a / n; My first stab at both of these characters, so in typical fashion, I decided to give them (or at least Gideon) a different twist to them. Written for the Hogwarts Online prompt of the day pumpkin juice.

attach it to the end of your rope

You were the fighter.
I was the kid against the world.
I heard there's nothing going to hold you down.
- Dear Jack, Jack's Mannequin

He loves you like you don't deserve, with his bright eyes and red hair and clumsily folded love letters.

You tell him this, of course, (because even if you're a maneater, you're not entirely heartless, for Merlin's sake), you crumple his notes and turn up your nose. You'll only break him, you think, and it'd be a great shame to kill a wide smile like that.

"I'm going to marry you some day, Marlene," he tells you and you roll your eyes and explain that you don't believe in marriage (and you certainly don't believe a guy like him will see the end of this war, at any rate, but you don't tell him this). He just grins and says, "I'm willing to wait until you change your mind."

You close your eyes and sigh and think of the softness of him—his hair; his hands; his heart. "That's not going to happen, Gid," you say, turning on your heel, "Merlin's beard, do you know who I am? I'm Marlene McKinnon—you know, the whore, the maneater, the party girl. I'm not the lovey-dovey kind of witch, Gid. I drink. I smoke. I hate kids. Stick to your pumpkin juice and pranks and marry a nice girl like Alice or Mary."

"I don't want Alice or Mary," he's almost whispering, eyes glassy like he's thinking of kissing you and you hope he doesn't, "I want you, 'Lene. I know you're better than those things."

"I'm not! I don't want to be!" and you're practically shouting from frustration, because he doesn't get it and he doesn't understand that he smells like sunshine and his eyes are full of hope, and that's worth saving. He doesn't understand that your mouth tastes like firewhiskey or that you're shagging Sirius Black or that you'll be dead within the year.

He doesn't understand that when you say, "I don't want you, Gideon," you mean it and you're not changing your mind and, really, it's so much better this way.