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Requested by: Yours Truly.

Plot: Happens in the middle of the episode, Royal Trouble with the King's Double. How the gang got Puggsy and the king mixed up. Once again, I own nothing.

Count Basel had left the dungeon and was on his way to claim the thrown that would entitle him to rule Bavaria… but what he didn't know was that a couple teenagers had released those two werewolves and the boy who he thought was his cousin- the true king.

"C'mon, we've got to get back to the castle before Count Basel does!" Biff said, then grabbed Rudolph while Fangface grabbed Puggsy, and they left the dungeon.

"Hold it," Kim said, pausing. "We'd better put something on one of them, so we don't get them mixed up."

Biff considered this. Rudolph and Puggsy looked exactly alike, and there was a slight chance that- in their haste- they might cause a mix-up. They HAD put a crown on Puggsy, to avoid such, but he lost it when they made the switch. "Good thinking, Kim." He looked over, seeing a couple golden crowns sitting on a dresser in Count Basel's room. "We'll put one of those crowns on Rudolph."

"C'mon, Fangpuss!" Fangface said as he and Fangpuss ran in to grab one of the crowns, all the while carrying Puggsy with them. Biff and Kim followed them, carrying Rudolph.

Fangpuss hopped onto the dresser, grabbing one of the crowns to hand to Biff… but while he was on his way, he tripped over the other crown, sending the crown he held to fly threw the air toward Biff. "Whoa, look out!" Biff dodged the crown, twisting his body to get out of it's aerial path, but he twisted too far and fell… crashing right into Fangface!


"Are you guys alright?" Kim gasped.

"Oof. We're fine," Biff grunted sitting up… noticing that Rudolph had fallen out of his arms. "Fangface, do you still have Puggsy?"

Fangface sat up, looking at his arms, noticing his best friend was no longer in them. "Ooh, ooh. Negative," he replied.

"Then… Where are they?" Kim asked, worried.

"Ga goo ga (snarl)" Fangpuss called, pointing behind Biff and Fangface, where they saw Puggsy and Rudolph, lying on the ground…

…Problem was, they didn't know which was which! "Oh, great. Which one's the king, and which one's Puggsy?" Biff asked, slapping his forehead.

"(grr) Don't worry, I've been around Puggsy my whole life, so I can point him out for sure!" Fangface boasted, then pointed to the double on the right. "He's THAT one!" He then looked at the doubles again, thinking about it and pointing to the other one. "Or… Maybe he's THAT one? (grr) Ooh, ooh, this is tougher than I thought…"

"(Sigh) We'll find out later. Right now, we've got to beat Count Basel to the castle." Biff said. "It's almost midnight!"

The others agreed and they grabbed the doubles, putting them in the Wolf Buggy. Fangpuss and Fangface sat on each of the double's shoulder's, and Fangpuss put a crown on the one he sat on. "Sorry, Fangpuss, but I don't think that plan is going to work, now." Kim said.

Fangpuss shrugged, then put the second crown on the other double's shoulder. Biff and Kim shook their heads, and they sped down the road, racing Count Basel to the castle…

A/N: I saw the episode enough times to notice, 1) They got Puggsy and Rudolph mixed up too easily, and 2) In one scene, they didn't have crowns, were both wearing crowns the next scene, and were crownless in the last scene. So, I decided to write this fic as a theory on what happened. Please review, but DO NOT flame!