When I finished If Wishes Were Boggarts, I opened nominations of If Wishes Were Upgrades Collection. Those nominations were flushed out, and I offered them on a poll. As of the third of April, I closed the poll. There were five winners: Unity (Blaise Zabini/female!Harry), Precious Stones (Alphard Black/female!Harry Potter), Elsewhere (Charlie Weasley/female!Harry Potter), Thunderstruck (Thor/female!Harry Potter), and The Magic of Winter (Robb Stark/female!Harry Potter/Jon Snow).

In total, there are fifteen fanfiction stories in If Wishes Were Upgrades Collection.

If Wishes Were Upgrades Collection

To Have and To Hold: Pulled through time by their magic, Regulus Black and Hollis Potter were united. Together, they will be defeat Lord Voldemort by finding and destroying his horcruxes one by one. Regulus/Hollis. female!Harry Potter. | Original: "Sixteen: Locket". Coming: Summer 2017.

Truths and Lies: Heloise Potter went into hiding with Hermione Granger and Teddy Lupin in Ipswich, Massachusetts. While Hermione attended Spenser Academy, Heloise found herself caring for Teddy and working at the local bar. Reid/Heloise, and Tyler/Hermione. | Crossover between The Covenant, and Harry Potter. | Original: "Twenty Six: Hero". Completed.

Wish Upon a Star: Harriet Potter wished on a star to save Sirius. She traveled back in time to meet the Blacks of the 1940s, and she became Theia Johnson. Orion/Theia. female!Harry Potter. | Original: "Thirty Five: Wish". In progress.

The Mysterious Redhead: While he was out for a night of drinking, Ned Banks spotted a familiar redhead across the bar. There was something about her that called to him. Ned/Hortensia. female!Harry Potter. | Crossover between Ghost Whisperer, and Harry Potter. | Original: "Thirty Six: Crush". Completed.

The Change in the Tattoo: Hodgins decided it was time for the team to meet his new girlfriend, Hellebore Potter. Hodgins/Hellebore. female!Harry Potter. | Crossover between Bones, and Harry Potter. | Original: "Thirty Eight: Tattoo". Completed.

Untitled (051): When Blaise Zabini saw a lonely Harrie Potter in the days following Halloween, he decided it was time to step out of the shadows and become the Slytherin he was raised to be. Blaise has turned his attention to a redheaded Gryffindor – and he wasn't the only one. Blaise/Harrie, and Daphne/Ginny. female!Harry Potter. | Original: "Fifty One: His". Undecided posting date.

Fancy That: While practicing the Summoning Charm with Hermione, Harry Potter realized his feelings for his best friend had changed. Harry/Hermione. | Original: "Fifty Four: Fancy". Completed.

Blooming Love: Cho Chang was shocked when Harry Potter asked her to the Yule Ball. She was even more surprised when he kept asking her out, eventually asking to court her. Harry/Cho. | Original: "Sixty Six: Date", "Eighty One: Robes", and "Ninety Nine: Yule Ball". In progress.

Courageous: With the courage of a Gryffindor, Padma Patil asked Harry Potter for a dance at the Yule Ball. Harry/Padma. | Original: "Seventy Nine: Just a Dance". Completed.

Perchance to Dream: When he was fifteen, Oliver Wood fell in love. She was quick and tiny, and she was graceful in the air. It didn't matter she was Harriette Potter because all he saw was Hattie. Oliver/Hattie. female!Harry Potter. | Original: "Eighty Six: Plans". Undecided posting date.

Mischief Managed: Needing a change of scenery brought Loki to Number Thirteen Privet Drive. He found new victims in the family by the name of Dursley, and a new friend named Harmonia Potter. Gabriel (Loki)/Harmonia. female!Harry Potter. | Crossover between Harry Potter, and Supernatural. | Original: "Ninety: Management". Undecided posting date.

Untitled (116): On a cold morning in January, a young girl with jade eyes was found on the doorstep of Wool's Orphanage, looking for her mother and her new baby sibling. Her name was Harriette Riddle. This time around, Tom has an older sister. Alphard Black/Harriette. female!Harry Potter. | Original: "One Hundred and Sixteen: Second Chances". Undecided posting date.

Thunderstruck: At the age of fourteen, Hana Potter pledged herself marriage to Thor, son of Odin, and he promised to love and protect her, from everything – including Lord Voldemort and the Wizarding Britian. Thor/Hana. female!Harry Potter. | Crossover between Harry Potter, Thor, and The Avengers. | Original: "Hundred and Thirty One: The Power That Be". Undecided posting date.

Untitled (142): Thrusted into a new world, Hanabelle Potter must adjust to deadly plots, center around an ugly chair. Failure to adjust would lead to the death of a loved, maybe even one of her new husbands, Robb Stark and Jon Stark. Robb/Hanabelle/Jon. female!Harry Potter. | Crossover between A Song of Fire and Ice, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. | Original: "Hundred and Forty Two: A Spark of Magic". Undecided posting date.

Untitled (147): Desperate for a way out of the Triwizard Tournament, Haleigh found a solution at the last minute. With some help form a mischievous house-elf, Charlie Weasley came to her rescue. Charlie Weasley/Haleigh Potter. female!Harry Potter. | Original: "One Hundred and Forty Seven: Vows". Undecided posting date.