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Gilmore Girls

Weekends in Stars Hollow


Okay. Okay. I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself a little. You want to know, in more detail, what my first few weeks with Paris as my girlfriend were like? Okay. I'll tell you.

I trust you remember where I left off. Paris and I had just proclaimed our feelings with a simple kiss.

The feel of her lips was heavenly, so much more than I could have imagined, or come even remotely close to describing. I watched her face as we parted, her eyes still closed, her cheeks flushed. A strand of hair had fallen across her nose. I brushed it aside. Her eyes opened.

We just looked at each other.

You might be expecting me to describe how we went on to shag like bunnies, but actually, we just ended up cuddling all night. I wouldn't have had it any other way. It just felt right. We snuggled up close, and I laid my head on her chest, and we just slept. It was perfect.

Now, in the morning, we did shag like bunnies.

We woke up together, a tangle of limbs.

Paris showed signs of insecurity in her eyes, so I kissed them away. She responded, a tad more forceful than I anticipated. Her hands touched me in so many places, I lost track. I just know it felt amazing and so, so right. She was on top of me, kissing me hungrily. I let her.

It seemed so strange. It was like Paris was two different people. One, the one she tried to keep hidden, was so shy and insecure. The other, the one who now ravaged my mouth with her tongue, was so aggressive and strong. I loved them both.

Paris kept me pinned down, kissing me and touching me. She pulled my pyjama top up and teased my belly with her fingertips. Our lips parted and she moved down, anointing my stomach with sweet little kisses. Her tongue tickled my bellybutton and I squealed in surprise. She smiled up at me.

Her fingers paused at the waistband of my pyjamas. Her eyes held mine, as if asking permission, a hint of that shy side showing through her dominance. I nodded and lifted my hips, allowing her to remove my bottoms. She nuzzled my panties. I could feel her nose pressing the cloth into my womanhood. She hummed in content and then began to lick me through the thin material of my underwear.

While she worked, I reached shaking hands to unbutton my top, exposing my naked chest to the air in our shared bedroom. Looking down at the top of Paris' head, I could see my nipples pointing erotically. I took them between fingertips and pinched lightly.

Paris glanced up at me, and smiled seductively at what she saw. I could feel the heat rushing to my face, making me blush. I'd never been so exposed and vulnerable with a person before, not sexually. For a moment I wanted to stop, but then she moved back to licking me through my panties, and the moment was gone.

I closed my eyes in sexualised bliss. Her tongue felt so good, even through my panties. I could feel an orgasm building, so suddenly, and then it washed through me, setting my skin to goosebumps, and making my entire body quiver. I actually screamed, it was so sudden, and so intense.

Paris stopped and crawled up to me as I lay with my eyes closed, enjoying the after effects of the earth shattering orgasm she had given me. She hadn't even taken off my underwear. Wow.

'I love you,' she whispered, kissing my lips.

'Oh… God…' I managed to pant. 'I… love you.'

She kissed me again. Her lips were like feathers over mine.

'Rest for a bit,' she told me, snuggling into my side.

'Rest?' I repeated dazedly.

'Hmm,' Paris hummed. 'Then we go again.'