It had been a quite day. A quite week for that matter. He was sitting at his desk, pretending to be writing some very important reports for the director.
The team were all at their desks. McGee doing something on his computer, Ziva reading old case files and DiNozzo was cleaning out his drawers for what could much likely be the fifth time this week even though it was only Wednesday. He couldn't take much more of this. He wasn't good at this… this deskwork. Reviewing cold cases, writing reports…
He let out a soft sigh. If the whole day was going to be like this then he would need something to keep him going. He threw an empty paper cup in the trash and decided to go to the only place where that special something could be found.

What he needed was something that could be described with words as "hot", "black" and "strong" and that could make his heart beat faster, make him stronger and sharpen his senses. A good cupsize with a white cover and just a little bit of green. He grabbed what was in front of him with both his hands and placed his lips on what was now such a natural place. He enjoyed the heat and the energy he received. He let the moment last until his lips had turned slightly red. This really was something and he wanted to show that this was not just anything. This was amazing and he would do all he could to keep it this way.
"-Wow, Gibbs… I thought we said 'never at work'?", she smiled brightly at him as he held her in his arms, gently stroking her back. Her arms snaked around his neck.
"-Well… I just needed a fix. ", he said and leaned in for another kiss before he had to return to the rather boring deskwork that would probably remain for rest of the day.
He silently prayed that the day would be over soon so that he could enjoy more of his latest addiction.