Author's Note:: Yes, an NCIS/JAG crossover! Harmon Rabb/Kate Pike/Jethro Gibbs.

Caitlin Pike had been working over at JAG for a good few months and had settled back in there, she had her own office and everything once again. She was happy, something she hadn't been in quite a while. But now, Kate had the love of her life once again; Harm. The blond was in the middle of a case, she was working alongside Harm and Bud, looking into the disappearance of a female Navy Lieutenant out of Quantico. The team of three were just about to make their way back to the car to head on back to the JAG HQ when Kate got the call.

"Commander Pike?" she answered in a chipper mood. It was then her face fell a little as she listened to the information on the end of the line, "Uh...yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Right away. Goodbye, Sir." she frowned and hung up after the Admiral of Fleet had hung up, looking up as Harm neared her with a concerned look about his face.

"Everything alright Kate?" he asked her, keeping his professional head on for the time being, when they got home he would be able to talk with her properly and comfort her all she needed.

"I'm being transferred back to NCIS." she replied and looked up at Harm with a sudden fear in her eyes.

"They can justify that?" Harm asked her with a cocked eyebrow.

"Of course they can, Harm. i'm going back on Tuesday." she told him and sighed harshly, walking with him back to the car then, towards Bud, who was looking on with a profound concern for Kate.

"Everything alright, ma'am?" he asked her, to which he received no response. Bud looked up at Harm and raised a questioning brow, to which he received a head shake and sad smile as the trio got inside the car.

Kate kept herself to herself. The two males in the front of the car offered soft glances to each other, Harm continued to glance through the rear view at his fiancee, making sure she was alright and keeping herself in check until they got home that night. He knew that he had been privileged that day to be working alongside Kate, it should have been Mac who had been on the case and not Kate, but Mac was still caught up in another case and couldn't get out of it, so Caitlin had been assigned.

Once they arrived back at the JAG HQ in the Navy yard, Kate made herself report straight to the Admiral to clarify what was needed of her, and sure enough it was for her to be transferred back over to NCIS as an aide for McGee, the team's technical support and one-time 'Probie' to which he still had the nickname. It was final, and she would be leaving Harm indefinitely to work with Mac once again. Kate was more worried about this after she knew that he and Mac had a history, and she knew how Harm was around the ladies; he only had to switch on his Flyboy smile and the ladies were jumping into bed with him. It had worked on her afterall, with the help of some cheesy pick-up lines.

The whole week, Kate was anxious about going to NCIS and hoping that the Admiral would possibly change his mind and send someone else, Mac she had hoped. But no, the week went on and Kate received no emails nor phone calls telling her that she was to stay at JAG and someone else was taking her place. It was going to be difficult now when Harm stayed over for her to get up and they go their separate ways to work. She knew how hard that was going to be and she hated that fact, she hated whoever had chosen to send her away from JAG instead of someone else, even though she knew they had chosen the best for the job.

Tuesday finally arrived and she looked up from her breakfast as Harm strolled into the kitchen in his dress whites. She had been told to wear her own also. Kate could never resist Harm in that uniform, but she had to do her best to do so. He looked to her with a sad smile across his lips before he sighed and moved nearer to her.

"You know, it's -"
"I really don -"

They had both spoken at the same time. Kate looked to Harm and gave a tired, sad chuckle before she shook her head.

"You first."

"I was going to say, it's not going to be the same without you at JAG." Harm told her, and somehow it made it harder for Kate to handle.

"Harm, please..." she sighed and then shook her head, "I don't want to go back to that place. They're all so...cold." she remarked and then sighed a little once again before she glanced up to Harm, "But, I have to. Will you be here tonight or back at your place?" she asked as she stood up, grabbing her purse to leave the house.

"If you want me here, I'll be here." Harm smiled to Kate.

Kate just nodded and smiled a little. She was grateful to have Harm back in her life. She had missed for the longest time when she had been out in Pearl and then over in Chicago, they had lost touch but had never stopped thinking about each other, and it had showed when she had returned. Harm had left Mac for her. So, Kate just stood there, her arms weaved around Harm's neck and she tiptoed up to kiss his lips.

"I'll see you tonight. I love you..." Kate smiled and stepped back, taking her cover from the table and giving Harm one last glance before she left the house, all ready to go on the road to get to her newly assigned workplace; NCIS.

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