So, I ship Reynolds/Torres. I know, I'm alone in this. Oh well! :)

Thanks to recoilandgrace for the love, and PhotonsBeFree for the R/T fic just for me a bit back :)

Her hands are still shaking.

She flexes her fingers, curls them into a fist, but still they shake. She huffs, flexes again, but still they shake.

She hates it. Hates how no matter how hard she tries, she still shows her true emotions loud and clear for all to see.

It's her only tell. When her Dad was being the bastard she knew him to be, he would always laugh. His little Ria; stony faced, tight-lipped but shaking like a leaf. No matter what she did, no matter how much she pleaded and prayed, it never changed. They always let her down.


She jumps at the voice, "Jes...Ben!" She shoots him a look and quickly busies herself, grabbing the bag of coffee from the cupboard, tossing an old filter in the trash, filling the water jugs...

"Sorry," he stands behind her, watching her move around the kitchen area. Moving like if she was to stand still, she might show something she didn't want to. "How you doing?"

"I'm fine," she smiles over to him, grabbing a towel and starts rubbing at her dry hands.

He turns to lean against the counter, folding his arms as he looks at her.

She glances at him and away, rubbing deeply at her hands.

He reaches over and takes her hand, pulling it from beneath the towel. She resists at first, doesn't want to show a weakness, but his hold is strong.

He rests a thumb on the top of her hand, holding her in place as her fingers hover above his palm. "It-It's just adrenaline. I want to get this bastard."

She sets her jaw when he looks at her, straightens her back, does everything she always does to show she's unaffected and determined.

He strokes his thumb over her skin, smoothing it down her fingers, over her nails.

Her lips crush together, her posture deflating as she looks into his brown eyes. She pleads to him with a look, don't make me break.

His gaze drops to the floor when he lets go of her hand. He pushes off from the counter, placing a kiss into her hair as he passes.

She takes a breath, watching over her shoulder as he leaves the kitchen.

With another breath, her nerves are steeled again, and her fingers aren't shaking.