George Beats the Box

This is a scene I thought of if George were to take the lie detector right before Jerry in the episode "The Beard." I own nothing. Seinfeld is owned by NBC. Enjoy It's short.

I'm so glad that George offered to take the lie detector test before me, maybe it will help me watching him do it. He was my only hope, I was just praying he could do it. He kept telling me how easy it was and that he couldn't teach me, he just had to show me how it was done. Here it goes Lou was about to ask him the first question.

Lou: "Is your name George Costanza?" Without even hesitating he responded with...

George: "No". And looking back at the lines, they didn't move at ALL! How did he do it? Watching him on the next question to see what he would do.

Lou: "Are you bald?" Watching George even closer now.

George: "Not even close." And again the lines didn't jump not even an inch. I just don't get how he is pulling this off it's so incredible and disgusting at the same time. His whole life was a lie so I guess shouldn't be a surprise.

Lou: "Are you wearing brown shoes right now?" Looking down at his shoes they were obviously brown there was no doubt about that.

George: "No they are not brown." What? How? Waving my arms up in the disbelief I can't even watch the last question oh my god.

Lou: Are you in the middle of a police station?

George: "No, I'm not."

I just can't believe he beat the box everything that he had lied about was obviously true, I needed George to tell him how to do it. But, right before it was my turn before I could even get a word out he said.

"It's a gift, Jerry it can't be taught I'm sorry." He walked down towards the vending machines probably going to accuse someone of stealing his candy again.

"Jerry, your up lets go." Cathy said with her arms crossed pointed toward the chair. Thinking to myself.

Here goes nothing.

OK, I know it was a little cheesy but I always wanted to watch a scene where George beat the box. It was all for fun short but oh well. Hope you enjoy it.