Here is the other one-shot that was spawned after I finished Sick. I still have more planned…and Wasp may seem OOC…but then again…this is my own AU…so yeah…
Read Sick first to know what is going on! (this takes place after my other one-shot Nighttime Nightmare)

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As they made their way to Cybertron in the Elite Guard ship, Bumblebee fidgeted in his seat a bit. He was a bit worried, and his body actions proved that. Inside of his chest, his spark was trying to jump out, it seemed.

"Are you SURE you want to? I mean…you don't have too, ya'know…" he asked, glancing to the mech sitting next to him.

"Bumblebee…don't worry. I don't think your adoptive creator would mind me…" replied the green mech. 'Bee turned back forward, but still fidgeted a bit. Wasp sighed and reached over and took 'Bee hands in his own, intertwining their digits. The yellow mech stopping fidgeting, and gave a side-ways glance and smile.


Wasp nodded and went back into his thoughts once more. Bumblebee had told him about Pale Rose, and Wasp really did want to meet the femme. She seemed nice, unlike his creator. But they didn't know when they would ever head back to Cybertron, that was until Jazz had asked them if they wanted to come along back for a little bit. Optimus didn't mind if they wanted to, if they had someone to watch out for them while they were there. 'Bee had said they could say with his adoptive creator, and so Optimus said they could.

So, now they were sitting in the ship's Rec. Room, previously drinking some energon, which was now abandoned on the table in front of them.

Bumblebee sighed and said, "I wonder how she's been…" He chuckled, remembering that it really hadn't been that long ago since he had left to head to Boot Camp. Wasp shrugged and remained quiet, optics staring at the ground. The yellow mech looked over, and his gaze softened. He leaned over and placed a soft kiss on the green mech's cheekplate. "I'm sorry…I mean about…"

Wasp shook his head and turned it towards 'Bee, a soft smile appearing, "Don't be…wasn't your fault…"

'Bee frowned a bit, "Doesn't mean I still didn't like it…" Wasp chuckled and bit and placed a small kiss on 'Bee's forehead. Bumblebee smiled and wrapped his arms around the other. He soon nestled into Wasp's side, shuttering his optics off. Wasp grinned and wrapped a servo around the yellow mech.


Wasp looked up and over at the doorway. Jazz was leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed, and smiling. Bumblebee looked over at Jazz and smiled.

"Hey Jazz! What's up?"

Jazz just grinned back and replied, "Nothing, just tellin' ya two that we'll be arrivin' soon. Cool?" The yellow mech nodded and snuggled back into Wasp's side. Wasp nodded as well. Jazz chuckled, turned, and left the two alone in the Rec. Room once more. Wasp smiled down at the other mech and was glad the other cared about him when no one else did. He loved him for that.

They had landed on Cybertron, and Jazz told them that they could go and stay at Bumblebee's adoptive creator's home. They would call if something came up, or they were about to leave, since they weren't staying for very long. The two nodded and quickly left.

They soon arrive at the adoption home, and 'Bee stood with Wasp outside the home. Both remembered, but to the yellow mech, this was his second home.

Bumblebee sighed and said, "Let's go in…" Wasp nodded and took the yellow mech's servo in his own. 'Bee flashed him a smile, and they both walked up to the door. Bumblebee knocked on the door and waited. Soon enough, the door opened, but revealed a pale blue and pink femme youngling.

"Yes?" she asked. She looked between the two, but didn't suspect any danger from them.

There was a pause, then Bumblebee said, "Umm…is Pale Rose around?"

The youngling nodded and turned her head back to yell, "MISS PALE ROSE, SOMEONES HERE TO SEE YOU!" Both mechs winced at the screech from the little femme. The youngling turned back and smiled. Wasp and 'Bee gave a weak smile back, audio receptors still ringing.

Then, soon enough, a voice traveled down the hall, "Pinkpetal, what in the name of Primus, are you yelling for…" Then the speaker emerged in the hallway. Pinkpetal moved out of the way, so that the other could or would pass her. But she stopped halfway down it when she spotted the two outside the home. "Bumblebee?"

The yellow mech smiled and ran in. He then latched onto the femme, hugging her. Pale Rose was a bit in shock, then a small smile appeared, and she wrapped her arms around the mech and hugged back.

"It's good to see you again, Bumblebee."

"It's good to see you again, too" 'Bee replied, smiling. He gave one finally squeeze, then let go. He smiled up to her, and she returned it.

A cough sounded, and then Wasp said, "Aren't you going to introduce me, Bumble'?" Bumblebee glanced back, cheekplates heating up slightly, then back up at Pale Rose.

"Umm…Pale Rose, this is Wasp. He is…"

"A friend" Wasp replied, walking into the house and up to the yellow mech's side. "Please to meet you." Pale Rose nodded.

"It is a pleasant surprise to see one of Bumblebee's friends" she said, smiling at the other mech. Wasp nodded, giving his own small smile. "Now," she said, addressing 'Bee, "what brings you here?"

"Well…" Bumblebee began, then began telling her own his adventures. It took a bit of time, then he finished up with, "Jazz asked and I said that I would like to come visit my adoptive creator. And here we are now." Pale Rose smiled and placed a motherly kiss on the mech's forehead.

"I'm glad you did. I was wondering when you would visit" she said, chuckling a bit. Bumblebee smiled and nodded.

"Sorry about that. So, can we stay here for overnight?" he asked. Pale Rose nodded and smiled. Bumblebee grinned, which nearly reached from one audio receptor to the other. He then glanced over to Wasp, still smiling. Wasp provided his own smile, then Pale Rose spoke up.

"Why don't you two come upstairs to relax and wait till I put the younglings up for a nap?"

Both mechs nodded and headed up the stairs to the upper stories. When they reached the third story, Bumblebee opened the door and walked in. He stopped half-way into the living area and cycled air through his vents.

"It is good to be back…" he said, smiling. He turned to Wasp, who had walked in as well and shut the door. Wasp merely looked around, a bit of sadness in his faceplate. The smile on the yellow mech's faceplate faded. "Wasp…" 'Bee walked over to the green mech and hugged him.

"It's okay…" Wasp replied, hugging the yellow mech. Bumblebee gave a tight squeeze then let go, placing a small peck on the green mech's cheek. A small smile made its way onto Wasp's faceplate.

"Come on," Bumblebee said, tugging on one of Wasp's servos, "let's go wait in the kitchen." Wasp nodded, and they both headed towards and into the small kitchen area. They sat down at the table and waited for Pale Rose to get back.

A little bit later, the pale red femme walked into the small home and into the kitchen. Bumblebee had been talking with Wasp, but stopped and flashed his adoptive creator a smile. She returned the smile and went over to get them each a cube.

She set them down on the table and sat down herself, saying, "So, why did you come with Bumblebee again?" She took a sip and waited for the answer.

Wasp took a sideways glance at Bumblebee, who also glanced at the green mech. 'Bee bit his bottom denta plate and cycled air through his vents.

"Well…ya see…um…we are…" the yellow mech began, stuttering as he tried to get the words to come.

Pale Rose then answered for him, "You two are together aren't you?" Bumblebee's face lit up red, and he slowly nodded. Wasp began to wondered what the femme thought of them, since she was silence and had an emotionless faceplate up. There a few seconds of silence between all three of them, then the pale red femme spoke again, "Bumblebee…" both mechs stared at here, "I am very…"

Oh no…she going to be mad…

"…very happy that you found someone" Pale Rose finished. Bumblebee stared at his adoptive creator with wide optics. Wasp was also a little bit surprised.

"You-you are?" he stuttered. She smiled and nodded. Bumblebee's face split into a smile, and he glanced over to Wasp, who also smiled a bit as well. He then grinned back over at Pale Rose and said, "Thank you."

Pale Rose smiled and replied, "Of course. I love you, Bumblebee. You are my like my own creation." Bumblebee's smile managed to grow, and he got up and hugged his adoptive creator. She hugged him back, and while hugging, she glanced over to Wasp, who look a bit sad, but happy. Then the femme said, "You get over here too." Wasp smiled and got up. He also hugged the femme, flashing 'Bee a small grin.

It had been a good idea, meeting Pale Rose.

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More one-shots are probably going to continue…I still have requests to be down…and my own stories!
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