Moji Moji! Here is my new SasuNaru fanfic titled, Naruto in Wonderland! Yes, it's a otaku version of Alice in Wonderland, but it wasn't brought on by the Tim Burton version that just came out. I actually got the idea after reading this manga titled "Heart no Kuni no Alice" or "Alice in the Country of Hearts". Anyone who's interested in it, should check it out. I can guarantee that it is better than my fanfic because it has bishie characters! Besides that, here you go.


The song that is written within the beginning of the fanfic is "Illusion" by Creed.

The sun rises to another day

My constitution keeps changing

It was again another day in my miserable life.

'Til it slips away

So I lie awake and stare

My mind thinking, just wandering

Does anybody care?

I smile softly to myself, sitting up from my restless sleep that I had laid down to about seven hours ago. I had little sleep since then, listening to the same song set on repeat. I couldn't help but think about how the song oddly fit to my life.

Should I stay or go

Should I sleep or stay awake

Am I really happy or is it all

Just an illusion

Climbing down from my perch on my top bunk bed, I shiver softly in my bare body, wearing only dark blue boxers. I turn to my dresser, yanking out a drawer to scan its occupants.

Sitting in my room now

Hiding thoughts

Just hoping one day I'll get out

I hear a voice call my name


Breaking trance, so silent

So I can stay the same

I smile at the absurdity of my older sister's timing. My smile is quickly replaced by a frown- she has yet to break the trance I was under.

Should I stay or go

Should I sleep or stay awake

Am I really happy or is it all

Just an illusion

I pause after I pull on a pair of black pants, giving myself some time to admire the artistically crafted guitar solo that follows. I may not be able to play an instrument to save my soul, but I wasn't deaf. "Naruto!"

I flinch. Sadly, I wasn't deaf. I could still hear the calls of my sister. "I'm up!" I yell back as the solo ends with one long final note.

Wait now, many things left unsaid

This life remains the same- but I change

I try to fool myself in believing

Things are going to get better

But life goes on

I pull on a black t-shirt before throwing on my bright orange jacket, forgetting to unzip it as I grab my string backpack and my notebook. Grabbing the tie required in the school uniform and slipping it over my head, I hum the next few lines to myself.

Should I stay or go

Should I sleep or stay awake

Am I really happy or is it all

Just an illusion

I storm down the stairs, leaving my I-pod in my ears so I wont have to listen to my sister complain about my irresponsible attitude. Some fragments of her scolding still managed to slip in though.

Just an Illusion

"You were supposed to wake up an hour ago…"

Just an illusion

"Going to be late…"

Just an illusion

"Always have to baby-sit you…"

Just an illusion

"You're too old for this…"

Just an illusion

"What would dad think…"

Just an illusion

I freeze as I hang out of the half-way open front door, "Well dad isn't here anymore, so we'll have to deal."

I already know she's glaring behind me as I close the door and jog the few blocks to the bus station, where I usually catch the bus to a ramen restaurant a few blocks from my school. I sprinted at the sight of the bus pulling into the stop, it's new advertisement of some new pop band flashing vibrantly against it's dark blue paint.

I manage to make it, waving at the bus driver who gives me a disapproving look before closing the doors and pulling off before I sit down. Finding my usual spot in the back open, I collapse down, turning off my repeating I-pod. It was a twenty minute ride until I would get off, so I decide to pull out my homework for that particular math-related class, the one I hadn't completed over the weekend. The first problem is simple enough to me, but the second one adds a second variable with a formula that we were supposed to read in a packet.

The same packet that I had thrown into my locker on Friday. Giving up on the futile chance that I actually might finish the homework, I decide to hide out in the library a few minutes before class starts so I can finish it. 'Why did Tsunade even bother putting me in these AP classes if I'm an under-achiever.' Glancing out of the window, I name each habitant of the houses we pass. "Shikamaru… Kankuro… Konohomaru… Temari… Ino… Gaara… Kiba… Ten-Ten… Neji…"

My eyes widen at the sight of a new, larger house that I hadn't noticed before. Old man Sarutobi had recently passed away, and his house had been demolished because it was really old and some other reasons. Behind it, there was a massive dark house that was built like old fashioned houses you only found in cities like Kyoto and Okinawa. 'How long has that been there…?'

A sudden flash of white catches my attention and I crane my neck to see a white rabbit in a waist coat, holding up an old fashioned pocket watch. He pointed at it and seemed to be looking at me, and I blinked in disbelief.

The bus passes the house, greeting it with its bright advertisement as if it was an old friend. My curiosity is silenced as the bright neon signs of Ichiraku Ramen flash on the side of the small building. I tug on the cord and a high toned ding accompanies this action with an automatic voice repeating a single phrase twice, "Stop requested; stop requested."

I edge towards the door and wait for it to open. I step out, but not even a fraction later, the doors slam shut and the bus speeds off. "Of course nothing ever changes."

People still see me as what my father did to me, not who I was. He was a hero to the village- I was the monster that caused of his death. Turning down the side street that traveled behind Ichiraku Ramen, I walk around the small trash cans and continue down the long, winding back street until I reach an opening, and a crowd of students all wearing black uniforms, making a bee-line to a massive building. A crash sound behind me and I turn around quickly to see a flash of white disappear into another alley.

Ignoring the strange occurrence, I file into line with them, I'm not entirely unaware of the numerous glares, looks of disgust, and the sneers that are directed towards me as I weave through the crowd. I've just learned that it's best to ignore them than to act on it. That's what they want me to do. They're waiting for me to mess up so they can have a reason to ruin my life more than they already are allowed to.

Glancing around the courtyard, I see the option of my search. Leaning against the concrete wall that surrounds the school, is a long haired brunette with red triangles tattooed upside down on his cheeks, flirting with a long haired blond girl that had tailored her skirt to be too short and left her shirt open a few buttons. I ran up to him, grinning brightly, "Hey Kiba!"

The girl turned her nose up at me before walking off, announcing loudly, "When did they started letting in murderers."

I don't skip a beat at her insult, I've heard it many times before, "So Kiba, I was wondering if you finished the homework we were supposed to do in Trigonometry honors?"

He rolled his eyes, but returned my grin, "Idiot! You didn't do the worksheet?"

"I was busy!"

"Of course," he draws the words out as he slings his arm across my shoulder.

"Don't pet the wild animal, Kiba," some kid called out in the hall as we entered the school.

His arm slipped off of my shoulder and I didn't take it personal, although it still hurt. No one was nice to me. It would ruin their popularity. Kiba, however, had ignored this; or at least most of this. It was still more than I disserved as far as I was concerned. "Ignore him," Kiba whispered to me.

My grin widened as I waved my hand in front of my face, "It's fine. I have to hurry and get to the library if I want to finish my work fast enough."

Kiba shrugged before parting ways, heading towards his locker, waving back at me. My grin falters slightly as I gaze after him. Turning to head to my locker, I squeeze through two kids who try to trip me in the hall. It was naturally a part of my life. Beating my locker once on the side of it, it flings open quickly. I grab the thick paper filled with equations quickly and close the locker, parting my way through the crowd and towards the library.

Stepping into the massive room, I'm greeted by the subtle smell of aging books. I wave to the librarian, Kakashi as he shakes his head at me knowingly, but waves me on. I notice the soft uplift of his face covering that indicated that the man was smiling at me. He was one of the few who didn't hate me. Weaving my way through the book cases, I find my favorite spot in the back by the horror books. No one ever seemed to care about those books. I sat down in the corner by my favorite English horror author, Edgar Allen Poe. In fact, my favorite of his stories and poems was The Tell-Tale Heart.

Bringing out my massive text book and worksheet, I ponder over the second problem again, finding the answer easily now with the right formula. I go through seven more problems before the warning bell rings. 'If I continue at this pace, I'll be done before class starts.' "Go ahead and look around Uchiha."

I'm silenced by Kakashi's words to someone who had entered. I sit up slowly, clutching my text book closely in case I would need to use it as a weapon. A raven-haired man walks around the edge of bookcases, his attention focused on the books on a shelf next to the one I was hiding by. He moves to the next isle, checking the other side of the shelf before I begin to breath again, glancing back at my crumpled worksheet.

Jotting down the formulas for the last two problems and writing down the math before I analyze them further, I close my text book, shoving it in my string backpack before I notice that the male had traveled down to the other side of the bookcase I was at. I glanced at him through the books. He had pale skin, though he had a strong build and a dark aura that surrounded him. Regardless of these traits, he was still entrancing in a way that I was unable to describe. I've never heard of him before. Uchiha?

"Poe, Poe, Poe…"

I glanced back at him as he muttered softly under his breath.

"Poe is over here."

He freezes as well as my voice speaks on its own accord. Slowly, I watch him stalk over to the other side of the book case and stand there, staring at me. I couldn't see his eyes in the shadows that shrouded him from me, but I knew he could see mine wide with fear. He walked closer before bending down near me, glancing at the shelves. "Thanks," he mutters under his breath.

I nod mechanically before edging around him, trying not to sprint out of the library. Stopping myself outside of my classroom, I force myself to calm my racing heart that had been trying to jump out of my chest since I saw him. 'Who the hell is that guy…'

Well, there you have it. So far, this one is longer than my previous ones, so that's a good thing. I think that longer fanfic have a better career than the shorter ones. I hope you read the next few chapters and please bear with me as the Wonderland part won't be for the first few chapters. I'm trying to build up to it and create suspense.

Yours In Wonderland