It was a hard life, I thought. Moving from one child to the next, helping them through their younger years, and then leaving them for the next child. But not Lizzie. Lizzie never stopped needing me.

In the front garden, I watched Mary make her mud pie. As she sat there happily, sploshing the water on top of a giant pile of mud, she reminded me so much of Lizzie. Ahh…Lizzie. I smiled, remembering all of our grand schemes. That mud pie in the mega bitches fancy china, the time we burgled the house…so many happy memories.

And then when I came back. When I sank the boat, when we broke out of the house, when I ruined her old toys and the mega bitches clean cream carpet, when the mega bitch shut my head in the fridge, and then, the saddest memory of all, when we went into the dream world and I had to…when I had to leave her. I never wanted to leave her.

We had the best friendship, it was the best bond I'd ever had with a child, and I think, that just a little bit, that I loved her. But we could never be. Because I was invisible to everybody but her and the other imaginary friends. And that just could not work. Ever.

It saddens me to think that Lizzie has found someone else now. She talks to others, she can't talk to me anymore, she can't even see me!

She will never see me again. Because I left properly. And there's no going back after that. Instead, she will spend her life with proper, visible people. I can never hit her with a spade and tell her to piss off ever again. Or sink a boat. Or plague the mega bitch with mud or prank her ever again.


Mary is looking at me now, wanting me to join in.

"Coming" I reply, before putting the last memory of Lizzie at the back of my head and going to help build the biggest mudpie ever.