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She stared wide-eyed, in utter shock, unable to process the information that had been given to her. How was she supposed to believe it? How could it be? The unbelievable words played over and over in her head; "I'm sorry…he is no longer among us…"

When her head began to comprehend this crucial information, she screamed. Tears were streaming down her face before she knew it. It was obvious, her life was shattered, the dreams- the life she had been aiming for- they could no longer come true. How could he just leave her like this? How could he betray the promises he had made to her? How could he simply leave her like this? How could h-

Mikoto, almost on the verge of crying, switched off the television when she heard the front door open. Really, she needed to stop watching such depressing stuff; nowadays every young man in her soap operas reminded her of Sasuke, and any young woman reminded her of her soon to be daughter-in-law. Thus, any time someone would die, or have an accident or whatever, her mind would immediately drift to her precious son and his fiancé. Strange thoughts would come to her mind, what if her little Sasuke-chan…? No! I mustn't think of these things right now; Sasuke-chan and Fugaku just came home. My son's about to get married in some time, and the family is finally together after a long time. Must think happy thoughts, must think happy thoughts…she told herself. She then made her way to the hall way, where her son indeed was slipping off his shoes. Looking at him, she smiled, thinking of the little time that was left before he'd be getting married. They grow up so fast… she sighed contently.

The first thing that Sasuke noticed when he came home that day was the distinct aroma of food wafting around. To any other person, it wouldn't strike as out of place, it'd just seem like Mikoto was making one of her delicious meals; Sasuke, however, could tell there was something different. His suspicions were materialized into conviction when he noticed the extra pair of shoes lying in the corner. Yes, something was definitely different, and Sasuke was pleased to note that the change was one that he liked very much…Sakura was back.

He greeted his mother at the door, and her knowing smile was enough to explain to Sasuke that yes, Sakura really was back.

To say he was excited to see her again was an understatement; he was absolutely thrilled! After all it had been about five years. Sure he had been home during those five years, but somehow, the Sound had this annoying tendency to give him days off when Sakura didn't have them off. So whenever he would visit home, despite how rare that was, he'd always find out that either Sakura had already came and left, or she was due to come in a few weeks. All in all it meant that they never really got to see each other, and the only conversations they managed to have, had been over the phone, or by mail. In fact, it was actually in one of the mails that Sasuke had found out that Sakura had finished her theoretical studies about three months ago, but she had to stay because, thanks to her mentor, the infamous medic Tsunade, she had gotten to work shifts at the hospital to increase her experience. She had become a great doctor, that much he knew; after all, the world renowned medic herself had chosen Sakura as her apprentice.

Leaning against the door frame of the kitchen, Sasuke observed the pink haired girl, no woman, he corrected himself, in front of him. She had grown, that was for sure; it was evident even though she had her back to him. Her hair was shorter, shoulder length to be exact. Sasuke observed her in an amused manner; she was completely focused on the task at hand, completely unaware of his presence. She was humming a tune quietly to herself, and Sasuke could picture the smile gracing her face as she stirred the mixture in the pot.

She seemed to fit in so perfectly. Although she had been absent from the household for a number of years, she still seemed to know exactly what she was doing; she knew where every dish, every ingredient was located, as if she had lived there the whole time. Watching her manoeuvre about in the kitchen, Sasuke realized how much he really had missed her, and how much he wanted to see her face!

Soundlessly strolling over behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, his head burying itself in the side of her neck, and whispered "Welcome back."

Sakura had been so surprised by the sudden gesture that she had actually jerked forward for a second, causing the spoon in her hands to fall in the pot, with a splash. Once she realized what was going on, she abruptly turned in his arms, facing him, a scowl in place.

"Don't you know that you shouldn't sneak up on a person when they're making something? You could have gotten burned!" she reprimanded. When all he did was give a small smile, she wrapped her own arms around his neck.

Sasuke, his face now buried in her hair, murmured "You know, I didn't think it was possible but, you're even more beautiful than I remember. What ever happened to the big fore- headed girl, with the amazing green eyes?" he teased, and sakura could actually feel him smirk into her hair.

"The same thing that happened to the arrogant boy whom I remember," she said teasingly, moving her head away so that she could look at his face. "She grew up." She smiled.

Sasuke just looked down at her face, and leaned in. The two of them shared a passionate kiss. When they pulled apart, rather reluctantly on both parts, Sakura slid her arms so that they were now resting on his chest, her face buried in the hollow base of his neck. Sasuke's head rested on top of Sakura's head, his face tilted a bit to the left. They were focused only on each other, like they were covered by some sort of invisible bubble, his arms wrapped around her waist, as they swayed slightly in a fluid rhythmic movement.

"I really missed you." She said into his chest, his eyes softened as he moved one hand to Sakura's hair, running his fingers through her soft pink locks. "Aa." He said, nuzzling his cheek in her hair.

"Is that all you can say after five years?" Sakura said, her voice held this bitterness. Sasuke noted vaguely that she still had the same temperamental nature; what had he been saying about her changing? Smirking teasingly, he replied "Aa." He almost laughed when Sakura gruffly pulled away from him in irritation, and turned to the side, her arms crossed over her chest. Sasuke smiled and pulled her into another hug, "Fine, I missed you too. Happy?" Sakura smiled, as he captured her in another kiss.

Mikoto smiled happily as she witnessed the interaction between her son and her soon to be daughter-in-law. Sasuke had noted his mother's presence a while ago, but made no move to acknowledge it; his only priority right now was the woman in his arms, his precious Sakura. It had been five years after all, and he wasn't willing to allow anything, not even his parents' and brother's boring eyes, come between him and her. Sasuke's grip around Sakura's waist tightened as he rested his forehead on top of hers. They stared into each other's eyes, completely mesmerized, as if nothing in the world could tear them apart; that is until, Sakura tore herself away from Sasuke. Sasuke caught a frantic look in her eyes before she jerked herself away from him, exclaiming an "Oh! The food!" She then rushed to the stove, hastily preventing the food from burning. Sasuke just glared at the pot which held Sakura's attention; if he hadn't inherited the Uchiha's natural ability to maintain a calm exterior, he would have beaten the pot into a dented heap already. However, he was an Uchiha, and as a consequence of that, he maintained his cool, and resorted to just leaning against a wall and listening to Sakura hum in the voice he had missed hearing.

Sakura hadn't even been there a week before the long and exhaustive task of planning her own wedding was hurled at her. Off course, Mikoto and Ino, Hinata and Tenten had more than willingly helped, but despite that, the task had proven itself to be tedious. They had spent two weeks getting everything finalized, and it was a relief when the work had finally finished. I mean, they had practically gone through EVERY clothing store in the city just to finalize the outfits; choosing the clothes would have been easier if it hadn't been for the fact that Ino and Tenten started squabbling over their differences in taste, and owing to that fact, reaching a unanimous decision was made ten times more difficult!

When, finally, the clothes were decided upon, there were still the invitations, the venue, the music, the cake and whatnot! It was just a little bit harder because Sasuke had left everything up to Sakura, saying that he was satisfied with whatever Sakura decided. So Sakura had to go through various decoration samples, cake flavors, locations and God knows what else before everything was finally dealt with. She was glad to get a breather after two weeks straight of all this planning.

It hadn't been all bad, she supposed, I mean it was exciting if not anything else. The only part that bothered her was the fact that she barely got to see Sasuke in those two weeks. He'd leave early in the morning for work, coming home near dinner time, and after that both of them were so dead tired that they would just fall asleep, well aware of the fact that they had a lot of work ahead of them.

So it was no surprise that Sakura practically jumped at the opportunity to take a walk with Sasuke when the opportunity made itself appear. Walking down the slightly busy streets, her fingers intertwined in Sasuke's, her head slightly leaning on Sasuke's broad shoulders; Sakura had never felt so at peace and content. It was as if the two weeks suddenly melted away and it was just the two of them once more. It happened to her more and more often, Sakura closed her eyes in contentment, the more she was with Sasuke, the lesser everything else seemed to matter; he was everything to her, and she hoped that she was his everything too.

Sakura opened her eyes when she felt something stroking her cheek. It was Sasuke, he was smiling down at her.

"You shouldn't close your eyes while your walking, you could fall and hurt yourself." He told her, and sakura could hear the concern in his voice even though he didn't voice it.

"I won't fall." She replied, "You wouldn't let me." She added, smiling ass she lifted her head from his shoulder. Sakura could swear she saw disappointment on Sasuke's face for a second there.

"Why did you lift your head? I liked it there." Sasuke said, looking straight ahead. Sakura giggled, she knew he wasn't too comfortable when he talked about feelings. Sakura was about to place her head back on his shoulder, when she felt something bump into her, and she jerked forward, her fingers slipping out of Sasuke's hand. She fell onto the cobblestone street with a thud, her back ached and she let out a groan, wincing in pain. Worse still, the person who had bumped into her was on top of her. Before Sakura could even yell at the idiot for being so careless, or before he could even apologize, Sakura felt him get off her. Actually, it was more like he was yanked off her by the back of his collar, by a very angry looking Sasuke.

The guy, who was probably nineteen years old, was shoved into a wall, Sasuke still holding on to his collar, seethed with anger.

"Hey you! You should be more careful!" Sasuke scolded him, giving him the Uchiha glare. The boy cowered in fear, "I'm sorry! I-I wasn't seeing where I was goin-" he stammered out.

"Damn right you weren't!" Sasuke growled back. Sakura was worried that Sasuke might just strike the poor boy, and although she had wanted to yell at him a second age, she felt sympathy for him; anyone who was on the receiving end of the infamous Uchiha glare, was definitely worth sympathizing with.

Sakura put her hand on Sasuke's back, causing him to turn to her. "Sasuke- kun let him go. The poor guy apologized." Sakura said her tone sympathetic towards the boy. Sasuke loosened his grip on the boy's collar, and gave him one last menacing glare before completely letting him go. "Be more careful." Sakura advised him.

"I'm sorry once again," the boy bowed and dashed away.

"Why did you do that? The poor guy looked traumatized." Sakura turned her attention to Sasuke, who now had his hands stuffed in his pockets, his face still displaying some irritation. Sasuke looked at her, slightly irritated.

"Sakura, that idiot hurt you, and I can't just stand by and watch when someone hurts you right in front of my eyes," Sasuke said, looking at the ground. Sakura was moved; maybe she really was as important to him as he was to her, perhaps even to the point of being his everything. Sasuke then turned to look at Sakura, his eyes showing that he was still a bit peeved, 'And why did you have to sympathize with him? He needs to be more careful, and learn not to bump into other people's fiancés" Sasuke told her.

"Hey, it was an accident, and you completely over reacted!" Sakura reprimanded, hands on her hips.

"Hn. Whatever. Remind me next time to never stand up for you ever again." Sasuke muttered, turning his attention back to the floor. He lifted his head in mild shock when he felt a familiar pressure on his cheek; the oh so familiar feeling of Sakura's soft lips on his cheek made him forget everything and enter a world of pure bliss.

When Sakura pulled away, smile on her face and thanked him for worrying about her, he couldn't keep that damn blush from rising to his cheeks. And her smile, what he wouldn't do just to see that beautiful smile on her face. Stupid emotions! Sasuke cursed; it still amazed him that her little gestures still had so much affect on him, but then again, she was his everything wasn't she?

Fighting off the color that had momentarily risen to his cheeks, and coming out of his fazed state, he took his hands out of his pockets and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her close. She rested her head on his shoulder.

"Should we go home?" Sakura asked, her eyes drooping. Sasuke noticed that she was starting to get tired, and kissed her forehead. "Only if you want to, darling." He added pointedly; now it was his turn to smirk in satisfaction when Sakura's face tinted red.

Sakura stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"You look great!" Ino said excitedly as she fixed Sakura's obi sash. Hinata and Tenten silently nodded in agreement.

"There, you're ready. Just come out in about ten minutes." Ino advised her.

Sakura vaguely nodded, her attention was drawn by her own reflection. When the three girls left her in her dressing room, she didn't even notice. She smiled at her reflection, nervously running a hand through her hair. It was finally the day; her wedding day. There she stood, about ten minutes away from finally marrying her beloved Sasuke, but somehow; she felt this emptiness within her.

Sakura knew what was missing, but she didn't want to think about it just now. It was her parents; they were missing. Sakura was beginning to realize that she would never have that heart felt talk with her mother where she would tell her how much she would miss her, and how much she loved her. She would never get to see the face of her father standing there proudly, but with the crestfallen look in his eyes still prominent. She wouldn't get to have that final family moment that was supposed to be a part of this day.

Sakura's smile turned into a frown; she really should not have thought about all this. There was a knock on the door behind her, and with a lethargic flicker of her eyes, she looked at the door through the mirror.

"Yes?" she said, trying to suppress her sadness as much as possible.

The door opened revealing a very happy looking Mikoto and Fugaku. The pride in their eyes was evident, and the smiles that had made their place permanently on their faces was proof of just how delighted they were.

"Sakura-chan, I just wanted to tell you how happy we are." Mikoto came up to her side, "We know what you must be feeling right now, I'm sure you miss your parents right now, but I just wanted to tell you that, even if they aren't with you, we are." She gestured to herself and Fugaku who was standing right behind Mikoto. "We will be the parents that you've lost, and we'll be here for you. I'm sure your parents must have been very proud of the wonderful young woman you have become. They'd truly be happy, just as we are." She said, smiling at the girl who was now on the verge of tears.

"In fact, we are proud to have you in our family." Fugaku added, and for the first time in her life, Sakura saw his expression soften, and a true smile appear on his face. It was heart warming, everything that they had said. Although it may have been true that Sakura would never meet her parents again, she was content with having Sasuke's parents by her side. She could almost see the face of her mother smiling brightly, yet the hints of tears in her eyes, in Uchiha Mikoto. She could even make out the face of her father in Uchiha Fugaku's softened features, the way he would proudly tell his little girl that she had become a wonderful young lady. Here within these two people who had already gained her love and respect, Sakura could see glimpses of her parents. She realized that even though they might not be here with her , Mikoto and Fugaku would make up for that emptiness; her parents would always be with her through them, their prayers and blessings too. She wanted to preserve the smiles of the two people standing in front of her, and she would do all that she could to make them happy.

"You have our blessings." Mikoto and Fugaku said simultaneously, and Sakura swore she saw reflections of her parents in them.

"Thank you," she whispered and hugged the two of them, and they embraced her back.

"Now let's go before Sasuke-chan gets impatient." Mikoto said, a teasing smile on her face. Sakura swore to herself that she would make sure she'd never let that smile die out.

So Sakura took the first step down the aisle, looking at the beaming faces of her friends from the corner of her eyes. Her eyes were focused forward, where Sasuke stood, a smirk in place but Sakura knew he was nervous as hell. In that aisle lined with Cherry Blossom trees, a pond somewhere in the background, Sakura took her first step; her first step not only towards Sasuke, but a step towards the dreams that she had dreamed. A step towards the new life she had promised herself a long time ago. The first step to the transition from Haruno Sakura to Uchiha Sakura.

It had only been one day after their wedding, and already Sasuke was being pestered by his mother and his brother. What about? Well, let's just say it was something that Sasuke did not wish to speak about. Oh, yes, the dreaded talk of … grandchildren…

"Sasuke-chan! I have to talk with you!" Oh no! She was at it again! Darn, just when he thought he'd lost her. How could she not get distracted by one of her soap operas any more? Was this unnecessary talk really more important to her? Sasuke almost ran for it when he saw his mother come in the living room, in fact he actually did run for it. But unfortunately, Itachi blocked his only escape route.

"Listen Sasuke-chan, this is important!" Mikoto exclaimed, "I want to be a grandma very soon. Oh I can see it now, the little Sasukes and Sakuras running around! And I'll be the perfect grandma too! I'll give them everything they want and spoil them and teach them. Oh I can't wait!" Mikoto said clasping her hands together.

"And I want to be an uncle and tell them stories about their daddy when he was small." Itachi added.

Oh why oh why did Sasuke ever agree to marry Sakura? This was way too much! Maybe he shouldn't have married her…What made him do it anyway?

"I'm home." The voice of said girl echoed in the hallway as she made her way to the living room, hugging her mother-in-law and brother-in-law. She then turned to Sasuke, wrapping her arms around his neck, and he automatically wrapped his around Sakura's waist, kissing him in greeting. When they pulled apart, they rested their foreheads on top of each other's, lost in each other's eyes.

Why did he marry her? Oh right. He married her because in the little moments like these, when the two of them were simply in each other's presence, Sasuke felt like the happiest guy in the whole world. That was why.

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