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P.S.: just so I don't confuse anybody, this is shippuden, and I've 'reincarnated' all of the akatsuki members, and Sasuke isn't there. (he needs to die)


Naruto stood, his legs shaking as he whipped the blood from his mouth. Kakuzu and Hidan stood before him, the duo watching his every move.

"Don't think you're safe just because you're strong! You're looking at the future Hokage! So I hafta beat you!" Kakuzu showed no signs of emotion, but Hidan let out a curt laugh.

"Really! And how do you think you're gonna do that? You cant beat us!" He laughed again, and nudged Kakuzu, leaning over to whisper to his partner. "So when are we gonna take this miserable fuc–" Kakuzu gave him a cold glare.

"Not yet. Leader gave us permission to have fun... don't you know why were taking him anyway?" Hidan's face broke into an evil smile.

"Of course. But if we can have fun... let's drag it out..." He reached into his robe and pulled out the metal spike that he used in his pain-swapping ritual, and forced chakra into the black metal.

Naruto prepared a kage bunshin as he watched the spike's sharp tip expand and become a flat end, like the other side. Hidan now held a metal pole, and swung it forward in emphasis. "I'll crush you!"

Naruto ran forward, strategy lost in battle, and shouted. He charged at the white haired man, using the bunshin as a shield. But Hidan reacted quickly, bashing the rod into the clone's stomach and dissipating it. The other clone fell just as fast, and before Naruto could make more clones, the immortal hit him and sent him flying into a tree.

Unknown to Naruto, Hidan looked at his partner, and at slight nod of approval from Kakuzu, he advanced on the orange-clad boy. "You're mine, boy."

Naruto struggled up, and lunged at Hidan.

"Only in you're dreams, you undead freak!" As Naruto made a blocking move, Hidan swung his fist at Naruto's stomach, but quickly revealed the feint and swung the metal pole upwards. Shit! I forgot about his weapon!

Just before the pole hit, Naruto realized where Hidan had aimed at. "Wha!–" his eyes went wide and a gasp of pain left him as the pole collided...

With Naruto's balls.

The poor boy fell onto the ground, breathless and in pain he tried to stand, one hand holding his aching balls. "Uhg..." He coughed as the pain wracked his body. "What the hell!"

Hida grinned and advanced on the half-standing boy and moved quickly, aiming a swift kick to Naruto's groin.

Naruto let out an 'oof' as his lower half was lifted off the ground, and he felt the front flat part of the Akatsuki sandals flatten both balls at the same time. He screamed, and tried to clutch his groin, but two heavy ropes caught his hands, and Naruto looked up to see Kakuzu standing over him, binding his arms.

He was caught in a half-doggystyle, with his arms straight forward and his ass in the air. A single, thick rope hidden in the ground shot up, whipping Naruto right between his legs. Kakuzu could feel one nut flatten underneath the coil. Naruto let out a choked whimper and a swallowed moan.

"Getting in on the fun?" Hidan asked with a smirk. "Are we allowed to... y'know..." Kakuzu nodded.

"Kyuubi can heal even that." Hidan grinned.


Naruto had finally recovered from the latest blow to his manhood, with the duo nowhere to be found. He slowly stood up, and leaned against the nearest tree, slinking a hand down his pants to feel his bruised balls.

The feeling of his cold hands made him shudder, and he cringed at his sensitive balls. Every touch hurt, and they felt swollen. He stood up, still shaky.

Naruto had been hit in the balls before, it wasn't new. Kids either missed or tried for the cheap shots during sparring, and he had been hit more than the others. And the fact that he was clumsy didn't help either, always falling on poles. But nothing like this, where he was targeted 'down there'.

His nuts ached, and he wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and sleep. But he had to report to Tsunade that members of Akatsuki were close by. He stepped away from his support tree, his legs still shaky. But as soon as he moved from the tall tree, four hidden ropes leaped from the ground, and wrapped around each limb, pulling him eagle-spread in the air.

Kakuzu and Hidan walked out from behind some trees, Kakuzu indifferent and Hidan grinning wickedly. Before even talking, he slammed a fist into Naruto's exposed nuts, laughing at both the scream, and the feeling of the firm organs being crushed.

Naruto cringed as Hidan and his partner advanced.

"It's so much fun, inflicting this kind of pain. It's not lethal, but it's so excruciating that it pleases Jashin." As if it were punctuation, he slapped down on Naruto's manhood again, earning another groan. "In fact, I feel his strength flow to me every time I crush these." He added a quick jab to the poor boy's groin on the last word. Kakuzu made a noise behind the sadistic ninja, and Hidan turned to meet his gaze. "So you finally wanna have some fun?" Hidan rolled his eyes. "You're such a kill joy sometimes."

Kakuzu sent a cold glare Hidan's way, and approached Naruto, who was swearing and cringing.

"Fuck you guys! I swear to the Kami I'm gonna kill you both when I fucking get out of here you fuckers!" Kakuzu let out a dark laugh.

"His mouth is almost as dirty as yours, Hidan..." He looked right at Naruto's groin, the slight bulge there made more obvious by the fact that he was eagle-spread. He out a length of the rope stored in his body, and reached out the the waistband of Naruto's pants. In one fluid motion, he pulled them down, revealing the orange ninja's package.

Naruto shivered as cold air caught him on all sides. He let out a small yelp as his pants had been pulled down, but now he was just angry and worried again.

Kakuzu stood between Naruto's open legs, taking in the naked body. Nartuo was quite well-endowed, with two large balls hanging loosely in his sac, which hung far down. His cock hung lower than his balls, and was quite thick around. Kakuzu imagined what it would look like hard.

He tore himself away and nodded at Hidan.

"The leader made a good choise. That Gaara boy looked nothing like this, much smaller." Naruto blushed deeply at the comment on his manhood. Hidan nodded and poked one of Naruto's nuts with his finger.

"So which one do you want?" The earth-user pondered the question, looking at the full sac.

"The left one." Hidan smirked and gestured at the boy's exposed testicles.

"Wanna go first? I think I can wait a bit. Besides, I've played with him more than you." Kakuzu nodded, and moved towards Naruto's family jewels.

"Stay away!" Naruto shouted as Kakuzu took his left nut in his hand, rolling it around in the loose skin.

Kakuzu looked at Naruto, and the evil grin under his mask radiated.

"Did you know that with enough force, it is possible to rupture a testicle?" Naruto paled, right before screaming in pain and Kakuzu crushed one of Naruto's balls in his hand.

Naruto bucked against the ropes, feeling his testicle warp and practically cave in. He screamed again, and tears now dripped down his face. Kakuzu let go, but still held the damaged orb in his hand. "I think I may have left the indent of my fingers in it." the masked man noted, looking into Naruto's blue teary eyes.

Kakuzu now let the rope that hung from his sleeve come to life, feeding chakra into it. The tendril wriggled as he manipulated it around the orb he had claimed. It wound itself tightly and held Naruto's left ball in its grasp. Kakuzu let out an evil smirk, and nodded at Naruto.

"Say goodbye to this ball." Naruto paled, then screamed as the rope squeezed, and his ball was flattened and crushed. But just before it was destroyed, Kakuzu withdrew the rope, and took the ball back in his hands.

For a second, Naruto relaxed, thinking he was saved. But just as the orb fell into Kakuzu's hands, he squeezed hard, and Naruto cried as the once-round testicle was destroyed, turning to mush in his sac, and in Kakuzu's hand.

The masked man felt the remnants of nut between his fingers, working out any remaining shape or form to the ball. He grinned at the sobbing Naruto, and let go of his sac. Naruto winced as his remaining ball hit his skin, and touched his destroyed one. He whimpered at the feeling of the jelly-like substance that had once been his pride.

When Naruto and the other male ninja had compared sizes in the locker room, they had all been shocked that he had what he had. Especially his balls. Now one was gone, and he wasn't sure the other even worked after the beating it had gotten. The throbbing pain in his abdomen didn't help much either, especially when coupled with the fact that he didn't feel like a man anymore.

Kakuzu walked away from Naruto, after squishing the jelly of destroyed manhood in his hands. He chuckled and felt the front of his pants. He smiled at the wetness of his orgasm, the cum dripping down his legs and smearing with every step.

"All yours, Hidan." The white haired immortal cracked his hands and smiled. Naruto paled at the thought of loosing his other testicle. The sadist approached Naruto, a grim look on his face and the metal pole in his hand. "I'm gonna get rid of what makes you a man, boy, so kiss your nuts goodbye!" He let out an animalistic laugh and swung the pole right into Naruto's last nut.

It collided, but did not destroy the organ, instead it flattened it and made Naruto writhe and scream again. The flat ball didn't regain its round shape either, but stayed flat. Hidan sniggered.

"It's like putty. But putty that wracks pain through young men." Naruto growled out some swears trough held-back sobs as his remaining nut was beaten by Hidan. After even more abuse by the pole, Naruto knew his last ball was done for. He could tell it was soft enough to destroy with Hidan's hands, and Hidan knew it too.

The immortal stepped forward and grabbed the nut, feeling how tender it had become. It was no longer shaped like anything a testicle should be shaped like, all bumpy and flat on one side. He smirked and clenched his had, feeling the ball cave in and turn to jelly. Naruto screamed again, and the mental exhaustion and pain were too much.

He fainted.

Hidan sniggered as he felt the jelly in the sac that once housed Naruto's balls, but now only held the smashed remnants of what they had once been. The sac hung low still, because the mush weighed as much as the testicles, but it now held just one big round thing at the bottom, not two separate, firm balls.

"We sure are lucky we're not him, we don't have Kyuubi's talent." Kakuzu nodded.

"That would be a permanent castration for any ordinary person." He said from behind his mask, while he tapped his ring, telling the others to prepare the space-time jutsu. "They are ready. Let's go."

He gently let Nartuo's unconscious body down, watching with hidden arousal as the jelly-filled sac bounced.

"Hold on a minute." Hidan murmured. He was laying against a tree, his legs spread wide, and his large cock out. He was jacking off rapidly, trying to achieve orgasm before they had to teleport back to the Akatsuki lair.

Kakuzu took interest in the fact that ruining Naruto (or so the boy thought) aroused his partner. Kakuzu had thought it was a perversion exclusive to himself.

"This aroused you?" He inquired. Hidan nodded and grinned at Kakuzu while his hand continued to pump his long member.

"Yeah. I love to destroy men like that. It pleases Jashin, and makes me fuckin' horny," Kakuzu nodded. "Y'think it's weird?" He said in a defensive annoyed tone.

"Not at all. It turns me on as well" Hidan gave Kakuzu a twisted grin as he came all over his hand and the ground. Ignoring the cum on his pants, he slipped his cock back inside and stood.

A few moments later Hidan, Kakuzu, and the unconscious castrated Naruto varnished.