A while back I got a review to do a sequel to Goblin's Princess but had kept putting it off. And then a few days ago I found the start of the sequel I had written down but I hadn't finished. Hope that it fulfills the request, Akito Souma!

P.S. Sorry if the title is extremely predictable.

Disclaimer: I don't own crap except for the plot.

Sunpeople are so very stupid.

It has been years since we dragged their filth down to our lovely mountain tunnels, but they still try to escape or sometimes even rebel.

All for their precious princess.

But she's not their princess anymore. Time and circumstance have changed her into my princess.

Her hair, once wheat-colored by the Sun, has now turned to a beloved white. Her eyes, that the Sunpeople had called spirited and light-filled, have grown dull into a lovely slate grey.

But the best were the scream lines, the worry lines, the look that would come over her face whenever I came to torment her.

Those were the best times with my princess.

Her eyes would constrict and her mouth would open just a little to take in a gasp. Though she hasn't done that much anymore.

She has grown tired of my games and doesn't even show me the hint of fear I long for. But soon that won't matter anymore. My lovely princess won't be a princess for much longer.

My father and mother, lovely little monsters that they were, have grown weak. My goblin followers need a strong governor and who better than the nastiest little whelp ever to be raised in the kingdom?

Arranging for their murder was fairly easy. I had considered an all out revolution, but that takes time I'm not willing to waste. So in their sleep, I may have just 'loosened' the boulder they sleep under.

Normally, that wouldn't be enough to kill our kind. But when you follow up with caving in their entire bedchamber and refuse to let anyone clear it…that might do it.

Taking my reign was disputed little after I smashed my opponents' feet. My queen, though very unwillingly, took her place next to me on the throne well.

She didn't seem to appreciate the heavy stone that served as her crown, but in her nobleness for her Sunpeople, she said nothing against it. Simply holding her head high and looking on at my people with distain, my heart was hers.

She silently hated me and my dank, dark world, but I loved her for that look.

Her now mature face, reserved and dignified. Her eyes, sharp and accusing us. Her very posture seemed to say that she hated our very existence.

And her hate for myself grew the night our rise to power. It was the first time that I had ever demanded she share a chamber with me. We had never validated our marriage, which left my grip over the Sunpeople shaky.

We changed that.

Okay, I left it short because I didn't know where to go with after the…uh…unique ending there. So I'm just going to go purge my memory of any kind of mental image and leave this for everyone to pursecute. I seriously think my brain is burning.