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From the pages of Sasuke's diary

June 9, XXXX... I will see to it that Itachi will get his surprise... ' later diary :)


"Sasuke..." Itachi mumbled, at lost for words. Sasuke smiled sweetly and blinked sexily and slowly... his eyes glittering in a dreamy, seductive way. "Did you enjoy your party nii-san?" he asked as he moved and sat up. All Itachi could do was nod. Was he seeing things? He was so sure he didn't go overboard with his drinking earlier. Sasuke laughed melodically "Come, Itachi-sama... you made me wait long enough..." Sasuke called out sweetly. Itachi opened his mouth and exhaled loudly. He was trying his best to wake himself up. Slowly he walked towards Sasuke... a step at a time... he was afraid he was just dreaming.

Sasuke continued to look at Itachi, licking his supposed to be dry lips every now and then. Itachi never changed, once you catch him off-guard... he tends to get hypnotized for a couple of odd minutes. "Itachi-sama... please come closer..." he practically begged Itachi. Itachi inhaled deeply, he was out of his trance. Sasuke was there... begging him to claim him... and he had no intentions of letting that offer pass. "Sasuke..." he whsipered as he climbed on the bed. Sweetly the young raven tilted his head and showed him the red ribbon on his neck "I was purchased to be off your service, Itachi-sama..." he purred over Itachi.

Itachi wondered where Sasuke was gettnig all the ideas that never failed to amuse and arouse him at the same time. He then smiled... he remembered telling Sasuke before that talking kinky and role playing always made him curious... his wish was granted... "Really? And what is your name neko-chan?" he asked as he sat beside his lover in chains. Sasuke smiled "You can call me anything you like Itachi-sama... I am yours..." he grinned and winked at his aniki. Itachi chuckled and moved closer to Sasuke "You are mine... really? So you mean to say I can do anything to you?" he whispered to Sasuke... his warm breath caressed the tiny hairs lining the shell of Sasuke's ear.

Sasuke nodded, his dark eyes gleaming with mixed emotions "Uh-huh... anything you want Itachi-sama..." he tilted his head away, exposing his creamy neck to Itachi. Itachi was breathing low... he felt for the small key in his pocket. He was sure it was for the locks on Sasuke's hands. He found it and with trembling fingers, he fumbled on the lock. Sasuke was laughing at Itachi "Calm down Itachi-sama... I am not going anywhere..." his voice was seductive... dipped in honey... so sweet... so tempting... Itachi was becoming breathless... his lower region was experiencing a vast amount of delicious pressure.

Finally, Itachi managed to free Sasuke's hands. The latter showed the long-haired raven his appreciation for freeing him from the chains by tackling him down. Sasuke was on top of Itachi on all fours "Itachi-sama... thanks for releasing me..." he whispered as his lips brushed over Itachi's cheek. Itachi shivered at the sweet sensation. Itachi sighed "Sasuke... koibito... I..." he stammered. Sasuke placed a dainty finger on Itachi's lips, silencing him "Shhh Itachi-sama... just relax..." he purred. Itachi closed his eyes and waited for Sasuke's next move. His member was twitching... he hated to admit it, but he was so excited right now.

He felt Sasuke tug and slowly untied his necktie... he opened his eyes and saw that Sasuke was biting the end of the tie. Sasuke smirked and sat up... positioning his buttocks over Itachi's erection and sat up. Itachi gasped as the soft sensation sent a jolt of electricity all over his body. Sasuke slowly began unbuttoning his shirt and as soon as Itachi's naked flesh was exposed, he rubbed his palms over... his actions mimicking lotion application. Itachi bit his lower lip as Sasuke's warm palms passed over the hardening nubs of his chest "Sasuke..." he moaned as he released his breath. Sasuke smiled... he was just starting...

He spread open Itachi's shirt, ducked a bit and kissed Itachi's chest. He then let his tongue tease his aniki's nipple... slowly licking it to life in swirling motions. He started on the left and then to the right. Itachi was making small sighing sounds and cute little moans. As the young raven's tongue was busy, his hands were busy romaing over Itachi's body. Sasuke gently sucked on the hardened nub and earned a groan from his lover's lips. He then sucked the opposite, getting the same groaning pleasure that he loved to hear. Sasuke then trailed his hot, moist tongue on the valley between Itachi's chest strainght to his navel. He dipped the wet pink muscle in and Itachi jerked up.

"So... what would you like me to do to you Itachi-sama?" he coaxed the flustered raven. Itachi breathlessly replied "Don't stop what you were doing... Kami, koibito... I'll go insane..." he grunted as he grabbed Sasuke's head and pulled him towards his face. Itachi captured the teasing mouth and locked it with his own in a fiery kiss. Itachi sucked on Sasuke's tongue and both lapped... their mouths in constant motion, but never left their union. Their bodies were burning... both writhed under each other's touch. Itachi removed Sasuke's upper leather garment off... revealing the creamy ivory skin for his eyes and mouth to feast upon.

Sasuke removed Itachi's shirt off as well. Itachi pulled Sasuke and wrapped him in his arms. He looked directly into his eyes "Sasuke... my koibito... I love you..." he blurted out. Sasuke's eyes softened "And I love you as well Itachi nii-san..." he said as he moved his face forward. iatchi met the movement and kissed Sasuke again. The heat of their foreplay made them anxious and in no time both were stark naked before each other. A pair of ivory skinned bodies glistening with sweat. Arms intertwined, legs alawys in friction. Their bodies burned with the fire of lustful desire, their groins weeping madly with the need of release.

Sasuke squirmed and released himself from Itachi's clasp. He reversed his direction and went to pleasure Itachi's cock. Sasuke was now facing the Uchiha prodigy's pride, tip glistening, veins throbbing... the angry hue of need decorated the erected shaft. He licked his lips... grabbed the shaft and slowly licked it's tip. Itachi jerked a bit, the feel of Sasuke's warm tongue opposite to the room's low temperature was so sinfully good. He wanted Sasuke to devour him whole... but he had no strength to demand... his knees were trembling with delight... aside from the wonderful lapping he was getting, he had the best view of Sasuke's behind.

Itachi inhaled deeply, Sasuke's pride was right above him... pink and angry... the tip was leaking as well. Itachi slowly placed his hand on Sasuke's member. Sasuke stopped what he was doing and looked at Itachi "Nii-san... what..." what he wanted to say next flew out of the window as he saw Itachi put the head of his member into his mouth. "Nii-san!" Sasuke gasped as he felt Itachi's tongue flick on the sensitive slit of his shaft. "Don't stop Sasuke..." Itachi managed to say. It was the first time for Sasuke to feel the pleasure of having a blowjob... no wonder Itachi would moan so loud.

For a couple of odd minutes, both stayed in the position... sucking and fondling in unison. Itachi licked the rounded head of Sasuke's thivk member, he tried to immitate the things Sasuke's talented mouth was doing to him... He needed practice, for he almost gagged as he tried to suck Sasuke whole. He then concentrated sucking the head and licking the slit from time to time. He fondled Sasuke balls, and by twitching of Sasuke's cock in his mouth, he knew he was pleasuring Sasuke as well. Despite the mind boggling things Itachi was doing to him, he continued to bob his head up and down, sliding his tongue around Itachi's member in the process.

Both were panthing but clearly enjoying themselves. Itachi's shaft was bursting... he needed release... he can't wait anymore... but his mind still wanted to play a bit, until he can't hold it anymore. He released Sasuke's cock from his mouth. His brother tasted and smelled wonderful everywhere. "Nii-san?" Sasuke moaned quizically... his eyes asking why he stopped. Itachi smirked "Just stay like that koibito..." he ordered as he sat up. Sasuke looked back, his face flushed and some trail of saliva coated his crimson lips. Itachi' was facing Sasuke's ass. Sasuke narrowed his eyes "Nii-san... what are... you..." he asked as he breathed through his mouth.

Itachi held Sasuke butt cheeks, one for each hand. He spread them a little, allowing the exposure of the tight pink hole that promised tons of pleasure ahead. Sasuke pouted "Nii-san... don't... I..." he said shyly as his face turned bright crimson. Itachi smiled "Koibito just let me be... I am curious..." he grinned. Sasuke closed his eyes and bit his lip to prevent himself from moaning loudly as he felt Itachi's moist tongue circling at his entrance. He shivered as he felt Itachi bite his buttcheek lovingly. "Ah! nii-san..." he gasped as the persistent tongue darted back to his entrance.

Soon Itachi inserted a saliva-coated finger in Sasuke "Uhmmnnn... nii-san..." he moaned as Itachi slowly moved his finger in and out of Sasuke. "Does it feel good, koibito?" he asked and Sasuke nodded "Hai... hai... Itachi-sama!" he cooed. "You have any lube koibito?" Itachi asked... for he knew he wouldn't be able to control the urge to slam his member right into Sasuke. Sasuke nodded, half-moaning... half-breathing "Near the headboard nii-san... together with the chains..." he said breathlessly. Itachi removed his finger and Sasuke grunted in displeasure. "" Hurry nii-san..." he demanded and Itachi chuckled at Sasuke's persistance.

Itachi founs the lube. he quickly uncapped the lid and squeezed it, releasing a large amount of the transparent jelly substance unto his palm. He smiled, it was the mentholated lube that they both enjoyed. Itachi coated his shaft and his fingers. He then coated Sasuke's entrance... making circling motions on the ring of muscles before him. He then inserted his finger back in... then a second finger followed. He started stretching Sasuke who was heavily breathing, panthing and moaning. The third one joined. Then Itachi hit Sasuke's sensitive prostrate. "Ah! nii-san...yes!" he screamed. Another hit "Yes! Right there... oh God!" he trembled as waves of pleasure filled him with every hit.

Itachi continued finger-fucking Sasuke... enjoying the squirms and jolts Sasuke's body was creating for him. Sasuke on the other hand was gettng very upset. He needed Itachi... he needed to feel his nii-san cock in him. He had to voice out... his groin was husrting like hell. Sasuke begged "Please nii-san... no more... take me now or I'll just die!" he cried in anguish. Itachi smiled, his sweat coated brow softened a bit. He removed his fingers and sat down, his back resting on the headboard "Come here Sasuke..." he ordered. Sasuke crawled towards Itachi. As sonn as he was near, Itachi moved and was now lying down "Ride me..." he ordered the flushed raven.

Sasuke's eyes registered shock. But as his mind comprehended the order, he smiled. He moved and straddled on top facing Itachi. he balanced himself with one hand at the back and the other in fornt for support. He then positioned himselff unto the hard and angry erection. Itachi held his shaft for stability as Sasuke lowered himself unto the hot member. He bit his lip and squinted his eyes as the first painful pleasure filled his senses. Itachi closed his eyes as well... it felt so good... Sasuke felt so good. He removed his hand, for he felt that he already entered Sasuke half-way. Itachi opened his eyes and saw his beautiful otouto at the verge of euphoria.

Sasuke slowly lowered himself some more, until the entire shaft was consumed. He then slowly pulled up... then impaled himself back... soon he was sliding up and down Itachi with a regular pleasurable pace. "Nii-sannn...uuhhmmnnn..." he moaned loudly. Itachi's groin was bursting... the pleasurable pressure of this new position was driving him crazy. Sasuke remained so tight, just like the way he first claimed him as his own. Sasuke slowly increased his pace, sliding up and down a bit faster than earlier. The friction was making Itachi loose his mind. The clenching muscles and the view of your lover riding you sexily was more than enough to bring you to an intense orgasm.

"Hah! Sasuke... Faster... oh, fuck!" Itachi grunted. Sasuke tried to obey, but his knees wobbled from the sheer pressure. Itachi then held unto Sasuke's hips and guided the young raven up and down his engorged erection. "Hah! Nii-san! Ahh! Kami.. yes! Hah! Faster... please... Ah! Ah! Ah!..." Sasuke screamed as he bounced about. Itachi was clenching his teeth as he continued to pull and push Sasuke off and unto him. He was seeing double, as the waves of pleasure flowed right through his veins to the very core of his body. "Hah! Nii-san! Ah... Ah... Oh, God!" Sasuke screamed louder than ever.

Itachi was at the verge of his own release and he knew Sasuke was too... from the amount of screaming he was graciously getting from his beloved. "Sasuke... kuso!" he grunted the obscenity "Itachiiiiiiiiiiiiii...!" Sasuke joined him at the same. Hot cum shot off Sasuke and fell on Itachi's chest and stomach. Itachi filled Sasuke with his hot seed as well. Sasuke plopped before Itachi, both were panthing as they tried to catch their breaths.

Itachi kissed the top of Sasuke's head "Aishiteru koibito... anata nashidewa ikite ikanai...(1)" he whispered. Sasuke looked up and gave him a tired smile "...me too nii-san... itsumo aishiteru...(2)" he said as he closed his eyes. Itachi did his best to cover them both with a blanket. When he was sure they were covered, he yawned and closed his eyes. This was his best birthday ever, he gave a small silent prayer of thanks to Kami... for this day... for everything that happened... and most espcially for Sasuke.

The END...

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(1) Anata nashidewa ikite ikanai - I can't live without you

(2) Itsumo aishiteru - I will always love you