Phone Call

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Summary: Getting phone calls during class is awkward, especially when you have a bunch of students listening in. What happens when Hiroki keeps getting calls during class?

Dammit! This is what I made 'Boredom' for! I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself when I made this. Ever notice how awkward it is when a teacher gets a phone call during class while they're trying to teach? Yea, so have I and that's how this fic was born! By watching my teacher suffer because he kept getting phone calls (it didn't matter because it was geometry and I wasn't paying attention anyway). Anyways, enjoy!

Hiroki grit his teeth in irritation as he continued writing on the board. It was the first class of the day and already he was frustrated with the stupidity of his students, not to mention annoyed that most of them talked during the class, plus the Sumi-brat that kept falling asleep in the back. Did they think he was stupid? That he didn't see them blatantly talking during his lecture? It was no wonder most of the idiots were failing the course.

The brunette felt his blood boil as a loud snore was heard from the back. Glancing over his shoulder he looked at the two dumbasses sitting in the back. That Takahashi kid was frantically trying to wake the other brat up, but as soon as he saw Hiroki glaring at him he paled. Grabbing a book, Hiroki expertly flung it and hit Sumi dead-on on the head waking the poor bastard up. Sumi groaned, slowly sitting up and rubbing his head where the book had hit him.

"Don't sleep in my class!" Hiroki snapped before turning back to the board.

"Misaki, why didn't you wake me up?" Sumi whispered.

"I-I tried but-" Misaki was immediately cut off as a book came flying towards him. "Ow…" He wheezed leaning over the desk.

"And no talking either! If either of you falls asleep or talks again I'm gonna-"


Hiroki's eyebrow ticked as he looked over at the offending object that was currently ringing. Grunting in annoyance, he stalked over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello?" He huffed.

"Hiroki, I need a favor." A familiar voice replied.

"Gah! What the hell are you doing calling me, Bakahiko? I'm at work!" Hiroki snapped.

"Yea, I know that's why I need you to do something for me." Akihiko said.

"Not now, I'll do it after class okay so-"

"I need you to excuse Takahashi Misaki from class." Akihiko said, cutting him off.

"Takahashi…?" Hiroki glanced over to Misaki who immediately stiffened, before turning back around. "Why do you need him?" He asked quietly.

"Because I want him home, he spends way too much time at the university and he mentioned he had your class so I decided to call you to see if you could get him out." Akihiko replied, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Plus, I blew up the microwave." He added as an afterthought.

'Wait… Takahashi… Takahashi… TAKAHIRO!' Hiroki's mouth dropped as he realized what was going on. "You freakin' bastard! You're a sick, sick man you know that!" Realizing that the students were listening in on his conversation he tried quieting down. "What is wrong with you? Dating his little brother?" He hissed into the phone.

"I'll explain that later, but for right now just send him home." Akihiko said.

"Why the hell do you need him home?" Hiroki demanded.

"I'm hungry."

Hiroki hit himself on the head. Of course it was something as stupid as that. "Is that all?" He asked, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I cut my hand with some glass because the glass broke and I think the microwaves' on fire."

"Then go to the hospital and put the fire out!"

"I want Misaki to fix it."


"Thanks Hiroki." With that Akihiko hung up.

Hiroki sighed as he placed the phone down. He turned around and looked at Misaki. "Takahashi go home."

"Eh? Why?" Misaki asked, confused.

"Something about a microwave blowing up and glass breaking." Hiroki replied.

"AHH!" Misaki stood up and gathered his stuff into his bag, before bolting towards the door, muttering to himself about 'stupid rabbits who don't know not to put foil in a microwave' and 'I told him to use the heat resistant cups'.

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