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After that, Kuukai and Yaya went outside. There isn't anyone since all of them are sleeping and the walls inside the resort are soundproof. Besides, the view is better when it is nighttime and they felt lucky to be able to see it. Though the both of them never thought about the viewing rather than something both of them wanted to get off from their chest.

"…Ne Kuukai, why were you…sorry?" Yaya asked.

"…I felt that I've neglected you. I'm always paying attention more towards Hinamori and Utau despite us being longer friends. I was able to be there for them every time but wasn't for you in your worst moment. I wished I could turn back time." Kuukai replied.

Yaya looked away, "I lied. The last time we talked about this, I said that I was depressed because you weren't with me. But, I remembered that I wasn't only depressed. I hated you very much and wanted to ignore you the next time we meet." Yaya admitted.

"…" Kuukai stood in silence, if Yaya wasn't using her normal way of speeches; it means that she is being especially serious.

"I wanted to break all ties I have with you…but then, I realized that I was just being childish. I never thought of the fact that you weren't there for me is because you didn't know about it. And so, I did many things. I threw away all the things you've given me, deleted your phone number and threw away our pictures." Yaya continued, "But by the time I realized it, it was too late."

"It's okay, we can still take pictures together and I can still buy for you presents." Kuukai attempted a smile.

"I-It won't be the same." Yaya sniffed.

"What are you talking about? What's done is done right? Besides, for not being by your side at that time, we deserved that." Kuukai pointed out.

Yaya laughed a little but the tears haven't stopped falling, "You're one to talk."

"Yeah. I was jealous that Kairi was the one with you." Kuukai admitted, "It really piss me off how much he cared for you, it's almost like he's in love with you."


"Don't tell me you haven't noticed." Kuukai exclaimed, "It was so obvious. That kid is in love with you. Damn, you're really oblivious."

Yaya huffed and put her hands on her hips, "Me? Oblivious?" She said in indignant. "You're one to talk. You've never noticed that Yaya liked you! To make it worse, you dated Utau. Look who's oblivious now." Yaya pointed out.

"What about now?" Kuukai asked, "Do you still like me now?"

"Humph, you've no right to ask me that." Yaya folded her arms and looked away.

"You're right, I don't have the right. I should've realized this sooner. If I did, the situation won't be as messed up already. Ever since we found out, I've never once thought that I would deserve to be with you." Kuukai admitted.

"Idiot. You're only thinking about yourself, then what about me? Do you know how much it hurts when you dated someone? And now it hurts even more when you said that you don't deserve to be with me despite how much you want to." Yaya said, tears falling again.

Kuukai was taken aback, "But I thought that you didn't like me anymore."

Yaya launched herself onto Kuukai. "Kuukai is an idiot! Do you think I would take something like this so lightly that I will disappear so easily? I have always thought that you've liked other better girls than me. I never thought that you would like me too."

"I-I didn't know that."

"Stupid! You want everything to be spelled out for you? Didn't I make it clear already that I like you? Why are you still so oblivious? Even I've already know that you liked me from the few last sentences!"


"Why are you apologizing?" Yaya growled.

Kuukai blinked, "Well…because I'm oblivious?"

"Never mind…" Yaya sighed and gave up.

"And because I've hurt you without knowing it." Kuukai whispered, pulling Yaya closer and rested his chin on her head.

In the morning, the group found Kuukai and Yaya sleeping outside. To be specific, Kuukai is sitting on the floor, back against the wall with Yaya in his lap. Kuukai's chin is rested on Yaya's head while her head against Kuukai's chest. It was such a cute moment that Rima took out her phone to take pictures. Alas, the flash woke them up.

"Uhh…? What time is it?" Yaya groaned.

"And I was having such a good sleep too." Kuukai rubbed his eyes.

The rest of them just waited for them to finally realize their position. After a few minutes of groaning, they finally did. And what did they do?

"AAAAAAHHH!" Kuukai and Yaya shouted and scrambled away from each other as far as possible.

"Are the both of you that freaky?" Ikuto asked sarcastically, "Nice reactions by the way." He smirked.

"Wh-What am I doing here?" Kuukai asked.

Ikuto raised an eyebrow, "The soccer freak has amnesia."

"U-U-Uh Y-Yaya I-I-is-" Yaya stuttered.

"And now the baby has hyperventilation." Ikuto said in amusement.

Utau rolled her eyes, "Calm down you two. Obviously the both of you must've sneaked out in the middle of the night to talk then end up sleeping with each other on the floor. Either that or someone put the both of you together." Utau pointed out.

How did she know so much?

Kuukai and Yaya blushed, it's true, the both of them had sneaked out and talked but then unknowingly fell asleep. But the weird thing is that, they don't remember sleeping in THAT position. So it means… Nagihiko and Rima are looking away by the way.

"Yaya is still tired." Yaya yawned.

"Me too, I'm going to sleep now." Kuukai and Yaya attempted to go back to their rooms.

"Oh no you don't. You're not going to sleep while we enjoy the day at the beach." Utau said, pulling on their collar. "If the both of you wants to sleep, do it there. There is no way anyone will be in the resort while we play."

"Help!" Kuukai and Yaya reached out for their friends.

Nagihiko smiled nervously, "I'll be there with you later."

"Humph." Kairi pushed up his glasses.

"See you later, Souma-kun." Tadase smiled.

"Heh, same." Ikuto smirked.

"See you there, Yaya." Amu waved.

"Bye, bye." Rima said.


After getting pulled by Utau to the changing room, the couple begrudgingly changed into their swimming wears. Kuukai is wearing a black and green swimming pants while Yaya wore a pink frilly top and the same pink under. Utau had recommended this since Yaya has a flat chest.

"Yaya still wants to sleep." Yaya complained as the girls made they way to the boys.

"You can sleep with Kuukai as much as you want later." Rima said.

Kukai, having heard Rima's sentence, blushed along with Yaya. Not only because of Rima's sentence but also what Yaya is wearing. Although it's a frilly bikini, it doesn't change the fact that it is a two-piece. And that's reason enough for Kuukai to blush.

"I-I'm going to take a nap." Kuukai declared, walking to the beach chair.

"Oh no, you don't." Utau pulled him, "You're not sleeping until you play and that goes for the little sister too."

Yaya pouted, "Yaya never knew she would be whining about playing…"

"Slave driver." Kukai muttered.

"What was that?" Utau's eyes shone, "Don't you dare talk back to your Onee-san."

Kuukai blinked, "My Onee-san? Since when you've become my Onee-san?"

"Since I'm older than you of course." Utau declared proudly, "And this Onee-san knows that you and Yaya are dying to sleep together so I'm trying to get you two to play as much as you want together first before sleeping."

Kuukai blushed, "Yaya and I are tired, Utau!"

"It's Onee-san." Utau corrected, stomping on his foot.

"My foot!"

"Call me Onee-san…" Utau pulled him closer, "NOW!"


Utau smiled, "Good, now play with Yaya and remember to save me some pictures." Utau threw him towards Yaya, resulting both of them falling to the ground with Kuukai on Yaya. "Oops."

"Don't 'oops' me!" Kuukai yelled, shaking his fist.

"Come on, Ikuto~ Let's play too~" Utau pulled on Ikuto's arm and ran away.

"Umm…Kuukai…Yaya's chest hurts." Yaya reminded.

Kuukai blushed and immediately jumped up, "Sorry Yaya." Kuukai reached out his hand for Yaya to take it.

And she did.

"Yaya is kind of tired of Kuukai saying sorry." Yaya teased, using Kuukai's hand to hoist herself up. "Sometimes, Yaya doesn't want Kuukai to be sorry for the things he did. Even if it seems wrong." Yaya grinned.

"Okay Yaya, what did Utau teach you when you were changing?" Kuukai asked with a blush.

"Utau-chii said that Yaya has to flirt with Kuukai." Yaya replied.

Kuukai groaned, "That Utau…"

"And Yaya asked Utau for tips. Utau-chii promised Yaya that she'd help Yaya make it work and Utau-chii was right!" Yaya grinned before frowning and looking at her chest. "Though Yaya's chest did hurt just now when Kuukai landed on Yaya's chest…"

Kuukai blushed, "I'm really sorry!"

"Aw, Kuukai doesn't have to apologize."

Kuukai blinked, "Why not?"

Yaya sighed and shook her head, "Never mind. Yaya is going to sleep." Yaya declared and head over to the beach chair.

"Hey Yaya! Why don't I have to apologize? Come on Yaya, tell me." Kuukai pleaded as he ran after Yaya.


And so, Kuukai and Yaya lay on the beach chair next to each other while the others are playing. Kuukai still didn't get why doesn't he have to apologize for what he did even though the reason is obvious that Yaya enjoyed it. Not that she would admit it out loud.

"Hey, Kuukai?" Yaya called out.


"You know…about yesterday's conversation? So…just to make sure…do you feel the same way now?" Yaya asked.

Kuukai chuckled, "I thought that I've already established that very clearly." Kuukai shifted over so he is lying sideways with his head propped on his palm. "My feelings for you won't change." Kuukai said firmly.

"But why won't Kuukai take Yaya as your girlfriend?" Yaya asked.

"…You know…I don't really deserve you." Kuukai admitted.

"Stupid Kuukai, Yaya has already told you that Yaya doesn't blame you at all now. And if you continue to ignore your feelings, Yaya would be hurt even more." Yaya said.

Kuukai blushed, "So…do you want to be my girlfriend?"

Yaya nodded shyly.

Kuukai grinned, "That's the best response I could ever get from you." Kuukai smiled and draped his free hand over Yaya's waist, pulling her towards him so that she is able to lie on his body.

"So, we're lovers now?" Yaya asked.

"Of course." Kuukai grinned, "Wouldn't want it other way."

Yaya giggled, "Yaya has been waiting for this for a long time."

"Sorry for the wait." Kuukai apologized and kissed Yaya's forehead. "I" he kissed Yaya's nose. "Love" her lips. "You."

"Kuukai…" Yaya moaned when Kuukai slipped his tongue inside Yaya, exploring every inch of her warm carven while his hands roamed her back but never low enough to touch her privates. Finally, they broke apart due to lack of air and gazed into each other's eyes.

"Yaya-" Kuukai was cut off when Yaya dove in for another searing kiss. Though Yaya wanted to explore Kuukai's carven this time, Kuukai wouldn't have that instead, he pushed back Yaya's tongue so that he is the one doing the exploring again.


The couple looked towards the light and found the group standing a few feet away from them while Rima took pictures.

"Rima-tan!" Yaya blushed.

"For the memories." Rima said and closed her phone.

Amu smiled, "Congratulations Yaya."

"Heh, looks like you've been really enjoying yourself." Utau grinned.

Ikuto clapped, "Even an NC-21 movie flick can't compare to this."

"Well, good for you." Nagihiko smiled.

"Congratulations, Souma-kun." Tadase smiled.

"…" Kairi looked away, knew that he has already lost to the former Jack. All he could do now is to give them his blessings…quietly.

Kuukai rubbed the back of his head. "Took me long enough, huh."

"Damn right you are." Rima said, making a move to walk away.

"Wa-wait, Rima-tan! Delete the picture!" Yaya shouted.

Rima looked at her and took out her phone, showing the picture of the both of them kissing. "You mean this?"

"Yes!" Yaya shouted, cheeks burning red.

"No." Rima said and walked away.

"Rima-tan!" Yaya shouted and chased after her.

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