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The ambulance sirens were as loud as her heart right at the moment. How? How did it come to this? Her invincible and cheerful parents has just been…defeated by a car. Yaya always thought it would take way more than that to bring her parents down. This can't be happening! What if the days that she spent with her parents come to a stop! What if it will never happen again? What if she will never ever see her parents again?

That only fueled her to cry even more.

"Yaya-chan, it'll be fine dechu." Pepe comforted.

But it's no use. The only one who can convince her is the doctor. Other than that, she won't believe anyone who tells her that it's fine. She didn't want to get her hopes high and gets crushed again.

"Yaya-san!" Kairi's voice became louder as he came into view. They have been best friends ever since that contest.

Yaya lifted her head up, "Kairi…" It's the first time she used his name instead of the nickname.

"You were crying terribly when we were on the phone. Only then I realized you are at the hospital when Pepe came to us." Kairi put a hand on her shoulder and sat beside her. "What happened?" He asked softly.

"M-Mama and Papa –sniff- th-they g-got hit by a c-car!"

"Don't worry." Kairi tried to console. Deep down he knew that there is a high chance they won't survive, but that isn't what Yaya should hear now.

"Yaya don't know! Yaya wants to hear from the doctor!"

Kairi was never good at dealing with a crying girl but he could try, for his best friend. "Let's talk to the doctor right after he comes out then. In the meantime, please try to calm down."


Yaya was cut off by the sound of the door opening. The two immediately rushed to the doctor. What Yaya saw was what Yaya didn't hope to see. There is a solemn look on his face, a look that could only mean…

"I'm sorry, Yuiki-san, we've tried our best…"

The last thing Yaya saw was Kairi and the two charas shouting her name before it went dark.

Yaya shot out of the bed and gasped. Another dream, it has become frequent lately. Yaya groaned when the sunlight hit her face, it has been so long, a year at least. Every time she had that dream, she would always look around the house to check, hoping that it's only a dream.

That's how it has been before at least, now Yaya already knows that no matter how much you wish, a life that has been lost can never return. That's what Kairi had said because if it were Yaya, she would never have come to that conclusion alone.

After that, Yaya has been living with Tsubasa alone since her relatives refused to adopt her as they had enough troubles of their own. Luckily, Kairi's mother is willing to come over to help to take care of Tsubasa while she is at school and Kairi would stay over occasionally.

"Yaya-chan, you're awake!" Pepe squealed, popping out of her egg, "Are you excited? Today will be your first day in middle school!"

"AH! Yaya forgot!" Yaya screamed as she started to run around the room, hoping to find her uniform. "Where is it? Where is it?"

"You hung it here, dechu." Pepe pointed at the scruffy uniform hanging by the chair. Having relied on her parents, Yaya always have trouble with household chores. Ironing is worse; she had accidentally scalded her hand, which is wrapped in bandages thanks to Hikaru's blunt advice.

"Oh yeah." Yaya laughed nervously and proceed to prepare for school.

Pepe floated over to her, "It has been a long time since we have seen the former guardians, dechu."

"Uh huh, thinking of meeting them now makes Yaya kind of nervous." Yaya bit her lip, middle school work has been piling up because of the recent additions to their studies so the former guardians never had time to make stops at elementary school. "Ah! Where did Yaya's bag go?"

"Here, dechu." Pepe said helpfully, landing on her bag, which is on the floor beside her bed.

"Thanks, Kai-kun would rant at Yaya again if Yaya is late at the first day of middle school." Yaya remarked.

Yaya ran all her might to the school entrance. She had forgotten her form so she had to run back to the house while she is walking halfway to the school. Finally she saw Kairi waiting impatiently as always at the entrance. Yaya braked beside him and tries to catch her breath, her hair in disarray. She had decided not to tie her hair in pigtails after she graduated from elementary school long ago.

"10 minutes and 32 seconds late." Kairi remarked.

Yaya puffed out her cheeks, "Why did you count the seconds too?" Yaya whined.

"Do you want the milliseconds as well?" Kairi inquired, pushing up his glasses.

"No thank you!" Yaya quickly replied, in fear of the oncoming lecture about punctuality. If he weren't her best friend, she would've stomped on his legs and ran off but alas, she needed him to guide her too.

"You should go easy on her, dechu." Pepe said, a little bit giddy.

"You know how Kairi is." Musashi said calmly.

Yaya groaned, "Yaya don't wanna be a middle school-er! Yaya wants to go home!" Yaya huffed and attempted to walk back.

"Sorry but it is for the sake of your future." Kairi said, catching Yaya's arm and dragged her to the hall despite her constant warning. "You have to make sure that you go to high school in order to get a better chance for you to get a better job. You have to be independent since the accident."

Yaya retreated to a corner, burying her head in her knees. Pepe started to panic. Musashi sighed. Kairi blinked.

Kairi panicked after realizing what he had just said, "S-Sorry Yaya-san! I-I didn't mean that! Please don't pay any attention to that comment!"

"You're still calling Yaya 'Yaya-san' after all this time?" Yaya puffed out her cheeks, suddenly standing up.

"Eh?" Kairi sweat dropped. She must be trying to forget about it and I just have to spout out that taboo word just now! Best to do is to act normal! "Well, you are a female after all and you do deserve respect." Kairi replied calmly.

"Thanks but Yaya would rather you treat Yaya like a real best friend and call her 'Yaa-chan'." Yaya insisted.

"T-That's going too far!"

After moments of debating about name-calling, they have finally reached the hall and sat on their respective seats. They are in the same class after all; the school system made is so that students from the same school can be in the same class. Kairi wouldn't admit it but he was glad for this arrangement for he can keep a better eye on Yaya. Hikaru and Rikka has been harping him for that.

"Yadda, yadda, yadda. Yaya hates speeches." Yaya whispered.

"We have no choice but to endure this unfortunately." Kairi said back, softly.

"Where is Pepe-tan anyway?"

"I think she went to search for the former guardians' charas with Musashi. Don't worry, Musashi will take care of her." Kairi reassured, knowing how Yaya became protective of Pepe after her parent's death.

Yaya nodded and frowned at the long, boring speeches. What a way to start your first middle school year and she is already bored!

After finally being dismissed from the hall, Kairi and Yaya decided to find the former guardians. Their charas have already forgotten about their partners, leaving them to wander around aimlessly. But luckily Kairi got a map so they would at least know where they are. Suddenly…

"KAIRI! YAYA! Over here!" Kuukai shouted.

They turned to the source of the voice to see Kuukai shouted enthusiastically while Amu, Tadase, Nagihiko and Rima covered their eyes, looking around for any unwanted attention. They also look like they don't want to be there beside the enthusiastic soccer player right now.

"Can we pretend not to know him?" Kairi asked.

"Okay, let's look away…to tease him." Yaya added mischievously and looked away with Kairi, pretending not to know Kuukai.

"OI!" Kuukai's indignant voice shouted.

"Looks like even they didn't want to know you." Rima said with no mercy as usual.

Amu laughed nervously, "It's…not that bad." She gulped when Nagihiko, Tadase and Rima stared at her. "Okay, it is. So please lower your voice, Kuukai." Amu sighed and jogged over to Kairi and Yaya. "Hi." She greeted.

"Amu-chii!" Yaya smiled and hugged Amu.

"Greetings, joker." Kairi greeted.

"I'm not a joker anymore." Amu smiled and led them over to the group.

Yaya grinned mischievously and looked at Kuukai, "Is he a friend of yours?" She asked Amu, who sweat dropped.


"Just kidding." Yaya laughed and went over to hug Kuukai, "Long time no see Kuukai though Yaya would appreciate it if you can live without an audience for one day." She joked before breaking the hug.

"Look who decided to be cheeky today." Kuukai grinned and ruffled her hair, "I like your hair better when it's down."

Yaya smiled at Kuukai before turning to the rest. "Hi Rima-tan, Tadase-kun, Nagi-kun!"

"Hello." Rima said disinterestedly.

"Nice to see you again, Yuiki-san." Tadase smiled.

"Long time no see, Yaya." Nagihiko smiled.

Yaya plopped on the ground, "The speech was reaaaaally boring. Kai-kun also didn't speak with me during the speech too. Meanie." Yaya frowned, pointing a finger at Kairi who sighed in exasperation.

"Wait, why do they get to have suffix and nicknames?" Kuukai frowned.

"Oh, sorry…Kuukai-sama." Yaya giggled.

"Please don't call me that, it reminds me of Saaya." Kuukai grimaced at the thought of his hyperactive fangirl. Others were fine and polite but this one has reached outer space level. To put it bluntly, bloody persistent.

"Well, Kuu-kun sounds weird and Kuukai-kun is even weird but Kai-kun has already been taken by Kairi." Yaya said.

"To specify, she made it up, insisting to call me that and would threaten to cry if I ever protest against it." Kairi said.

Yaya punched his shoulder, "Yaya has to give a nickname to my best friend." Yaya glanced at the guardian, mind already in mischief, "Apart from those who were KIND enough not to visit Yaya last year."

"I-I-I'm sorry!" Kuukai apologized first.

"S-Sorry Yaya!" Amu apologized.

"Yuiki-san, I sincerely apologize." Tadase said.

"She's only acting." Nagihiko and Rima said in unison before glaring at each other, well only Rima that is as Nagihiko only stared at her challengingly.

Yaya pouted, "So mean…Yaya was really hurt, ya know."

"By the way, Yaya, what's with the bandages on your hand?" Kuukai asked.

"Oh this, Hika-kun has been talking about the need of bandaging your injuries with a cynical expression which scared Yaya a lot so she finally wrapped with bandages. Yaya got the injury from scalding my hand with the ironer." Yaya laughed nervously.

"Why would you want to scald your hand?" Kuukai asked, clearly confused.

"Is Kuukai stupid? Of course Yaya didn't do it on purpose." Yaya folded her arms.

Kuukai nodded in understand, "Oh, so it is accidental-"

Kairi attempted to cover his mouth so that he wouldn't utter the taboo word but it's proven too late. Yaya has already retreated to a corner, head in her knees with blue lines on her head and a depressing aura around her.

"Yaya?" Amu asked in worry.

"You must never say that word." Kairi warned.

Kuukai frowned in confusion, "What word?"

"I think he means accidental." Rima pointed out and Kairi immediately covered her mouth while the aura deepened.

"Why can't we say the word?" Nagihiko asked.

"I-It's because…" Kairi looked at Yaya in worry, "Yaya's parents passed away last year in a car…crash."



"SAY WHAT?" Amu, Tadase, Nagihiko and Rima shouted. Yes, even Rima. They looked at Kairi for any signs of lies before looking at Yaya's depressed figure. They knew Kairi wouldn't lie even if a sword is pointed at his balls but this is…

"It's true…" Yaya sighed and stood up, walking towards the group.

"Y-Yaya, I never knew…" Amu said sadly.

"Yaya…" Rima said sadly.

Yaya attempted to smile, "Don't worry, Yaya is fine now!"

"But Souma-san is not." Kairi pointed out. They looked at Kuukai and found him still in his shocked state. Daichi was crying out his name while slapping him with the paper fan Kiseki lent him.

"This is really a shock, I'm very sorry." Tadase said, tears dripping down his face.

"Why are you crying?" Rima asked blankly.

Nagihiko went to Yaya and put a hand on her shoulder. "We are very sorry for not being there for you when you needed your friends the most. If there's anything that's troubling you please don't hesitate to tell us. Don't keep it to yourself."

"You make it sound like Yaya is going to kill herself." Yaya pointed out with a huff.

"NO!" Kuukai shouted running over to Yaya after snapping out of his shock and shocking Daichi instead. "YAYA! YOU CAN'T KILL YOURSELF!" He shouted; unaware that he is attracting attention.

"Kuukai! Yaya is not going to kill herself!" Yaya puffed out her cheeks.

But Kuukai didn't listen and hugged Yaya tightly. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you! If it wasn't for the extra lessons, GAH! I officially hate school now, YAYA! YAAAYAAAA!" Kuukai shouted loudly and at the same time, suffocating Yaya.

Rima snatched the paper fan away from Daichi and slapped Kuukai over the head. "Calm down."

"Woah, Yaya is dizzy." Yaya plopped onto the ground.

"Yaya-" Kuukai started but was interrupted by a death glare by Rima.

"How about your living conditions? Who is taking you in now?" Amu asked in worry.

"Oh, Yaya's relatives are unable to take Yaya and Tsubasa in since they have their own family financial problems to cope with so Yaya is living with Tsubasa now. But Kairi's mother was kind enough to help Yaya take care of Tsubasa while Yaya is in school. Oh, are you going to stay over again?" Yaya asked Kairi.


Kuukai's eyes widened, "Kairi…has been staying over at your house? How long?"

"Only occasionally since Kairi is used to his old home as well." Yaya replied.

"I-Isn't that inconvenient?" Kuukai asked.

"Not really since her house is quite close to mine. But however, she can't go on keeping her house because of the rental payment. My house is also too small for four people." Kairi replied. "I was hoping if one of you would take her in for the moment."

"Sorry but my house is too small to have six." Amu replied.

"Mine is also unavailable…due to circumstances." Nagihiko laughed nervously, he is still hiding his identity.

Rima looked at him from the corner of her eyes. "My parents are having trouble." She said solemly.

"Sorry but my grandmother is sick so we can't afford to have guests." Tadase said.

"Don't worry Yaya, you can stay at my house. Our house is big and we have one guest room." Kuukai smiled.

"Would it be wise for her to live with that many guys?" Kairi asked, knowing Kuukai has four brothers.

"It'll be fine, my brothers are not that kind of people, Tadase can vouch for that." Kuukai replied before looking at Kairi strangely. "You really sound like her mother or something."

Kairi glared, "Someone has to take care of Yaya."

"Hey, stop making Yaya sound like a kid!" Yaya protested before looking at Kuukai. "Are you sure? Yaya doesn't want to bring any trouble, Yaya can always find some place outside to sleep for the time being."

"What? That's definitely a no!" Amu said immediately.

"Yes, a girl shouldn't spend her time outside at night alone." Kuukai said.

"But Rukia did."

They looked at her. "Yaya, that's an anime." Rima pointed out blankly.

"Anyway, it's settled. Yaya shall stay at my house." Kuukai announced.

"W-Wait!" Yaya stuttered nervously, not knowing what to say.

"Don't worry Yaya, I'm sure Kuukai and his family doesn't mind, they are very nice people." Tadase reassured gently.

Amu nodded, "It'll be fine."

"That's not-"

"If he treats you badly, let me know." Rima said.

"I'm sure Souma-kun isn't that kind of guy." Nagihiko said.

"You guys sound like you are trying to convince yourselves than Yaya!" Kuukai frowned.

Kairi shrugged, "It's kind of unsettling leaving a girl like Yaya with a house full of males but since we have no choice, we will leave her in your capable hands then."

"Hey! That was an insult!" Kuukai growled.

"L-Let's not fight, come on, you guys still haven't showed Yaya around the school!" Yaya said.

As they started to walk to their next destination, Kuukai stood behind them. His teeth are gritted and fists clenching. Throughout the conversation, he could clearly tell that Yaya still haven't got over her parents' death. He can see that Yaya is trying her best not to cry.

"Kuukai, are you alright?" Daichi asked in worry.

Yaya…I'm sorry…

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