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Uchiha Sasuke was irritated, more so than usual. the cause for his unusually sour mood, more like causes, were that first off, it was the first day of school after three months of summer vacation, and off course no normal student would be glad to be back. He remembered oh so clearly that just a few months back, he had given his major O level exams, and now having to study A levels, which were definitely much harder than O levels, was ticking him off slightly. It was the difficulty of his studies that bothered him, no, in fact anyone who knew Sasuke would know that he'd excel in whatever he did; it was a gift. In fact he was more worried about how his dumb blonde friend would keep pestering him throughout the year about helping him study. Sasuke was a genius, but Naruto, his annoying, loud, dobe of a best friend was lousy at school so he'd always pester Sasuke for help.

Speaking of the dobe, he was currently sitting next to Sasuke, conversing, rather loudly with Kiba. The stupid idiots were screaming their heads off about being glad to be back or something. In fact the whole class was ecstatically yapping away, due to their sensei's tardiness. That was another cause for Sasuke's aggravation. It was the last lesson for the day and their teacher was fifteen minutes late.

However, these were all minor causes for Sasuke's foul mood. The real reason had its roots somewhere else….

Sasuke glanced outside the window for the fifteenth time in those fifteen minutes and glared at the site.

"Dark clouds…..Shit! It's going to rain." Sasuke glared at the sky, and glanced at the clock yet again. "What! It's only been twenty seconds since I last looked at the time. How is that even possible? Man, why can't the lesson just end before it rains…." Sasuke thought angrily.

"Hey Sasuke!" The annoying blonde's voice rang in his ears, "You idiot are you even listening to me?" Naruto started flailing his arms in front of Sasuke's face.

A vein popped in Sasuke's head and he spoke, in a dangerously low voice, "Naruto…would it kill you to SPEAK QUIETLY ONCE IN A WHILE!" Sasuke almost yelled out the last part.

"Geez teme you're the one who's yelling. I was only asking you if you'd help me study this year too, but obviously you're not in a mood to talk."Naruto replied, rather teasingly. "What's gotten you so riled up anyway?" He asked, slightly concerned with Sasuke's behavior.

"It's going to rain."Sasuke answered plainly, turning his head back to the window.

"What!"Naruto screamed in disbelief, "Don't tell me dear little Sasu-chan is afraid of getting wet? Hahahahaha!" Sasuke's fist made contact with Naruto's head, "OUCH! Teme I was only kidding. Seriously though I thought you liked the rain…"Naruto said while rubbing the bump on his head.

"Yeah I used to."Sasuke replied curtly. That is until the Uchiha curse kicked in.

"Well relax, it's not like the rain will affect you when you're indoors right?"Naruto replied and turned his attention to the door through which their teacher finally cringed as he recognized their Math sensei: they had Kakashi again this entered the class with an apologetic look on his face, and though it was hard to tell due to the mask covering his face,Sasuke could tell that Kakashi was smiling.

The class exploded into exclamations of something along the lines of "You're late Kakashi-sensei!", but Sasuke wasn't really paying attention. His attention was diverted once again to the window, where the first few drops of rain had already hit the ground.

Well at least I still have fifteen minutes before the curse kicks in. Sasuke sighed. He used to love the rain, up until his last birthday, that is up until he turned seventeen. That's when the Uchiha curse had started. Now, every time it rained, after about fifteen minutes since the first rain drop pelted the ground, Sasuke would feel the curse taking over his body. Every cell in his body would start to tingle, until Sasuke would transform into a…..

"Awwww maaaaan!"Naruto whined, bringing Sasuke out of his train of thoughts.

Sasuke glanced around the class and saw everyone was wearing frowns and groaning.

What did Kakashi say anyway that everyone's whining? Sasuke wondered.

"Sorry class but ...Uh you know the principal said so and well…you all know that she's someone you can't argue with." Kakashi apologized sincerely, and then cleared his throat loudly in order to get the class' attention, "Anyway, the new seating list will be put up on the teacher's desk tomorrow so you will sit accordingly starting tomorrow."

So that's what these goofs were whining ! To think they should have grown up by now I mean what's so bad about a seating list, there are a lot worse things that can happe…The downside of Kakashi's words hit him like a bolt of lightning.Shit what if I get stuck with one of my.., he gulped, fan girls…No! Sasuke mentally screamed. He noticed that the class was back to chattering away, they must have conned Kakashi into giving a free lesson.

Soon enough the bell rang and everyone practically jumped out of sighed in relief, there were still a few minutes to spare before the curse would transform him. At least his secret was safe… for now…

Suddenly there was a puff of smoke and, to Sasuke, the room suddenly grew bigger. He pounced on the windowsill, on all four of his furry paws, and jumped out, landing safely on his feet..Er.., the curse had taken over and now Sasuke, in his cat form, was bounding down the footpath, wondering what he should do to kill the hour.

Sakura ran down the footpath, the rain pouring down quite heavily now. Her pink hair was near drenched, while her uniform was clinging to her. She cursed herself for not bringing an umbrella with her, because now she had to suffer through the chilly wind that was blowing at her already wet form. Although it was only the beginning of September, it was actually getting pretty cold…Or maybe it's just my stupid fault for not bringing an umbrella. Sakura reprimanded herself. She turned around a corner and ran into a dark alley. A shiver ran down her spine as she neared the end of the alley, not from the cold, no, there was a different reason….

Coming closer to the end of the alley, one could observe a small flight of stairs, three to be exact, and there was a shade over them. Sakura slowed down to a walk as she neared the door to her house. Hesitantly she opened the door, only to be greeted by darkness. Sakura gulped, she had known something bad was going to happen when she entered the alley leading to her house. It was her uncle's temper that had made her shiver a few seconds ago….

"SAKURA! You stupid girl! Didn't you pay the electricity bill yesterday?" her uncle yelled angrily at her, causing another shiver to run down Sakura's spine.

"Uncle I-I went y-yesterday, b-but it was too late and their office was closed, s-so..." Sakura stammered.

"I don't want your excuses!" he yelled, "Just give me the bill and I'll go pay, since you can't be expected to do anything right." He reprimanded her, and angrily stormed off to his room, slamming the door behind him.

Sakura sighed and grabbed the bill off the table lying in the kitchen. She knew her uncle had only escaped into the room to smoke, that's what he always did. Hurrying to her small room, she changed her clothes and grabbed an umbrella. Opening the door to leave her small house, she saw a pair of onyx eyes staring up at her curiously.

Sakura smiled at the little cat that was sitting at the door, the cat was drenched, and slightly trembling. She knelt down and attempted to stroke the cat, who complied and let her slide her hand across it's wet body. The cat slowly became at ease with her touch and nuzzled its nose against her pants leg.

"Aw, what's a sweet little cat doing out here in this dirty place?" Sakura asked the little, black colored fur ball. The cat just purred in response, looking up at the pink haired girl.

Sakura slid down against the door, and made herself comfortable on the steps. She then held the cat and placed it on her lap.

"You poor thing, you're absolutely wet!" she exclaimed, "Well at least this way you can get a little warm." She said while stroking the cat. The cat gave her an inquiring look and then glanced at the door she was leaning against, as if asking Sakura about what had happened inside. Sakura smiled sheepishly and said "Oh well... My uncle is just... You could say he's still in stress due to his life's circumstances..." Her statement earned a curious meow from her little companion.

Suddenly Sakura's body began to shiver, and she removed her hand from the cat and placed it to her side, clenching it tightly into a fist. A wet liquid ran down the side of her cheek, causing the fur ball to climb up to her face and stare at her shocked. Sakura wiped her face and smiled at the cat, whose concerned eyes were staring intently at her own green orbs. The cat suddenly nuzzled it's nose against her cheek.

"Well I have no idea where those tears just came from…But you know, after all these years, I really want to talk to someone." Sakura sighed and continued rather quietly, "My parents died when I was in eighth grade and ever since then I've been living with my uncle. The only reason he adopted me was because his own wife died about the same time as my parents. So after their death I've been living in this small place. My uncle can only afford to pay the rent of this place so we have to make due with this little apartment. It's not so bad though, I mean at least I have a place to live but it would be better if uncle would give up his smoking and drinking habits." The cat looked at her and meowed. "You see…Ever since his wife died, uncle's been depressed so he resorted to these things. Plus he makes me pay the bills and all so one slip up, and automatically the blame's on me." Sakura smiled bitterly, "Anyway, my uncle's really strict. Did you know I haven't had anyone come over to my place since eighth grade? Yep, it's because uncle doesn't allow it. There isn't much to show my friends in there anyway…" Sakura trailed off, her tone melancholic as she told her tale, but then a bright smile appeared on her face and she continued, "But I'm not going to let all this get to me. I mean, I can go to school, and I don't have to live in the orphanage y'know? And one day I'm going to change our lives for the better, it may take a while, but I've promised myself that one day, I'm going to make my own life better." Sakura's smile was still plastered on her face as she scratched the ears of the little fur ball.

Suddenly the cat jumped out of Sakura's lap, earning a surprised yelp from the girl, and nodded at her and scurried away.

Hmm...He must've had somewhere to go to. Another smile made its way on her face as she whispered a quiet "Thank you", and got up to her feet. Checking her watch, Sakura opened up her umbrella and headed over to the office, hurrying. After all she had her own job to go to later…

Sasuke scurried away, out of the alley that he had been in earlier and climbed up the nearest tree. It had been almost an hour since he had turned into a cat, and it was almost time for the curse to undo itself. He sat in the tree and pondered over all that he had heard from the girl. He hadn't expected any of it… originally he had seen a flash of pink hurrying into an alley and recognized it as Sakura, a girl in his class. He had decided to follow her out of curiosity, and then his kitty ears had picked up on yelling coming from behind a door, which Sasuke had assumed was her house. Sasuke had stood at the steps in order to hear a little better. He had intended to run away the minute the girl saw him, but that's when his cat brain had taken over, and so he had to stay, despite his own desire to escape. His cat brain had been enjoying the stroking, and so it refused to budge from its spot in Sakura's lap. Suddenly in a puff of smoke Sasuke reverted back to his human form.

Tch! He thought irritated, and I thought that after three months I had full control of the cat mind. But apparently, it thinks on its own when it's near Sakura… Still, I had no idea that that girl lived in such miserable conditions, imean she's always so happy at school that it's hard to tell…Hmm, she's quite an interesting girl…a smirk made its way onto Sasuke's face as he leapt off the tree and made his way home.