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(Itachi's view)

No matter how hard I try...

To keep it together...

Everything alway's seems to fall apart..

Around me...

The piece's s continue to rain down...

This time... I can't ignore...

I'm the cause of their agony...

I didn't sleep that night, I stared at the moon, praying for dream's to take me.. Though in my heart I knew they never would..

When dawn began to wash over the land, I felt my heart sink deeper into the darkness as I watched Hinata sstumble out of the tent.

I managed to catch her before she hit the ground..

" I can see color's 'Tachi.." She murmured as she tried to face the sun..

I kissed her forehead softly.. " It's the dawn Hinata..."

A soft smile graced her lips, " Do you remember how we met 'Tachi?.."

I smiled softly... Even though she couldn't see it..

* Flash Back*

I was walking down the shore by the lake..

When I heard a soft sobbing, it pulled at my heart..

And made me feel a strange agony..

Absentmindedly I found myself searching the wild grass, until I found a small child. With raven tresses..

My eye's widened slightly when I realised it was a girl, I feared the worst as I shook her shoulder..

" H-h-hi-i" the girl murmured, with a voice so sweet it sounded like a melody I once listened too...

" Hn, what do you cry?" I tried not to sound worried, but the feeling still found it's way back into my voice..

She looked at me through heavy lidded eye's, I noticed their strange lavender color and smiled softly...

" My nniisan... T-t-t-tol-l-d me h-h-he w-wis-shed I w-w-was D-d-dead." The little girl sobbed, and with each tear I felt my heart rip ..

I pulled her in to a hug awkwardly, holding her like she was made of glass..

I rubbed her back gently, " I do not.." I said it without thinking and I hoped she hadn't heard me..

She pulled back and smiled weakly... " My name's Hyuuga Hinata" She said so softly I had to strain my ears to hear her..

" Uchiha Itachi."

She smiled and looked at the moon. " You must feel so alone.."

I frowned " Why?.."

She looked at me.. " Your feared, and revered.. Noone see's beyond your accomplishment's... And your own family trie's to use you. And whenever someone approaches you it's for important thing's never just to say hi..."

She murmured shyly.. " They don't try to see behind your mask, or the thin wall's you built to hide yourself behind.. They don't try to get to kknow you..They don't see, that all you want is peace... That you hate that you have to fight, but you understand you need too.."

" That you have to be strong enough to protect those you love.."
I looked away from Hinata, at the moon.. How did she?...

" It's getting late " I whispered softly...

She smiled weakly... " Or that you push everyone away when you feel scared.. .."

She pulled away and began to walk up the path that lead from the shore to the training ground's...

She hesitated for a moment , and turned around so she was facing me... " Goodnight fiance.. "

With that she ran up the path and disappeared from my sight..

I didn't move...

That was the girl... I was to marry in little more than a year..

I sighed... What was this feeling ?...

" She made me feel like I was alive again.."

* Flashback end's*

I chuckled... " I could never forget that.."

She smiled widely.. " Come on, let's go home.."

Without another word I shook Sasuke's ankle to wake him and began to pack up camp..

"As you wish Angel.. "I murmured