try to flee knowing it was futile. He had understood far too late the true meaning of Iruka's kindness, his sudden interest in him. Now it was far too late to run.

He should have known better, but he had been starving and the promise of Ramen had been far too great.

Food, he hadn't eaten in two weeks and it was all he could to drink non-contaminated water that hadn't been poisoned by any villagers, and when he could afford to buy food Ramen was the cheapest thing he could pay for and even though the stand owner didn't like him and charged him a bit more than other customers it wasn't rotten and he wasn't paying ten times the regular amount so he kept returning.

Hunger had clouded his mind and he had put on that sappy smile on his face and blathered on about matters of no consequence, and had hoped to leave with a belly full of food.

He had not counted on being tricked by his benefactor, he had foolishly let his guard down, and now he would have to summon the strength to survive through another night of hell.

It wasn't like this was the first time someone had tricked or used him and it wouldn't be the last, but someday he would strong enough to escape.

And he'd never look back.

"Naruto…" whispered Iruka tenderly in a kind fatherly tone, "let's play a game…"

For now, he was trapped and there was no escape.

Ja ne! This will be multi-chap