Hello people.

Yes, I realise I may be penalized for this as this isn't a story but a note

but ...

I had a thought, and after returning to my old account, I wondered if any of you would be interested in seeing any particular stories from this account on my new one.

Yes, although I said quite a few things were stupid and/or shithouse, I made a new account.

But, apart from certain topics, I can continue with certain stories.

So, do tell, link is on my profile or my penname: midnight vinyls

And, if you wish to abuse me for something I said, go ahead. I'll get back to you asap. Maybe. Probably not. Ah well.

As far as I can remember, stories as follows:

Not Quite Pure (one I do wish to continue) ((Vampire Knight))

Senior Skip Day (that was fun, will continue in the near future) ((Twilight))

Crash, Bang, Boom (apparently I have to) ((Naruto))

Hit The Road (so-so) ((Twilight))

Moments in the Sun (this has to be continued as well, pshaw) ((Harry Potter))

Yeah, that's all I can remember. I suck, I really do.

So, that's all folks. And, do respond in one way or another, because I love hearing your thoughts.


melonjane, now midnight vinyls