Title: Anne Boleyn, the Witch Queen

Disclaimer: Well, I imagine if I owned either The Tudors, or Harry Potter, I would be a very rich person. But alas, I am not that lucky, and I own neither of the two. Suing me would be pointless since I have no money.

Detailed Summary: Henry VIII once stated as a reason for the annulment of his marriage to Anne Boleyn was that she used witchcraft to seduce him. Henry was not completely incorrect. In two of the Harry Potter movies, a portrait of Anne Boleyn could be seen on the walls of Hogwarts. So what if Anne Boleyn was a witch? She was educated at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in her younger years, and then served as Lady in Waiting to Queen Claude of France. In 1527, she finally returned to the Tudor court where Henry fell in love and obsession with her, seduced by her feminine charms and intelligence. Life for Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor remained the same as in The Tudors until 1536, when a seer friend of Anne's decided to tell her of her fate early. This set in motion a series of events, which will forever change history for the muggles and wizards (Tudors and a slight Harry Potter crossover which is only mainly prologue and occasional mentioning afterwards, ending in the creation of AU for The Tudors.)…

Pairing: Anne Boleyn/Henry Tudor

AN: Well this is my first fanfic in a long time. I did do some research on the actual history of the Tudor Era, so all characters from The Tudors are not original (although some does have a bit of a history change). The story is based off mostly of the show but I did use real dates from history (although I did have to change some dates in order to accommodate for the rest of the story). Almost all of the characters from Harry Potter are original (since the HP universe does not inform us of the names of the ancestors of the characters). The original characters are all related to a prominent wizarding family (although I can't say that the names are too original since I don't think the purebloods are known for their originality). A handful of characters, however, were mentioned in the books as ancestors though.

Also, the HP characters won't all end up in the house that their family name has been associated with in the future. A lot of things can happen in 500 years, why not change the house and a little personality? (Although not by much) I also finally decided to bring this over to the crossover section as magic is starting to play a bigger role, still mostly Tudors though.

Anyways, happy reading!

Prologue Part I: A Witch is Born

Hever Castle, 1507

The piercing screams of a woman could be heard throughout the birthing chambers as the soon to be father sat anxiously in a sitting room not far from the chambers, waiting for the birth of his son. The birth had not been a pleasant one or a quick one even though this was the woman's fourth child. The woman's pains had started the night before and the midwife was summoned immediately. It has been 14 hours of screams and now, the midwife knelt by the bed urging the woman to push and soothing her by telling her that it was almost over. The woman's response was another scream of agony, the loudest of them all so far.

The man in the sitting room jumped at the last scream. Unable to sit still any longer, he rose from his chair and began pacing, thinking to himself that he really should have just gone hunting instead. He just couldn't shake the ominous feeling that had settled into the pit of his stomach when his wife's screams first began. He knew that this child would be different, but different in what way? That has been the question he had asked himself since the beginning but he had yet to reach an answer. His brows furrowed with frustration as his wife's screams continued and his pacing increased.

"Thomas," the man stopped pacing upon hearing the voice of a woman, "Sit down, it will be soon over." The new woman, although more aged than the man, seemed to have maintained a portion of her youthfulness and a regal kind of elegance graced her body movements. Her dark hair was pulled tightly into a bun at the base of her neck and she was dressed in a dark blue gown.

Thomas sighed, "Mother," he acknowledged the woman. "She hasn't stopped screaming," he said desperately; he didn't know why he felt so afraid for the safety of his wife. Their marriage was one of connivance, wasn't it?

The woman patted him on the shoulders, "It will be fine. Soon you shall have another child." It was as if the woman next door heard the statement, she gave a final scream and fell silent. Within seconds an indignant wails of an infant could be heard, clear and high.

Thomas jotted up from his seat and dashed towards the birthing chamber, leaving his mother to follow him at a leisure pace. Pushing the doors open, he entered the outer part of the chamber and demanded to see his new son. The people inside were hurrying about, trying to get rid of the bloodied sheets and bring warm water to the new mother, not expecting him for some time yet. They were completely shocked by the entrance of their lord and dropped quickly down in a curtsey. Thomas ignored them, "where is my son?" he asked once again. There was silence, no one wanted to be the one to tell him. That ominous feeling in his stomach turned, he shouted loudly, "I WANT TO SEE MY NEW SON." Everyone froze, afraid any movement might anger Thomas even more.

The midwife quickly exited out of the birthing chambers with a bundle wrapped in her arms. In front of Thomas, she curtseyed briefly before smiling, "My lord, her ladyship has given you a new healthy daughter." Thomas felt his surrounding go silent. A daughter, he had not expected a daughter; he wanted a son. He wanted another son to replace the one that they had lost last year. Little Henry had not seen past one summer before a trifling illness had taken his little soul away. Thomas wanted another son. He had even thought of a name for the boy already, little Thomas, but a daughter… He had not prepared for a daughter. The midwife waited in silence, but Lord Thomas did not seem to be able to find his words, "My Lord?"

Thomas jolted back to reality, "I want to see my wife."

"We are prepping her ladyship right now. She will be able to receive you after we change her sheets."

Thomas wanted to argue that he wanted to see his wife now, but instead felt his mother's hand on his shoulder again, in a soft voice, "Thomas, why don't you go and bring George and Mary here. I am sure that they would like to see their mother. This will give the maids a chance to make Elizabeth comfortable again." She suggested. Thomas felt himself nod then turning to find his other children.

It didn't take long for Thomas to return with two small children in tow, just long enough time for the maids to put Lady Elizabeth Boleyn into new sheets and allow her to wash her sweat covered face. She was propped up with two pillows holding the new babe in her arms and conversing softly with her mother-in-law when Thomas entered with the children. The little boy of three years dashed toward his mother when he saw her, "Mama, Papa said we have a new sister." He bobbed excitedly on his feet.

Elizabeth gave him a tired smile, "My darling boy, she's right here," she tilted her arms to allow the young boy who had already taken the time to climb into his grandmother's lap a better view of the baby. Turning to the little girl of eight who was still standing by the door next to her father, "Mary, don't you want to see your baby sister?" she asked.

The little girl smiled brightly, "Yes, Mama." Her response was a more formal than her sibling, walking up to her mother she watched in awe as the small baby cooed at her. Mary liked her new sister very much indeed.

"Mama," the little boy attempted to grab his mother's attention again.

"What is it George?" Elizabeth asked him warmly.

Little George stared with big open eyes at his new sister, "What's her name?"

Elizabeth turned to her husband who had moved to stand next to her bed, "What shall we call her Thomas?" They had discussed names for the child before, but Thomas was so sure that the baby was a boy so the only names they had was boy names. They couldn't very well call the little girl, Thomas.

Thomas was again left speechless; he really wasn't prepared for the birth of a little girl. His mother, however, stepped in, "How about Anne, for my sister?"

"Anne Boleyn," Thomas repeated, it sounded well; he turned to her wife who gave him an encouraging smile, "Anne it is then. Anne Boleyn welcome to the world," he whispered to the babe and baby cooed at him.

Hever Castle, September 15th, 1510

"George, can't I come too?" A small girl of three asked her older brother, who was much older at the age of six. Since he was a big boy, he got to do more fun things.

George made a face at his little sister, "Anne, you can't come, we are playing boy games and you're not a boy. Go sew something."

Anne rolled her pretty eyes at her brother, "I don't want to go sew something. I promise to be good, George," grabbing on her brother's arms.

Her brother scowled at her, and attempted to free his arm, "You are a girl, you won't be any fun and you can't do the things we boys can do, and now go away."

Anne looked indignantly at her brother, "I can be fun!" the little girl exclaimed. "I can do anything boys can do and better," she stated vehemently.

George was going to protest again, arguing that obviously she couldn't since she was not a boy, but another idea struck him instead. His little sister was very stubborn; it would be much quicker to prove to her that she couldn't do the same things than to just repeatedly tell her. Well, George knew how to prove it to her, and it would be fun! Turning to Anne, he pointed to the apple tree next to the castle. "Anne, do you see that tree, over there with the apples?" The little girl nodded, George smiled, "Well, there is one ripe apple at the top. If you can climb to the top and get the apple, then you can come with me to play."

Anne's eyes widened, really the red apple on the top was very high. She didn't want to climb a tree, just wanted to play with her brother whom she adored. "Climb the tree? Papa would be angry with me. It's not ladylike."

George smiled triumphantly, "Well, boys can climb trees if they want. I told you that you couldn't be like a boy."

Anne huffed, "I can do it," she said determinedly. Before George could protest, she ran to the tree. Lucky for her, the trunk of the tree split low to the ground, so Anne was able to swing herself up and began looking for the next branch to step on. Seeing his sister's progress, George quickly ran to the tree as well. He watched in amazement as the little girl studying each branch and thought carefully where to step next. Slowly, Anne had made her way to the apple which was about 20 feet from the ground. However, luck was not on her side, the apple was a little too far for her to reach from her standing place and there was not branch for her to use to get to the apple. Maybe if she stretched her hand a little? Anne leaned towards the apple and stretcher her hand out as far as she could get it, and to her surprise the apple seemed to lean towards her too. Her small hand closed around the object, and she let out a yell of triumphant joy. Her joy was short lived; however, as she quickly lost her footing and fell forward, with nothing to catch her but the ground.

George watched in horror as his little sister started falling to the ground. Running to catcher her, he realized he wouldn't be able to reach her in time. As his sister was inches from the ground, George cringed expecting soon to see his sister bleeding on the ground or worse. To his surprise when she reached the ground, she bounced? Wait, no that can't be right. But Anne was indeed bouncing like one of his toy balls. She bounced a couple of times before finally coming to sit on the ground, having no apparent injury. George reached her side, hugging her, and then started to check if she was bleeding. He had fallen from a tree before and when he hit the ground, it had hurt and bled a lot. He had caused his Papa and Mama quite a fright then.

As the older brother frantically checked his sister over, on the second story of the castle, a pair of eyes studied the scene with a maniacal glint. Lady Margaret Boleyn was reading a book in her sitting room before a movement outside caught her eyes. Turning her attention to the window, she watched her youngest granddaughter fall from the tree and bounced her way to safety. A smile crept its way into her face. Finally, they had one in the family. Margaret had been greatly disappointed that none of her children were like her, seething that her father must be laughing in his grave, satisfied that he was right. She had refused to admit it but a part of her had wondered if he was right, but now, he must be rolling in his grave. Lady Margaret was going to prove to all of those that scorned her that her grandchild was just like her and them. Her little granddaughter, her own little prodigy… the thought caused a peal of high pitched and slightly mad laughter.

Nan, Margaret Boleyn's chamber maid, quickly walked into the room. She had served the Lady since she married Sir William Boleyn in 1465, and never in all those years had she ever heard her mistress laugh like that. Concerned, she asked, "Mistress? Is everything alright?"

Margaret nodded at the woman, "Yes, it is a glorious day today, isn't it, Nan?" the maniacal glint remained in her eyes.

Nan, found herself feeling afraid of this woman that sat before her. Had the devil possessed her? "It…it is a fine day, Madame" Nan forced herself to respond.

Lady Boleyn smiled, a mad smile, "Go, bring me my granddaughter, Anne. She shall have dinner and supper in my room today. Send someone to court for my son. Ask him if the King can spare him for a few days. He is needed at home immediately."

Nan quickly curtseyed and went about carrying out her mistress orders.

Hever Castle, September 22nd, 1510

Thomas Boleyn was a very curious man by the time he had arrived back home to Hever Castle. As the servants took away the horse he had ridden on the way back, Thomas quickly made his way to his mother. He found his mother sitting in her sitting room with Anne next to her. She was telling Anne a story of some sort, but stopped when she saw him enter. "Thomas," she greeted him warmly, more warmly than Thomas had ever known her to be.

"Mother, what has happened that I needed to return immediately? I came as quickly as I could and left Elizabeth at court," he asked.

Margaret smiled, "Our little Anne has made me so proud. Anne, dear, show your Papa what you can do just like we practiced before," she said encouragingly to the young child.

Thomas made his way to Anne's side and noticed that she had been playing with leaves. He watched in amazement as she waved her hand at the leaves and they flew into the air, arranging into different patterns. Anne giggled as she made the leaves spell "Papa" and with another wave of her small hands the leave fell to the ground once more. She looked up at her Papa expectantly. Thomas looked to his mother, "Is she…so she…she's like you?" he managed to stumble out.

Margaret nodded, "Yes, my little prodigy."

Before he could stop himself, "Can it be stopped? If anyone were to find out, the servants…" but he trailed off as he noticed his mother's angry glare.

"You forget how much I have done for you, Thomas," she hissed, "You would not be where you are today if I was not who I am. Did you forget how you got to the King's court? Did you forget how you married a Howard? You were not even on her list of suitors when she agreed to marry you. You forget these important things."

"I am sorry, Mother, but she is a child and must be warned to keep this a secret. If anyone was to find out, they would try to burn her," Thomas tried to explain.

"They will not find out. She will have to go to school when she is eleven. I'm warning you now so you do not arrange for her to a lady in waiting then."

"Go to school? What school? For how long?"

"She will go to Hogwarts of course, just like I did. It is for seven years."

"Seven years!" Thomas exclaimed, "She should be long married by then." His mother glared at him again.

"Console yourself, Thomas; Anne will attend school for seven years. This is not an argument. She will finish her magical education before any talk of marriage."

Thomas Boleyn sighed, "Very well, perhaps a full education well benefit the family in the future."

Hever Castle, July 25th, 1518

Eleven year old Anne Boleyn sat in her grandmother's room embroidering a small cushion. She was patiently waiting for Hogwarts letter. Her grandmother had told her that it would be due to arrive any moment now. A small part Anne was afraid that she wasn't going to get one. What if there had been a mistake? What if she wasn't a witch like her grandmother. George and Mary didn't get a letter. Her grandmother had called them squibs. What if she was a squib? Anne didn't want to think about her Grandmother's reaction if Anne was really squib too. Since the fateful incident with the tree almost eight years ago, her grandmother had constantly tutored her in the ways the magical life. Anne had heard so many stories but had never met another witch other than her grandmother.

Anne's Mama and Papa, Mary and George had all gone to France two month ago. Thomas Boleyn was the new English Ambassador in France. Anne couldn't go because she was supposed to start her school soon. It was for this reason that Thomas Boleyn had recalled his youngest daughter from Netherlands. Since Anne was eight, she had served as a Maid of Honor to the Archduchess Margaret of Austria. She had been younger than the age requirement but the Archduchess made an exception for her. She had always been very fond of Anne and affectionately referred to Anne as her "la pettite Boulain."

There was a flutter of wings as brown owl flew into the room. Margaret Boleyn had purposefully left the window open for it. The owl landed on the desk next to her grandmother and extended its leg to Margaret. Tied on its leg was a thick envelope addressed to a "Mistress Anne Boleyn and her family." Anne waited patiently for her grandmother to untie the letter and handed it to her.

Carefully Anne opened the letter and began to read it in excitement…


Headmaster: Polonius Filch

(Order of Merlin, Second Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump,)

Dear Mistress Anne Boleyn,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl for confirmation.


Hector Mortimer,

Deputy Headmaster

Looking up at her Grandmother, "Grandmother, it says that we have to reply to it." She didn't want to mess anything up.

Margaret Boleyn nodded at her heir, "I have already done so, dear." Then she rose from her seat, seeing her granddaughter's confused expression, "Keep reading Anne, I am going to go make some travel arrangements. We are going to have to go get the supplies for your school."

Anne smiled, and turned her attention back to the list of books and equipments.



First year students will require:

Three sets of plain work robes (black)

One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear

One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

One winter cloak (black, silver fastenings)

Please not that all pupils' clothes should carry name tags

Set Books

All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Level 1) by James Goshawk

A History of Magic by Vespoon Black

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

A Guide to Transfiguration for Beginners by Emerson Greengrass

One Thousand Magical Herbs by Phyllis Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Selenium

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander

Protection against the Dark Forces by Marianne Griffin

Other Equipment

1 wand

1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set glass or crystal phials

1 set brass scales

Students may also bring an owl, cat or toad


Diagon Alley, August 1st, 1518

Anne followed behind her grandmother dutifully as they approached the strange looking creatures that sat behind the desks. Margaret Boleyn had long ago informed Anne of the names of the creatures but it was different to see them in real life. Margaret Boleyn had written to the Ministry of Magic and had them deliver a "portkey". The portkey had land them in the middle of the street next to the bank known as Gringotts, which left Anne feeling slightly but she was too excited to let the dizziness keep her from enjoying the day. Her grandmother had told Anne that they needed to pick up some money from the bank first and then they will go to the book and potions store and finally to get a wand. Anne secretly hoped that her grandmother would get her an owl as well.

The goblin behind the desk looked up at them, "Name?" he said in a rather loud and high pitched voice.

A wicked smile formed on Margaret's face, "Antlia Black."

S.S. Hogwarts, August 31st, 1518

Anne looked around her in amazement. Students were hurriedly waving goodbye to their parents and being escorted into the inner compartments of the ship she was currently standing on. Margaret Boleyn and Anne had taken another portkey that landed them onto a platform. Margaret had then helped Anne bring her trunk aboard and was currently back on the platform waving goodbye to Anne who remained on deck. Anne waved back at her grandmother, promising to herself that she will prove herself worthy to this new world. Her grandmother had gone through a lot of trouble to allow her to attend the school including convincing her father and confounding the servants so they will not think of Anne during her stay in the school.

A horn blew, and all the students were escorted back inside by the adults that were dressed in Hogwarts robes. Anne found her compartment again, but to her surprise another little girl had also taken a seat inside. The students of the ship were separated into two main sides. One side is the returning students and the other is the first year students. First years were supposed to socialize with each and get to know one another as they will spend the next seven years with each other. The girl was dressed in her Hogwarts robes like Anne. She had long black hair that seemed to run wild a little and deep brown eyes and looked to be about Anne's age. As Anne opened the compartment door, the little girl looked up at her and smiled, "Hello, my name is Apolla Potter. I am a first year."

Anne smiled at the girl, "My name is Anne Boleyn. I am a first year as well."

"Boleyn…I don't think I have heard of that name before. Are you a pureblood?" asked the girl as her brows came together as she pondered over whether she has heard of the name before.

Anne had been well educated by her Grandmother on the terms used in this new world, responded carefully, "No, I am a half blood. Potter…that is a pureblood name." Whilst the two children were conversing the ship began to sink. If not for Margaret Boleyn, Anne would have screamed in fright. However, Lady Boleyn had informed Anne that the Hogwarts ship will sink down in the harbor and once they were far from the muggles it will come back up and sail toward Hogwarts.

Apolla nodded, "Is your other half a muggle or a muggleborn? I don't suppose it is a muggleborn though, they are quite rare to see these days. My brother tells me that a long time ago when Hogwarts was first founded, there were a lot of muggleborns at Hogwarts. Now, the muggles fear us and want to burn us."

"It's muggle." Anne responded, hoping that her new friend would not shun her. Lady Boleyn had not failed to inform Anne that the magical world was very biased against muggles, viewing them to be far beneath them. Pureblood ideals ran strong these days.

"Oh" Apolla looked at Anne with an apologetic look. Wanting to change the conversation away from the awkward topic, Apolla asked, "What house do you think you will be in? My brother is in Gryffindor. He is a third year. I hope I will be in Gryffindor too but Harrison," seeing Anne's confusion, "My brother," she explained. Anne nodded and Apolla continued, "Well, Harrison says that no one really knows until they tell you. My father was in Gryffindor too but my mother was a Ravenclaw. I suppose either would be fine, but I would loath to be in Hufflepuff or Slytherin."

Anne really didn't know, "I suppose any house would be okay. They are supposed to choose a house best suited for us."

Apolla sighed, "Well yes, but I think I would leave if I got sorted into Slytherin. My brother says they are all evil."

Anne's eyes widened, just as she was about to respond, the ship jolted, and she felt it rise. Another horn was heard throughout the ship. Hearing the horn, Apolla groaned, got up, and grabbed Anne's hands, "Come, we can go to the deck now. Its tradition for the first years to meet each other there once we surface. The prefects will be there as well to answer any questions we may have."

Anne and Apolla found themselves to be one of the last ones to arrive to the deck as they had gotten lost along the way. By luck, they had ran into an helpful fourth year student named Gregory Abbot from Hufflepuff and he helped them to the deck where the first years cluttered the surface each conversing mostly with their compartment mates.

Apolla sighed, "I don't really know why this tradition is necessary since most of us already know each other's names and background." Then looking to Anne, "Oh, I forgot, you are a half-blood, I don't suppose you know who everyone is?"

Anne shook her head. Her Grandmother had informed her of the customs of the magical world but since she was also away from it for a long time, she did not know the people that would become Anne's school mates. Apolla brightened, "Well, I will have to help you then. The purebloods were all taught about each of the family since we were toddlers. You really only have to know the prominent families since their families have the most sway in the Ministry, and the rest you can meet in class. There is only three you have to know in the first years." She scanned the crowd, picking out a rather good looking blond boy who stood next to a redheaded boy. Pointing to them, "See the blond boy over there?" she asked, Anne nodded, "His name is Xavier Malfoy. The Malfoy family is very rich and powerful, his father is the current Minister of Magic, Draco Malfoy…" trailing off briefly, and wrinkled her nose in disapproval, "well, try not to go near him, he only associates with purebloods. His family is one of those that hates muggles and muggleborns. We Potters like Godric Gryffindor had long advocated rights for muggles and muggleborns," Apolla stated proudly. Then pointing to the other boy "The red head is Malfoy's best friend, Pewit Weasley. The Weasley family is rich and powerful as well and I suppose they are a little better than the Malfoy family in regards to blood purity but not by much. I would stay away from them. You just needed to know who they are since those two are the heir of their family, being an only child. The third family you have already met, the Potter family. My older brother Harrison Potter is the heir."

Then Apolla started on the other families, "Well the other families you have to know are the Black family, the Mortimer family and the Dumbledore family. There are four Black children, Andromeda Black is a fifth year in Slytherin, Orion Black is a third year in Ravenclaw, not sure what happened there since the Blacks have been Slytherins for ages, Regulus Black is a second year in Slytherin and the youngest is Persephone Black who should be coming to Hogwarts next year. Their father is Romulus Black, Head of the Magical Law Enforcement section at the ministry. The head of the Mortimer family is Hector Mortimer, you will have heard of him already, of course. He is the Deputy Headmaster at Hogwarts and the Transfiguration teacher. He is also Salazar Slytherin's descendant and the head of Slytherin house, but my brother says he's alright but slightly biased. The head of the Dumbledore family is our Charms Professor, Alfonso Dumbledore. Harrison says that he is brilliant and he's only twenty-four. These six families make up the Wizengamot which controls the ministry."

Anne and Apolla remained on deck for another twenty minutes or so and mingled a little with the other first years. She met a couple of new people mainly Apolla's acquaintances and soon the two made their way back to their compartment and chatted the whole way to Hogwarts about nothing in particular.

Hogwarts, August 31st, 1518

Once they had arrived at Hogwarts, Anne and the rest of the first years boarded a couple of smaller boats to reach the castle that was the school. It was a breathtaking place and Anne found herself falling in love with it. Once they entered the castle, a tall man in his late 40s greeted the students with a parchment. He had introduced himself as Professor Hector Mortimer and arranged the students into alphabetical order. When he was satisfied with the arrangement, he led the line of first years into the Great Hall which was full of students.

Four long tables laid parallel to each other, each decorated with two different colors. A long table was also raised at the front of the room and it seemed to be occupied by the teachers. As Professor Mortimer led the group into the Great Hall, the chatter that had filled the room instantly died. A stool was placed in the front of the room and on top of it laid a rather worn pointed hat. It began to sing…

Five hundred or so years ago,

When I saw newly sewn,

There lived four wizards of renown,

Whose names are still well known:

Brave Griffindor, from wild moor,

Clever Ravenclaw, from glen,

Loyal Hufflepuff, from valley broad,

Ambitious Slytherin, from fen.

They shared a wish, a hope, a dream,

They hatched a daring plan

To educate young sorcerers

Thus Hogwarts School began.

Each of the founders four

Formed their a house of their own, for each

Did value different virtues

In the ones they had to teach

For Gryffindor, the boldest and bravest are;

By Hufflepuff, hard workers were;

For Ravenclaw, intelligence is most valued

And power hungry Slytherin

Loved those of great ambition

While still alive they did divide

Their favorites from the throng,

Yet how to pick the worthy ones

When they were long dead and gone?

'Twas Griffindor who found the way,

He wiped me off of his head

The founders put their brains into me

So I could choose instead!

Now slip me snug about your ears,

I've never been wrong

I will take a long in your head,

And tell you were you belong!

The Hall gave the hat a thunderous applause as it finished the song. Professor Mortimer stepped up forward again, and unrolled the parchment in his hand, "When I call upon your name, you will step forward and sit on this stool to be sorted." Then he called the first name, "Abbot, Helena."

A young blond girl who resembled the fourth year from the ship stepped up. She walked to the stool and the professor placed the hat over head. It took a few seconds and the hat screamed, "HUFFLEPUFF." The Hufflepuff table which was nearest to Anne erupted in applause.

The same procedure followed for the next names…

"Ackerley, Seamus" "RAVENCLAW"

"Avery, Tobias" "SLYTHERIN"

"Bagshot, Hilthada" "RAVENCLAW"

"Belbey, Hethan" "HUFFLEPUFF" He was the last one before Anne…

"Boleyn, Anne" Anne took a deep breath and stepped to the stool. Like the others, Professor Mortimer placed the hat on her head. It was big, too big as it fell and covered her eyes. Then she heard a man's voice in her head, "I see you have a great mind, you would do well in Ravenclaw. You have loyalty to your family but not like the Hufflepuffs. You are brave but you do not rush into things blindly like the Gryffindors. Ah, yes but most important of all, you have a thirst to prove yourself, better be, SLYTHERIN" the last word Anne heard the Hat yell out loud.

Placing the hat back on the stool and Anne slipped into a seat at the Slytherin table under minimal applause. Most students did not clap only stared at her with a confused look. The sorting continued for the rest of the first years and Anne found herself losing focus in the list of names, only picking up few and those were mostly because they went to her new house.

"Malfoy, Xavier" he went to "SLYTHERIN" with thunderous applauses from the table's occupants.

"Potter, Apolla" went to "Gryffindor." Anne tried catching her eyes but Apolla avoided her gaze as she sat down at the Gryffindor table next to an older boy who was obviously her brother.

"Trelawney, Cassandra" she also went to "SLYTHERIN."

"Weasley, Pewit" joined his friend in "SLYTHERIN."

The sorting ended with "Zabini, Boyle" who went to "RAVENCLAW." Once Zabini had joined the Ravenclaw table, Professor Mortimer took away the stool and the hat and took a seat at head table next to Headmaster, Polonius Filch. The headmaster then rose to speak to the students, "Just one note this year," he said with a smile, "May I remind the students that the Forbidden Forest is still forbidden to the students. To our new members, welcome to Hogwarts and to the rest of you, welcome back! Enjoy the feast." As he finished speaking the plates on the tables all filled with all kinds of different foods and the Great Hall's chatter came back with a force.

Around Anne, she felt the Slytherin students slowly filling their plates with food, but when they thought she wasn't looking they scrutinized her. No one spoke to her and glared at her as if she was the plague itself. In their gaze, Anne felt the hot burn of disapproval, but she did not flinch. Silence surrounded her through the meal until finally a girl about fifteen who sat not far from Anne broke the silence with a question that was on everyone's minds, "How did we get a Mudblood?"

Author's Notes: I'm not sure why I wrote the whole birthing scene when it wasn't really necessary for the story at all, but when I realized that, I had most of it done so I just figured I would finish it. I guess it was my attempt at showing the young Thomas Boleyn as someone who was not completely taken over by ambition just yet. His children were very young, and I would like to think at that point in time, he cared for them. This is also why Thomas Boleyn seemed a bit out of character here, especially in the earlier chapters. He has not developed into the man that we know so well.

I also didn't really write the sorting hat song, as I was lazy so it is mostly based off of the fifth Harry Potter book with a small change here and there.

Anne's Hogwarts years is going to be brief only little snippets from each year. I don't want to forgo them completely because I want to introduce the magical world's characters since they still have a role to play in the story. The prologue consists of Anne's years leading up to January of 1536 (I had to split it in half cause it is so long), and the real part of the story starts then, after Anne has been queen for three years.

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