Author's Note:: Yes, an NCIS/JAG crossover! Harmon Rabb/Kate Pike/Jethro Gibbs.

Upon arriving at the Navy yard of NCIS, Kate got out of her car and glanced around. To her left she saw the parking lot with all of the Navy issued cars, all the same model and she chuckled a little before grabbing her briefcase and heading towards the entrance to meet with the team and introduce the case from her perspective. Kate entered the building and was issued her visitors pass before she was taken through the security checks to make sure she wasn't about to inflict a terrorist attack upon the HQ.

Once she was waved through the security checks, Kate made her way upstairs, riding the elevator up to the Bullpen. The elevator doors pinged open as she was looking at her distorted reflection in the frosted metal of the doors. Kate looked out into the Bullpen before she stepped off the elevator, she swallowed and walked along the floor towards the team; Team Gibbs. Of course, Kate did not know which of the team Gibbs, she also didn't know that he'd tried to get Harm to the brig, and Gibbs didn't know that she were engaged to Harm.

"Commander Caitlin Pike ma'am, can I speak to Special Agent…Leroy Jethro Gibbs?" Kate announced herself, as she neared Ziva David, the only female in the team, Kate noted.

"Gibbs. He's over there. You are part of the JAG corps, yes?" Ziva asked the female standing before her as she inspected Kate's insignia and glanced over to Tony, they were going to trick the Commander into thinking Tony was the Special Agent Gibbs that she was there to see.

"That's correct, ma'am." Kate replied, she wasn't used to calling anyone ma'am other than Mac; Sarah MacKenzie back at the JAG HQ. The blond gently turned her head and she looked to Ziva, seeing her dark eyes and the dark hair, she smiled softly to Ziva and removed her cover, "Agent Gibbs?" she probed a little just as Tony stood up from behind his desk and smirked as he moved closer to see and Ziva.

"Special Agent Gibbs…" he extended his hand out to Kate.

Softly, Kate took Tony's hand and she smiled up at him gently, "Commander Caitl…Kate Pike." She beamed.

"Kate." Tony repeated, hearing that the Commander's name was the same as the Agent they had lost several years to a sniper; Caitlin 'Kate' Todd. Tony was just about to speak up again when he felt a sharp slap to the back of his head, "Hey Boss!" he began, "Was just meeting the Commander, her name's Kate Pike."

"DiNozzo, I can read and besides Vance told me she was on her way over here. We're sharing jurisdiction with JAG on this case." Gibbs barked at Tony, who scuttled back to his desk. Jethro looked to Kate and waited expectantly before he caught Ziva's eye and raised a brow to her, "Ziva get the case up on the plasma!" he ordered, causing Kate to jump a little.

"Commander Pike." Kate offered her hand to Jethro and looked into his bright blue eyes, she smiled softly.

"So, what's the case like from the JAG angle?" Gibbs asked Kate, moving away from her but only to go and sit behind his desk with his coffee.

"Well, the ca-" she was interrupted.

"McGee, get the Commander a seat, will ya?" Gibbs barking orders to his team once again. He looked back to Kate, telling her to continue without so many words, if any.

"The case; Married Gunnery Sargeant in the Marine Corps, being stalked. His house and other possessions have been vandalized with the words: SLUT, WHORE, among others. We're guessing the stalker's a woman, probably an ex-lover of the Gunny." Kate explained what she had in the file in her hand, "Thank you, McGee." She smiled to the Probie who brought her over a chair, while Ziva finally got the case they were sharing up onto the plasma behind Kate.

"Stalking, that's a little boring isn't it? Especially for joint jurisdiction." Tony chipped in but then lowered his face when he caught sight of the glare Gibbs was casting over his way.

"They should put a law onto you, Tony. You spend a lot of time stalking skirts." Ziva chortled to herself, but loud enough for Tony to hear what she had said about him.

"It's chasing, Ziva. Chasing skirts." he corrected her.

"Oh, same thing." Ziva concluded and looked over to Gibbs, who was not looking that impressed with she and Tony's conversation about stalking, "Case; we got so far as identifying the stalker." Ziva glanced over to Tony as she stressed the word they had just discussed before she continued then, "Her name is Olivia Hyde. She was part of the Navy, an Ensign Junior Class, she worked with Gunnery Sargeant Curran's wife, Justine."

"So, we need to speak to the wife?" Kate suggested.

"Ya think?" Gibbs replied and got up from his seat, heading over to the elevator, on his way to see Abby in the Forensics lab.

Seeing Kate's brows raise a notch, Tony stood and chuckled, "You get used to it after a while." he smiled to her before he offered his hand again, "Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. I promise that's my real name this time."

Kate chuckled and looked up at him, he wasn't much taller than her, "Pleasure, Tony." she replied before looking to the other two agents of the team.

Tony took the liberty of introducing them, "Special Agents Ziva David and McGee."

"Tim." McGee nodded and offered his hand to Kate.

"Kate." she beamed and shook McGee's hand, "So is Gibbs always that way?" she asked the team.

The three agents looked between each other, not being the one to tell Kate that's how was all the time, she would figure it out herself, hopefully. The three turned on their heels and moved back to their desks, leaving the commander in her dress whites standing in the middle of the Bullpen, letting Tony have the best view of her behind.

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