Summary: Sequel to Worm Wars. Sgt. Wilson assembles a new team for a mission to rescue Jedi captured - not only by worms - by Seps, on the nightmare Vendaxa, after they find a ship, and a droid with a distress message.

Worm Wars 2

On the regional plain of Vendaxa, one of the many worlds of the galaxy that are considered a waking nightmare- whereas there was one sun a day and three moons each night, the infestation was equally bad - no, just as worse - as all of the galaxy had become in the last eight months, a fight was being held.

As he and his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, deflected bolts of plasma back at the hundreds of model B1 and B2 battle droids, all armed with E-5 blaster rifles, Anakin Skywalker began to see that thousands of red plasma hurled back, beginning to overwhelm the returned fire. It didn't look too good for them, or the severely reduced battalion of clone troopers they had at their side, they just coming, with the supporting aid of the worm-infected hosts and animals.

To now, he began to wonder whose idea it was to hide out here, in the Vendaxa system, even if it hadn't been hived it was still a natural deathtrap. Why, even when there wasn't Separatists to deal with, the native creatures were all predators, all hostile, and none of them were friendly towards visitors. Never would they expect anyone to as much take a second glance at the planet, so it seemed like the perfect spot to hide from the Geonosian brain worm infestation, after the long chase and search for survivors.

Today, however, things could only get worse. Their Republic crusier was shot down by an infested cruiser, and now all of the four-hunderd clone troopers were reduced to the number of thirty-seven, and it was him, Obi-Wan, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Luminara Unduli, and Clone Commanders Cody, Rex, and Jet. They could only take a final stand, defend their current command post of the bunkers, until the Twilight, under the auto-piloting of R2-D2, showed up to pick them up.

During the weeks they spent stranded on the planet, they had managed to set up a beacon to call for help, and fortunately, it was R2 that received the message first, took the ship, and headed straight to Vendaxa to their aid. He had already seen the ship before, flying over the jungle, but wondered why only the astromech had come. Had something happened on Coruscant, or at least something somewhere to disrupt communications?

He didn't want to believe it was possible, but he had to expect the worse.

"Anakin. Anakin!" He heard his Master call to him, "We're being overrun! We've got to go, now!"

For once, he couldn't agree with Obi-Wan any more than he did now. It was already a losing battle, the only barricade they had to take cover behind was a fallen LAAT gunship, and a still operational AT-TE, which reluctantly unleashed the cannon upon the pursing battle droids. Though it was effective, there was only a few shells left, it wouldn't last forever.

"Yeah, you're right!" He replied, falling back for better cover, as he clicked his wrist comm., "Artoo, we need an evact, now!" - several beeps and whirling noises - "I know, I know! Just try to get as close as you can. If you can't, get yourself and the Twilight out of here and go find help!"

Without warning, a large explosion deafened and overwhelming his hearing, preventing him from receiving the astromech droid's response. It was a well-aimed proton missile blast that destroyed the AT-TE, eliminating their last resource of defense from the approaching enemy. Simultaneously to its destruction, he felt immense and heavy weight topple on him, throwing him into the dirt.

Already, he felt his strength fade, as his vision began to do the same. In the short time of consciousness he had left, he saw Obi-Wan and Luminara kneel down beside him, along with the metal heels of battle droids that overran them.

"Drop your weapons!" Ordered the commanding officer B1 battle droid, pointing its E-5 blaster at the remaining Jedi and clones. "You're all under arrest!"

"Not a chance, clanker!" Rex cursed, not in any desire to lower his weapon.

"Captain Rex, please," Obi-Wan advised, kneeling beside Luminara and the unconscious Anakin, "we're already in a very difficult situation. It would be wise not to make things more difficult for us."

Acknowledging the advice, the clone captain lowered and dropped the blaster, while his brethren followed suit and threw their weapons into a big pile.

"You too, Jedi!" The battle droid urged.

"Is he alright?" He asked, looking down a his knocked out apprentice.

"He's alive, but he's out cold." The Mirialan Jedi Master said, checking his pulse.

"I said give up your weapons!"

Feeling defeated, each of the Jedi complied and gave up their lightsabers. As the droids urged them away, they collected Anakin and started back to the command post, where the Separatist commander responsible for Vendaxa's control was surelly waiting for them. The single sun finally disappeared into the horizon, and the three moons rose to to meet with the night.

A/N: I know this may seem a little bit rushed, but I wanted to get to the prime part of the summary. As I said before, I did say I didn't think I could contribute as much as I did with the first Worm Wars, sure it was an awesome story, as you all described, but I've just begun to make stuff up off the top of my head. As I've told you all before, I do have other stories; Conspiracy, Parasite, Outcast(although I'm having trouble with it), and Slavers(which I will accept a buddy to help out with it, just so anyone interested in lending a hand can know). So update might be a little slow, but otherwise, it's the long-awaited sequel!