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CHAPTER I: A New Beginning

The battle was an arduous one. Jack was absolutely tired but he thought to himself that he should carry one. Here beside him was Ridley almost as badly wounded as he was but that didn't matter. They had defeated Aphelion and Quasar was dead. It was all worth it… but the death of Ganz was still a burden on Jack. He did not expect him to be there. The former Captain was one of his most loved friends. He began to sob as he recalled Ganz's last words.

"Jack?" Ridley wondered why he was sobbing. "I can't believe he's gone… the captain." Ridley knew what Jack felt. She too had been saddened by the loss of Ganz.

"We can't be like this, Jack. He would have wanted us to go on with our lives."

They continued to walk, their hearts heavy with emotions. Sadness and happiness all at the same time, tears streaming down their faces. But as the night loomed on, so did the structure that was Radiata Castle as it rose above all the others. They had arrived at Lupus Gate and the castle awaited their return. Walking along the town that night, it was quite lonely. All the inhabitants of the city were asleep in their homes. Even the guards that usually patrolled at night weren't in sight. They were probably at the castle.

Finally arriving at the gate, they saw the familiar guard who always kept watch. The guard was startled by the appearance of the two.

"L-lady Ridley! You have returned to Radiata!" the guard scurried off into the castle. Minutes later, he came back accompanied by a familiar face.

"Ridley. Jack. I see you have returned to us." Lord Larks held open his arms, welcoming them as he approached. "But you do know that you have been branded as traitors, correct?"

"Yes, Lord Larks. But it's all over now." said Ridley. "Yup. It's all done now." Jack scratched his head, an old habit he kept.

"I see." Larks scanned the twos bodies and saw their injuries. "Escort these two to the infirmary. Bring some hot food and watch them for the night. Inform me if anything happens." with that Larks left the Jack and Ridley along with the guard.

After that, they were escorted to the infirmary where they were attended to. Their wounds were being treated and they were fed until they were satisfied but the meal didn't seem to appealing at the moment. Despite emerging victorious from the now won battle, they were still unsure of what would happen. How would they continue to live on… and what of the fairy creatures? Lord Zane was still alive and still held Fort Helencia. Surely there would be an attack any time and with the fort so close, who knows what could happen.

Jack never thought of things so seriously before, he had always been a happy-go-lucky boy. But this time, the thoughts came to him, flooding him with more than he could handle. Eventually, his eyelids grew heavy and began to droop down, adding to his drowsiness and whisking him off to sleep.

When morning rolled in, Jack woke up as lively as ever, as if everything had just been washed away. His body was light and the pain from the wounds had already gone. Looking to his side, he no longer found Ridley lying on the bed. Instead, he found a note.

"Dear Jack,

If you are reading this then please do not worry about me. I'm just going about with business in the castle.

You can go out to the town if you like, just try to avoid doing anything stupid.

Yours truly, Ridley"

Putting the note aside, Jack plopped back into bed. He had hoped to rest just a bit more but he was then startled by an all too familiar voice.

"I see you're up, monkey brain." Jack saw that it was Al, the castle steward. He remembered how constantly annoying the guy was.

"Yeah, I miss you too, Al." Jack was sarcastic. Al was not pleased, however. "Yes, yes, I'm sure. But please, clear the infirmary immediately. We wouldn't want you loitering about the castle, now would we?" Al got Jack off the bed and began to push behind him. Jack could have sworn that Al was getting rid of him.

This lasted until they had reached the castle gate leading to the Yellow Town. It was there that Al shoved Jack a final time before taking his leave back into the castle.

"That guy really bugs me!" Jack said to himself, frustrated with Al.

He looked down the path into the town, the familiar one that he knew led down to Theater Vancoor. Thinking about it, since he left, everybody in the guild was after him. He remembered that when he was venturing about and going on errands for the fairy creatures that he would see them roaming about the country sides, patrolling for him or any enemies. What would happen if he returned now? Would he be an outcast, hated by the guild? Or would it all be a thing of the past and they'd welcome him once more? Jack was not a knight, he had no other place to go and the castle always made him feel so small, so aware of how little he meant to the world, to Radiata. Even though he had actually saved everyone, no one knew of his heroic feats. No one would celebrate his name. Mustering some courage, he began to move down the steps and into the town.

Here he stood now in front of Theater Vancoor. He didn't want to draw too much attention so instead of taking the main door, he went around to the side and took the back entrance. Luckily, no one was walking about the corridors when he came in. He saw the stairs and took them up to the fourth floor. There was one purpose why he came here. He wanted to see the chief. He recalled their battle. It was a long one but in the end he did manage to defeat her. But he got lucky, he was not nearly skilled enough to even be on par with her.

Standing before the familiar single door on the final floor, he hesitated to knock. Usually, the chief was down in the sewers at the altar. Biting his lip, he knocked on the door. There was no answer. He curled his hands into fists and pounded harder. A voice answered back.

"Come in." Elwen spoke back.

Jack came in slowly. He expected her to be surprised with his sudden return but she did not give him the satisfaction. Elwen was never one to be surprised by such things. She merely stayed at her desk, unfazed by Jack.

"You have returned, Jack Russell." her voice devoid of emotion. "Yeah, chief." he replied. "I'm back."

"If I'm still here, then this means that the Gold Dragon Quasar lies dead." "Yes. The Gold Dragon has died along with Aphelion."

"You know, chief, I was kinda hoping to get my job back." Elwen laughed. "Really now, Jack? You are a traitor to Radiata. You left the kingdom and fought alongside the fairy creatures in the war. Did you expect that you could just come waltzing back in and that everything would be fine?"

Elwen stood from her seat and drew the Avcoor before Jack's face, pointing it at him. "You, Jack Russell, defeat me." she stood steady.

"Why? I don't see a reason why I should fight you, chief." she shook her head. "Show me your strength, Jack. Do you remember what strength is?"

"True strength is when you fight to protect another." he repeated her words. "Yes, Jack. If you manage to defeat me, then I will not question why you left." she left the room and headed for the training ground. Jack followed.

"Draw your sword." she commanded him. "Fine. I'll defeat you!" she laughed again. "Maybe, Jack. Just maybe."

Elwen quickly struck. Her blow was fast, almost invisible but Jack managed to dodge it. He lunged at her but she merely stepped aside. He attacked, swinging his sword to the left but Elwen blocked it with her sword without as much as much effort as needed. She pushed his blade away and went on the offensive again. Swinging down, she hit the ground and made small bits of rubble fly upward. Jack dodged it by jumping back but landed on his butt. Elwen quickly lunged towards him, taking the opportunity of his fall. Jack rolled away when she came close and crashed into the wall. Quickly getting up, he anticipated another attack. Quicker than before, she lashed out and sent Jack's sword flying clean out of his hands. It landed only a few feet away. Jack took a quick look at it and wondered if he could get to it. He jumped for it and landed on the floor. Grabbing the hilt, he managed to block just in time before a downward swing hit him. Elwen stood in front of him, overpowering him. He tried to resist, putting every ounce of strength in his arms to just hold her off. Thinking quickly, Jack let up on his hold and rolled out of the stalemate, making Elwen lose her balance. Seeing an opportunity, Jack got up and swung his sword as hard as he could. His blow connected and landed on her sword, flinging it into the air. Elwen was dazed by the sudden attack and loss of her weapon. Jack then pointed the tip of his sword to her neck.

"I won, chief." he said, lowering his sword. "It appears that you have grown, Jack." Elwen walked over to her fallen sword. "And you have earned my trust."

"Yeah. But that still won't clean me of my deeds." Elwen placed a hand on his shoulder. "No, Jack, it won't. But you did what you had to do. You acted on what you thought was right." she patted him on the shoulder and walked through the door and back into the building.

Jack followed soon after and went down to the first floor. There, he saw the usual Thanos lazing about at the front desk.

"Hey there kiddo. Heard you beat the chief." said Thanos, lazy as always. "Yup. Say, is my room still vacant?" Thanos scratched his head. "Well, yeah. A bit messy though."

Jack nodded in affirmation to Thanos and left the guild. He walked down the familiar path and wound up at his lodging. When he went inside, he saw that it had not changed that much. It was a bit dusty but then again, Jack never bothered to clean his room anyway. Some of his stuff was still littered about the room. He sat on his bed and placed his sword in his lap. He held up the Arbitrator and gazed upon it, his eyes gleaming with worry.

"Did I do the right thing… dad?" Jack touched his father's sword with his hand, feeling the cold steel. Setting his sword aside, he set himself on his bed and fell asleep. He was weary from the fight with the chief and he wanted to rest.

The next day, Jack woke up to a good start. He stretched on the bridge above his room, getting his joints to loosen up. The old faces that usually came by at that time shot him strange looks but nobody did anything to him. After his stretching activities, he went back to the guild, this time using the front door. He was then greeted by a surprised Thanos.

"Hey there. Kinda awkward but I guess I gotta call you chief now." Thanos scratched his head. "What are you talking about? Did you finally lose your mind or something?" Jack wondered what Thanos was talking about.

"Oh, I forgot. This is for you. The chief left it." he brought out a small letter from his desk. Jack walked over to get it. Opening it, he read Elwen's familiar penmanship.

'To Jack Russel,

It has been a long time since I have witnessed one such as you, Jack. When you first joined this guild you were nothing more than an eager child.

But over the course of your stay with us, you have grown little by little. You showed that you were more than just another warrior, but a strong one with a heart.

And then on one night, you made the largest choice in your entire life and that was to do what you thought was right.

I remember when we fought at the end of the world and how you stated that you fought to protect something. That is true strength, Jack.

And once again, you have bested my in combat using the same strength. You have fought to protect what you believe in, Jack and there is no other greater form of power.

I have lived a long time, Jack. But over the course of that time I have forgotten what true strength is. I once loved a man and still do and did everything in my power to continue on his

legacy. But now, I see that I have forgotten what it I was truly supposed to do.

If you are reading this then it means that I have already left on a new journey, a journey that I hope will help me realize what it means to have true strength.

This is my parting gift to you, Jack Russell.

You are now chief of Theater Vancoor. Live long and prosper, Jack.

One day, I will return and I look forward to seeing how you will have grown.

Until we meet again.


"I'm the new chief!" Jack jumped a bit. "Looks like it. Now get your ass up to your office. Deputy Gerald will fill you in." Thanos pointed to the stairs.

Jack rushed to his office and like Thanos said, Gerald was waiting inside.

"I dunno what the chief was thinking but hey, it's what she said." said Gerald as he saw Jack enter the room. "What exactly do I do as chief?"

Gerald cleared his throat. "Simple. You just have to run the guild as you see fit. There's paper work from time to time but it's nothing you can't handle."

"Is that it?" Jack responded. "If anything big does come up, then you have to make the decisions. Hey, if Jarvis can run a squad I'm sure you can handle this."

Gerald laughed as he left Jack in the room. Jack looked over to Elwen's desk and sat in the chair behind it.

"I won't let you down, chief." he slumped into the chair more. "I can't wait to tell Ridley!" he happily exclaimed.

From now on, things would be different for Jack. He was now chief of Theater Vancoor. Life would continue from now on.

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