Well… here's a new one-shot. Might be kind of depressing, might contain fluff… hard to say, I can't really define my mood right now. Just read.

Setting: During MIF 2 (may contain spoilers for MIF 3)

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: M for Moody.

Summary: We all know what the authoress did… but what if someone had stopped her?

Disclaimer: I only own myself.


It was just too much…

Her two best friends were gone, her sister refused to let her see her niece, everything in the tooniverse kept getting darker and darker… and now she had to lose her dog.

With so much going wrong, it was no wonder the dark thoughts started to pop into her mind, and a certain sorcerer could feel it. Having managed to survive by transferring his soul into an object, then using his power to see into another's soul, it was simple for Finneas to sense WG's growing depression.

Yes… let the darkness absorb you… he thought, as if he could speak to her, willing her to crumble as he saw her stand by the window, looking out at the small grave, clutching her pocket knife. Your friends are gone, the world you love is changing, you keep failing at everything you do… even your werewolf half can't handle things on her own… you mess up at everything… you're a born failure… you can't do anything on your own… don't humor yourself anymore… take the knife and put your misery to an end…

If he still had a face, he'd be grinning, watching as she held the knife shakily above her wrist, tears running down her eyes. "I'm sorry, Ricky…" she whispered. She had watched her beloved dog grow old and sick, losing his sight and hearing, his seizures getting worse- as if watching her lover commit suicide protecting her wasn't hard enough to watch.

Your efforts prove in vain, why they're not even efforts since you accomplish nothing… you're going to keep failing the more you try… you can't even reason with your own sister, your words slur and stick to your tongue as your mind goes blank… everyone had to settle things for you… one day you'll be alone and no one will be there to help you, so give up now before you plummet further… press the knife into the skin and end this…

She lowered the knife…


A portal opened just then, and a familiar toon-friend stepped through. "Sorry to barge in, WG, but everyone wants to know… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" he shouted, eyes practically popping out of his head as he noticed what she was about to do.

WG, shocked, dropped the knife. "What… how…?" she gasped. "How did you open a portal to reality?"

"What, you thought that authors were the only ones who could? …What were you about to do just now?"


He glowered at her. "Nothing my eye. You were about to have an emo-moment, weren't you?!"

She said nothing.

"Weren't you?!"

"No! I… I almost was, but… what do you care, anyway?"

"Lets see, you're part of the team, the world is in jeopardy, we need you, do any of these reasons ring a bell? I mean, good grief, Wherever Girl, I know you're insane, but have you gone that far off the deep end, trying to kill yourself?!"

She clutched her fists, looking down at the ground.

"We've got trouble on our hands, and there's no reason for you to get so depressed-"

"No reason?! I just lost two of my best friends, my sister hates me and won't let me see the niece that I've been taking care of for the past couple years, and now I had to put my dog to sleep! Everything in my life is going wrong, I can't do anything right, keep (bleeping) things up, and you say I have no reason to be depressed?!" She picked up the knife again.

Yes, let your rage take over, blend it with the darkness within you, let it take control… Finneas thought, feeling maliciously satisfied with the outcome so far.

"I can't do it anymore… I'm sorry…" she pressed the knife into her skin…

Yes… yes… yes… YES…

"No!" He lunged and grabbed her wrists, holding them tightly and forcing her to drop the knife. "Dammit, WG, snap out of it! Look at yourself!" He turned her attention to a mirror, making her stare at her paling face, red-rimmed bloodshot eyes, and trembling figure. "You're a shell of that crazy authoress who first came into the tooniverse in the first place! You have to let this go!"

WG began to sob. "I'm just scared… we lost Tracker, Lamone, Kassy, Kite… FF2… Silver…" she said, tears running down her face as she began to shake uncontrollably. "I don't want to go through this life without them… I don't want to see anyone else die!"

"And you think we'd like to see YOU die? The one who, no matter what situation we were in, always had a smart remark or never gave up even if things seemed hopeless? For the love of God, WG, imagine what Kiff would be like if one of his mothers just decided to give up on life- imagine what Brielle would be like! If everyone figured you couldn't make it, they'd give up just as easily! Leaping- Imagine what Silver would think! He sacrificed his own life to save your own- do you want him to watch and believe that it was all in vain?!"

She shook her head. "I just want to be with him…"

He sighed, relaxing and holding her shoulders now. "He's still with you… they're all with us. They'd want us to keep pushing on until we stopped those psychos and made sure they wouldn't harm anyone again."

"I know… but I keep messing things up… no matter what I do, I'm just a screw-up… nothing goes right for me."

He gripped her shoulders. "You think you messed up? How about when you saved Kiff by carrying him in your stomach before he was born, so that vampire blood in Brie's system wouldn't affect him? Or how about when you snapped Silver out of his darkness, despite he could have killed you? Heck, you pretty much helped take out Finneas by reminding us of his weakness and freeing FF2 from him… You've achieved more than you've given yourself credit for, WG."

She stood there, silent, tears still hitting the floor.

He took her hand, holding it tight. "Do you remember what I told you a long time ago, WG? Don't listen to what others say- not even whatever voices you're hearing in that thick head of yours. I told you once, and I'll tell you again, you're going to go far someday. This depression… it won't last forever. You just have to let it go, don't let it change who you are. The gang doesn't want to lose you, Brielle doesn't want to lose you… I don't want to lose you, even. You're a strong girl… don't change now."

She looked at him, tears blurring her vision, and she hugged him tight, burying her face in his shoulder. "I'm just scared… I don't know what to do…" she whispered, her voice trembling.

He held her tight. "Don't worry… we're here. If you need help, we'll be there."

She held on to him a while longer, until the tears stopped falling. He was serious about it all, and was even scared she guessed, from seeing what she had become… she could tell it because of the way he spoke.

He cleared his throat, pulling away and wiping his eye. "C'mon, I think I'm allergic to this reality-place."

She nodded, opening a portal back to the toon-world, holding his hand tightly. "Thanks, Pugs,"

With that, they returned home.

If Finneas still had a face, he'd be scowling, cursing if he had a voice to match, for love had come in his way once again.


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