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Green Tentacle had settled down to watch television when the band he saw on stage sent a shocked thrill through his body! He couldn't believe who the lead singer was! He knew that girl! He'd met that girl a few months ago, when her and her friends had come to stop Dr. Fred and the Meteorite from killing that boy's girlfriend! It was her! Razor! From one of his longtime favorite local bands Razor and The Scummettes! And he had asked her to join his band! How embarrassing was that? A faint blush, appeared on his green skin.

Oh! Oh! He had to meet her again! To get her autograph! If it wasn't for her, he and his band would never have gotten off the ground! Wiggling and hopping towards Weird Ed's room, he had to cajole the reclusive son to type a letter for him.

Dear Bernard,

Why didn't anyone tell me who she was? I mean she is THE Razor! From Razor and The Scummettes! Oh please! Is there anyway you could ask her to come here and autograph a poster or something? I mean I owe her so much for helping me with my band! Argh! I can't believe I asked her to join up with mine, like some rank amateur that's so embarrassing! Please Bernard please!

Green Tentacle

Bernard sighed as he read the letter. He'd never really gotten along with Razor, while they didn't dislike each other, she had never seemed very interested in him and he wasn't sure if he liked her or not. Razor was a trouble maker and he didn't really like punk rock.

He'd never figured out why Dave, Sandy and Michael had hung out with her at all. Though he supposed he should consider himself lucky. Guys like Dave usually wouldn't be caught dead with people like him, but Dave had always been a fair-minded guy with a motley group of friends and didn't care about the opinion of the vicious school hierarchy.

Him, Razor, Jeff and Syd, well not Syd anymore, not since the hamster incident anyways. After he'd heard about what the sick creep had done from his hysterical cousin, that was it! Syd was an asshole anyways. Bernard had always suspected there was something wrong with him.

Michael and Sandy he could understand, they were supposed to be in his predisposed circle, Wendy he could understand, she was his cousin after all, but the rest of them...well…

He shook his head, he was getting sidetracked. He reluctantly grabbed the phone and called Razor. He was just about to hang up after the sixth ring when she picked up.

"Hello?" Her voice was slurred and the blaring music was turned down.

"Uh hi, Razor." Her real name was Samantha, but she hated that name, Bernard didn't think it was so bad himself personally, he liked her real name. It was pretty.

"Bernard?" She asked, sounding surprised.

"What's up?"

"Oh…well, I sort of have a favor to ask you." He muttered.

"Ok?" She sounded genuinely curious.

Bernard could only hope that she was just drunk, if she was on any illegal substance, she tended to get crazy. But when she was drunk, she was surprisingly mellow.

"You remember when we went to go rescue Sandy from the Edisons?"

She snorted. "How could I forget? Half the time I thought it was all a weird acid trip. What about it?"

That's right, he thought with a twinge of disgust, Razor, Syd and Jeff had been higher than a kite on who knows what that night.

"Well…do you remember the Green Tentacle?" He asked.

"Yeah! I remember that dude! He had a band he was trying to get together. What about him?"

"Uhh…he finally found out who you were and begged me to ask you if you'd go over and give him your autograph or something."

"Sure." She said. "I'll go right now, I had no idea he was a fan."

"Wait Razor, your drunk and you shouldn't be driving. I can come and pick you up and…"

And Bernard was talking to himself.