Hello, it is I Shadosonic121! Here's my next story. A crossover between Ed Edd n Eddy and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of (Time, Darkness, Sky). Enjoy.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Explorers of


Chapter 1

The scam and the storm

It was a peaceful summer day in Peach Creek Cul-de-sac. The three boys named Ed, Edd, and Eddy were going into one of Eddy's so-called scams. "Boys" said Eddy "I can say without a doubt that this'll be the scam of all scams". "That's what you said last time Eddy" said Double Dee (Edd's nickname). "What was the last scam again guys" asked Ed in his usual goofy way. "How many times do I have to tell ya lumpy" yelled Eddy "It was the one where we sold lava lamps". "Which ended badly when all the lamps exploded" said Double Dee. "They didn't explode sockhead" said Eddy "they burst into flames". "And then exploded" corrected Double Dee "You should have known better than to have Ed blow his nose in a bottle of water then light a candle inside a glass that was taped to the bottom". "Yes Eddy" said Ed "My boogers are very…um…what was that word again Double Dee" asked Ed. "It's flammable Ed" answered Double Dee. "Ok, ok" said Eddy "Let's just focus on this scam for now". "What was it again Eddy" asked Ed. "…..DID YOU JUST FORGET EVERYTHING" yelled Eddy using his loudest voice. "Eddy please" yelled Double Dee "There's no need to yell like that". "Well it's not my fault Ed here can't remember squat" said Eddy. "If I recall" said Double Dee "We were going to use that dimensional gateway I built last Tuesday to take the neighborhood kids on a trip to another dimension". "Oh yea" shouted Ed. "….thanks Double Dee" said Eddy. "No problem Eddy" said Double Dee. "How did you manage to build a dimensional gateway anyway" asked Eddy. "Well Eddy" said Double Dee, and off he went into one of his long explanations. "I just hope Kevin doesn't beat me up like he did after the lava lamp scam" said Eddy. "Well Eddy" reassured Double Dee "I can assure you that the dimensional gateway is perfectly safe. I even checked it five times yesterday just to be sure". "You'd better not touch anything you shouldn't Ed" said Eddy angrily. "I will be the best dimensional bus pusher I can be Eddy" said Ed. With that the Eds continued to walk toward Double Dee's house.

Meanwhile in another dimension

As a fierce wind blew a strange flash suddenly flashed. "Whoa! Wh-wh-whoa…! Are…Are you OK" asked a strange voice. Then the strange flash flashed again. "No! Don't let go" the strange voice shouted "Just a little longer…Come on! Hang on". The strange flash flashed again. "N-n-no! I can't…hold on…" said the strange voice groaning. Then the strange flash flashed three more times. "Waaaaaaah"

A big blustery storm was raging across a vast ocean. Above the raging waters stood a Cliffside in the shape of a pokemon named Sharpedo.

The next day a pokemon that went by the name Piplup was laying on a beach. Of course he wasn't originally a Piplup at all. "Urrgh…" groaned the Piplup "Where…Where am I? …I can't…Drifting off…" With that the penguin pokemon fell unconscious again.

Well that's the first chapter down. Well what do you think. I'm sure you can guess how this will turn out. See ya next time.