Ten floors

Spoilers: None.

Pairing: Emily/JJ

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Author's note: I blame my cousin for leaving me waiting for over 2 hours for another pair sandals since mine was s***.(I should blame my crappy sandals too then). I know i have some other stories to finish first, and I will hopefully, but this one wouldn't stop nagging me so i had to write. Thankfully it's a short one and thanks to my friend Lugh, who has co-written it with me and stops me from being lazy, it's mostly done. I'll try to post it all before the end of the month and the next chapter for Charity Work as well if anyone is still interested. I hope you all enjoy it.


"Hold the door! Hold the door!" The blonde shouted as she ran for the elevator.

She was a mess trying to run balancing a mountain of files and her purse. That was the least of her worries though. On top of that, her phone was ringing and considering the previous five times it had rang that morning she was sure it was Gideon wondering about those files.

When the brunette agent, the only person inside the elevator, saw the blonde she was stunned. She knew she was forgetting something, but she couldn't move. She just stared at the woman, who looked more desperate by the second. That was until she saw her vision closing and she remembered to push the button to keep the door open. She pressed it frenetically, but it didn't work. The only thing she could do look at the blond apologetically as the door closed.

First Chapter

The second time it happened the brunette reacted immediately. She tapped the button quickly, but tried to seem less desperate when the other woman walked inside. The brunette spoke before the other woman had a chance to say anything.

"I'm so sorry for the other day" Emily apologized.

JJ frowned, trying to figure out why the woman was apologizing.

Realizing the other woman was confused, Emily continued, "Last week. The elevator"

"Right, right." The blond shook her head smiling "Happens all the time"

Emily felt like slapping herself when she saw they were already on the fifth floor, "God, I'm so sorry. What floor?"

The blond snapped her head to the panel, but sighed in relief when she saw that they were still in the sixth floor.

"Tenth floor, please" JJ said and the brunette pressed the respective button.

"I'm Jennifer Jareau" The blond extended her hand. The brunette looked at her curiously then smiled and shook her hand. "I meant, agent. Agent Jennifer Jareau."

"Nice meeting you, Jennifer." The brunette smiled knowingly at the younger woman. It takes time getting used to all the formalities. "Or should I call you Agent Jareau?"

The elevator made a sound and its door opened on the tenth floor. The blond walked out but left her arm keeping the door open. She thought of the same well-practiced way she always asked people to simply call her JJ, but the well-practiced part had already failed with the other woman, and something about the way she spoke her name…

"No, Jennifer is good." They both smiled as the door closed.