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Chapter 53: Light against Light?

After the match between Razor and Edge vs. Jaden and Allyson, Kenji was lying around in his room thinking about the outcome of that duel.

'Well, that worked out more than I expected,' he thought, smiling to himself, 'I think I even got what I need from that duel as well. It wouldn't have mattered if Claudio teamed with Jaden; the Pros would have still lost. But now, what to do...'


Emerging from Kenji's deck, his spirit monster, Star Ninja Kaabii floated right in front of his partner's face.

"What do you want," the ninja duelist scoffed.

"Poyo, poyooo, poyoo," the spirit said in a pleading manner.

"There's nothing wrong with me," Kenji grumbled as he turned to his side, "Leave me alone."

"Poyo! Poyo," Kaabii shouted.

"The Light isn't messing with my head," the SOL member shouted. Then he had to ponder that, "Is it?"


'Then again, I'm not like these guys,' Kenji thought, 'Sartorius and those other fanatics just worship the Light, yet why? You think with all this praise, Sartorius would tell us his plans already. All we've been doing is just brainwashing other duelist, and for what? Then there's Jaden, Claudio and the rest of my old gang... without any answers to their questions, they're in the dark as well...'

He then chuckled to himself lightly, "We're all fighting a pointless battle at this rate. If Sartorius has the means to conquer the world, he should just cut out the middle man and just do it already. In fact..."

Kenji stood up from his bed and said, "Who cares about the Light? If anything, I'll just have to take matters into my own hands. That's the only way things will get done. But I can't do it, if I stay here... taking orders from someone who can't fathom real power..."

In his pure white room, Sartorius set down five tarot cards in a diamond formation. He turned over the top card, revealing the Wheel of Fortune in the upside down position.

"The Wheel of Fortune in reverse? Interesting... Let's see what the other cards are telling me today," He said as he turned over the two cards on the sides. The card on the left revealed a man in royal red robes outlined in white, a large golden crown upon his head and a small blue scepter in his left hand. He also held up his right hand with two fingers pointing upward. The card on the right revealed another man in royal clothing holding a sword in his right hand and a brass scale in his left.

"The Hierophant and the Justice cards," He pondered, "They represent Kenji and Jason. Looks like something will occur during this ordeal," He then turned over the bottom card, revealing to be the upside down position of the Death Card, "And the upside Death card, a rebirth of sorts, but for which one?"

As his hand reached for the middle card, the door burst open and nearly shook the table up.

"Master, we have a problem," Jason said urgently.

"Well, you better have a good excuse for barging in, during my tarot readings," Sartorius replied in anger.

"Sir, Kenji's gone from his room," the Lightsworn duelist exclaimed.

"That's all," the SOL leader growled, "You are gone from your room, or are you not standing here before me, testing my patience?"

Seeing his superior's anger rising up, Jason quickly took out a single card and held it up. It was the White Veil card. Sartorius' anger continued to rise, but now it was directed away from his subordinate.

"Tell me you are joking," Sartorius growled.

"I'm not, sir," Jason stated, "Kenji's trying to leave our Society."

"NO!" Sartorius shouted, "He is too crucial to my plan and too powerful an asset to our cause!"

"Allow me to bring him to justice, Master," the Lightsworn duelist declared, "I suspected that Kenji was the one that sabotaged our earlier plot of turning Jaden and Claudio over to our group."

"Is that so," the SOL leader wondered, "I'll be awaiting your apprehension of Kenji at the main arena; he must not be allowed to leave… or for that matter, keep whatever free will he has left!"

Jason grinned evilly as he took his leave, "Oh, I'll take great pleasure of taking that away from him! You can count on it!"

Once his right hand man left, Sartorius looked back to his cards... "Oh, I see it now... the Wheel of Fortune in reverse showed Kenji's deceptions, in an attempt to foil my plot! Nice try, Mr. Yuuyami, but it won't work. Then, the Hierophant and Justice card shows the upcoming battle between yourself and Jason. But now, the Death in reverse intrigues me? Is it the rebirth of Kenji into my Society? Maybe the final card will tell me..."

Once Sartorius flipped over his next card, he gasped...

"Not again!"

It was the black card!

"Why does this card show up whenever...," Sartorius gasped, "Kenji! He must have a latent power to defy the Light! No one will after I'm done with him!"

At the Slifer Dorm, Jaden was lying awake in his dorm room thinking about his last duel.


In front of him, Winged Kuriboh floated right in front of him.

"Hey pal," Jaden greeted, "Did you see that duel I was in?"

The little spirit shook his head.

"You must have been at the bottom of my deck then," the E-Hero duelist stated, "Anyway, those Society guys won't let up on me, ya know? But hey, I can't turn down a good duel, especially tag duel with my friends! But today, I got to duel with Allyson... during that duel, I found out we got a lot in common."


"It's funny feeling though," Jaden said, more in thought, "When I tag dueled with Syrus, Claudio, Kenji and Aster, it was just like another duel. Well, with Claudio and Kenji at the time, it was a fight for the fate of the world, but this duel with Allyson, it was... different. The way she and I dueled... it felt a whole lot better than those other duels..."

"Coooooo!" The winged Kuriboh said with a teasing stare.

"Hmm, feelings," Jaden asked, "Sure, she's my friend. I guess I feel like she's my best friend next to Syrus after this..."

"Coo..." the duel spirit groaned as it disappeared.

"Night, buddy," the Slifer waved.


He looked up from his bed and saw Syrus staring down at him with sleepy eyes.

"Who were you talking too," the vehicroid duelist asked.

"Oh, just talking about my cards," Jaden replied, "Sorry that I woke you."

The little Ra yawned before he went back to sleep, "It's okay, just keep it down next time."

"Okay, night Syrus," Jaden yawned before he went to sleep himself.

At the forest, Kenji dashed his way across the forest trees and stopped as he stared at the moonlight.

"Finally, a chance to be alone..." He sighed as he leaned up against the tree, "I'll stay around here until the time is right... those fools can have all the fun they want, but once the battle's over I'll have the last laugh. The Society doesn't know what do with its own power, so I'll just have to overthrow him and take care of things my own way... My answers are clear; I'll find more power and then destroy Sartorius and command it!"

Suddenly, a rustle was heard and he quickly turned to his head to see Jason, leaning against another tree...

"We don't except resignations," the Lightsworn duelist stated with a dark glare, "Not to mention hostile takeovers..."

Kenji scoffed, "Like I ever cared what you had to say. In fact, all you did was leaving me out of the loop."

"You're just a pawn to Master Sartorius and I," Jason chuckled, "There's nothing you should know than to be loyal to the Light and follow its orders through our Master."

"And therein lies my problem with you all," the ninja duelist stated, "Since you decide my own fate within this group, I rather take matters into my own hands. Who knows, when I interfered with your plot, it'll probably help you in the long run. Also, I didn't like the fact that you kept an annoyingly close eye on me from the start."

"Orders are orders..." the Lightsworn duelist said, "I can see why Sartorius told me to watch you... you're a black sheep of the group... but now you have to follow the crowd."

"Please," Kenji waved off, "You're just like everyone in the group; blind to your master's true plans. In fact, I bet you're nothing but the real dead weight of the Society of Light!"

Narrowing his eyes, Jason activated his duel disk and a white aura surrounded him, "Well... I guess we have nothing to discuss... let's keep this short and sweet. You want to leave? Only if you beat me, will you have that privilege!"

Kenji activated his own disk as well, "Good, I would like to shut you up before I just watch your group and the Academy's group just blindly tear each other apart!"

Both players drew their opening hands.

Kenji: 8000

Jason: 8000

"I'll start since I'm the troublemaker," Kenji stated as he drew his sixth card, "I summon Ninja Kato in defense mode!"

As Kenji played his card, a ninja wearing a full-body dark blue suit appeared, the only part of him visible being his black eyes. He then took up his guard with his katana right in front of him. (4/1300/1300)

"I then place one card facedown and end my turn," Kenji concluded, as a reversed card appeared behind his ninja, "Your turn now, Jason..."

"Time to learn your place," Jason declared as he drew his sixth card. After scanning it, he then held up one card. A spell card depicting a crowd of people, sadly succumbing to the tax payments, as a knight comes to collect, "I activate my Painful Choice spell card."

"I see," the ninja duelist looked on, "You pick five cards from your deck, I choose one of them to add to your hand and then you send the rest to the graveyard."

The Lightsworn duelist then searched his deck for five cards and held them out for Kenji to look at. The ninja duelist just scoffed as the holographic images of the choice cards appeared over his opponent's head.


The cards shown were Ehren, Lightsworn Monk, Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon and 3 copies of Wulf, Lightsworn Beast!

"So pick, my friend," Jason smirked, "Of course, you know what will happen if you make a poor choice..."

"A clever move," Kenji acknowledged, "Because of Painful Choice, the rest of the cards you choose will be counted as being sent to the graveyard from the deck. I choose either Ehren or Gragonith, the 3 Lightsworn Beasts will overrun your field. Plus, I'll be dealing with losing my ninja if either Ehren takes the field, or lose heavy amount of points if Gragonith is summoned."

"What's your point," the Lightsworn duelist scoffed.

"Knowing you'll try to pull a fast one, I choose one of your Lightsworn Beasts," Kenji declared as he pointed out of the copies, "Now, go ahead and send the other cards into your graveyard."

The Lightsworn duelist grinned as he put one of his Wulfs into his hand, and sent the other four cards into the graveyard, "You've activated the effects of the Lightsworn Beasts, bringing them out to the field!"

As Jason collected his two Lightsworn Beast cards and set them on the field, resulting in two pillars of light erupting from the ground and bringing out the twin, white-armored werewolves. (4/2100/300) x2

"Next, I use Magical Mallet," Jason continued as he inserted the spell card into the disk, activating it, "This will shuffle my Lightsworn Beast into the deck and draw once more," He announced as he reshuffled the chosen card into his deck and drew another card in its place..

"Is your turn ending soon," Kenji yawned, "You're boring me."

"Funny, aren't you," the Lightsworn duelist said as he held up another spell card, depicting a hand reaching out of a graveyard plot, holding a shovel, "But I'll use Foolish Burial to send my third Lightsworn Beast into the graveyard!"

Once again, the right-hand man of Sartorius sent his final Lightsworn Beast into the discard slot, only to unleash it right on the field with the others. (4/2100/300)

"Look Kenji, I can summon monsters just as quickly as you do," Jason taunted and then turned to his beasts, "Now my three beasts, attack his ninja and his worthless master directly with Pride of the Light Pounce!"

All three Lightsworn Beasts howled and rushed across the field and faced off against their opponents. Two of them drove their lances into the black-clad ninja's gut, leaving the pixilated remains to vanish. Then, the third one slashed his lance across Kenji's chest, making him cry out in pain.

Kenji: 5900

Jason: 8000

As the damage took its toll on Kenji, everyone saw a streak of white run upward on his black hair. The ninja duelist felt a surge of light running through him.

"What... is going...on," He demanded, "What are you doing to me?"

"You see, Kenji," Jason began as he smirked, "We can't have you running around as a rogue member any longer. So for every amount of life points you lose, a surge of energy will course through your being to strip you of your free will!"

Kenji growled defiantly, 'No, I will not have it!'

"After two facedown cards, I'm set," the Lightsworn duelist concluded as two reversed cards appeared at his feet, "Pretty soon, you'll be a good servant like Lorenzo!"

"I'm fine the way I am," Kenji shouted as he pressed a button his disk, revealing the card he had facedown. It depicted ancient jar being sealed and tied down by rope and an ancient, wooden box, I'll activate Xing Zhen Hu, sealing away those two cards you just put down!"

Jason gasped as two ancient boxes slammed down on his face-down cards, turning them pitch black.

"Now to draw," Kenji continued, drawing his next card, and immediately inserting one into his disk, "I activate Double Summon, allowing two Normal Summonings for the turn. So first, I bring out my Ninja Commander Ikusa in attack mode!"

A puff of smoke suddenly covered a spot on Kenji's field. Emerging from it, a ninja in dark green armor, katana and a black mouth mask appeared. (3/700/700)

"And then, I'll activate his effect: summoning Ninja Soldier Katana to the field," the ninja duelist continued as Ikusa made a few hand signs before another ninja seemingly split off from the other. This Ninja was clad in black with a katana as well. (3/400/400)

Continuing his move, Kenji took his weaker ninja card off the disk and then put another monster card in its place, "Now, I use my second normal summon to sacrifice the Solider to summon Ninja Master Shogun!"

Katana vanished into thin air as three scrolls appeared in its place. They all unraveled and exploded creating red sparkles covering another ninja wearing colorful Japanese ceremonial robes and a red Kabuki mask. He then performed a dance like pose, waving his hands around. (5/1600/1600)

"Are you going to play something worth having on the field," Jason scoffed.

"There's more to come," Kenji stated as he took two more cards from his deck and placed them on the field, "When my Shogun's Tribute Summoned, I can summon 2 level 4 or below Ninjas! So, I bring out Ninja Commando Kabuki and Ninja Dog Tesshin!"

Next, two figures ran along the forest's trees and then landed next Ninja Master Shogun. The first was another human ninja in white armor and head-mask over his brown hair and a yellow veil over his lower back and black pants. The second was the small Shikoku Inu dog howling and snarling. (3/700/700), (4/300/300)

"And then, with Kabuki's effect I can summon another Ninja to the field," Kenji smirked as his hand reached for his deck again, "Like my Ninja Hatt... huh?"

Suddenly, his deck flashed white and then with a sound of...


A small, pink monster appeared wearing a golden headband with a star on it and had purple hair on its head. It also carried a small kunai in hand. (6/2050/1900)

"Star Ninja Kaabii, huh," Jason mused.

Kenji growled at his partner monster, "I didn't summon you... why are you here?"

"Poyoo, poyo poyo!" The pink ninja protested.

"I'm in control of my actions," the ninja scoffed, "Mind your own business... because of your actions, I'm stuck with you! So just get in line and stop pestering me!"

"Poyoooo..." Kaabii whined as it floated next to Kabuki.

"Trouble, keeping your monsters in line," Jason asked amusedly.

"Now, since Ninja Dog Tesshin is on the field, I can boost the power of all monsters with "Ninja" in their names by 400 ATK and DEF," Kenji announced, ignoring his opponent's taunt, "And you won't be able to touch my Tesshin if there's another ninja on the field!"

Tesshin howled, sending white spirits into itself and its ninja brethren, boosting their power. (3/700-1100/700-1100) x2, (5/1600-2000/1600-2000), (6/2050-2450/1900-2300), (3/300-700/300-700)

"Five monsters on the field with that power," Jason growled to himself, "Then again, it is a ninja deck..."

Kenji smirked as he held up another spell card from his hand, "Remember this Jason, I have the faster hand! I now activate Great Kite of Ninja and equip it to my Ninja Master Shogun!"

Flying over Kenji's head, a large, red and yellow kite emerged in the sky. The Shogun jumped up and grabbed onto the kite and maneuvered it a little lower to the field.

"Now by sacrificing another monster, Ninja Master Shogun is able to attack you directly," Kenji smirked as Kabuki vanished into thin air, "So, I'll sacrifice my Kabuki ninja and allow Shogun to use his Merciless Thunder Attack!"

Hearing the command, the red masked ninja conjured up lightning in his right hand and directed it towards the Lightsworn duelist, giving him a giant shock.

Kenji: 5900

Jason: 6000

"Kaabii, time to make yourself useful and attack one of those Beasts with Absorbing Technique," Kenji continued as his monster reluctantly opened his mouth and started to inhale the air like a vacuum. The werewolf ended up caught in the suction and getting gobbled up in one gulp.

Kenji: 5900

Jason: 5650

"And with Kaabii's ability, I can summon a Copy Token with the same ATK and DEF as your destroyed monster," the ninja duelist stated as Kaabii spat out another copy of himself, only it wore the same white armor as Wulf and carried a smaller version of its spear. (1/2100/300)

'Powerful and cunning,' The Lightsworn duelist thought as he looked over Kenji's field, 'this must be the reason Sartorius was glad to have him join us... unfortunately, I have to make him a lowly servant...'

"Lastly, I place my last card facedown and switch Ikusa to defense mode," Kenji concluded as he inserted the card into his disk and his ninja kneeled down and blocked with his arms, "Word of advice: never try to beat me at my own game of swarming the field! I'm a master of it!"

"I would if it were a lecture by Master Sartorius," Jason snapped as he drew his next card, and then immediately activated a spell card, "I activate Monster Reborn to revive my, Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon!"

The ankh of Monster Reborn appeared in the sky and created the angel-winged, sliver-armored dragon, taking flight. (6/2000/1600)

"And with two Lightsworns in my graveyard, it gains 300 ATK and DEF, bringing its power to 2600," the Lightsworn Duelist grinned as images of Ehren and Wulf appeared behind the dragon and flew into it. (6/2000-2600/1600-2200) "Also, your ninja isn't safe in defense mode, because Gragonith also deals piercing damage! Now destroy his Ikusa with Nova Purge!"

"I think not," Kenji announced as he revealed his facedown card," I activate the effect of my facedown card, Command Silencer! It cancels your attack and lets me draw one new card!"

As Gragonith planned to open its mouth, a tall totem pole with loudspeakers in its wings appeared and made a blaring sound. It ceased the dragon's attack as it covered its ears with its wings, while Kenji drew a card.

"It won't stop me from taking down your ninjas," Jason shouted, "Go my Wulfs, attack Ikusa and his token!"

The two werewolves lunged at the ninjas in question. Ikusa tried to leap away, but the werewolf's spear caught him in the back. Next, the second Wulf and Kaabii's token charged at each other in a suicidal attack, shattering the both of them, fueling Gragonith's power. (6/2600-2900/2200-2500)

"And next, I'll place this card facedown to end my turn," Jason concluded as reversed card was set near his feet, "Then Gragonith's effect forces me to send the top three cards into my graveyard," He stated and placed his Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue, Vanquishing Light and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress into the graveyard, empowering Gragonith even further. (6/2900-3500/2500-3100)

"Like, I'm supposed to be scared of your dragon," Kenji scoffed as he drew, "And you'll be getting more of the same when I set this monster facedown," A set monster appeared next to Kaabii, "Now Kaabii, attack his last Wulf!"

As the small ninja prepared to absorb its next opponent, the Lightsworn duelist pressed a button his disk, "This time, I'm not taking any chances," Jason announced as the card revealed itself, "Go Lightsworn Barrier!"

The Lighsworn duelist swiftly took the top two cards of his deck and sent them into his graveyard, revealing to be Luminous Spark and Glorious Illusion. Before the suction could engulf the werewolf, a crystallized barrier surrounded it, keeping him grounded.

"What," Kenji gasped.

"By sending the top two cards of my graveyard, Lightsworn Barrier negates an attack made on any of my Lightsworn monsters," Jason smirked, "And I'll keep doing it as long as I have it on the field, plus cards to send to from my deck to the graveyard. But you know how this deck benefits on that alone?"

"I'm not worried at all," the ninja duelist waved off, "You forgot that my Ninja Master Shogun is equipped to Great Kite of Ninja! I just have to sacrifice a monster and then hit you directly without triggering your trap card."

Remembering that fact, Jason growled, "Then, I take it you'll sacrifice your facedown monster to do so?"

'Hmm, sacrificing my facedown monster would benefit the cards in my hand,' Kenji thought looking at his newly set monster and his hand, 'but I think I have to punish someone first...'"No, since he's can't doing anything because of your trap, I'll just sacrifice Kaabii!"

The ninja spirit gasped in horror. He turned to his partner and pleaded, "Poyo, poyo!"

"You shouldn't have interfered with me in the first place," Kenji shouted as he took Kaabii's card off the tray, "So, begone!"


The spirit's cry was heard by deaf ears as it vanished into sparks of light.

"Ninja Master, you've got his power," the ninja duelist announced, "Now attack!"

This time, the red masked ninja breathed a hot flame and blazed towards Jason and engulfed him in the flames.

Kenji: 5900

Jason: 3650

"I hope that wasn't hot enough for you," Kenji stated, "Because next turn, it'll only get worse for you!"

"I doubt it," Jason said as he drew his next card and looked it over, 'Jenis, Lightsworn Mender... good, with her effect I gain 500 life points whenever my Lightsworn cards send cards from the deck to the graveyard. And I can deal the same amount to my traitorous, little friend at the same time!'

"I summon Jenis, Lightsworn Mender in defense mode," Jason announced as he set the card on the field. Once set on the tray, the card summoned a young, red-haired woman wearing a gold-outlined, white dress, cape and hat. She immediately kneeled down in front of her master, while holding up her brown scepter that glimmered green at the top. (4/300/2100)

"Now it's your turn Gragonith, take out his facedown monster with Nova Purge! Find out what he's hiding," Jason commanded as his great white dragon opened its mouth and fired a bright, white flame at Kenji's facedown card, burning it up. Within the flames, it revealed a purple armored warrior wearing a helmet with the Wdjat Eye as his only eye. He looked like a walking weapon of death, yet his claws did nothing to protect from being burned to ashes. (4/1600/1200)

Kenji: 3600

Jason: 3650

Jason gasped, "Oh no! Makyura the Destructor!"

"Correct, now I get to activate traps from my hand until the end of this turn," Kenji laughed as he quickly inserted two of them, "I activate the trap cards, Michizure and Card of Last Will! With the latter, because a monster of mine was destroyed in battle, I get to draw five new cards!"

The image of the second trap vanished as Kenji drew his five new cards.

"Secondly, Michizure brings to old line 'an eye for an eye.' So when you destroyed my monster, I get to take another monster there as well," Kenji explained as he pointed to the Lightsworn Dragon, "Lightsworn Dragon, go keep Makyura company!"

When those words left the ninja duelist's mouth, Makyura's spirit came back from the dead and sunk its claws into the dragon, making it cry out in agony and shatter into pixels. Jason eyes widened in fear seeing his powerful monster lost.

"And you can't make another attack since Great Kite of Ninja keeps my Shogun away from battle, while Tesshin can't be attacked while another ninja's on the field," the ninja duelist laughed, "Not even the great White Veil could help you, since you need to declare an attack! So, what's your move...?"

"I... end my turn...," Jason grumbled.

"Speechless are we," Kenji smirked as he drew, and turned over his card before inserting it into his disk, "I activate Monster Reborn to bring back my..."

In another sudden flash of light, Kaabii reemerged from the graveyard, staring straight at Kenji. (6/2050-2450/1900-2300)

"I didn't want you back," the ninja duelist shouted, "Do you keep insisting on keeping me away from victory?"

"Poyo," Kaabii shouted back, "Poooyooo!"

"Tch. Fine," Kenji thought, "I was going to use Makura as a sacrifice, but it looks like the only card I have left to use is my Ninja Smoke Ball, using it to cancel his attack."

'He's too powerful,' Jason thought, 'How can I be on the receiving end of a loss? When I dueled Jachin and tied, it was because Sartorius said he had a similar power. But this... lower peon? No... no...'

"I sacrifice Kaabii, so my Ninja Master can continue his onslaught," Kenji announced as he looked to his monster with anger, "And this time, don't interfere!"


Once again, the pink ninja vanished into sparkles of light, surrounding Ninja Master Shogun. The Ninja then threw numerous shuriken at the Lightsworn user, sending him to the ground on his knees.

Kenji: 3600

Jason: 1650

"Now, one card facedown and I place one monster in defense mode," Kenji concluded as a reversed card and a set monster appeared on his side of the field, 'My facedown monster, Crimson Ninja, can finish the job for me next turn, destroying his Barrier! Even if he summons another monster to deal with it, I still have Ninja Smoke Ball to activate in order to block for the win! I am one duelist you cannot tame, Jason!' "It's your move, unless you decide to give up!"

Jason was starting to breathe heavily as he looked at his deck, "If I lose... I'll lose so much more... I'll go back to that scared, timid little boy who couldn't fight hard enough... I... I will... I will not lose to a HERETIC!"

As the Lightsworn duelist snapped the next card of his deck, the aura around him grew stronger, blinding the ninja duelist. When Jason saw the card he just drawn, he grinned and then laughed evilly.

"You are through my friend," He shouted as he slammed the card on his disk, "With at least four different Lightsworn monsters in my graveyard, I call upon the powers of... Judgment Dragon!"

Suddenly, the light from Jason erupted into the sky and illuminated the surrounding area...

Looking out his window, Sartorius saw the bright light that came from the forest.

"So, he brings out the Judgment," he said as he stared it down, "Kenji will soon return to us..."

Back to the duel, Kenji felt something crash into the ground, but could not see it until the light faded away. The Ninja duelist opened his eyes and took in the sight that was the Judgment Dragon.

The dragon size's was immense; its body covered in sliver, feathery scales as well as its angelic wings that rose over the trees and its form. It peered down at Kenji with its crimson eyes, peering into its very soul. (8/3000/2600)

"It's time I passed Judgment on you, Kenji," the Lightsworn duelist rejoiced, with a maniacal grin, "For your rogue actions against us, in the name of the Society of Light, you will be punished!"

"The only monster you can touch is my facedown card," Kenji shouted, "For all of your dragon's power, you still can't touch me! Just save yourself the embarrassment!"

Jason chuckled darkly, "So like a person who doesn't know his place... I pay 1000 life points, to activate Judgment Dragon's special effect..." A dark red aura surrounded him...

Kenji: 3600

Jason: 650

"Now, obliterate everything around us!"

At Jason command, the dragon stomped it forelegs down and poured a golden light onto the ground that quickly spread itself on the entire playing field, the trees around the field were also covered. Then it happened... the ground erupted into a storm of burning light. Kenji couldn't even let out a scream as the light engulfed the field, he could only see Jason's maniacal stare as he too was bathed in its light.

When it was all said and done, nothing remained... but a wasteland of broken ground, trees and the Judgment Dragon to rule it all...

It was Kenji's turn to be stunned as he took in the sight of the mass damage. Jason took advantage as he inserted another card into his disk.

"Finally, Shine Place will raise its attack power by 700," He announced as a Judgment Dragon became surrounded by a white aura, even filling its eyes with menacing white. (8/3000-3700/2600)

"It is time...," Jason rejoiced, "Judgment Dragon, I now pass... Radiant Judgment!"

Judgment Dragon roared, blasting a focused jet of blazing light from its maw into the still Kenji. He screamed in agony as the light blasted him back into a faraway tree, knocking him out...

Kenji: 0

Jason: 650, Winner

The holograms disappeared as Jason walked towards the fallen opponent, breathing heavily. Once he reached Kenji, he saw that his opponent's hair and face was completely white!

"You..." Jason gasped as he pulled Kenji's unconscious body up to stare him in the face, "You... made me use... my ultimate beast... Too much trouble..."

Later at the white dorm, Sartorius awaited Jason's return.

He soon got his wish as he saw the Lightsworn duelist with Kenji on his back. Looking closely, he saw that his right-hand man was on his last legs...

"I take it he gave you a tough fight," he said, taking Kenji into his arms.

"You saw... the beast..." Jason asked.

"Anyone who can see the Light, can see the glorious power of the Judgment Dragon," the Tarot reader rejoiced, "You have shown your real power, but too weak to control it properly..."

"I know..." the Lightsworn duelist groaned.

"But don't see this as a bad thing," Sartorius stated, "It is because that power, Kenji stays with us... for good!"

Jason grinned as he bowed, "Thank you, Master."

"You're quite welcome," the SOL leader smiled, "Now return to your quarters, I'll see that you get at least a day or two's rest."

"I shall..." the Lightsworn duelist stated as he made his way to his room.

In Kenji's room, Sartorius placed the fallen ninja duelist on his bed...

"You caused quite a stir today, my young friend..." He stated as he left out of the room, "But now, you are back where you belong!"

But little did he know that the black card started to glow deep red...

Kenji then started to glow in that same deep red light...

Pretty soon, half of his white hair transformed back into his natural black color...

Then, he gave an evil grin in his sleep...

The next morning, the DAS were called to investigate the large damage to the forest area, right where Kenji and Jason dueled...

"Who on Earth, could do this..." The head of the DAS gasped...

Dangerous times, my readers! Dangerous times...

Ninja Commando Ikusa


Level 3



When this card is summoned to the field, Special Summon 1 "Ninja Solder Katana" from your hand or deck.

Ninja Soldier Katana


Level 3



Ninja Commando Kabuki


Level 3



When this card is summoned to the field, Special Summon 1 "Ninja" monster from your hand or deck.

Ninja Master Shogun


Level 5



When this card is Tribute Summoned, Special Summon 2 level 4 or below "Ninja" monsters from your hand or deck.

Great Kite of Ninja

Equip Spell

Image: A large Red and Yellow Kite with an unknown Kanji in black, flying in the blue sky.

Equip only to "Ninja Master Shogun". It is unaffected by the effects of all other Spell Cards. Your opponent cannot select the equipped monster as an attack target. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can Tribute 1 monster, except the equipped monster. If you do, the equipped monster can attack your opponent directly this turn. If the equipped monster is the only monster you control, your opponent can attack you directly.

(The top five cards were used by Jean-Claude Magnum in the second series anime episode: Lights, Camera, Duel! All rights go to the creators of the episode.)

Ninja Dog Tesshin


Level 4



As long as you control another face up "Ninja" monster, this card cannot be selected as an attack target. While this card is face-up on the field, all "Ninja" monster gains 400 ATK and DEF

Star Ninja Kaabii


Level 6



When this card destroys a monster in battle, Special Summon 1 "Copy Token" on your side of the field with the same ATK and DEF as the destroyed monster (also with Level 1/LIGHT). You cannot attack this card if there's a "Copy Token" on the field.

(The top two cards were created by Psycho Duelist. Effects are my own creation, and are different from the ones in his story, Duel Academia Legends. All creative rights go to the both of us.)

Next Time: The SOL targets all the Ra members left of the Ra dorm... except Bastion... fed up, he goes straight down to the Dorm and calls out the leader! Is he crazy?

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