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"Do you think things would've been different… if we hadn't lost the baby?"

The question is quickly dismissed; an exasperated sigh coming with the simple answer of, "I don't know." Though he passes it off as a pointless question, Amy's words almost seem to stop time and his heart along with it. Could a child have changed everything? Millions of thoughts pass through his mind. Images.

There's a baby in his arms, eyes wide and cheeks rosy.



Amy had always wanted a little Princess.

His precious little girl is curled up against his chest. She has a smile on her face that could cause the angels to sing.


A five-year-old girl with blonde hair is sitting on her daddy's lap, singing along to the children's show theme playing on the television. He tries to sing with her, but doesn't know the words quite as well.

Would Amy have thought he was "never there" anymore?

She's eight years old now, putting on a play with her friends. She's playing the Princess. He watches her with a grin; she's quite a good little actress.

He gets in his car and makes his way to the post office to get the magazine.

She's a teenager now… going through many changes taking an interest in boys. He hopes that for the sake of their lives, said boys will stay away from his daughter.

He turns the wheel of the car.

She's heading off to college in what seems to him like a far away world. He wants her to stay, but knows she can't.

He curses at another driver for cutting him off.

She's all grown up now… living her own life. There's a husband by her side and a baby in her belly.

He arrives at his destination and finds himself distracted from his thoughts by the Officer asking if he has a moment. He doesn't.

Too many thoughts and too many distractions.

She has her own family now and he couldn't be happier for her. He's so proud of his little girl.

Even as he enters the post office the question still rings in his ears.

Could things have been different?