Carrie Ingalls hits the high note.

Carrie Ingalls was being boring and ignored, as usual. Carrie, with her fragile psyche being stretched to breaking point, resolved herself to gain an attention fix. But Carrie, not blessed with natural brilliance, wondered how to go about doing that.

"I wonder how to go about doing that…" Carrie mused to herself.

"I have the solution!" A voice cried from the other side of the wall. Of course, it wasn't referring to Carrie's problem, when has Carrie let the barrier between reality and fantasy ever stop her?

Carrie left the room and knocked on the door to the adjacent room.

"Come in." the familiar voice of Adam Kendall answered. Carrie was gladdened, as she knew that Adam Kendall makes everything more awesome.

"Ah, Carrie What brings you to my inner sanctum."

"Err…I want attention." Carrie began to say. "From more people than just you." Carrie added.

Adam frowned, then relaxed and nodded. "Say no more, esteemed Sister-in-law, for I have the answer!"

Adam and Carrie stood in the area outside Mr Edwards' old house. His pink and purple old house. Luckily for Adam, he couldn't see it.

Adam got to work, constructing away with Carrie's confused assistance.

After a long and very taxing afternoon, Adam and Carrie went their separate ways. Adam had given Carrie her instructions. She would go about her normal, uneventful business as usual for the next few days.




Mary Kendall loved her husband, and tolerated his unusual habits. However, fellow faculty member Hester Sue Terhoun was not limited by the same emotional shackle.

"Adam Kendall!" Hester Sue yelled across the school, correctly deducing the source of the racket. "What is that infernal noise you're keeping me up with?"

"Just got an axe to grind, Hester Sue." Adam replied, and returned to his scraping. Mary, lying awake next to him, sent her mind into overdrive wondering exactly what her husband needed a sharped axe for.

Adam slipped out into the morning mist. Charles, over at the Ingalls, saw Adam's silhouette in the mist near a stream, and ran screaming to Reverend Alden about ghosts. Alden whacked him over the head with a bible and sent him to Doctor Baker. Doctor Baker thumped him with a stethoscope and sent him to Eliza Jane. Eliza Jane poked him with pointing stick and sent him to Caroline. Caroline fed him and sent him to work.

For the next few days, breakfast at the blind school was a rather more orderly affair, as Adam was nowhere to be seen. Of course, to his wife and students, this was nothing new.

Hester Sue glared at her immature colleagues who did not let their sightlessness stop them from eyeing each other. Hester Sue felt like throwing up, though she was unsure whether it was due to the Kendalls' cooking or the Kendalls' flirting. Since Adam was back for breakfast, clearly his scheming had reached a new step.

Carrie waited at the spot at the time Adam had asked. Carrie waited. And waited. As the seconds stretched into minutes, Carrie was severely agitated. Where was her adoring public? The minutes stretched into an hour. Carrie was frightened, tired and hungry. Adam had failed her.

Carrie looked up, and her heart nearly stopped with fright. A great green dragon was bearing down on the tiny glasshouse around her. The Dragon dived and reared, its great outstretched claws ripped into the dirt just outside the glasshouse. Carrie screamed in utter terror. The Dragon flapped away, and Carrie thought about making a mad dash for safety when she saw the dragon reappear. The Dragon dived and as it got closer, fire began to stream out of its gaping maw. Carrie buried her face in her hands, screaming hysterically.

Suddenly the glass shattered, showing Carrie in shards of broken glass. Carrie looked up. The Dragon was burning to a crisp on the ground and people were running from far and wide, responding to Carrie's screams. By time they got there, all that was left of the dragon was a pile of ash.

Doctor Baker finished patching Carrie up. Her story about a dragon was quite fantastic, and as Charles said, Carrie had quite a vivid imagination. But a dragon? Doctor Baker, in his professional opinion, could only scoff at the very thought (he didn't share that thought with Carrie, who was now the talk of the town).

All around, people were wondering whether Adam was or was not involved. The man in question was only too happy to tell his rather baffled wife.

"Of course it was me, Mary." Adam answered straightforwardly.

"Yes, but was it really you or just Carrie's imagination of you?"

Mary mulled the question over in silence, her back pressed into Adam's.

Adam rolled over. "This Adam fellow seems to be quite an interesting chap, don't you think, Mary." Adam asked playfully.

"Goodnight Adam." Mary replied smiling,

That's all folks!