This is for my story of Yusei and Akiza. In this story, Yusei is a young wolf pup. He lost his parents by hunters of vampire killers. An old woman then raised him by the name Bluemoon with her twin sister Redmoon. Now Akiza is a half human and half vampire. Who is her father, which was human, met her mother the vampire warrior? In this story will have blood, fighting, and curse words in those chps.

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Chp 20:

Four mouths later

It has been four mouths since the battle took place. Black Heart, Blue and Red's father was dead during the fight he had with Sayer known as Divine the vampire's leader.

But now that vampire leader is dead burned in hell. Yusei, Akiza, Jack, Carly, Crow, Raven, Leo, and Luna headed back to the older twin's house. With everyone rejoined and have peace finally again.

After Yusei told Red, Blue, and Akiza's parents of what happened they were sad that Black heart was gone. Red and Blue were the saddest of the whole gang.

Yusei also told them that their father gave him the title of being the leader of the Wolf pack and also that their father give him the power to change into a wolf again.

The twins were happy that their father let him have his powers back and now making Yusei has a leader of the Wolf Pack that was the proudest thing they ever had in their whole live.

Akiza's parents were happy that Sayer is never coming back hunt them again. Also Akiza told them that she carries Yusei's child inside her. They were surprised by that.

They did get angry at him because they are somewhat destines to be together. But they were a little upset that Akiza had turned her parents into grandparents at a young age.

Red and Blue kind agree on that one. But somehow that made them happy for a grandchild to spoil with.

So everyone make a shine for Black Heart to honor his bravery and the way of the wolf's code.

So for now everything was in peace.

Right now

Yusei the black and yellow wolf was running in the forest with Crow along with Jack riding on Yusei back.

They were hunting for some meat and food for everyone to have for dinner. Crow had grown stronger for Raven who is married to him and got her pregnant with three kids who on the way to the world of the living.

Jack had married Carly so they can start a new life for their future.

As for Yusei, well Akiza was at the house where Blue and Red taking care of her with their newborn son.

At the day's end they managed to catch six rabbits for families' dinner. The two boys changed into their human forms. "Well that was great hunt I ever had." Crow said to the two.

"Well at least I have something to make for dinner tonight. It was a great hunt though I have to admit it was fun." Jack agreed with Crow's thought. Yusei couldn't help but to laugh at that part.

"Well I better get going before Akiza kills me for being late." Yusei said to them. "You can get through okay right Jack?" He asked him.

Jack nodded his head. "Yeah see you around." He said then left the room. "See ya Yus!" Crow said to him then ran to his house.

Yusei headed to Blue and Red's house with his first kill. "I hope I won't be late." He thought to himself.

He headed back in a minute with Blue waiting for him to come at the house. "What took you so long? You know for a husband you are not good of getting here on time." She joked. Yusei sighed.

"I know I'm sorry." Yusei said to her. She nodded her head. "So you are going to the meeting tonight?" Yusei asked.

"Yeah I'm going you are lucky to have us around." Blue said to him. She kissed his forehead and headed off. She changed into her blue wolf form as she run off the forest.

Yusei headed to the living room where Akiza was waiting for him with their newborn son sleeping. "You are late Yusei." She said to him.

"I know I was busy I'm sorry." Yusei said to her. She kissed him gently on the lips. "So how's Mike doing?" He asked as he rubs his son's face with his finger.

The baby boy giggled when his father tickled his face. "Oh he's alright. He just misses you that are all. He won't even stop crying or not eat anything until you got him." She answered him.

"Well I'm back now." Yusei said to her. She smiled at him then grabs a milk bottle for Mike to take from since he is a wolf vampire like his father. He has the same color hair like Yusei's has, but has Akiza's eyes.

Akiza begin to feed Mike. Yusei watch as he sucks the bottle softly and gently. Akiza's hand rubs his back gently and Yusei kissed his future wife on the forehead.

Red saw the whole thing and smiled. "I wish you could see this father. I hope for both humans, wolves, and maybe some vampires who are good can one day be together as one." She prayed to her father.

After feeding time for Mike, Akiza and Yusei headed to Yusei's room where Mike's crib is. She sat him down on the bed and covers him with his blue blanket.

"Good night. Mike." Akiza said to him. The baby cooed softly then fell a sleep. Yusei rubbed his son's face gently and kissed his forehead.

"Well this is the greatest thing that even happened in my whole life." Yusei said to her. Akiza looked at him and smiled.

"Why is that?" She asked him. "That I have a beautiful wife soon-to-be, have a good with you, and our son to grow up to live in peace. Without worry or fear." Yusei answered.

Akiza kissed his lips with hers. "I'm glad too." She said to him. He smiled and the two begin to kiss with more passion.

Yusei stopped the kiss. "Let's get some sleep alright." Yusei said to her. "My rose." He said. Akiza smiled.

"As you wish my star." She said to him. They placed their final kiss on the lips and headed to bed.

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