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Worm Wars

He sat alone in his quarters, holding a cup of Shig he had long kept cached in a small, food stasis pod, and continued to study the card in his other hand, as it was written with the time and place of mission deployment just as Sergeant Wilson had said. At first Fray thought the man was just making one of the many attempts made to bait him into conversation, much like that annoying Zelosian, but the offer he had been given practically changed his entire opinion, and seemed to influence a thought to mind.

It had been too long since he had last seen any action, since he encountered a real opponent, stepped onto the frayed land of a battlefield, and took part in a life or death situation, much like the hunts he use to engage in before this parasitic war. Although it was a mission, whereas he was required to follow orders, mostly the orders of the Sergeant Pantoran, it was still his type of conflict, the type of situation he would like to test himself and others as he took risk at his own life with the creatures he would most likely face.

Vendaxa was a jungle world with several plains and oceans, but the world was too dangerous for anyone to dare explore or colonize into a home, even the Mandalorians would approach with extra caution towards the system, and upon the surface the main advice of survival was to never let ones guard down. The native predators would certainly never give outsiders a chance, in nature one must find a way to survive, otherwise the only option was to end up as some thing's kill. He knew of the dangerous creatures of the planet, the vicious acklays, the mighty boggwarts, the packs of vaux, and likely their most problematic opponents, Geonosians.

He had to admit the bugs were a hostile and dangerous race, they were almost the ultimate prey to all Mandalorian hunters, he wouldn't mind engaging them in battle, a good conflict - a hunt. With their hiveminds and unmatched hostility, their organized yet misguided culture, and the rule of only a single matriarch that commanded their entire planet, they was definitely the perfect prey to hunt, their skulls would make excellent trophies for his wall.

But he could already tell it wasn't a hunting expedition, it was a rescue mission, the only thing that puzzled him was who exactly were they rescuing from the planet - but the most that puzzled him was why anyone would even dare land on Vendaxa thinking it would be safe? He didn't really care, but somehow he should considering whoever they were are the reason he was even coming offered a trip there to begin with. It wasn't like they would stop him, but he wasn't aloud to simply take a ship and go there himself in times of war, especially when he had no care of it to begin with.

Fray sipped down the last of his shig and stood from his chair, approaching his desk of weapons as he set the card aside and focused on his current project. He picked up his EE-3 carbine rifle by the handle and pointed it to the wall, testing the targeting laser as a red dot appeared, crawling all along the surface of everything he pointed out.

He withdrew it and began further modifications; he fastened a silent suppressor to the tip of the carbine's barrel, attached an electronic scope mounting, and slapped a Tabanna cartridge within its chamber. With his new modified weapon in hand he pointed it forward once again, in one extended hand, and directed the red dot to the round target.

Fray rested his finger firmly over the trigger and squeezed, launching a clear blast of red, hot plasma without making a sound, and pinned the target directly into its bull's eye and, just as he expected, exploded upon contact.


His carbine's modifications were complete, now it was a near-invincible weapon for a hunt. He thought up a name in mind, "K'uur Kyr'am" he selected it, which in Mando'a meant "silent death." The ultimate hunting carbine project was complete, according to his opinion, now he could only bear to wait and test its power among more challenging targets. If the option was open, that is.

There was an option, however, the rescue mission on Vendaxa was surely a way to the surface, maybe he could accept Wilson's offer, if it meant he would be able to hunt the creatures of the nightmarish world. It was a very puzzling decision, but if he chooses to accepted and abandons them, it would only dishonor him further. As a true Marauder, he would have to honor the agreement and help as long as he stands at their side.

He holstered K'uur Kyr'am and left the sanctum of his room, perhaps a stroll through the corridors would help him think, and if he should find Wilson he could give him an answer. Decisions...

On the Ark's command bridge, Tarkin took his spot in front of the windshield and gazed upon the upcoming world, the very location they believe the Jedi had ran to for possible safety. Vendaxa looked rather beautiful from a planetary observation, much like a flower in its system, a rose blooming with life - but every rose has thorns, and Vendaxa definitely had hers.

"Captain, we're coming up on Vendaxa now," Noah announced, "I'm getting some wild readings from the surface, it's teeming with life of multiple varieties."

"That's Vendaxa for you, Noah, a wild world with life beyond any nightmares could comprehend," he replied, taking his hands behind his back. "Now then, can you locate the Jedi from here?—or at least detect any technological homing signals?"

"Yes I can, there's a lot of machinery in progress down there, I'm detecting several machines down there, but... I'm also picking up signal waves from the description that matches a fire base."

"Sir," the lieutenant began, "there's a mysterious source of concentrated heat coming from the surface, it looks like a... hold on. It's moving—It's heading straight for us!"

Tarkin spun around to the windshield to watch a giant, orange sphere of fire flew off the surface and exploded right before his eyes, the light shining violently enough to almost blind him. He turned away from the light, wiping the tears from his sore eyes.

"Noah, report: what was that?"

"That's a blast of concentrated ore compined with melted down materials, usually from an ore cannon of a fire base reactor," Noah explained, "I believe there's one on the surface. It matches the description of a Separatist fire base."

With the accurate news afoot Tarkin only half believed that. The Jedi and their forces did attempt to escape from the brain worm infestation by eluding to the planet Vendaxa, but if the Separatists from the war are present here it only pointed to trouble.

"Noah, get me in contact with Sergeant Wilson. He needs to hear about this."

"So, you're saying there's a possible droid base on the planet that's owned by the disappearing and suddenly reappearing Separatists?" Wilson replied to the three-foot hologram of Captain Tarkin.

"According to sources, yes, I'm afraid so." The Captain replied, the blue, holographic form folded his arms, "I want you to assemble your team and suit up now. I'm having the pilots prep the dropship for evac and deployment to Vendaxa will be in thiry minutes."

"Copy that, Captain," he replied, just as the virtual specter shimmered and faded away. He sighed, it was time for him to put himself through hell again.

The Sergeant closed his containment capsule, of which he had loaded with the necessary equipment he would need for the rescue mission, and collected it. He sighed after sipping the last of his wine, it might be his last few drops of wine but he still needed a boost one way or another. After dispatching the empty bottle and pocketing a new, fresh on at his side, he started for the door. It slid open, only to reveal the frowning features of Crowe.

"Sergeant Wilson, do you have a minute?" He asked.

"Not so much, you'll have to tell me on the way to the hanger," Wilson told him and headed out of his cubicle, only to have an arm stop him.

"Jack please, you need to hear this—it's important," Crowe demanded, keeping clear and concise, "It's about Boomer..."

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