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S2: Chapter 1: Welcome Back!

"Here we are back at Duel Academy!" Jaden narrates. "I somehow passed all my finals and got to chill in the Slifer Red Dorm again!"

"Jaden, uh, who are you talking to?" Syrus asked.

"My fans, I guess..."

"Shouldn't the readers read for themselves, hero boy?" Claudio got in.

"Oh right..."

(Duel Academy Docks)

Right now, the scene shifts to two people waiting on the docks. One was Dr. Vellian Crowler, head of the Obelisk Blue Dorm. And another was a short, fat, bald person wearing a greenish blazer and had short brown hair in the back of his head. Having a thin, curled mustache, it matched his eyebrows.

"Hurry up you Swedish meatball! We've wasted enough time already!" The man in blue exclaimed.

"Pardoné moi 'Chancellor'! It's not my fault I got petit legs!" Bonaparte replied.

(Pause Scene)

"Hold up! Crowler's the Chancellor!" Claudio exclaimed. "Oh you've got to be kidding me! How he got to be head of the school... Anyway, that short man in green is Vice Chancellor Bonaparte?" He further explained but also questioned to himself. "I didn't even know about someone being Vice Chancellor..."

"Claudio, now you're the one narrating," Melody interrupted.

"Oops. Sorry!"

(Play Scene)

"What are we running for anyway?" Bonaparte asked.

"A special new student is enrolling here at Duel Academy and we need to be there to greet him," Crowler replied as he held up a magazine.

The Vice Chancellor gasped. "Are you joking?"

"Are you calling Aster Phoenix a joke?" Crowler opened up the magazine and showed a picture of a young man in a white tuxedo. Having gray hair and blue eyes, he looked to be quite the ladykiller.

"He's ranked number one in the Pro League! Why in the world would he enroll here at our school?" Bonaparte gasped.

"Who knows, but if he comes here, he'll make our school world-famous!" The new Chancellor squealed. "After all everyone knows Aster Phoenix!"

(Slifer Red Dorm-Beach)

"I don't know who you are, freshman, but let's duel..." A brunette boy in a Slifer Red Jacket, known as Jaden Yuki said to the person across from him, who he did know was the pro Aster Phoenix. "Wrong catchphrase, let's get our game on!"

On top of the cliff three Slifer boys, a blue haired boy named Syrus, a sandy blonde cowboy named Jethro, and a brown, wavy haired boy named Jeremy were watching the duel about to commence.

"It's not even the first official day, and Jaden's got a duel going on!" Jethro exclaimed.

"Yeah, but who is this guy?" Jeremy asked.

"Beats me, but he does look familiar..." Syrus pondered.

"So, what's your name freshman?" Jaden asked his opponent.

"You can call me AP." He greeted.

"Well then, AP, let's throwdown!" Jaden said.

Both players activated their duel disks and got their opening hands.

Aster: 8000

Jaden: 8000

As 'AP' was drawing his first card, two more people approached the spectators. One was the black coat wearing, black haired kid named Chazz Princeton. The other was an Obelisk girl named Alexis Rhodes.

"Wow, Jaden doesn't waste anytime..." Alexis stated.

"Figures he go after the freshman." Chazz scoffed.

"Actually..." Syrus interrupted, pointing to Jaden's opponent. "He just showed up at our doorstep wanting to 'battle the best duelist on the island.' And that's what brings us here."

"Yeah, but do any of you know about Jaden's opponent?" Jethro asked.

"Okay, he's starting to look familiar to me..." Jeremy pondered. "Still can't put a name on him, though..."

"Yeah, he does look familiar!" Alexis agreed.

"Maybe he's like Chazz, a stuck-up rich kid!" Syrus grinned.

"Zip it shrimp!" Chazz yelled. "He's nothing like me!"

"I play Ojama Yellow in defense mode!"

Chazz did a face-fault as 'AP' summoned one of Chazz's known monsters, a yellow creature with eyestalks wearing red bikini briefs appeared, crossing his arms. (2/0/1000)

"Ojama Yellow?" Jaden wondered. "Why'd you start with that? Take lessons from Chazz?"

The spectators snickered at that.

"I would never start with a lame card like that!" Chazz said.

Suddenly, a spirit version of Ojama Yellow popped up near the angry Slifer's shoulder.

"That's right, boss!" He said. "You save the best cards for last!"

"Zip it, you idiot!"

"Oh, I know you don't mean it!" Yellow exclaimed before disappearing.

"What was that!" Alexis growled at Chazz. Unable to see duel monster spirits, she couldn't see Ojama Yellow.

"Uh... nothing..." Chazz said full of fear.

"Whatevs..." She shrugged, before turning back to the duel. "But I wonder what else this guy has..."

"But you know something..." Syrus wondered. "Even with Ojama Yellow, I bet there are a ton of cards he can use."

"Right!" Jethro snapped his fingers. "And if Chazz can do a lot with the Ojama's, just think what this new guy has..."

"Not much of anything, really..."

The spectators saw Ms. Dorothy, the owner of the card shack in the island holding a fat brown cat named Pharaoh. Along with her, an Obelisk Blue boy with jet black hair appeared with silver eyes. He is the ninja duelist, Kenji Yuuyami.

"Hey Kenji!" Alexis greeted.

"What's up?" He replied as he looked over the ledge. "So Jaden's dueling already, man..."

"When did you get your haircut?" Chazz asked, gruffly.

Everyone looked to see that Kenji's hair was now spiked forward at an upward angle.

"Over the summer," Kenji replied. "Figured a new year, needs a new look."

"Looks nice." Alexis stated, making Chazz growl.

'What the-? Why's he trying to make a move on Alexis!' Chazz yelled in his mind.

"Anyway, what do you mean by not much of anything?" Jeremy asked.

"He came by the card shack this morning..." Dorothy replied. "I didn't even stack the shelves with new cards, but he asked for any leftovers and bought eight packs worth of cards and created a 40-card deck from them."

"You mean Jaden's dueling a guy with mix-matched cards!" Syrus whined.

"That's weak..." Chazz muttered.

"Unless it's all from the same pack." Kenji added. "They always have compatible cards."

"Okay, my move!" Jaden drew his sixth card. "Looks like school's in session, so meet your teacher! I summon Elemental Hero Lady Heat in Attack mode!"

A female E-Hero appeared. She was a blonde and light-skinned woman, wearing a white and red body suit, with an orange and red skirt. (4/1300/1000)

"Now, I play H-Heated Heart giving her 500 ATK points and the ability to pierce through defense!"

A blue H fused into the heroine, giving her power. (4/1300-1800/1000)

"Time for your first lesson! Lady Heat attack with Burning Soul!"

Lady Heat gathered fire into the palm of her hands and then threw it at the helpless Ojama, and burned through at 'AP's' life points.

Aster: 7200

Jaden: 8000

"Some things you gotta learn the hard way!" Jaden said as Lady Heat came back to his side. "But then again, I could teach you a lot of things during a duel other than a school lecture!"

'AP' pretended to look impressed. "Wow! I guess you are as good as everyone says!"

"Thanks for the props, but you really need to play better cards than Ojama Yellow!" Jaden told. "Oh, and it's your turn, meaning Lady Heat's points returned to normal and you get it for 200 points!"

Lady Heat's points returned to 1300 as she threw a fireball at her opponent.

Aster: 7000

Jaden: 8000

'AP' drew and looked over his hand. 'Soon I'll learn all of Jaden's strategies! All I have to do is play another round of weak cards before I can play the big ones...'He then turned his attention back to the duel, "What about this?" The next card he summoned was a gold-skinned angel with two golden wings. (3/1600/0) "This is the Agent of Creation – Venus! And I'll bring out more of her friends, by paying 500 life points, I can summon a Mystical Shine Ball to join her, and I'll bring out two!"

Aster: 6000

Jaden: 8000

Like coming out of the air, two clear orbs of light appeared. (2/500/500) x2

"Now let's attack, destroy Lady Heat with Shining Orb of Light!"

Venus created another orb of pure light and fired it at the E-Hero, blasting her off the field.

Aster: 6000

Jaden: 7700

"Now, I attack directly with both of my Mystical Shine Balls!"

Jaden braced for impact as the clear orbs tackled him into the ground.

Aster: 6000

Jaden: 6700

"I'll toss this card facedown and end my turn!" 'AP' set a reversed card. "So how's that?"

"A lot better!" Jaden exclaimed. "Now I'm the one catching up."

"See what I meant earlier?" Kenji asked.

"Yeah, you were right..." Jethro replied.

"That slacker's letting someone with a mishmash deck get the best of him..." Chazz stated. "How this wimp beat me?"

"My move!" Jaden drew.

"And I'll activate this, my Solar Ray trap card!" 'AP' activated his trap card. "Now I can deal 600 points of damage for every LIGHT monster on the field, and with three that's 1800!"

A ray of light shot out from the card, making Jaden shield himself again.

Aster: 6000

Jaden: 4900

"That was a major drop!" Jethro exclaimed. "A big hit if I've never seen one this far!"

"But why activate it now?" Alexis wondered. "He's wide open for Jaden to attack now."

"I play this my Elemental Hero Bubbleman!"

A blue armored hero appeared with a matching cape and two water hoses attached to his gloves appeared. (4/800/1200)

"And since he's alone on the field, I can draw two cards!"

Jaden drew twice.

"And now, I play Polymerization to fuse Elemental Hero Sparkman along with Elemental Hero Avian to form Elemental Hero Great Tornado!"

Sparkman and Avian disappeared through the fusion portal that merged them into one another. From the portal, a wind rushed through the field as a blue Elemental Hero appeared, wearing white and gold armor with a blue cape covering it. (2800/2200)

"And with his effect, lets me cut all of your monsters strength in half!"

A tornado surrounded Venus and the shine balls weakening them. AoCV (3/1600-800/0), MSB (2/500-250/500)

"That's a little overkill, don't you think?" 'AP' asked.

"Yeah... but it'll also show you that no one's gonna take it easy on ya in the school!" Jaden shrugged. "Now Bubbleman attack a Mystical Shine Ball!"

The water hero shot a sharp stream of water, knocking out the shining orb.

Aster: 5450

Jaden: 4900

"And I attack your Venus with Great Tornado! Fury Wind Cutter!"

Great Tornado removed his cape and stretched out his arms, creating another tornado that caught Venus in the storm and blew her into pixels.

Aster: 3450

Jaden: 4900

"Awesome! Jaden took the lead!" Syrus cheered.

"So what?" Chazz said. "That new kid's deck is nothing special... this should be easy for him!"

"Come on..." Jethro interjected. "If he bought 8 of the same pack, he's bound to grab some powerful cards of the set, like Kenji said."

"You may be right..." Alexis added.

"I wonder why he did it in the first place..." Kenji muttered.

"Alright Freshman, it's your move!" Jaden exclaimed. "Let's see what you do this time!"

"Okay!" 'AP' drew and looked over his hand. 'Good!' He took the card he just drew. "I play the..."

Suddenly, a ring tone goes off...

"What's that sound?" Jaden asked.

"Just a sec!" He says, pulling out a cell phone. "I gotta take this!" While he was on the phone... "Hello? Oh no, I'm free to talk now, I'm not busy..."

Jaden was about to freak out, but calmed himself down. "Just chill Jaden, you were a freshman, too... you were a just a kid, last year..."

"Who whips out a cell phone in the middle of a duel?" Chazz asked angrily. "That's obnoxious!"

"No joke!" Syrus added. "He is like you Chazz!"

"I wonder what that's about..." Jethro wondered.

"That's right, I'm dueling him as we speak..." 'AP' talked to the person on the phone.

And the person on the phone, was inside a white room in an unknown place. He wore a white cloak and had some tarot cards on a table in front of him.

"Excellent!" He replied.

"So any last minute advice?" 'AP' asked.

The cloaked man turned over a card. It was a picture of a grim reaper with a long scythe. But the card was upside down.

"The Reaper of Souls is upright." He said. "You know what must be done!"

Back at Duel Academy...

"Cool, thanks for the call!" 'AP' replied as he shut off his phone and turned his attention to Jaden.

"Now get your cell phone off and your game back on!" Jaden exclaimed as 'AP' did just that. "So you're gonna play a better card, right?"

"Now I activate Reload! By playing this card, I can reshuffle my hand and draw a new one!"

'AP' shuffled his four card hand into his deck and drew another three cards.

"What was that about?" Jaden asked.

"You said a needed a better card, I'm just following your advice!"

"Oh, cool! Way to follow my advice, freshman!" The E-Hero duelist sighed. "So tell me, what have you learned by dueling against an upperclassman like me?"

"This, I play the Sanctuary in the Sky!"

The beach scenery was replaced by a floor of clouds, and right behind 'AP' is a white temple.

"A big building on some clouds, huh?" Jaden wondered. "Exactly what would've done!"

"Then you know I would summon Warrior of Zera in attack mode!"

A warrior with a green armored chest plate, helmet and arm guards and blue pants appeared. He held blue sword that seemed to be fashioned out of Zera the Mant. (4/1600/1600)

"Jaden's in trouble with this combo in play..." Kenji stated.

"And now since Warrior of Zera is on the field with Sanctuary in the Sky, I can sacrifice him to summon his ascended form, Archlord Zerato!"

Zera was taken in by a light pillar and then came out from the sky wearing a red scarf with large white wings and a mask over his face. He now carried a cutlass sword with him. (8/2800/2300)

"And here's something else you might not have expected; I send another LIGHT monster, like my final Mystical Shine Ball to the grave to activate Zerato's effect!" 'AP' explained. "And it destroys all of your monsters!"

The doors opened from the Sanctuary, expending a light flash that eradicated Jaden's Elemental Heroes!

"Now Archlord Zerato, attack Jaden's life points directly with Sacred Surge!"

Zerato's wings started to glow and he fired glowing feathers around Jaden who braced himself.

Aster: 3450

Jaden: 2100

"That's gonna leave a mark!" Jethro said.

"Yeah, it was like this one time at duel camp, the same thing happened to me..."

"Just zip it..." Chazz interrupted Syrus.

As they were arguing, Zerato descended to the ground next to the Mystical Shine Ball.

"I switch Mystical Shine Ball in defense mode and that'll be all." 'AP' declared as he saw Jaden kneeling. "Are you okay?"

Jaden grinned. "Are you kidding? I'm having loads of fun! I've been waiting on a great match all summer!" He drew. "First, I'll play Legacy of the Hero! Since I have at least 2 level 4 or higher Elemental Heroes in my grave, I can draw three cards!" He drew three times. "Now I summon Elemental Hero Clayman!"

A round man of clay and mud appeared on the field, arms crossed, the red dome of a head shining in the light of the arena. (4/800/2000)

"Next, I discard Metamorphosis along with Clayman to special summon the Elemental Hero Clay Guardian!"

Clayman's form changed into a something nearly resembling a football player as per the helmet on his head. He now had additional armor like shoulder guards plus a red shield to block with. (4/0/2800)

"Now activate your special ability: Patrol Penalty!"

Clay Guardian slid over to 'AP's' side and rammed him with the shield.

"What gives!" He asked when he got back to his feet.

"When Clay Guardian's special summoned, you lose 200 points for every card on your field! So say goodbye to 600 of them!"

Aster: 2850

Jaden: 2100

"Next, I throw down a facedown! And take a break."

"That new guy's in trouble." Dorothy noticed.

"Yeah, he's forced to topdeck thanks to all he's done to get Zerato out." Alexis added.

"Plus, Clay Guardian can defend Jaden against Zerato since they have the same points in their current modes." Jethro stated.

"Now, since you hardly have anything to stop my defense, your chances of winning, is 95%." Jaden told his opponent.

"Aren't those good odds, O Wise One?" 'AP' asked.

When he realized the Slifer laughed. "Oh, I was testing ya!"

"Smooth move..." Alexis said, sweat dropping.

"How'd he get past the review board?" Chazz wondered.

"Hey, he's better in dueling than putting pen or pencil to paper." Jethro shrugged.

"My draw!" 'AP' drew. "I summon Rocket Jumper!"

A floating rock monster appeared with a giant red rocket on its back. (3/1000/800)

"Since all of your monsters are in defense mode, my new monster can attack directly! Rockets Away!"

Rocket Jumper launched itself over Clay Guardian and rammed against Jaden.

Aster: 2850

Jaden: 1100

"That's it for now!"

"The Ancient Sanctuary packs..." Kenji figured out.

"Huh?" Alexis asked.

"The booster packs he bought..." The ninja duelist said. "The new guy bought Ancient Sanctuary packs, and Archlord Zerato is the headliner of that deck. Plus, I seen a card list and with the exception of Ojama Yellow, that's what he's using..."

"Then, I go!" Jaden drew. "I summon Elemental Hero Heat!"

Another hero appeared with the same color scheme as Lady Heat, and had huge muscles that he flexed. (4/1600/1200)

"And for each Elemental Hero on the field, he gains 200 ATK!"

The flames roared around him as they seeped into the red center of his suit. (1600-2000/1200)

"Now attack Rocket Jumper with Flaming Fists!"

Igniting his fists, Heat flew over to the rock monster and slammed it with an axe-handle slam.

Aster: 1850

Jaden: 1100

"Now its your turn!"

"Then let's see what fate has in store for me." 'AP' stated. "I need a LIGHT monster to defeat you, and fate's got my back!"

"It's not about fate, bro..." Jaden said. "It's about listening to your cards. And it's done me good!"

"Now you're crazy!" 'AP' retorted. "You expect me to have a conversation with my cards!"

"Hey, try calling them on your cell!" Jaden offered. "They might just answer!"


A transparent brown furry monster with white wings appeared on Jaden's shoulder and answered him. And while that was going on 'AP' was having some thoughts of his own...

"Gives bad advice, can't do basic math, and to top it off, hears voices in his head.' He thought. "Jaden's not what I expected in being the best of this Academy... Time to end this duel and move on with my life..."

Back in the white room, the cloaked man flipped over another tarot card. It was a knight riding a white two headed snake horse hybrid.

"Ah, the inverted chariot!" He said. "The end is near..."

Back at Duel Academy...

"Remember, listen to your deck!" Jaden called out to his opponent.

"Whatever..." 'AP' drew. He looked at the card, with disdain.

"Bad card, huh?" Jaden asked. "You might want to work on that poker face a bit..."

"Maybe I want you to think that..." He shrugged. "Or maybe I don't want to win... Cause think about it, when you accept my challenge have you ever thought about my wants, the reason to come to the Academy, or why out of everyone that's here now, I challenged you? Because I heard you were the best, so I came to test you!"

"You can't be serious..." Jaden groaned. "They give enough tests here already, but they're not as sweet as old fashioned dueling!"

"OF course, but this isn't about grades, it's about destiny. 'AP' said, confusing Jaden still. "Maybe this will show you, I actually drew a LIGHT monster known as Atomic Firefly! And by discarding it you're wide open!"

The Sanctuary opened up and shot its light and Jaden's heroes.

"Wow, not bad!" Jaden praised.

"Then let's see how you like it when Zerato finish you off!"

The winged Archlord flew in the sky ready to strike...

"I activate Flute of Summoning Kuriboh, which as you know, summons a Kuriboh! My Winged Kuriboh!"

Jaden's spirit monster appeared. (1/300/200)

Zerato launched it's feathers at the furball destroying it.

"Thanks for taking the hit, pal..." Jaden whispered to his monster, then turned back to his opponent. "Now what were saying about destiny?"

"It's simple, everything that happens in our lives is predetermined," 'AP' explained. "Losers born to be losers and legends are born to legends!"

"Legend? Me?" Jaden chuckled a bit. "Hero maybe or teen idol..."

Alexis sighed. "Someone stop him..."

"He's getting a big head..." Kenji mumbled.

"Well he's having fun..." Syrus added.

"At least..." Jethro said.

"Whatever..." Chazz groaned.

Jaden stopped laughing for a bit, "I'm a superstar, who knew?"

'AP' was thinking back to his conversation to the white cloaked man he was talking to on the phone earlier...


Aster was sitting in front of the table with the Chariot card upside down.

"When you find this Jaden, he's to defeat you in a duel, understood?" He asked. "It's the only way to see if he's one of the two we've been looking for! Trust me it's for the best..."

"But there is gotta be another way," Aster exclaimed. "I never thrown a duel!"

"Aster, have I ever steered you wrong?" The cloaked man asked. "Or any of my protégés for that matter? Trust me, it's for the best..."

(End Flashback)

'How can a manager tell his star player to lose?' Aster thought.

"Alright, it's the legend's turn! So stand back!" Jaden drew. "I play the Warrior Returning Alive to bring Bubbleman back... alive... like the card?"

Bubbleman returned to his hand.

"Then, I'll summon him to the field!"

Bubbleman reappeared as Jaden drew two cards for the effect. (4/800/1200)

"Next, I play Dark Factory of Mass Production to bring Elemental Heroes Clayman and Avian back to my hand!"

Jaden's two heroes returned to his hand.

"Then, Fusion Recovery bringing Polymerization and Sparkman back to my hand!"

Jaden collected his two cards also from the grave.

"Now I play Polymerization to fuse Avian, Sparkman and Bubbleman to form Elemental Hero Tempest!"

Three of the returning heroes formed into a blue armored hero with wild green hair, a glass visor over his eyes, and green wings with white metallic feathers. And his right arm, a sliver cannon. (8/2800/2800)

"Next, I'll throw down a facedown and sacrifice it to make it so that Tempest can't be destroyed in battle!"

As soon as Jaden's facedown appeared, it disappeared into Tempest in a blue aura.

"Now, I'll have Tempest attack Zerato with Glider Strike!"

Tempest charged his cannon and fired a stream of blue energy at Zerato, who couldn't retaliate in time to fire a shot and got blasted.

"Now, I activate De-Fusion to separate Tempest!"

Tempest split apart into Avian, Sparkman and Bubbleman again. (4/1000/1000), (4/1600/1400), (4/800/1200)

"Alright, Jaden just won!" Jethro cheered.

"Bubbleman, destroy his last Mystical Shine Ball!"

Bubbleman fired a shot of water that destroyed it.

"Now Avian, Sparkman finish him off with Wing Strike and Static Shockwave!"

The two heroes combined their powers and took down their opponent, ending the game.

Aster: 0

Jaden: 1100, Winner

"That's game!" Jaden did signature two-finger salute. "I hope my triple threat did rock ya too bad!"

"Nah, I'm fine!" Aster said. "Nice game!"

"Yeah, you had some sweet moves!" Jaden praised. "Not bad for a freshman! Just keep on practicing and maybe you'll become a legend like me!"

Back on the balcony, they watched as Jaden was still going on with advice...

"What a duel, don't you think guys?" Dorothy asked. "And that new student is quite the looker... did anyone catch his name?"

"I think he said it was AP." Jeremy said.

"AP?" Kenji pondered. "Sound familiar..."

Then they noticed the two duelist coming up the hill, still talking. "Guess I'll see you around, AP!"

As Aster walked away, he contemplated on Jaden's actions.

'I don't get it...' He thought. 'Sure Jaden's a decent duelist, but I don't see why my manager is so obsessed with this one. I still don't understand how joining this school is going to help my career. But I guess Sartorius knows best. As for the other duelist he wants to know about, I'll let Masaki take care of him, he actually has to go to school...'

He took a glance at the spectators, Dorothy was the one that waved back, which he smiled and nodded.

"Don't be a stranger, stranger!" She waved back as Aster left.

"So guys... what do you think about my first duel of the second year?" Jaden asked. "Pretty sweet, huh?"

"You rocked, Jay!" Syrus praised.

"Yeah, never lost your touch over the summer!" Jethro said.

"Impressive!" Jeremy added.

"Anyone who thinks you're a legend isn't a sharpest tool in the toolbox," Chazz stated.

"Maybe..." Alexis noted.

"Glad to see you're still a strong player." Kenji added.

"Well, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of AP." Jaden wondered.

"Wait a sec... AP..." Syrus pulled out a magazine with Aster's picture on it. "I knew it, that was Aster Phoenix!"

"So, he's got a weird name, big deal..." Jaden shrugged.

"Think Jaden, Aster Phoenix is the number 1 duelist in the World League!" Alexis stated. "A pro!"

"Of course I knew that..." Chazz added.

"You were just as clueless as the rest of us for the time being..." Jethro said.

"You know that means, Jaden," Jeremy stated. "You beat a pro!"

"Yeah!" Jaden cheered. "A student beating a pro!"

"Uh, Jaden," Dorothy interrupted. "That wasn't Aster's real deck, it was just a mishmash deck."

"You mean I dueled a guy using leftover cards?" He sulked.

"At least you won..." Syrus said.

"Right!" Jaden got back up. "Aster, this duel is still on!"

(Meanwhile, at the Ra Yellow Dorm)

"So, you're a new student here?" Asked a black haired young man, styled in dreadlocks wearing a Ra Yellow Jacket, known as Claudio Osbourne. "Nice to meet ya!"

Across from him was a kid in a Slifer Red Jacket, with messy brown hair. "Likewise! Name's Masaki Oda! Are you ready to duel?"

"More than ready!"

The thing about this duel was, it was on top of the Ra Yellow Dorm! Strange, I know.


The Ra Yellow smiled hearing a familiar, and to him, heavenly voice as he turned to the source. A black haired girl styled like the monster, Dark Magician Girls, wearing the girl version of the Ra Yellow Uniform ran up to the dorm with a big smile on her face. Her name is Melody Hikarii, Claudio's girlfriend.

"Alright, there she is!" Claudio grinned. "How you doing, sweetie!"

"Great seeing you!" She replied. "But what're you doing up there?"

"About to duel Masaki, a new kid!" He replied.

"On top of the roof?" She asked.

"It's been done, have you seen that Broadway play Duelist on the Roof? Good play!"

Melody shook her head seeing her boyfriend go through with this. "You're a crazy kid..."

"But I'm your crazy kid!" Claudio grinned, making Melody giggle a bit. He turned back to Masaki. "Sorry pal, I'm gonna win with my girlfriend watching!"

"We'll see!" Masaki said as both players activated their duel disks.

"DUEL!" They both drew their opening five-card hands.

"Hey Melody!"

The Ra Yellow Girl turned around to see three people run up to the Ra Yellow Dorm. The first was another Ra Yellow guy with neat, black hair; Bastion Misawa. The second, another Ra Yellow Student, with brown eyes, had shaggy, dark hair with a scar running down his left cheek; Alex Jacobs, another one of the 4 people once lost from the Abandoned Dorm. Finally, an Obelisk Blue girl with white blond hair and green eyes was Lily Rose Lee, also from the Abandoned Dorm.

"Hey guys!" Melody greeted them. "Glad to see you!"

"You too!" Lily replied.

"And we're ready to get back on track!" Alex grinned.

"As he says," Bastion added. "So what's Claudio doing up on the roof with that Slifer Student?"

"Dueling him..." Melody replied.

"On the roof?"

"On the roof."

Masaki: 8000

Claudio: 8000

"New guys, first!" Claudio told his opponent.

"Thanks!" Masaki drew. "I'll start off with Sonic Maid in attack mode!"

A woman with red hair in a pink dress with gold bracelets and headband stepped out from behind the rocks. She had a harp in one hand and a huge musical note-shaped scythe in the other. (3/1200/800)

'A Sonic Maid?' Claudio thought. 'He's setting me up for a fall...'

"And I'll end it here." Masaki declared.

"What?" Melody wondered. "He's summoning a monster with nothing to use in attack mode?"

"Maybe he's got something else in mind?" Lily wondered.

"Well whatever, Claudio's got an upper hand already." Alex shrugged.

"Maybe, but we don't know what Masaki has in store for that deck." Bastion stated.

"Alright, my move!" Claudio drew. "I summon Singing Superstar in attack mode!"

In a flash of light, a brown haired man appeared. He wore a plain, white shirt and carried a microphone. (4/1700/1300)

"Now, sing his maid a little lullaby! Attack!"

The superstar screamed into his mic making a sound wave storm blowing away Masaki's monster.

Masaki: 7500

Claudio: 8000

"And I'll stop here." Claudio stated.

"Now he's doing it too?" Lily asked.

"I think he's playing his game..." Alex thought. "A wait and see approach."

"Yeah, I guess Claudio's wanting Masaki to step up..." Melody thought out loud.

"My turn!" Masaki drew. "I summon Hibikime in attack mode!"

The next monster appearing looked like the Sonic Maid, but she was blue haired woman wearing a green sleeveless dress, carrying a blue musical note. (4/1450/1000)

"That's all for now!"

"Another one?" Bastion wondered.

"Now it's getting crazy..." Lily muttered.

"Okay, but you really should try something else..." Claudio drew. "I summon Guitarist Superstar!"

A man in a white muscle shirt and blue jeans appeared with an electric guitar. (4/1800/1000)

"I don't know what your game is, new guy, but I'm putting it down before you get it out!" Claudio declared. "I attack Hibikime with Singing Superstar!"

Another sound wave storm from the singer shattered the Sonic Maid's counterpart.

Masaki: 7150

Claudio: 8000

"And here's a direct attack from my Guitarist Superstar, Battle Cry!"

The guitarist played the guitar making sound like a cry as it slammed into Masaki.

Masaki: 5350

Claudio: 8000

"Now I place one card facedown." Claudio set a reverse card. "And not to be rude... but can you fight back?"

'I plan on it...' Masaki smiled inwardly as he drew. 'Perfect!' "I play the Spell Summoning Song and it lets us summon a level 4 or below monster from our decks, but they must be summoned in defense mode." A card slid out of Masaki's deck. "I pick Spirit of the Harp!"

A lady in gold colored cloak appeared with a large harp as she strums the strings. (4/800/2000)

"Then I summon Drummer Superstar!"

Claudio summoned a blonde, wild-haired man playing on a drum set appeared. (4/500/2000)

"Now I play Bait Doll to force your facedown card to flip over!"

"Okay now I'm lost..." Claudio muttered as a tiny doll dropped on his facedown card, followed by a tiny scythe that stuck the doll and card, forcing it to activate. "You activated the trap Superstar Band Power. And you just lost your only monster since I have all of my Superstar monsters here on the field..." He sounded confused to be saying that even though he wanted it to happen. "So boys rock 'em!"

The superstar monsters started playing and singing together perfectly. The force of the music snapped the harp's strings and shattered the harp player.

"Now I got my plan laid out!" Masaki grinned.

"He did have a plan for those cards!" Bastion said.

"This is bad!" Melody added.

"Now I can remove the three monsters from the grave to special summon a new monster, Songstress of Rock!"

Coming out of a light pillar was another female monster, only she didn't look anything like the previous three. She looked to be more of the rocker as per her name with a white jacket that was left open to expose the black halter top that showed off her midriff and pants with boots. (7/2400/1900)

"Wow, never seen a monster like that!" Claudio said.

"And you won't forget it!" Masaki smirked. "Her special ability allows her to strike everyone of your monsters!"

"Oh boy..."

"Songstress of Rock, take it to his band!"

The songstress pulled out a white guitar from thin air and strummed it wildly, making all of Claudio's monsters bite the dust.

Masaki: 5350

Claudio: 6700

"And then I play this card facedown." A reversed card was set. "How's that for more?"

"Wow, you really got me!" Claudio said, smiling. "And you're using monsters of music no doubt! I'm going to have some fun!"

"Claudio gets his butt whipped, and then he asks for more?" Alex asked.

"One heck of a guy you got, Melody." Lily said.

"You know it!" She replied cheerfully.

"Okay, I got the stage!" Claudio drew. "Now I know you're done playing, let me step up with Jukebox Hero Modest Mouse!"

A two foot mouse appeared wearing a black tie suit, with a banjo in hand appeared. (4/800/1200)

"And since he's alone on the field, I draw two cards from the deck!"

Claudio drew two cards. "I place a card facedown and let you go."

"Bad hand, huh?" Masaki said as he drew. "I play Dimension Fusion to pay 2000 life points to get back the monsters we've removed from the game!"

Masaki: 3350

Claudio: 6700

A dimensional gate ripped open as Sonic Maid, Hibikime, and Spirit of the Harp returned. (3/1200/900), (4/1450/1200), (4/800/2000)

"Claudio's staring down four monsters to one!" Melody said worriedly.

"No wonder he was so confident!" Bastion said.

"And now, Hibikime attack Modest Mouse! Note Slash #2!"

The blue haired woman flew over to the mouse, slicing him to pixels.

"Now, Sonic Maid attack! Note Slash #1!"

The maid sliced the air, making the force push Claudio back.

Masaki: 3350

Claudio: 5500

"Now, Songstress of Rock attack him directly!"

Instead of using the guitar, the songstress dashed over to Claudio and knocked him down with kick.

Masaki: 3350

Claudio: 3100

"Ow, that was big drop..." Claudio muttered. "But well worth the pain to activate Damage Condenser!"

"So you've set me up as well!" Masaki said.

"That's right, by discarding one card I can summon a monster with the amount of damage I just took from your last attack, up to 2400!" A card slid out of his deck. "And I pick Jukebox Hero Kill Master!"

A cowboy-looking man appeared with a symbol that resembled a plus (A/N: Motorhead symbol). He also had black shades, covering his eyes completely and a bass guitar. (6/2400/1700)

"Feels good to be back at Duel Academy, eh Osbourne?" The Spellcaster asked.

"Oh yeah, dueling, my friends, my girlfriend all in the same place!" Claudio smiled. "Happy days, man..."

Masaki was listening to the whole thing...

'So, Sartorius was right...'


Masaki was in the same white room with the cloaked man, now known as Sartorius.

"When you find this Claudio, he's to defeat you in a duel, understood?" He asked as he showed Masaki. "I have to see if he's one of the chosen ones!"

"Chosen ones," Masaki wondered. "Don't you have enough protégés? I'm not jealous or anything, but why this guy?"

"Have I ever steered you wrong?" The cloaked man asked. "Even for some with your... qualifications?"

"Okay, but I'm dueling with my old deck..." Masaki said. "I need to see if I'm ready to let it go..."

"But of course, Mr. Oda..."

(End Flashback)

"But he let himself get fallen into the oldest trick in the book in the early turns of the duel...' Masaki thought. 'I'm not sure if he's that great...'

"Hey, are you okay in there?" Claudio shouted, bring Masaki's attention back to the duel. "Is it my turn?"

"Oh yeah... spaced out a bit, sorry!" He replied.

"Well, don't fall asleep man!" Claudio drew. "I'm about to summon another monster, meet Jukebox Hero Goth Heroine!"

The next Jukebox Hero was now a woman! She had black hair down to mid back wearing a long black skirt with knee high boots and carried a black microphone, making her look like a goth. (4/1900/1600)

"It's about time you summoned a Jukebox Hero that's a girl!" Melody called down to her boyfriend.

"Sorry it took so long, baby!" Claudio shouted back. "Never got around to summoning her!"

"And you took your sweet time..." The new lady Jukebox Hero replied.

"I said I was sorry!" Claudio returned. "But let's just get back to the duel, shall we?"


"I play Goth Heroine's effect! I can switch a monster's mode from attack to defense!"

Goth Heroine screamed, spreading a dark mist on the Songstress of Rock, making her kneel.

"Next, I add Clementine to Jukebox Hero Kill Master giving him 600 ATK points!"

A black, flying V guitar was strapped to Kill Master's back. (6/2400-3000/1700)

"Now Kill Master attack Songstress of Rock with Motor Bass!"

"Rock out!" He replied as he played a fast bass groove that surrounded the Songstress with sparkles before she shattered.

"Now, Goth Heroine will attack Sonic Maid with Gothic Voice!"

The gothic heroine shouted into her mic again, surrounding Sonic Maid in darkness.

Masaki: 2650

Claudio: 3100

"Back in the game!" Lily cheered.

"Keep it up Claudio!" Melody added.

Claudio nodded. "It's the end but now, Kill Master's effect gives me 600 life points!"

Kill Master played his bass solo again, surrounding Claudio in a white wind, restoring his life points.

Masaki: 2650

Claudio: 3700

"Now my move!" Masaki drew. "I play Pot of Greed to draw two cards!" He drew two more and smiled at that. "It's time to bring out my star monster, so I play Witch of the Black Forest!"

A three-eyed woman, in a black dress appeared, crouching and crossing her arms. (4/1100/1200)

"Now I play Polymerization to fuse her and the Lady of Faith together to form the first ever rock and roll monster! The Musician King!"

The witch and a blue-haired woman in colorful robes appeared inside a vortex, but the person that came out next was nothing like them. It was a guy with spiky blond hair and blue jeans carrying a red electric guitar. (5/1750/1500)

"Two girls..." Lily started.

"... fused together..." Melody continued.

"... created a dude?" Alex finished.

"NO WAY!" They all shouted.

"That has to be the strangest fusion ever..." Bastion muttered.

"It may have the strangest fusion, but I like him..." Claudio shrugged.

Everyone besides Masaki groaned.

"Anyway, since Witch of the Black Forest was sent to the field I can get a monster with up to 1500 DEF!" Masaki collected a card from his deck. "Like my Sonic Duck! But I'll put that on hold for my facedown card Metalmorph to equip onto Musician King!"

A metal covering slid over the guitarist. (5/1750-2050/1500-1800)

"Now I can sacrifice him to bring out the Heavy Metal King!"

The metal covering solidified, making Musician King more hardcore. He now wore a black leather jacket and pants with two large shoulder spikes on them. (6/2050/1800)

"Next, I activate Pump Up letting my Hibikime double her attack points until the end of the turn!"

The blue haired woman smiled a little evilly as she felt her power rise. (4/1450-2900/1200)

"Now, attack Goth Heroine with Note Slash #2!"

Hibikime shouted as she sliced Goth Heroine down to the grave.

Masaki: 2650

Claudio: 2700

"And the best thing about Heavy Metal King is his effect is like Metalmorph!" The new Slifer grinned. "When he attacks, it adds half of the attack points of the monster he attacks! Heavy Metal Rock!"

Amplifying his guitar, Heavy Metal King strummed wildly on his guitar sending sound waves across the field. (6/2050-3550/1800)

Kill Master couldn't take it as he shattered into pixels.

Masaki: 2650

Claudio: 2150

"And that ends my turn!" Masaki said.

"Man, for a Slifer you sure don't play like a beginner!" Claudio said.

"Well thanks!" Masaki said. "Hearing that from the strongest Ra Yellow duelist on the island is a big honor!"

"I'm really the greatest Ra Yellow duelist?" Claudio asked. "Never knew that..."

"Well, your dueling skills last year are testament to that." Bastion said.

"Yeah, you should be proud!" Lily said.

"But don't get too cocky with it..." Melody teased in a sing song voice.

"When have I ever got cocky?" Claudio asked.

"Try when Jaden kicked your butt in the final week of last year..." Melody stated.

"Oh right... you had your moments too, beating an undefeated duelist, even though we know his background..."

"I still ended it..." The Ra Yellow girl stuck out her tounge at her boyfriend.

"Claudio, it's your turn!" Masaki interrupted.

"Oh, sorry about that!" Claudio said as he drew. "I play Pts. Of Authority drawing five cards, but having to pay 200 points for each one!"

As Claudio drew, he had to endure the electric shocks while drawing his five cards.

Masaki: 2650

Claudio: 1150

"Now I summon Jukebox Hero LP Angel!"

Descending from the field; was a winged, blonde man in black dress shirt and jeans. He carried a microphone that he raised to the sky. (4/2100/0)

"Next, I play Polymerization to fuse the Jukebox Heroes JB and KG in my hand to form Jukebox Hero Tenacious D!"

Two men, both in plain, everyday clothing with acoustic guitars jumped into the fusion vortex. When they came out they were in more hardcore, black leather clothing. (8/2600/2600)

"We are the D!" JB said.

"Let's lay down a nice, tasty jam!" KG replied.

"Why don't we?" Claudio grinned. "Next, I'll add Double Summon to play Jukebox Hero- Bon Fire!"

A flaming microphone dropped to the ground as another man followed and swung it around by the cord. He had brown hair down to his neck and wore only blue jeans and black shoes. (4/1800/500)

"Now let's take out Spirit of the Harp with Smashing Ground!"

A massive fist crushed the harp player.

"Now, from one rock and roll fan to another, let me play you a little something..."

(Play Hello There by Cheap Trick)

Claudio started strumming his guitar with a steady beat while Bon-Fire started to swing his microphone by the cord as he sung the lyrics. This gave the opening for Tenacious D to storm the field and strike down Heavy Metal King with their guitars.

Masaki: 2100

Claudio: 1150

Then, LP Angel flew to the sky and did a diving kick at Hibkime, knocking her down.

Masaki: 1450

Claudio: 1150

Finally, Bon-Fire ignited his microphone and threw it at Masaki, ending the game.

Masaki: 0

Claudio: 1150, Winner.

(End music)

"Thank you very much!" Claudio bowed as the holograms disappeared of the field. "Hope you're not sore about losing..."

"Nah, it was a fun duel!" Masaki stated. "I guess you're the one with the better rock and roll deck."

"In this duel maybe... we could have another duel later in the year..." The Ra offered.

"Not with this deck..." Masaki then took out his deck and handed over to Claudio. "Here..."

"Uh, dude... you need a deck in this school, otherwise you're as good as done at this school!" Claudio warned him.

"It's alright, I have another," Masaki explained. "I planned to let go of this deck sometime, and who better than someone who'd know its uses."

Claudio took the deck. "Thanks, I guess... are you sure?"

"Positive..." Masaki said as he got down from the roof. "I duel you with my main deck next time!" With that, he walked off towards the direction of the Slifer Dorm.

"Look forward to it!" Claudio waved to him.

'I guess he could be what Sartorius wants...' Masaki said as he kept walking. 'But the only way is to duel him with my real deck...'

Claudio got down from the roof and turned around to accept a hug and kiss from Melody.

"Haven't lost your touch..." She smiled.

"As if there was any doubt..." He smiled back.

"Good show, old friend!" Bastion praised.

"Thanks, Einstein!" Claudio said. "Lily, Alex what's up?"

"Taking the time to walk around campus before the island's overrun by new students." Alex said.

"And also, making sure we get our second year credit that was stolen from us, Jeremy and Atticus." Lily added.

"Bet your folks were thrilled to see you all." Melody said.

"Yeah!" Lily said. "Dad and my sister Layla were more than thrilled to see me. It was hard for them to let me go, but I did want to see these last years through."

"My mom was smothering me, the entire time." Alex added. "My dad was happy too, but at least he didn't glomp me with hugs after I come back home from somewhere."

"She really missed you." Bastion stated.

"I know..." Alex then turned to Claudio. "So, I guess you got another duel to look forward to, and another deck the next time you and Masaki scrap!"

"Yup, but right now let's just hang out." Claudio replied. "Got a bunch of summer stories to tell ya..."

Back at the docks, Bonaparte and Crowler were sitting down in a slump waiting for Aster to show up off the boat, but all that came were new student that weren't worth recognizing... to them...

"I can't believe he's not here! We've been stood up!" Crowler complained, "This school needs a star, not more slackers!"

He and Bonaparte then noticed some more students coming down the boat ramp. The first was a girl a long black coat, shirt and knee-length skirt, carrying a black umbrella. Her eyes are dark green, and her hair is a very dark brown - almost black. Her skin is quite pale.

"When did we start a goth convention?" Crowler quipped.

Unfortunately, the girl heard his comment and turned to him, making the new Chancellor cringe.

"It's the lifestyle I chose, deal with it..." She said in a monotone voice as she walked off.

"Who was that?" Crowler asked as Bonaparte check the list and found a profile on the girl.

"That was Lyra Raine, a new Ra Yellow student." Bonaparte reported. "At least it's not a slacker..."

The next person that came off was young man with long messy blond hair that pasts down his tan shoulders, almost six foot but really he's about half way towards six foot. And he also had an earring on both ears; small hoop earrings. He wore an Obelisk Blue Blazer.

"Aloha, sirs!" The man greeted. "Where may I find the Obelisk Blue Dorm to unpack?"

"Uh... down there and follow path until you see a giant blue building..." Bonaparte pointed out.

"Thank you! Aloha!" He said as he walked off.

"Good! Another Obelisk!" Crowler cheered. "Who is he, hmm?"

"Alright, keep your pantaloons on!" Bonaparte thumbed through papers. "Here we are... Allen 'Seung Joon' Kamakawiwo'ole."

"Say what?" Crowler sweat dropped.

"He has a Korean and Hawaiian background."

"Oh, I knew that..."

Before the short Vice Chancellor could groan, another Obelisk Blue student walked down the ramp. She was a 5' 4'' tall teen with long golden blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes.

"Another Obelisk Blue student!" Crowler praised as he ran over to girl and shook her hand. "Welcome to Duel Academy, young lady!"

"Uh... thanks..." The girl replied. "I was told to see the headmistress of the Obelisk Blue to check in..."

"Oh, just follow the path down that way and there's a rowboat that'll take you there!" Crowler pointed out.

"Thanks, Mr..."

"Chancellor Crowler, at your service..."

"Good to meet you, bye..." She walked off in the direction Crowler pointed.

"Allyson Anderson." Bonaparte said. "Unusual deck style for one so talented..."

"Oh who cares! We have another star in the making!" Crowler rejoiced.

"Don't look now, but we have two more!" Bonaparte pointed to two more people walking down the ramp. The first was a jet black haired man with dark red highlights wearing a t-shirt with a coat of arms on the back, tan cargo shorts, black and red sneakers. The second was a honey blonde haired woman wearing a white tank top under a blue jean jacket, white jeans with blue and black shoes.

"That's Alister Gates and Erika Parks!" Crowler exclaimed.

"They're Pro League icons!" Bonaparte added. "This school will surely gain success with them enrolled!"

"Glad to be relaxing away from the pro dueling circuit, eh Erika?" Alister said.

"Very," She replied. "I hope this year will be great, especially what's happening at the end of it..." She stared dreamily at the ring on her finger, a stunning diamond ring.

"Oh yeah..." Alister wrapped an arm around her, which she leaned onto him. "And after that, it'll be nothing but smooth sailing for the both of us..."

"Yeah," Erika replied.

"Bonjour! Monsieur and Mademoiselle!" Bonaparte greeted. "I'm your Vice Chancellor of this fine Academy you've enrolled here!"

"Well nice to meet you, but we're in hurry to get to our rooms." Alister interrupted.

"And we know the way so, see you guys later!" Erika added as the couple left out, leaving the Chancellors speechless.

"That was strange..." Crowler stated. "We didn't even get to the publicity marketing..."

Next up was a Ra Yellow student with a black shirt under his blazer and grey cargo pants. He also had white hair and orange eyes. This was Vincent Merchet of Ra Yellow. He breathed in the evening air.

"Good to know I can be here without being possessed next time." He said as he stretched out. "Now, let me find the dorm before he comes back with that military talk..."

"Who's he talking about?" Bonaparte wondered.

"Left, Right! Left, Right!"

It was then a dark-skinned student walked down the gangplank, a military issue backpack at his back. Tied around his head was a yellow bandana, made to look like a dinosaur's head. Sticking out the back of it were black dreadlocks that shot out in all directions. The yellow blazer he wore had no sleeves, showing off thick muscles. Around his legs were a pair of tan khakis and he walked in thick steel-toed boots.

"Hey ladies! Can you direct me to who's in charge around here?" The boy asked.

"I'm in charge around…" But the man seizing the collar of his jacket halted Crowler's sentence.

"I demand to know why I'm stuck in the yellow barracks! I want blue!" The man demanded.

"Bonaparte… Anytime you want to jump in…" Crowler muttered to the short man.

"What my partner here is trying to say is that you don't want to be an Obelisk Blue. You're way too daring," the vice chancellor explained.

"Yes, that's right! You're way too daring!" Crowler agreed.

"Oh really? That's mighty neighborly for you to say that. You ladies are alright!" And like a commando, he marched off.

"Now as I was saying, we need a star like Aster Phoenix, not more slackers," Crowler sighed. For a moment, Bonaparte crossed his arms in thought when an idea hit him.

"Why do we need Aster Phoenix when we can have a school full of stars?" Bonaparte asked.

"I'm not sure I follow."

"I mean we eliminate the Slifer Red dorm. With all of the slackers gone, we can focus on turning our other students into stars!" For a moment, Crowler stared at his colleague in confusion then smiled. The smile grew wider as the two began to laugh. But despite the laughter that filled the bay, there was one person who was not smiling...

"I'm sorry but the Slifer dorm won't be going down..."

Bonaparte and Crowler turned to see a man wearing a Slifer Red Jacket, looking as long as the Obelisk Blue Blazers, come up to them. He had neat brown hair, carrying a suitcase with Duel Academy's logo on it.

"And just who are you!" Bonaparte demanded.

"I'm Spencer Sojourner." The man greeted. "I'm the new headmaster of Slifer Red."

"WHAT!" Crowler shrieked. "I haven't authorized that!"

"Me neither!" Bonaparte added. "And we never will, so beat it!"

"Actually, I was hired by Sheppard before the last year was out..." Spencer opened the suitcase and pulled out a contract. "See here... this shows I was hired for the job and you have no authority over firing me for a year since I am new!"

Crowler snatched the contract from the new guy's hands and looked it over. He then grumbled at the signature of Sheppard and the date was indeed before Crowler was appointed Chancellor.

"He's right..." Crowler threw the contract back at Spencer, who caught it effortlessly.

"Why do the slackers need another slacker teacher!" Bonaparte shouted.

"Because, the rules do state that every dorm at Duel Academy is required to have a Headmaster." Spencer stated. "Plus, I do know my way around being a graduate of the Academy, I also have PhD in Dueling Arts."

"Alright fine, carry on!" The vice Chancellor grumbled.

"Thank you!" Spencer proceeded to leave the docks after the children. "Oh and don't get any ideas about messing with the residents of MY dorm." With that he left...

"Now what do we do?" Crowler whined. "The slackers now have an authority figure in charge!"

"Calm down!" Bonaparte shouted. "All we have to do, is promote enough of the better students out of that dorm, then we CAN take it down and focus on the stars!"

Finally, the two men begin to laugh.

First chapter of the second season done, people! I hope you enjoyed it! It'll be tough having all these new guys joining in, but that won't stop me! Plus, the reason for two duels at once was to reintroduce the cast of first season in one go!

Songstress of Rock

Level 7



This monster cannot be Normal Summoned or set. This card can only be Special Summoned by Removing 1 of each of these monsters: "Sonic Maid, Hibikime, and Spirit of the Harp." This monster can attack all of your opponent's monsters at once.

(Created by me.)

Heavy Metal King

Level 6



This monster can only be Special Summoned from your Deck to your side of the field by offering "Machine King" equipped with "Metalmorph" as a Tribute. When this monster attacks, it gains additional ATK, during damage calculation only, equal to half the ATK of the attack target.

(Played by Johnny Steps in the episode Steppin' Out. All rights to the creators.)

Jukebox Hero Goth Heroine (Amy Lee of Evanescence)

Level 4



When this card is summoned, switch 1 of your opponent's monsters from Attack to Defense mode.

(Created by Lily Truesdale. All rights to her.)

Next Time: Crowler's and Bonaparte's plan for promoting stars begin with Chazz Princeton and Jethro Cartwright facing the top two freshman of Obelisk Blue. Will they get in?

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