This is my four story of Yusei and Akiza. In this story Yusei is a young wolf pup. He lost his parents by hunters of vampire killers. He was then raised by an old woman by the name Bluemoon. Now Akiza is a half human and half vampire. Whose her father which was human met her mother the vampire warrior. In this story will have blood, fighting, and curse words use.

By then I hope you enjoy this story.

I don't own any yugioh5d couple or the rest of the characters. Except Bluemoon and Redmoon.


The life of two people

In the clear blue skies, in a deep part of the forest, and where everything was in peace live the proudest animals of all. Wolves. The wolves are the proudest, strongest, and honorable animals in the whole world.

The wolves' mean enemies were vampires. The blood sucking demons that ever walk in this earth. The vampires don't care about people or wolves getting hurt or don't care of how many people they taken lives from, they just drink their blood and enjoy the time of their cursed life.

But with the wolves. They are swore to protect the people with their lives. The humans trusted them a lot and care for them as their own pets. The humans give food to the wolves and water bottles too. The wolves were happy to have them as their most honorable allies.

But with the two leaders of the wolf pack are Bluemoon and Redmoon. They are twin sisters who care the wolves as their own. They are grateful people that helps wolves through trails that are difficult for the wolves to get through.

Back in the forest, inside a den live two wolves. A woman and a man. They are mated lovers who are suppose to have a baby soon. Well their wish just got granted.

Start of Yusei Fudo:

Lately in the morning the father wolf run faster to get to the sisters in their hut. You see the sisters are shape shifters they can transform into wolves. The father wolf knock the door with his paw and the sisters got up and went to the door.

"Oh hello Mr. Fudo." Bluemoon greeted him.

"Hey Mr. Fudo." Redmoon greeted him too. The male wolf bowed.

"Hello my ladies." He said while panting. The girls look at him confused.

"Dear wolf why are you panting so much?" Bluemoon asked.

"My wife is having her baby soon. I need help please!" He answered. The girls look shcoked.

"Oh my, really all right we'll be there. Just tell her to do her breathing okay." Redmoon said to him.

"I will but please hurry!" Mr. Fudo said as he ran back to the den. The girls got their stuff, changed into wolves, ran after him.

About an hour, they arrive inside the den of Fudo's. The girls went inside and saw Mr. Fudo holding his wife's paw.

The girls changed into women again and covered themselves in cloaks. "Okay, we're here." Bluemoon said.

The couple nodded. They changed into their human forms and they were covered with their cloths. The girls get started to help the baby and it's mother so to be.

The mother pushed and pushed hard but gently so she won't hurt the baby. The girls gave her instructs to push and breath gently. The father was holding her hand and telling her you are doing great or you are almost there.

"You doing fine I can the baby's head. Just one more push and he'll be out okay." Blue said to her.

The mother nodded and smiled. She gave a big push till the room was filled with a baby's cries. The couple look and saw their little son. He had jet black hair with yellow stripes, a cute baby face, and he had dark blue eyes. The couple were happy no extremely happy to see their son.

Red got her cleaning cloth and started cleaning the baby boy. He cried softly this time, he was loud when he born into this world. Red cleaned his little hair and smiled that the baby was blushing.

He opened his eyes and saw his world. It was a blur at first but the view begin to clear. He cooed and giggled. They smiled. Then Red handed over to his parents. The mother was happy to see him smile for the first time ever.

The father was jumping for joy that he now has a son. "Dear he is handsome baby boy I have ever seen in my whole life. I wonder what we should name him?" He asked his wife.

"I know of one. Yusei Fudo." His wife answered. He smiled and so did the girls.

"Yusei that's a great name." The father agreed to his wife's answer.

"I bet he will be a proud wolf like you Mr. Fudo." Blue said to him. Mr. Fudo smiled at her.

"Yeah!" Red said in her cheery mood. The others laugh happily. The day of Yusei's journey is just about to begin.

With the start of Akiza Izayoi:

Next we have the human male and a woman vampiriss who she was about to give birth to a baby girl. The nurses are helping the Mr. Izayoi and Mrs. Izayoi getting through the process of birth giving.

"You are doing fine Mrs. I just a little bit faired okay." The nurse asked. Mrs. I. nodded her head and looked at her husband.

"I know this is it. For a new life to begin with our daughter." Mr. I. said to her. She nodded again.

"I know, but what would the other vampires, would say something about me having a child as half. I'm scared now, what if they kill her." She said to him. He sighed and hold her hand gently.

"I'm with your always we can make it. There is no way that some vampires will never get our little girl. I promise okay." Mr. I. said to her. She smiled at him. She fell in love with him ever since they met in the park at night. She is a vampirss warrior that services the lord of the vampires, but she was kind hearted and strong willed person.

She would never hurt any humans no matter what. Mr. I. was the first human to trust her with his life. He knows a lot that she wouldn't hurt any humans if she wanted to.

But he had great faith in her.

By the last push that Mrs. I. did, a cry was heard and they know their little girl was born. The nurse cleaned her up, wrap her in a warm blanket and handed her to her parents.

They were shcoked to see their daughter for the first time ever. The baby had soft dark red hair, cute face, and when she opened her eyes she has amber eyes.

"Oh dear she is beautiful." Mrs. I. said to him. He nodded as he look at his daughter. "What should we name her?" She asked.

He thought for a moment and a name was pick. "How about Akiza Izayoi?" He asked.

The wife nodded. "Akiza a beautiful name." Mrs. I. said and kissed her little girl's forehead. Akiza cooed and giggled. The couple smiled.

This is a life of Akiza's journey too.

With newborns from different worlds, they had a big journey to follow their path in hopes of finding out they are looking for. This is only the beginning of Yusei Fudo the wolf and Akiza Izayoi the lovely human vampiriss.

Here is the first of my story of Yusei and Akiza. I'm sorry for using Aki's Japanese last name. I don't know how to spell it. But anywhy I hope you enjoyed this chp. Read and Review please:D