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From the pages of Sasuke's diary

June 9, XXXX... I will see to it that Itachi will get his surprise... ' later diary :)


May Flashback...

Itachi and Sasuke spent the entire May together. That was the best month for both lovers. They toured the carribean... spent lazy afternoons doing nothing but kiss and cuddle. They were like newlyweds on their honeymoon. Life couldn't get any better for both of them.

June 7... 3:00 pm

Sasuke was sitting on a netted hammock... he was enjoying the sea breeze and the sun. He adjusted his shades and made sure he was under the beach umbrella securely. With his fair skin, he was sure to get sun burned. He was thinking hard... it was almost Itachi's birthday. It was difficult to sneak out and plan a party for his beloved, for Itachi never left him alone. It wasn't that he was complaining, he loved the fact that Itachi was so close by... but there are actually cases... especially cases like this that he needed to get away from Itachi so he can make create a birthday surprise for his handsome lover.

He racked his brains for plans... plans that he was obviously running out off. He sighed, he called Naruto a couple of days ago and the blonde gave him ideas... but they didn't satisfy him. The birthday bash needed to be a blast... his thoughts were broken when he felt something cold on his nape. He jumped a bit and looked back... there was Itachi, smiling sweetly at him. He was carrying a tall lean glass of lemonade with tons of ice "Hello beautiful..." Itachi whispered into his ear. Sasuke blushed and removed the shades off his eyes "Sweet-talker..." he commented on the elder raven who chuckled.

"What are you thinking about, kobito?" Itachi asked as he joined Sasuke in the hammock. Sasuke smiled "Nothing... actually I was just staring at the ocean..." he said as he rested his head on Itachi's arm. "Sasuke...?" Itachi breathed his name. Sasuke looked up and saw that Itachi had a far-away look in his dark eyes. "Hmm?" Sasuke asked as he rested his chin on Itachi's shoulder. "Are you happy... here... with... me?" he asked as he tilted his head sideways so he can look at Sasuke. Sasuke sighed and closed his eyes a bit. "Are you Sasuke?" Itachi asked again, leaning a bit closer... their faces just centimeters away.

Sasuke smiled, his eyes shinning dreamily "Of course I am, nii-san... you know I'm always happy when I'm with you..." he replied honestly and Itachi's heart was glad. Itachi kissed Sasuke's forehead "I love you koibito..." he murmured under his breath. Sasuke sighed contentedly... that was his problem... he needed to think of the perfect gift to give to Itachi. He deserved the best life has to offer. Silently they remained that way for some time... on the hammock, by the seashore... under the palm trees in Bahamas. Sasuke hoped that this will last forever... he wanted nothing more in life but this.

The sea breeze made Sasuke drowsy and despite the heat he fell asleep. Itachi supported Sasuke as he looked lovingly at his beloved. He had never seen Sasuke so relaxed... so calm. He smiled as he carressed Sasuke's cheek. His otouto was the most beautiful thing he ever laid eyes on. Itachi felt extremely proud and lucky to have Sasuke as his own. And he was a million times thankful that they managed to overcome trials little by little... despite the fights and arguements that came with it. It was a wonderful feeling... to love and be loved in return.

Sasuke stirred, after like an hour or so... he moved his head and felt Itachi's arms still supporting him. He smiled sheepishly and Itachi noticed the grin "And why is my princess smiling?" Itachi asked. Sasuke began chuckling softly "You should've woke me up nii-san..." Itachi leaned and kissed Sasuke's nosetip "And distburd your peace? Never my love..." he whispered sweetly. Passersby didn't look oddly at the seated couple, it was a free country after all. "What would you like to have for dinner, nii-san?" Sasuke asked as he stretched his back. "You..." Itachi smirked and Sasuke pouted.

Itachi helped Sasuke up and hand in hand they walked the shoreline... it was almost sunset and the sky bled red. Sasuke walked towards the water and his feet submerged into the warm water and sand. Sasuke turned around and faced Itachi "Itachi Uchiha..." he called out and Itachi raised an elegant eyebrow... Sasuke never called him by his complete name... he only does that when he was saying something serious. "What is it Sasuke Uchiha?" he asked, grinning wickedly. Sasuke laughed "I just wanted to tell you that I love you..." the voice sweetly caressed the phrase and Itachi's heart was glad.

They went home... to a rented cottage at the end of the resort. Itachi called for room service and ordered their dinner as Sasuke showered. Itachi was toying with the tv's remote when Sasuke came out of the shower. He was towelling his wet hair and had another towel wrapped around his slim waist. Sasuke smiled seductuvely at his brother "What are you staring at nii-san?" he asked playfully. Itachi smirked, got up from bed and went over to Sasuke and snaked his arms around him. "Must you ask koibito?" he murmured as he gently kissed the shell of Sasuke's ear.

They were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Itachi smiled as he released Sasuke "Dinner..." he said as he walked off. Sasuke quickly grabbed a pair of boxers and an A-shirt. He sat by the bed and manipulated the television. Itachi came back, pushing a trolley filled with food. "We can't possibly finish that..." Sasuke commented as Itachi joined him. "Who knows... maybe we will get too hungry later..." he breathed on Sasuke's neck. Sasuke shivered and playfully pushed Itachi "Nii-san... go shower yourself..." he ordered and cringed as he covered his nose.

Itachi grinned and pinned him on his arms "Do I smell bad otouto?" he teased as he nipped Sasuke's creamy neck. Sasuke tried to supress the laughter gurgling on his throat. Itachi continued tickling Sasuke with his mouth "Nii-san... hahaha... stop... hahaha..." gurgles of laughter filled the cottage. Itachi loved hearing Sasuke laugh, it was the best sound in the world... along with Sasuke's moans of pleasure. Itachi stopped and pulled Sasuke up "Just you wait koibito, I will punish you..." he said and captured the pouting lips into a kiss. Sasuke kissed him back "We'll see nii-san..." he taunted the elder raven.

Itachi grabbed a towel and quickly rushed towards the bathroom. Sasuke peeked at the trolley... it was filled with local delicacies. There was a platter of prawns... shelled and sliced... accompanied by a bowl of spicy-looking dip. There were also a couple stuffed crab pincers. Sasuke smiled... How he loved seafoods... and Itachi loved pasta... proof was the platter of carbonara beside the prawns. He picked a prawn and dipped it on the reddish-coloured sauce. He placed it in his mouth heartily and licked the sauce that dripped off his finger. That was the scene Itachi came back with.

Sasuke sexily licking his fingers, made Itachi forget his hunger. He sat beside Sasuke and pulled him close. Sasuke smiled wickedly at his brother... "So eager... aren't you hungry nii-san?" he asked sweetly as he straddled before Itachi in kneeling position. "I only hunger for this..." Itachi whispered as he kissed Sasuke's lips. Sasuke kissed him back. Their tongues danced along with the sweet music of their hearts. Itachi's hands roamed over Sasuke's silky skin. He placed a warm palm in his otouto's shirt and softly caressed the hardened nipple to even greater life, earing a sexy moan from the process.

His other free hand kneaded on Sasuke's plump buttocks. Sasuke's body jerked forward... and Itachi felt his erection from the thin material that separated Sasuke's pride from his skin. "Now... tell me who is eager..." Itachi teased and Sasuke smiled seductively... his dark eyes shinning with sheer lust and passion he always had for Itachi. Itachi removed the shirt Sasuke had on and threw the garment carelessly. Sasuke ran his hands through Itachi's damp loose hair, cupped his face and tilted it upwards. He kissed Itachi deeply. Itachi held Sasuke and fell back unto the softness of the bed.

He rolled over and now he was on top of Sasuke. Sasuke was sporting pink cheeks... his face was flushed and Itachi loved that color. Despite being under the sun most of the time, Sasuke maintained his milky white complexion... so all his blushes were deliciously visible against his alabaster skin. "Sasuke... what did you do to me? Kami! I can't seem to get enough of you..." Itachi groaned as Sasuke pulled him closer... their faces just millimeters away. Sasuke could feel Itachi's warm breath all over him. "I don't know nii-san... I was about to ask you the very same thing..." he chimed in.


Finally, Itachi was asleep. Sasuke fought the urge to sleep as well. He had to call Konan... it was his only chance. Itachi was very observant and he wouldn't want Itachi to find out about one of his surprises for his birthday.

Slowly Sasuke tiptoed out of the room and out of the cottage. It was around 3 am... the sky was still decorated with stars. He got his cellphone out and dialled Konan's number. He knew the woman was expecting his call... too bad he had to wake her at this hour. After a couple of rings, Konan's voice was heard. "Sorry to wake you, Konan-chan..." Sasuke apologised and the woman let out a small laugh "It's okay Sasuke-sama... So, are we on?" she asked eagerly. They had this conversation 2 weeks ago. They were planning to give Itachi a surprise birthday party in the main Uchiha building.

"Yes, just call Itachi and tell him something important came up... you were able to invite everyone in the list right?" he asked, his voice hushed as he looked around cautiously. "Hai! I did... everything is ready... the catering, the band... it will be perfect!" Konan gushed on the other line. Sasuke was pleased. He knew Itachi hated surprises. But he will be happy with this one. He invited some of Itachi's close friends... family friends... business partners... this was going to be in the tabloids. He smirked and added "Konan-chan... try to really convince him, ne?" and he heard the woman laugh her answer.

Sasuke quickly went back into the cottage, and thanking Kami that his aniki was still asleep. He slowly climbed back to bed and snuggled on to Itachi. Itachi was breathing softly. Sasuke rested his head on Itachi's chest. Sasuke inhaled his aniki's sweet scent... he felt comforted and relaxed. Being warpped in Itachi's strong arms was Sasuke's comfort blanket nowadays. He yawned softly and closed his eyes. He was tired, but not that sleepy. He still haven't decided on what to give Itachi for his birthday. His mind went in circles... until he grew very sleepy. Soon enough, Itachi's steady heart beat lulled the young raven to sleep.

June 8... 7:30 am

Sasuke woke up the next day and wondered why Itachi wasn't beside him. He looked around and found out that he was alone. He got up and walked towards the bathroom. Before he reached his destination, he heard Itachi talking... "What? Really? That sounds bad... Yes... When did you say it happened?... I see..." Itachi's voice filled the small cubicle. He was on the phone and Sasuke was betting his life that it was Konan. By the tone of Itachi's voice, his brother seemed worried. He peeked and literally saw Itachi frown as he massaged his temple. Sasuke smiled... it was starting.

Sasuke stormed out of the bathroom just as soon as Sasuke managed to get back into bed and pretend that he had just woken up. Itachi frowned as he sat at the bed's edge. Sasuke rubbed his eyes and yawned "Why the long face nii-san?" he asked. Itachi sighed "Good morning koibito... Konan just called... and the company seems to be having some problems..." he said as he crawled beside Sasuke. Sasuke blinked "Really bad problems? At the main office?" he asked thoughtfully and Itachi nodded. "We need to get back to Japan as soon as possible..." he sighed and closed his eyes. Silently Sasuke's heart laughed, Konan was so convincing... she deserved a raise.

So both of them quickly packed and left the wonderful island. Itachi already called and made reservations for their flights so they will have a smooth travel. Itachi was feeling sad. He was really planning to spend his birthday with Sasuke in Venice. He wanted his birthday to be memorable with Sasuke. But sometimes things like this does happen. He was used to it. He was just hoping Sasuke wouldn't fuss about the sudden cut on their vacation. So far, the signs were good. Sasuke was acting natural... still with his adorable smile on. Itachi hoped it would last... he sighed and kept his fingers crossed.

At the main Uchiha Building in Japan...

Konan was busy giving out orders. The entire building was excited... it was the first time Itachi Uchiha would grace the building with his presence since the opening. Guests started to arrive for tomorrow's event. Neji was even there, assisting with the accomodations of the guests. Konan spotted a few of Itachi's close friends gettng off the elevator. She went towards them and greeted them "Thank you for coming Kisame-san... Hidan-san... Itachi would really be surprised." she smiled graciously. They had this group before... including Konan, during college... the members were the mostly the most respected and as well as the richest in the campus.

The tall blue-haired man smiled at Konan "You look more beautiful than ever Konan-chan..." he praised the blue-haired woman. "And you Kisame-san are still the same... you suave playboy..." she scolded the man with a chuckle. Hidan joined their laughter "By the way, are the others here already?" he asked as he smoothed his hair. Konan nodded "Yes, only Itachi is yet to come." she said as she led them to the office. They were staying in one of the many hotels the Uchiha's owned. After giving them their keys, the men left to rest. Konan was getting very excited. Itachi would really flip when he arrives.

In the plane...

Sasuke watched as Itachi frowned every now and then. He was staring at his shoes. He nudged his aniki and Itachi looked up, surprised. "What is it koibito?" he asked. "Can you calm down nii-san... you are growing wrinkles right off your face... stop frowning..." he scolded and Itachi sighed. "Sorry koibito, I... I was... ah, never mind..." he surrendered and threw his head back on the cushioned seat. Sasuke reached for Itachi's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. "Don't worry nii-san... I'm sure everything will be alright..." he consoled his brother. Itachi nodded and squeezed back "Thanks for being with me koibito..." he said as he raised Sasuke's hand and gave it a kiss.

They travelled from country to country the whole day. It was already around 11 in the evening when they reached their last stop before the arrive in Japan. Itachi was exhausted... not from travelling, but from worrying. Their last flight now was a good 16-hour flight to Japan. Itachi boarded the plane first and made sure Sasuke got the window seat, who was currently in the nathroom. Too tired for small talk, Itachi fell asleep as soon as his body hit the chair. Sasuke sat slowly, he really needed to make a phonecall without Itachi overhearing it.

He watched over Itachi who was sleeping soundly. He rumaged through his laptop bag and pulled out his little black book. He smiled as he uncapped the pen and started making few strokes... an entry to his diary. He looked at his watch and quickly wrote a few words...

June 9, XXXX... I will see to it that Itachi will get his surprise... ' later diary :)

He gently smoothed Itachi's hair. 'Sleep my love... you'll be needing it...' he smirked as he closed his eyes to join Itachi.

June 9...Uchiha Building... Main branch... around 4 pm...

Konan was busy giving out last minute orders to everyone... Itachi would be arriving anytime with Sasuke. The building had a convention room at the top of the building. The area was jammed by people... all excited tot see the eldest Uchiha heir. Konan was making sure that everythig was perfect. She walked towards the buffet and gave it a nod. The food looked scrumptious and inviting. She walked towards the bar and checked the drinks... everything seemed okay. The guests were behaving themselves and remained seated... softly chatting here and there. Then Konan held her breath... her phone rang...

She ran towards the elevator before she answered "Itachi-sama..." she said breathless. Itachi wondered why Konan was breathless "Are you alright Konan?" he asked. "Yes, I am... don't mind me..." she huffed. "Are you overworking again? Are you having an asthma attack again?" he asked, his tone was hard. Konan had to laugh at that. Sometimes Itachi worried like a mother "Itachi, I never had an attack since highschool..." she pointed out.

"I will be arriving in 10 minutes... Sasuke is with me... bring me the papers right away..." he said. "Hai! Itachi-sama..." she said. The elevator dinged and she got off... she waited for Itachi and Sasuke by the entrance. Soon enough, a taxi stopped by and out came Itachi looking a bit softer than the usual cold stare he sports. Vacationing did wonders to him... he looked more handsome than before... his skin was slightly tanned... His dark eyes darted at Konan and his hand reached for the folder Konan was carrying. Sasuke got off the cab as well and gave Konan a knowing look. Their eyes communicated and Sasuke smirked.

Konan led the men into the elevator. Itachi noticed that the bbuilding seemed empty... "Konan... I..." he started but he was cut off by the woman "If you look at the revenues for the past month... the trend seemed to..." Konan started to explain and temporarily Itachi forgot what he wanted to say. Sasuke smirked at the corner and stayed behind Itachi. Itachi looked closely at the documents... his knowing eyes scanned the information... his mind work... honestly, he didn't see anyhting gravely wrong. His brows met and he looked at Konan "Konan... I really don't see anything wr..." his words was cut off when the elevator dinged and opened. His eyes grew large with surprise...

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" the crowd screamed in unison.

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