Ibiki stared at is pregnate lover through icy dark eyes and smiled. "Absolutley-" Naru smiled happily, now was the time to crush her. "Not. Your not leaveing the village, not in your condition." Not out of my sight. He said in an irritated tone.

"But Ibiki, it's a simple C class mission. All we're supposed to be doing is excourting the old man to his village, and it's not like I'm going to be alone. Sauke and Kakashi will be there with me, and will keep me from being hurt if we're attacked and we might need the money for the baby." Naru said as he stood up and prowled around his desk in the Anbu head quarters and grabbed the front of her jacket and growled down at her like a wild animal, making sure to bare i teeth a little bit. She was'nt impressed. He scowled at her and put her down.

He knew that she worryed about having enough money to support the baby but that was'nt something that she should worry about. All she should worry about was eating for two and being spoiled rotten by him. Besides he had gotten used to sleeping next to her and was'nt feeling all that inclined to start sleeping alone again.

"Your not leaving and that is final." Ibiki said gently as he pressed his lips against hers. She didn't react, she just stared at him for second then gave him a grin as something cold and metalic clicked into place around his wrist. What the hell? He thought as he looked at the cuff she had snapped around his wrist.

"That's why your coming with us." She said with a grin, he shook his head no and was about to shoot her down in flames when she said the two words that he hated hearing from her.

"Hokage's orders!" She said happily as she took off out the door dragging the pissed off jounin behind her. Son of a bitch.

Kakashi and Sauske were waiting at the gate whn Naru came up dragging her cursing lover behind her. Sauske snorted in laughter as he caught the shine off of the silver cuffs around the couple's wrists. Kakashi stood there in shock. Well, she had said that she would handcuff the man to her if she had too, and apprently she had had too, poor Ibiki. Kakashi was begining to wonder if the man even knew what he was getting himslf into when he had started his relationshp with her.

"Well if it isn't the migit, finally joining us shorty." Tazuna said as he wiped some of the wine from his mouth with the back of his hand and stared at the girl irritably. Suske glared a the annoying old man, Kakashi gave Tazuna a pleading look as Naru bared her teeth and growled at the drunk before uncuffing Ibiki and handing him his pack.

"Shut it asshole or I'll sew your mouth closed." Naru snapped. Ibiki looked at her and sighed, crap he was stuck. If he left now she might kill the client, pregnacy hormones could do a real number on a woman's system. Especially if they were as young as Naru.

He rached out an ran his fingers along her scalp in a soothing manner to stop her from attacking the man. "That's enough baby." Killing the client was a bad bad thing that would upset the Hokage greatly.

Tazuna looked at the scarred bear of a man and cocked his head slightly, there was something weird about how that guy touched the girl. Almost as if they were...his eyes widened and he poined at Naru as he yelled in suprise. "Konoichi suductress! You and that guy are lovers! At your age, your just a brat kid!"

Naru looked at Sauske. "Sik im boy." She in a dark tone as Sauske sighed shook his head and grabbed the old man and dragged him off to lecture him about upsetting the girl and just how hazardous it was to his health to continue pissing her off.

"Your sure I can't kill him. I can make it look like an accident you know." Naru said as she looked at Ibiki and Kakashi. Both men gave nervous laughs an made a mental note not to get on her bad side, just in case.