Title: Anne Boleyn, the Witch Queen

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Detailed Summary: Henry VIII once stated as a reason for the annulment of his marriage to Anne Boleyn was that she used witchcraft to seduce him. Henry was not completely incorrect. In two of the Harry Potter movies, a portrait of Anne Boleyn could be seen on the walls of Hogwarts. So what if Anne Boleyn was a witch? She was educated at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in her younger years, and then served as Lady in Waiting to Queen Claude of France. In 1527, she finally returned to the Tudor court where Henry fell in love and obsession with her, seduced by her feminine charms and intelligence. Life for Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor remained the same as in The Tudors until 1536, when a seer friend of Anne's decided to tell her of her fate early. This sets in motion a series of events, which will forever change history for the Muggles and wizards (Tudors and a slight Harry Potter crossover which is only mainly prologue and occasional mentioning afterwards, ending in the creation of AU for The Tudors.)…

Pairings: Anne Boleyn/Henry Tudor

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Chapter 12: The Queen and Mordred's Revenge

August 14th, 1536, Palace of Whitehall

Queen's Chambers

Two wizards stepped out of the pensive with a grim expression. "That was…unexpected," Pewit Weasley, head of the Magical Law Enforcement muttered to his companion.

"What did you see? Was Kitty's memory helpful?" asked Anne rather anxiously. She had fire called Pewit immediately after extracting the memory Kitty offered after her return to court. Pewit had came through quickly bring Lord Potter with him (temporarily helping the minister deal with certain affairs due to his condition).

Pewit shot Potter another look, "Something Lord Potter finds rather distressing."

Anne arched an eyebrow.

Lord Potter sighed, "It appears that my sister is involved in this mess," he grunted with obvious displeasure, "I will not have her disgracing the Potter name."

Pewit smirked slightly, the old Gryffindor versus Slytherin sentiments never dying, "Let's not do anything rash, perhaps…she was…misinformed," he drawled, obviously enjoying the situation slightly. He sighed rather dramatically, "But I suppose the ministry would have to talk to her. Do you think you have enough sway over her to bring her in quietly?"

The Lord Weasley's attitude did little to faze the Lord Potter, "I am still the head of the Potter house. If she wants to remain a Potter she will do as I say."

Pewit smirked at the older man, "Really now?"

August 15th, 1536, Somewhere in Northern England

He could feel it. Something felt very off. Ever since that country girl Kitty Howard left, Mordred had a feeling of unease. He brushed the feeling off again, after all what could a little Muggle girl do? They were winning this war. His people were celebrating. The ministry of Magic had suffered a grand defeat and the Minister, himself, would have bit the big one if it were not for a stroke of last minute luck. The Muggle forces were terrified of them and they were quickly rising in both worlds.

Both sides of his forces were happy. The light witches and wizards thought they were doing a great deed by freeing the Muggles of their ignorance, and the dark ones thought they were enslaving the Muggle world. Well, the dark was rather close on this matter, but what he failed to leave out to both was his true motive. He wanted to enslave the entirety of both worlds. He wanted to rise above what Arthur had failed to do. But where was Arthur? Was he naïve enough to believe that Arthur would not exist now? He had come back from the dead in a way, so where was his opposition? Everything had been so easy. But Fate had always had a sick sense of humor. They always wanted balance. They would not allow his existence if there was no counter for him. That leaves only one possibility. Arthur already exists in this world.

But who would that be? It cannot be a wizard, for Arthur was never meant for the magical world. So a Muggle then…the King of England? Harold? Harry? Herry? Or something? He had never paid him any attention. From what he gathered, the man was an utter fool. And as much as Mordred would love to deny it, Arthur was no fool (except maybe with the Guinevere fiasco). But if not the King, then it has to be someone related…one that would achieve the throne eventually. Anne Boleyn had just given birth to a boy, was it him? A baby, hardly any opposition to him, but just in case, it would be best to eliminate him. And while he was there, would it not be beneficial to eliminate the brat's sisters as well? With no other heirs, he would be able to control the King's only child by Jane Seymour. Boy or girl, he could place them on the throne as the puppet monarch.

But that leaves him with another problem. The Muggle palace was well protected by the Ministry of Magic. Despite taking a heavy hit, the wards around the palace were not lifted. They were not as strong as before either. Perhaps he could send Andromeda to kill the little brat. But this was not a task to be taken by a follower, especially not one who had failed in her task before. Aurora Potter? She would be to righteous to kill a babe. Besides, if there is anything he had learned in his two lives, it is that to get things done right, he must do it himself. Perhaps he could use Andromeda as a distraction instead.

A slow smile started to form on Mordred's face…

August 18th, 1536, Palace of Whitehall

It was a rather odd couple of days. Cassandra Trelawney had sent a warning three day prior about a man attacking her children, but according to the seer it should have happened two days ago. So why did it not happen? It was not like the seer to be wrong. Perhaps, Cassandra's warning had changed the future? For the seer had not sent more messages.

Yet, despite heavy reassurances by the Ministry and Henry that they would do everything they could to protect the children, Anne couldn't shake that ominous feeling. She spent the days and nights with them, ignoring all court protocol to everyone's great annoyance. She wanted to protect them. She was the only witch here, the only one who could protect her children. Why couldn't they just understand that?

"Anne, Sweetheart, you look like you haven't slept in days, go rest. I will watch the Princess and the Prince," her father's words were soft.

She shook her head, "I want to stay, Papa." She watched Elizabeth play quietly with the baby.

Thomas Boleyn shook his head grimly, "You cannot protect your children if you cannot even protect your own health. Anne, you have not closed your eyes for three days. You need to rest. You do not have to go far. Take one of the spare rooms here, and rest, I will wake you if anything happens."

"I don't want to leave the room" seeing her father was about to protest she added, "I will just rest here," she yawned as she made her way to the couch. "I will just rest a li…" the rest of her sentence lost as she dozed off.

The next sensation Anne remembered having was being jolted from her dream state by a loud crash, and yelling. "Who are you and how did you get in here? Guards!" It was her father's voice. Anne snapped her eyes open.

She knew this man. He was Regulus Black…but wasn't he supposed to be dead? The man in question ignored her father as he turned his attention to her. Without warning, a jet of red light shot out of his wand. Anne barely had anytime to dodge. As she rolled to the side and snapped her wand out, another stunner was sent her way, this time she managed a shield. As they started to trade spells, panic began to grip her heart, she was out of practice and he was much stronger than she had thought. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw her father gather the terrified children and attempting to rush then out of the room, but the doors were locked. No, she needed to concentrate, she needed to last long enough for the ministry wards to sound. She had to believe reinforcements were coming.

The spells were getting stronger and deadlier. She tucked to the right as a sickly green jet of light missed her by a hair, but her breath of relief for missing death by less than an inch never came, because it seemed like Regulus had anticipated her move and the second spell to her new location had been unavoidable. Anne stared with wide eyes as the spell hit her directly in the chest.

But she wasn't dead…it wasn't the killing curse this time… Petrificus Totalus, a first year spell. Her attacker laughed, "Windgardium Leviosa," with a flick of his wand, Anne felt her petrified body being lifted into standing position. She could not move but she could see. Her eyes found her father backed into a corner with Elizabeth clutching Harry behind him. He shot her a terrified look as if he wanted to help her but he couldn't. He could not leave his defenseless grandchildren.

Anne's eyes darted back to the door, where was the aurors? Regulus chuckled at the situation. "Are you waiting for something to come through the doors?" he asked as if he just read her thoughts, "The ministry would be preoccupied in the gardens I would think. I hear Andromeda is causing quite the scene there."

Anne felt her stomach sink. He twirled the wand in his hands, as he turned to Thomas Boleyn. Grinning manically he tilted his head slightly back to Anne, "I think I will let you watch. I wonder how it will feel to see your children murdered in front of your very eyes, and you could do nothing but watch."

He laughed as he saw Thomas attempt to shield the children out of sight with his body, "Step aside, Muggle, you are powerless against me. If you do as I say, I might find myself generous enough to spare you today," he snapped with his wand raised again.

Thomas Boleyn held his ground, "I will not. How can you even think of murdering innocent children?"

Regulus's face twisted into an ugly scowl, "Innocent?" he hissed, "Arthur was hardly innocent. I was only five when he placed me on a sinking ship. What about all the innocent children he murdered?"

"I don't know what you are talking about or who you are. You are crazy, a lunatic. Leave before you are arrested by the guards," Thomas forced himself to sound confident.

Regulus laughed again, "Why all Muggles know me for I am part of your bed time stories. I am the great Mordred in a fresh new body, and that little boy behind you is the master of Excalibur. I will not have any opposition live," his wand twitched slightly, "last chance, step aside, Muggle."

"I will not. Kill me instead. They are just children, not masters of some fairytale sword," he failed to mention the said sword is currently in the palace.

"Very well, as you wish," the brilliant green light shot out of Mordred's wand and struck down its victim before he finished his sentence.

Anne wanted to scream as she saw her father crumble to the ground, but she could not make a noise. "Grandpapa?" Elizabeth's voice was steady, but Anne could see the fear in her eyes.

She watched in horror as he approached her children slowly, his smirk growing larger with each step. Elizabeth clutched her brother tighter to her. "Say goodbye little prince, Avada Kedevra."

In the next moment, everything seemed to be in slow motion. Anne watched as the green light shot out of the wand and aimed straight for her son, but then it rebounded against Mordred. This seemed to have caught Mordred off guard as well for he had no time to dodge his own curse as it struck true, falling to the ground next to Thomas Boleyn with a look of confusion frozen on his face for forever more.

There was dead silence in the room, until little Harry finally started to cry.

Then time seemed to have returned to normal speed for Anne. Outside the room, she could hear shouting voices, "What do you mean you sent all your forces after that crazy witch. You had orders to protect the Muggle Prince and Princess. Did you see any children in the gardens, you fool!" It was Pewit's voice. A second later, the door to the Nursery was blasted open.

Chaos ensued…outside the room was full of stunned Muggle guards and ladies, while inside was a petrified Queen, a dead Squib man, a dead man that was already supposed to be dead, one very terrified princess and one very hungry Prince who was still wailing at the top of his lungs.

August 29th, 1536, Palace of Whitehall

Queen's Chambers

Things had been very hectic the last couple of days. As Anne grieved for her father, the Ministry cracked down on the white robed witches and wizards though the captured Andromeda Black and Aurora Potter. Caught by surprise, and with no leader, the group quickly fell.

No one understood how Harry had survived the killing curse, a fact that the Department of Mysteries was quickly excited about. So far, they came up with several theories. One was that although not a wizard, Thomas Boleyn was a squib and as a squib he possessed enough of a magical cored to initiate a protection ritual around his grandchildren based on his love and sacrifice. The competing theory was that Cassandra had let it slip that Mordred's wand was the elder wand and it was meant for little Harry in the future. A wand cannot be used against its own master, so the spell rebounded (this little fact was enough to cause some worry-the wand has been known to serve dark lords for centuries- so the entire ordeal was hushed up by the Ministry like it never happened). Though there was heated debate for both sides in the deep chambers of the department of Mysteries, but Anne liked to believe that it was because of the former. Her father had died protecting those he loved and he was a hero in her eyes.

Details of his death were never released to the public, but it did become common knowledge that he had died protecting the Princess Royal and the Prince of Wales. King Henry VIII gave him a hero's burial.

The Muggle rebellion had been mostly settle as well. Once the "mystical" backing was gone, and the ministry wiped or the better word should be charmed their memories of magic, most forgot why they rebelled in the first place. With a well placed pardon for the followers by the King, the rebellion lost steam fast. One good thing came out of the entire ordeal though. The King was amiable to keep the good monasteries as long as they maintain their piousness.

Within the Ministry itself, things had been even more hectic. Aurors trained as Obliviators were exhausted despite the help of the charm developed by Anne and Dumbledore that made the memories of magic a distant dream to most Muggles. But the key figures had to be oblivated by a wizard for they had seen too much. This event had caused several changes within the ministry, starting with the creation of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Within the Department two offices were created, the Obliviator division (for the first time, the Ministry will staff full teams of trained Obliviators) and the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee (to explain away major accidents to the Muggles using non-magical reasons).

New laws were also being drafted. One of which allows for the Minister of Magic to be in contact with the Muggle King, in case of any future catastrophes that would need both to work together. In response, to this, a magical portrait was chosen to be the method of contact and to be placed in the King's chambers.

As for the group of witches and wizards that had not participated and not known about the death tolls of the war, they became a headache for the ministry. There were no laws against Magical exposure as their forefathers had never seen a point to make then because no one had ever even expressed the want to expose magic to the Muggle world. For centuries it had been their well protected secret. At the creation of the Wizarding world, they kept themselves isolated because of the memories of the Muggles' betrayal, and as time went on, witches and wizards saw so little of Muggles that horrible stories had taken root in society. They were taught that the very association with Muggles was deeply disgusting, and as a result, they stayed far away from Muggle society, believing Muggles had nothing to offer them, even as slaves (there was house elves for the house work, and magic usually took care of most things). Yet now, everything has changed. The Minister quickly pushed through bills regarding magical secrecy, but even so they could not really commit people to crimes that didn't exist before. Most people simply got off with a fine from as many existing clauses the Ministry could find.

Finally Henry and Anne were left with one last problem, Jane Seymour. When the ministry raided the cave in which the white robes were using as headquarters, they found her there and six months pregnant. She was the only non-magical person living there and as such the ministry didn't know how to address her problem, so they wiped her memory and handed her back to the King of England, who marched her to the tower the second he caught sight of her. But Anne had seen the look of doubt cross his mind seconds before he had called the guards.

And, it was Jane's future that made Anne ask the King to come to her room this day. She sighed at her husband's stubbornness, "It is your child as well."

"The child is the child of a traitor," The King bit back.

"But considering the circumstances, Jane only found out about the poisoning because I had sent her there, and she never truly heard a confirmation of when they were attempting to do it. As much as I hate her, I have to admit the girl is a simple minded fool. She cannot even write her own name, how do you expect her to plan anything without the influence of her father and her brothers? You have already taught her lesson. The child is innocent and he or she should not grow up knowing their father had killed their mother. I know you Henry. I saw that you felt the slightest sense of regret at the sight of her. Your ego has been hurt because you believe she used you to keep herself safe, but the child is innocent."

"I…" the King swallowed his words; he paused in thought, "I will think about it, I promise."

September 7th, 1536, Palace of Whitehall


Anne and Henry strolled down the path slowly, their fingers laced together. It was Elizabeth's birthday, and in her honor, Henry had ordered a grand feast. As her mother and father, they had celebrated with their little girl earlier, and now it was Elizabeth's day, her day to be honored at court. They had not wanted to intrude on the attention that would be lavished on Elizabeth, so as King and Queen, they had quietly excused themselves.

They walked together, stride matching stride, slowly. They were not walking as King and Queen but as simply husband and wife. Anne thought back to how different things were only seven months ago. She would have died nearly four month prior, yet, everything had worked out. She was safe and more importantly she was loved. Her family had grown stronger from the ordeals. But most importantly, finally for the first time, Anne could be perfectly honest with her husband. He didn't pretend to understand the magical way, but what matters is that he listened, truly listened. It had taken time, but the nightmares of her execution were slowly fading. There were times when she still remembered the pain she had felt in those months, and in those visions. Perhaps she would never be able to forget completely, the hurt had run too deep…

Henry stopped as if sensing her slight shift in mood. He turned to face her, arms circling around her waist, and drawling her close. He brought his lips to her forehead and pressed a gentle kiss, "I love you," he whispered like it was their secret. Anne smiled at him, her eyes sparkling, eyes that were like dark hooks for the soul, and Henry realized that he was forever hooked. He pressed another light kiss to her nose, "I love you," it was the same soft and tender whisper. Anne's eyes sparkled again, dancing with mirth now. Henry smiled at his wife, moving their faces close together so that their lips were barely touching. "I love you" he whispered again.

No perhaps she would never forget the hurt, but she could move on.

"And I love you," she finally whispered back. He gave her a boyish grin, and finally closed the last distance between their lips, his arms wrapped around her waist tightened slightly bring her impossibly closer.


Twenty Years Later…

A young woman sat in the gardens, caring for the roses. It might be said that it was the job of a gardener, and not for someone of her station, but she enjoyed taking care of the flowers. This was her place of solace, a place where she was free to think, to be by herself and be away from the suffocating court. Her long red gold hair was let down with only a string of diamonds, rubies, and pearls securing it. Occasionally as a breeze passed, it was lifted, fluttering softly in the wind.

She missed her family exceedingly these days, but they could not be here in order for her to reach the position she held, she understood that. She really did, but sometimes, just for a little while she wished they could go back to the years before her father's death.

Her parents had an interesting history together. For a very long time, most of Europe had called her mother the Great Whore of the English King. They did not truly recognize her place as Queen until the birth of Prince Harry. She had been surprised when she had learned of this fact, for all of her life, her mother was the only Queen of England she knew of. Yet, her mother was not the only one. There was another before her, the mother of her sister, Mary. When she had been a little girl, her father had ordered Mary to be one of her ladies, but Mary often told her she was to be addressed as Princess Mary, rather than Lady Mary. She had never understood why that was when she was a little girl, but now she did. Her father had married the Princess Dowager of Wales, Catherine of Aragon, but had declared their union false in order to marry her mother. Her mother was a descendent of King Edward through her Howard blood, but her paternal grandfather was hardly of any relation to be boosting about. Yet her father insisted in the marriage.

So Princess Mary became known as Lady Mary. But the path to marriage had not been an easy one. The Catholic Church had not declared her father's first marriage invalid and as a result, he broke away from the Church forming the Church of England. It was amazing the extent that her father was willing to go through in order to obtain a male heir at the time, especially given how he had changed later in his life. Nevertheless, when she was born, a lot of blood had been shed to secure her rights to the throne, and secure it they did.

That was not the end of their troubles. She had not been the boy that everyone had predicted. She sometimes wondered if they had been wrong at all. The astrologers had seen the comings of someone who will bring great prosperity to England on the Throne. Her father had assumed that meant she had been a boy, but yet here she was sitting on the throne of England as Queen Regent. However, there had been a time where her mother and her life had been uncertain. She didn't remember the lady much, but she had heard the stories about her, Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour was a simple and uneducated country girl, blond, weak willed, the opposite of Anne, her mother. Perhaps it was because she was so different, the King became enamored by the woman. He had even gone as far as thinking of replacing Queen Anne with "Queen Jane." But Harry had saved them all from that fate.

Jane Seymour, however, wasn't written out of history with birth of the Prince of Wales. She had given the King a bastard son, her half brother Edward. His birth had caused a scandal in England. Jane Seymour's brothers had thought to poison Queen Anne in the late stages of her pregnancy and had gotten caught in the process. Jane, herself had been caught in the middle of the scandal. Her father had ordered the execution of the younger Seymour brother and Jane, but Jane had disappeared before her execution. No one knew how she had gotten out of the tower. Some courtiers had even thought the King had her secretly removed to save her from the law. No one talked about it, she had shown up again after the rebellion of 1536. By then, she was in the late stages of her own pregnancy. Queen Anne had been kind to her and had asked for her pardon, shocking the entire court. Her father had agreed and placed her in a house under confinement for the rest of her life. Perhaps he saw her as a regrettable past and perhaps he saw Edward as her embodiment, whatever the reason, Edward, although acknowledge as the King's son had been exiled until his eighth birthday, again at the intervention of Queen Anne. She remembered, when little Edward had been finally brought to court, he had been very uneducated, barely knowing his letters, and a nervous wreck, so very far from Harry. Queen Anne had obtained tutors for him and servants to care for him as his mother remained in confinement. Edward grew close to them and eventually found out their magical secret of which he was sworn to secrecy. As they grew older, he became more confident. In a sense of irony, because the Queen Anne had always treated him kindly, he idolized his mother's old enemy and truly respected his siblings, becoming their right-hand man. When she had become Queen, she granted her brother Earl of Richmond, and released his mother.

Edward wasn't the only half sibling that received the Queen's good will. Her sister Mary, her idol when she was little, was also on the receiving end. When she had turned nine, Mary had turned twenty five, well past the age of marriage, yet her father seemed to have made no solid effort for a marriage. She hadn't understood it then, but she does now. King Henry VIII had to be careful in the husband he chose for Mary because of her claim on the throne. While Edward had no claim over Elizabeth or Harry, as his bastard status was indisputable, Mary's status was not. The emperor was Mary's cousin and still secretly supported her despite being forced to recognize Anne as the rightful Queen of England. The King, her father, could not risk Mary's husband being able to raise the forces to start a civil war in England. Nevertheless, by the time Mary had turned twenty five, Queen Anne had had enough. She was the one that suggested an appropriate match for Mary, the Duke of Bavaria who was also the heir to the Duke of Cleves. The marriage had severed two purposes, one solidifying the allegiance with the German states against the Catholic Church and two, the Duke of Bavaria, although a Duke, had little money and little resources to raise an army.

It had turned into a love match the moment they met and a wedding took place quickly in England. Afterwards the couple moved to Cleves. Her father had been happy to see Mary happy and smiling, but he had felt apprehensive to the day of his death for it hadn't been long after her marriage that she became the Duchess of Bavaria and Cleves. Cleves was not nearly as poor of a dukedom as Bavaria. But really her father need not have worried. Although she believed that in her sister's heart she still thought herself to be the Princess of Wales, Mary would never raise an army to fight for the throne. The reason was simple, Mary loved England. She knew that a majority of the English people had already accepted Harry and herself as the legitimate heirs to the throne. With her own coronation, she had witnessed firsthand that her subjects adored her. Fighting now, would only start a bloody civil war ending in the death of one of the sisters. Mary could not do that to England. Despite the fact that Mary could never grow fond of Queen Anne, she loved herself, there was no doubt about it. Mary would sooner give up the throne than to be forced to kill her sister. Perhaps this was the reason why she had been so fond of Mary always.

She had wanted to restore Mary to the line of succession, and grant her the title of Princess when she had became Queen, but the idea was met with heavy opposition. She knew why that was. Under the English Law, Mary's status was no different to that of Edward Fiztroy, her half brother. She could not restore one bastard sister but not the brother, especially in which the world viewed sons to be so much more important. Her counsels also worried that by restoring, Mary, the Emperor might make an effort to place Mary on the throne instead. So she admitted defeat, she was not one for letting her personal feelings effect her control of the Monarchy.

Mary never returned to England after her marriage, but the two sisters wrote to each other often. About a year after her marriage, Mary had a daughter who she named Catherine after her mother. Then two years later, she had a son, named after his father. Seven years ago, Mary had her final child, another daughter. As far as she could tell, the Duchess Mary was very happy with her life. With her children mostly grown, Mary presented her with the most wonderful news, she would visit England, that was three month ago.

After Mary left, she grew even closer with her little brother, the "Prince of Wales." Her parents had never hidden anything from the two of them. When they had deemed Harry old enough, they told both children of what the fates had decided. Harry took it surprisingly well for a seven year old, a fact helped along by the fact that he didn't really want to be King. Harry was a wild child and viewed the throne as a prison. He would much rather go off exploring the world in his youth. His "super wand", as he joked, helped to balance the slight jealousy that his sister got a "super sword."

Magic had been an interesting point in their lives. From the outsiders, her family guarded the secret with great zeal. Her mother practiced the craft whenever she could and was alone for she did not want to become out of practice and unable to protect her loved ones. Her father had always been very understanding in the matter, but she had the suspicion that he was never completely comfortable with the idea. By the time she turned eleven, her parents were forced to debate whether she should attend Hogwarts or not. Her mother wanted her to embrace her side as well, but her father had reservations. How were they supposed to explain the Princess Royal's absence? Eventually her mother had won, and she attended Hogwarts for seven years, spending all holidays with her parents. She never knew how her parent explained her absence, but she suspected her mother confunded quite a few servants at Hatfield and then Wales. The Minister of Magic, Xavier Malfoy, her mother's friend from school probably helped. She was glad that her mother fought so she could go to Hogwarts. There she didn't have to be the perfect Princess, when she made friends it was because they were truly her friends (she avoided the Muggleborn backlash as by the time of Hogwarts, Orion Black had adopted her mother and thus her children into the House of Black).

The House of Black had been a source of irritation to her father throughout the years. For, Orion Black, had declared her brother, Harry, as his heir. Her father had found it absurd that his son was the heir of someone else. Harry took it all in great stride and became quite fond of their "uncle" Orion, and "Uncle Potter."

By the time Harry turned eleven, their father, sent both Harry and her to Wales, a move that surprised the courtiers as they didn't understand why the Princess Royal went with her brother. She was fourteen by then, and this time instead of spending holidays with their parents, they learned to govern a state, while during the school year they spend it at Hogwarts where Harry excelled (a little fact that is no doubt helped greatly by his wand). However, their parents visited often. As far as she remembered though, her father had spared no expenses at her education. Whatever Harry was taught she as taught similarly. He treated her like the Princess of Wales in everything but name.

Marriage was another issue that caused great confusion to the courtiers. Although matches for Harry was constantly discussed and used as a political tool by her parents, they never finalized a match for him. The reason was simple, their parents expected him to join the magical world, and Harry had a strong notion that he would marry for love like their parents. His wild streak also tended to worry their parents that should they force a match on him, he would do something drastic (have to remember that nifty little wand of his). Instead of worrying about his son's marriage, her father spent a great deal of time on her. He wanted someone royal, so an alliance would be formed, but he also wanted someone that would help her rule, but would not rule in the stead of her. Eventually they decided on Prince Charles, the Duke of Orleans, the son of the King of France, five years her senior. They also successfully delayed the match until after her schooling completed. They married before a month after she turned eighteen, and they lived in France for two years, until her coronation as Queen. The match was not a love match, but they respected each other and eventually grew to love each other. Charles was extravagant, a quality that his father encouraged for he was his father's favorite child. He was extraordinarily handsome and incredibly indulgent to his young wife, while she was firecracker that fascinated him to no end. When he eventually found out about magic, he became even more fascinated, constantly asking her to do "party tricks" (AN: Think Arthur Weasley and Muggle inventions). His favorite was probably Excalibur, in which he enjoyed having her strike the sword into the rock and try without avail to pull it out (that and cutting rocks with the sword, she wasn't sure which he liked more). Their son was born five month after her coronation, and he was an indulgent father. When they had moved back to England, the people were wary of a foreigner as their King consort, fearing he would take the rule, thus she was only able to grant him the title of Prince Consort (AN: Like Queen Victoria). He didn't seem to mind greatly, as he become devoted to helping her rule as her right-hand and Edward Fitzroy as her left. She attributed his great concession for he was very fond of her, and had adjusted to the idea since he found Excalibur. Like its original history, the sword had a talent to mold people into accepting its master.

Her father passed away when she turned twenty-one, and her brother became King Henry IV. He lasted about three months, before he just 'couldn't stand the courtiers anymore'. He made a batch of the draught of living death and faked his own death. His "death" shocked the court for he had been nothing but a healthy robust prince. They explained it away as small pox. After his "death" he joined the magical world completely as Xavier Malfoy, the Minister's political heir (although he often disappears on his wild adventures).

Her mother had been heart broken by the death of her father. She stayed only long enough to watch her daughter's coronation, before she too followed the route of her son claiming she could not stay at palaces where everything reminded her of her late husband. People say she "died" of a broken heart. She did well in the magical world, free of the boundaries placed on the Muggle woman, finding a passion in teaching charms. Her involvement in the assistance of a revolution in the ministry after the Muggle-Magic catastrophe of 1536 earned her a well respected position in the Wizarding society. Not to mention she was still close friends with two Lords of the Wizengamot and the greatest seer of the Wizarding world.

Despite both being alive, they rarely met, for she was always surrounded by ladies and courtiers, and it would be catastrophic if they met "dead" people. She sighed, she liked being Queen, but sometimes, life gets a little suffocating and she misses them greatly.

"Your Majesty?" a soft feminine voice finally drew her out of her thoughts.

She turned to the intruder of solace, finding her cousin, Lady Anne Stafford, "Cousin." She greeted the petit woman with a nod.

Lady Anne curtseyed again, "The Lady Mary, Duchess of Bavaria and Cleves had just arrived at the Palace gates."

She smiled, no laughed…finally. Mary was finally home for a visit. She rose gracefully, gently smoothing out her dress. Her steps were light as she motioned for Lady Anne to follow her, "Come Cousin, We shall greet her at the Gates." As they turned the corner, she spoke to a new lady, "Quickly, fetch my gold dress, and inform my husband that my sister has finally arrived.

At the Palace gates, the Duchess Mary allowed her eyes to roam the majestic surroundings of Hampton Court. It was a stunning palace, one of her sister's favorites. She had been away from England for so long, that this visit almost seems like a dream. Finally, she saw her sister walking hurriedly to her, followed by a line of courtiers. Her youngest daughter stood by her side and gasped in awe when she caught sight of what she thought as a very Majestic Queen.

Time seemed to have slowed until the sisters finally stood in front of each other. Mary studied her sister. She was as beautiful as she remembered. At the age of twenty-three, she was no longer the little girl that constantly followed Mary around; the little girl that climbed into Mary's waiting arms at every opportunity. In front of her now, was a young woman, graceful, elegant, proud, and every inch a Queen. Did Mary feel a pang of regret at seeing a glittering golden crown on her sister's head? Yes, she had thought it was her right to be Queen of England, but fate would not have it. If it had to be someone else, Mary would have wanted her sister to take her place. As a little girl, she had helped her in her darkest time, when she found herself isolated and buried herself in darkness. But her little sister's innocent latching had brought Mary to the surface again.

Mary took a deep breath and dropped into a low curtsey, for the very first time and surprisingly she felt as if she will mean her words, "Your Majesty. Might I have the honor to introduce to you my youngest daughter, the Lady Elizabeth." The acknowledgment meant more than a simple greeting. It was the first time, Mary had openly admitted to her sister's status as Queen. It was the first time that Mary had finally admitted out loud that she was no longer the Princess of Wales. There was no oath, no fear of death looming over her head this time. For this time, she had truly meant it. Little Elizabeth followed her mama's actions, eyes still wide at the sight of the pretty Queen, the woman that her mother was so fond of that she named her daughter after.

Mary raised her head and looked into her sister's eyes, they were glistened. The Queen cleared her throat, "We are very pleased of your visit, Sister, and We are please to meet you Lady Elizabeth" she spoke majestically as she helped Mary and little Elizabeth stand and in an instant Queen Elizabeth I and Duchess Mary embraced each other tightly, each with tears in their eyes.

From a few steps behind, Prince Charles, the Prince Consort of Elizabeth I smiled fondly at the happiness of his wife.

In a hidden arch, two figures under a dark ruby cloak and a blue-black cloak smiled at the scene. "Everything had worked out well, had it not Mother?" asked the one under the blue-black cloak. He had the voice of a young man.

The one in red, nodded with free-flowing tears. The sorrows passed on by the previous generation had finally been cleared, leaving only sisterly love between the two embracing figures.

The young man tugged at his mother's cloak sleeve, "Come Mother, we must attend to Hogwarts. The Minister is waiting for us there. This may be the biggest celebration for the anniversary of the Great reform yet. I even over heard that he is planning to honor all the contributors of the reforms with an order of Merlin. Lord Weasley also has a surprise for you."

"Oh" the mother raised a delicate eyebrow in amusement, she knew her son too well.

The man sighed, "Oh Alright, you know I could never keep a secret from family. Lord Weasley commissioned a painting of you to be placed at Hogwarts after you pass on."

She laughed, it seemed like Pewit was indeed going to go through with the ongoing joke amongst the Slytherin Quartet.

"Shall we go? Professor?" asked her son as he offered her his arm. Anne smiled taking his offer.

Before leaving, Anne took one last look at her daughter, her Glorianna, and smiled proudly. This was not a true parting, she always came back. She would be forever watching and protecting Glorianna, her Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth I of England. They disappeared with a pop.

Current Time…England

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley stared at the rather large pile of books and artifacts in horror. "Uh mate, you sure that your mom said that we had to clean ALL of this?" Harry asked his redheaded friend in horror.

Ron Weasley nodded mutely, "I wish Hermione was here. She might have actually enjoyed doing this."

"But what is all this stuff?" asked the boy-who-lived.

"Mostly junk that had collected over the years, some old journals and artifacts. You remember that I told you that the Weasleys used to be a prominent and rich pureblood family right? Well over the years, we just collected a lot of stuff. All the stuff that was worse any money though has been sold by this time, but old journals tend to stick around." Ron kicked a box aside, "well I suppose we should get started." And so the two poor boys began their journey into clearing the attic of the burrow with fits of coughs and sneezes from the dust. They lightly battered once in awhile until Harry found something interesting.

"Ron, come here, look at this! This has to be like 500 years old." Harry blew the dust over the cover of the book and read the inscription, "The Journal of Lord Pewit Weasley, Sixth Lord of the Wizengamot, Head of the department of Law Enforcement" he looked up at his friend, "what do you reckon it means to be the sixth lord of the Wizengamot? I didn't know there were lords in the Wizarding world."

"Well we don't use those titles anymore. I think there was a revolution or something about two hundred years ago and the Ministry was completely revamped. I think before the change, six old pureblood family heads made up the Wizengamot, but now anyone could join, you just have to have an elected position. I think I remember dad saying that the Weasley family used to be one of the six. Dad said that the Wizarding world then was a rather backward world. He reckons that the minister of Magic then was like a King, and the position usually passed along one family. Can you imagine if Fudge had the power of a King?" Both boys shuddered at the image and laughed. "Well are any of the texts still visible in there? Wonder if they had preservative charms back then."

Harry opened the rather worn book carefully and to his surprise the pages inside did seem to have a charm on it keeping it clear and clean. So the boys settled on the floor, temporarily forgot about their chore and started to read.

Several hours later, in the half cleaned attic, both boys finally finished reading and looked up at each other. Harry sniggered, "Best friends with a Malfoy, huh? Lots changed in 500 years, I guess. Weasleys didn't like the Potters back then."

Ron was pale, "Don't ever mention it again. I think I'm gonna be sick." Harry did note that his best friend looked rather green.

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