Phone Calls

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Hiroki glared at the offending object with discontent, as if he believed the ringing cell phone would jump up and bite him. His students watched the exchange warily, worried that the demon professor would have another violent outburst today. They had learned by now not to say one damn word, not even a tiny whisper, when Kamijou-sensei's phone started going off.

The professor gave in to the phone's demands to be answered as whoever was at the other end called for the fourth time in a row. Flipping the phone open, he snarled "Whaddya want?" into the receiver.


The sound of the husky voice from the other end of the line soon dissipated any of Hiroki's previous irritation from before, and instead he felt his heart-rate speed up.

"Nowaki, what are you—"

Hiroki stopped mid-sentence as he noticed his students were watching him intently.


A collective gulp sounded throughout the classroom and the college students were immediately working on their papers again. Still glaring at his students, he started to whisper into his phone. "Aren't you supposed to be working? Why are you calling me during class?" He demanded in a hiss.

"It's my day off today and… I missed you, Hiro-san." Nowaki replied quietly.

Hiroki's cheeks tinted pink.

"W-well, we'll see each other tonight, so I really have to—AH!" A panicked gasp escaped his lips as he felt someone's hands gripping his hips from under the desk.

"But, I don't want to wait until tonight. I want Hiro-san right now."

"Nowaki! How did you—when did you—" He bit back a moan as skillful hands fondled his clothed groin before his trousers were undone and his flaccid cock was pulled from its confines. A tentative lick brought him to start hardening and he nearly groaned as the head was sucked into Nowaki's warm, wet mouth. At the other end of the line, Hiroki was met with vulgar sounding squelches and soft, little moans emanating from the back of his lover's throat.

Hiroki bit his bottom lip in an attempt to keep the moans from spilling from his mouth as Nowaki's talented mouth sucked him off. His face was turning brighter by the second, he was sure of it, but luckily, none of his students were looking at him and were, for once, diligently working on their assignment.

Angry that his lover had the gull to do this to him while he was teaching class, Hiroki pressed his foot against Nowaki's erection. Nowaki moaned, the vibrations from it feeling marvelous on Hiroki's cock. Pushing off his shoe with the other foot, he brought it back to Nowaki's erection, pressing and rubbing up against it. In retaliation, Nowaki took his lover's cock even further into his mouth and sucked harder.

Soon enough, Hiroki was shuddering out his release into Nowaki's mouth, unable to hold back the moan it induced. A couple of his students looked up at the sound and stared at him questioningly. Hiroki glared heatedly at them.


The few students who had looked up immediately had their heads back down. Thankfully, class was over soon and the students scattered out as fast as they could. As soon as the last one was gone, Hiroki got up from his desk and glared down at Nowaki who was grinning sheepishly up at him.

"What the hell were you thinking? Do you have any idea of what emotional trauma you just put me through?" Hiroki yelled. "What if they had caught us? I would've been fired and—and—"

He was cut off when Nowaki got up and kissed him softly. The blissful moment was short lived as Hiroki grabbed a book and whacked his tall seme over the head with it.

"Oh no, you're not getting off that easily this time! Don't you ever do that again!" Hiroki snapped.

"Okay, Hiro-san." Nowaki agreed, still smiling goofily despite being hit with a book yet again. "I love you, Hiro-san." He exclaimed, bringing the irate professor into his arms.

"I-I love you too…" Hiroki admitted reluctantly.

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